Spring Smackdown II: Round Three Times


We are only a few days away from the final four armies in the Spring Smackdown to compete for their spots in the finals. We will see the Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Nacho Army and Rebel Penguin Federation battle tooth and claw in order to see who will achieve complete success in the tournament going through to the final, and who will be left disappointed?

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CP Blocks ‘Light Troops'; May Block More Army Names

In a very sudden, yet somewhat foreseeable event, in an email to the Light Troops’ Leader, Waterkid101, Club Penguin announces that they are in the process of blocking all army names.

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Top Ten Armies: 05/24/15

EDIT: An error was discovered in RPF’s event quality score. Their updated score, and position, is now shown in our Top Ten below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In a week that saw the return of an extremely legendary army as well as growing conflict between several armies, we see a shake-up in the Top Five, where two armies that had excellent weeks battle for dominance at the top of our list.

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Has Our Community Supported Club Penguin?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – Ever since the color wars, we’ve been fighting on CP for a long time. The color wars only ever were started/supported by CP’s infamous red vs. blue rivalry that’s still going on. The clan wars were supported by the roman helmet and the multiple viking helmets. Over the years, they’ve helped us, but have we helped them?

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Doritos Raid Fjord; Nacho versus Doritos War

FJORD, Nacho Nation- After a shocking upset pulled off by the Nachos in the Spring Smachdown III, tensions have risen between the Nachos and the Doritos. After relations took a turn for the worse, the Doritos declared war, and made the first move by raiding the Nacho capital, Fjord. Continue reading

Leadership Shakeup In Shadow Troops Army

SLEET, Shadow Troops Empire- The Shadow Troops yet again undergo a major leadership shakeup. With S Cargo stepping down from leader and the two Second In-Commands stepping up to take his place, where will this leave the Shadow Troops? Continue reading

Doritos Declares War On The Nachos

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After their long war with the Ice Warriors, the Doritos have focused their aim on another chip themed army, the Nachos.

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DrMatt Leaves The Light Troops Leadership; Waterkid Declares War on Drmatt’s New Army

Ice Box, LT Empire – During the following week, the leader of the Light Troops has resigned his position as a leader. Matt has departed from the LT Leadership due to arguements and tensions between Waterkid, just before anything could get worse, Matt recreated an army with other LT legends named Blue Miners Army, short for Bma to oppose Waterkid’s LT. Continue reading

Bam117 Receives Leadership In Army of CP

BREEZE, Army of CP Capital – Only a few months ago, the community was shocked when Bam117 made the transition from the Doritos family to the ACP ownership. That change has now seemingly paid off for Bam117 who has been given the spot as Army of CP leader.

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[Editorial] Light Troops And The Brilliance Of OldCP Sponsorship

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters, Zing’s Desk – Last weekend, we saw the Light Troops take a spot in the Final Four of the Spring Smackdown tournament as a result of them beating the Water Ninjas. Many however complained about this as a result of the Light Troops having support from Oldcp. Is it against the rules? Or is it simply brilliant strategy?

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Spring Smackdown II Final Four Predictions

KLONDIKE, Battle Venue – We inch closer and closer to the Spring Smackdown II tournament saying goodbye to yet more armies last week. We now have four talented armies still left in the hat and it’s all to play for.


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Inside CPAC

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – You all know us for the news site that was created by Woton in 2009. Many of you check us out every week to see the Top Ten Armies. We are in charge of nominating legends, and sometimes, we breed them too. We record the big moments of this community, and we influence them as well. Everyone has their own opinion of CPAC, and it has changed over the years, but for the first time in history, let me give you an unfiltered look inside CPAC.

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Ice Warriors Leader Albcoolio Retires from Armies

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Nation – Albcoolio, after a long and successful tenure as a leader of the Ice Warriors, has announced his retirement from Club Penguin armies.  Continue reading

Waterkid Leaves Pirates For Light Troops

ICEBOX, Light Troops Empire – The Light Troops have seen Waterkid rejoin them after leaving earlier in the week for the Pirates army. The Pirates website is also now apparently up for sale.

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Kingfunks4 Replaces Andrew24 As Ice Warriors Leader

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – This week has seen one of the most notable changes to the Ice Warriors in the last few months occur as Andrew24 has stepped down from the army leaving Kingfunks4 as the newest leader of the Ice Warriors.

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Lockdown Pros and Cons

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – In light of all the armies that have been shutting down and coming back over the years, I have decided to take a look into armies entering lockdowns. Continue reading