BREAKING NEWS: Jerry Possibly Bringing Back Golden Troops

TUNDRA, Golden Troops Memorial Server - Following the retirement of Jerry from the Army of Club Penguin, rumors are heard on the fact that Jerry might be bringing back the Golden Troops to our community.

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Spring Smackdown: Qualifier Round Times

Spring Smackdown

So it begins! The deadline has passed, and with the release of the new Top Ten, the seedings are finalized. Read below to see the schedule of battles facing us this coming weekend.

UPDATE: I’ve switched the MW/SP and UMA/Golds battles.

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The Golden Troops Return?

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops-  Following the retirement of Jerry, former ACP Leader, a post was released on the old GT website by Jerry which suggests the legendary army from 2010-2013 could be returning for a ninth generation.  This is a developing story and more will be added later.  The post was commented on by former leader Riotors and well-known individual Lord Pain stating they will be around for this. The remainder of this post will be a brief summarization of the army’s history.

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The Current State of the Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, IW Empire- After Albert417 and Iceyfeet1234′s temporary return, the Ice Warriors have been down in the shadows while Albert and Iceyfeet work on them rising.

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Albert & Iceyfeet Temporarily Return to The Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – Following the shocking fall of the IW, which saw them reach an all-time low by being named the 15th best army, creator Iceyfeet1234 and second leader Albert147 have returned to the army to try and get the Ice Warriors back into the top ten or top five.

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Lord Pain Removed From Army Republic Leadership

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital - Just days after Army Republic legends Vinny and Burr retire from the army, Lord Pain has been removed from leadership from the existent owners.

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Freezie66 Resigns from Dark Warriors

Frosty – Dark Warriors Capital – In the midst of action, a few days after the Dark Warriors finally achieved their goal of the number one spot in the Weekly Top Ten, DW’s beloved leader Freezie66 resigns from duty. Continue reading

Dark Warriors Declare War on Doritos

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – After hiring Mustapha10 as DW Leader as a joke and pretending to fire him 9 minutes later, the Dark Warriors decide to declare war on the Doritos.

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Forgotten Armies – Edition One

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- As we know, there are many armies that are successfully thriving and are large in today’s world. But what about the older armies that were once legendary? Today I will be speaking about several forgotten armies that were once large, and their history. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 04/13/14

UPDATE: I honestly have no idea what happened to this thing before. Zak and I have redone the order totally and have adjusted the descriptions accordingly. This is the finished Top Ten. 

Yet in another edition of the CPA Central Top 10, we see some surprising changes in the rankings. In another week using the newest Top 10 formula, we see a lot of diversification in our community.

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Why There is No Comic This Week

As explained in a comic.

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Max Creates Rebel Paramilitary Against “Corrupt” RPF Leaders

Update: Max decides to forget about the RRA, and tries to focus on his other work.


TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital - After recently hiring Danny, the newest Rebel Penguin Federation Leader, Max decides to create a rebellion paramilitary against the army’s “corrupt” leaders.

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Danny Leaves Nachos for Rebel Penguin Federation

FJORD, Nachos Capital - In a turn of events, Danny [Former Nachos Leader] decides to leave the Nachos for the Rebel Penguin Federation, a long-time Nacho rival.

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The Return of DW’s Legendary Duo – Spreezie101

EDIT 4:10pm EST- The Dark Warriors recently released their event post from today (4/12/14) and they have maxed 55+ against the Nachos. A photo can be found HERE. Their chat size can be found HERE.

FROSTY, DW Empire- After the civil war between Elmikey’s DW and Ambrosha’s DW, the legendary DW duo return to the Dark Warriors as the rank of leader. The full return of Spreezie can be found HERE. The full post explains their official returns begins today – April 12th, 2014. Now, the army community gets to see the official return of Spi101 and Freezie66, aka Spreezie101.

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Buritodaily “Temporarily” Retires from the Army Republic

Toboggan , AR Empire – The Army Republic downfall continues as long-term figurehead Buritodaily confirms his second leave from AR this year, this comes  just a few days later after I reported about the AR struggling in recent months.

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