Top Ten Armies: 09/14/14

As we move another week into the school year, we see the numbers become even lower than the previous week, as well as multiple new additions to the Top Ten.

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CPAC Reporter Applications

Ever wanted to work at CP Army Central? Your chance is here.

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Why Do We Bring Armies Back?

KLONDIKE – CPA Central Headquarters – Why do we always bring back armies? Is it for the fame, the experience, or to please others? We all have reasons. An army you love and desire may die one day. You may not ever give up trying to reform it. Later on, the army gets in CP Army Central’s top ten. You brought the army back from the dead. But the question is WHY.

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Dark Warriors Declare War on The Doritos

UPDATE – 9/15/14; 2:48 PM EST – Interviews have been added.

FROSTY- Dark Warriors Capital: As some of you may know, The Dark Warriors have been in war with the rising Rebel Penguin Federation. Recently, an army has raided their capital, you may already know from the title by now.

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Doritos Raid Dark Warriors Capital

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – As the Dark Warriors war on the RPF roars on the Doritos staged an uncontested raid of the Dark Warriors capital server: Frosty. What impact will this have on the war?

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Dinesh Appointed DW AUSIA Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – Recently, a new AUSIA leader has been introduced in Dark Warriors. He is a former Golden Troops leader. It is Dinesh. He retired from GT on Sept. 6th 2014 and is now (8 days later) DW 3ic / AUSIA leader. His retirement from GT includes the following.

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Lord Pain Rejoins The Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO, Disputed Territory – The Rebel Penguin Federation have had many leaders retire recently including Elmikey, CPA Legend. Lord Pain, former RPF Leader, has re-joined the RPF Leadership after being removed in a coup d’état in the Golden Troops.

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Club Penguin: The Movie [Trailer]

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Mach Investigates || Email With Club Penguin Support

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, Mach’s Office, Pizza – Several days ago, I created and sent an email to Club Penguin’s support email regarding CP Armies, and some concerns as well as questions that I had. Today I checked my email and found a reply to the email I sent. I will start off with my email, show the reply from Broegan of the support team, and add some final comments at the end. Also, a little reminder, a much more detailed Mach Investigates should be out this weekend. Without further adieu, the emails!

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Leadership Shakeup In the Golden Troops

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Capital – The Golden Troops have undergone a lot of changes lately. Retirements, Coup D’État, Shutdown and New Chat are few of the many key words you will find on the GT site. This post will cover all of the changes in GT.

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Rebel Penguin Federation Face Multiple Retirements

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital - With the Dark Warriors declaring war upon the Rebel Penguin Federation, the whole Rebel Penguin Federation leadership has taken it upon themselves to all retire from Club Penguin warfare.

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Dark Warriors Declare War on Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE #1, 8:10PM EST: The Rebel Penguin Federation have officially shared their entire nation/servers with the Doritos army. This causes tensions to rise between the Dark Warriors and the Doritos, bringing the two to clash in a battle. The Dark Warriors’ response can be found here.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital - With the rising tension between the two, the Dark Warriors have finally taken it upon themselves to declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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Temp and Vivek, Golden Troops Leaders, Take Temporary Retirements

Half Pipe, Golden Troops Empire- As  the 2014 Summer comes to an end, we see yet another pair of leaders take a temporary retirement.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 09/07/14

NOTE: An edit has been made to fix an error in ACP’s numbers. The updated Top Ten is below.

As the summer has now come to a close for all of us, we bring you September’s first Top Ten, where we see multiple armies switch spots and some of the lowest numbers we’ve seen in a long time.

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Dorito-Nacho War Over || Lord West and Laoise Retire

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Today was an eventful day in CP Army history.  Today the Doritos vs Nachos war came to an end resulting in a leader from each army to retire.

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