The October 2014 Legend Inductions

Members of the Legend Committee can, for now, PC their votes to me.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – The CPAC Administration has gone through many former and current leaders and people of the army community and have created a list of 25 people who you and the Legends committee will vote on and decide who the new army legends will be.

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The Resignation of Bluesockwa2: The End of an Era

My mentors, my teachers, my friends, and my co-worker, protege, greatest ally, and brother – it is to you that I dedicate this day.

I have served Club Penguin Army Central as the acting Chief Executive Officer for 161 weeks. I am the longest-serving CEO, in fact, the longest-serving staff member, of this site. Before me, Sklooperis held the record, at 16 months. I have served for 50. I have held this position longer than almost any army leader has served their army (ACP’s longest serving leader, Oagalthorp, served for 78 weeks).

I have become a historian, a writer, a researcher, a judge, a gamesmaster, a reporter, a benefactor, a leader, a CEO. And now, I have one final title to add to that list: retired.

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Champions Cup III: Semi-Final Information

Quarter-Finals review post released on Sunday

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ACP Take On The Teutons With A Visitor

BREEZE, ACP Capital - With the ACP’s current rise in size their newly awakened “Navy Force” they call it took on the Teutons in a practice battle. Not in a raiding way the Dark Warriors showed up to the practice battle and it became a three way battle. Let’s get right into it.  Continue reading

Tensions Between HSA and Pirates

MIGRATOR, Pirates Capital – After a debacle on chat, Pirates Leader Final Chaser has issued a warning to the Hot Sauce Army. Read on for more. Continue reading

Mach Investigates || Servers – Words On A Page

The #MI Double Header – Read my post from SMAP here

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, Mach’s Office, Mashed Potatoes – With many years of their existence, and holding a high place in our hearts, we use them to symbolize territory. With the ownership of servers blurred far more than Obamacare, they have become increasingly useless as the time we spend in this community progresses. We attend events that we then claim we won (even if we didn’t) just to protect our beloved nation. Our nation which symbolizes more than just territory, and even expands upon our strength. Having a lot of those names on that page we usually mark Nation makes us (usually) feel better about ourselves and our army. Not all of the things we do, believe it or not, are solely for the benefit of our army. But what is the importance of servers, and should we keep them?

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The Hot Sauce Army Face New Leadership

Half Pipe, Hot Sauce Army Capital – During an unexpected turn of events, both leaders of the Hot Sauce Army Chuckisthe2 and Fallen, have recently declared that they will be stepping down from leadership positions. Due to the legendary duo stepping down from their ex-position, it has also been announced that former second-in-command of the Doritos army Nitrohammer, has been recruited as the new leader of the Hot Sauce Army in an attempt to control the army properly and continue its new found growth. Continue reading

[PB In Review] Nachos vs. Light Troops

ICE BOX, Battle Territory - On Monday, October 20, 2014, the Nachos battled Light Troops in a bright and very close practice battle. Continue reading

Battle Review: Battle of Arctic [CPPA vs IW]

Update 1 (10:33pm EST): Andrew24 has supplied proof that the Ice Warriors were informed that the battle was on Klondike.

ARCTIC, Disputed Territory – In a war between two huge armies, The Club Penguin Pirates Army and the Ice Warriors battled for the server, Arctic, marking the 3rd battle of this war.

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Battle Report: Pirates vs Ice Warriors on Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze, Disputed Territory – Today, the conflict between the Pirates and the Ice Warriors continued with the Battle of Deep Freeze, in which Pirates were invading and IW was defending. The previous battle for the server Below Zero resulted in both sides claiming victory.

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Ice Warriors and Pirates War: Battle of Below Zero

Sub Zero, Disputed Territory – After the Pirates declared war on the Ice Warriors, for multiple reasons, this marked the first invasion by the Pirates. It was a disputed battle, with both sides claiming victory. Both of them claimed to have maxed 35. Continue reading

Major Changes In The Rebel Penguin Federation

Update 1 (6:20pm EST): Elmikey has sworn that it wasn’t him who made the fake wordpress account and that it was an unknown 3rd party trying to turn Commando against him.



TUXEDO, Disputed Territory – Following the departure of Elmikey, RPF Godfather, Commando, has stepped up to the plate to make some HUGE changes within the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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Practice Battle In Review: Dark Warriors vs. Pirates

Cabin – Dark Warriors Nation,  A few days ago, the Dark Warriors and the Pirates had a Practice Battle on the server Cabin, This was a good war training for the Pirates after the declaration of war on the Ice Warriors. The Dark Warriors, who maintained the 1st place spot for a long time, might be a challenge for some armies. Continue reading

Elmikey Fired from Rebel Penguin Federation; Becomes Leader of Light Troops

Update 3 (12:30 PM EST): Elmikey claims fake posts are being made on RPF site by Sir Pj with Elmikey being made the author.

Update 2 (12:01 PM EST): Sir Pj has given CPAC his side of the story.

Update 1 (11:55 AM EST): Waterkid has released a post claiming the RPF have merged into the Light Troops


TUXEDO, Disputed Territory – Although nothing is concrete at this early stage rumours are abound of yet another Elmikey firing, this time by his home army the Rebel Penguin Federation. Whether this actually materialises is yet to be known, updates will be added as they occur.

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Top Ten Armies: 10/19/14

As we reach the semi-finals of the Champions’ Cup, we see two familiar faces find their way back into the mix, while one former kingpin army falls completely out.

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Pirates Declare War on the Ice Warriors

MIGRATOR, CPPA Empire – After an extremely intense Champions Cup Battle today, Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, and the Pirates have unexpectedly declared war on the Ice Warriors, led by Kingfunks4 and Tes7.

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