Top 30 Armies of All Time: 15-11


The topic of “best army of all time” is one that has long been debated, and for many people, the opinion has differed. In the eyes of new troops, armies like the Ice Warriors and Doritos seem to be the most dominant armies at the time. For those who haven’t been in the community long, they have not gotten to witness some armies flourish. While it’s easy to count the best armies of all time solely based on Top Tens, what if we take into account everything from the creation of the Club Penguin Army onward? Thus, we bring you a six-part series that we are very excited to begin: The Top 30 Armies of All Time.

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The April 2015 Legends Inductions

As we now end the first quarter of 2015, we are able to bring you the second of four chances to be inducted as an Army Legend. After some deliberation, we’ve narrowed down a list of 20 people for you, the viewers, and the Legends Committee to decide on.

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Vinny and Burr Retire From AR Leadership

TOBOGGIAN, AR Capital- In a truly unexpected turn of events, two Army Republic legends have brought their return to an abrupt end that has left a huge hole in the Army Republic.

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Midnightwave Retires From Redemption Force

THERMAL, Redemption Force Empire – In a week plagued by retirements, we see yet another one. This time in the form of Midnightwave from the Redemption Force.

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Gator Retires from the Water Ninjas

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Capital

Hello! I am a new reporter here at CPAC, but that’s not why I’m here. Recently, Water Ninjas leader, Gator, has retired from the army. To find out more, click read more. Continue reading

CSY, Water Vikings AUSIA Leader, Retires From the Army

Frostbite, Water Vikings Capital – Following their fall to the bottom of the Top 5, not long after reaching first place for the first time in their history, the Water Vikings see the retirement of their AUSIA Leader and 2ic, CSY.

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2015 Fjord Frenzy

Recently, Edd64, Nachos Leader, has made public his plans for what he calls the “Fjord Frenzy”. This event is very similar to the ones Iceyfeet1234 used to hold occasionally on Mammoth where all armies would split up and fight in a throwback-type battle. Though this is not a CPAC event, we do sponsor it, and we encourage you all to make sure your armies attend this event. The entire post is below.

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Ice Warriors End War with Doritos, Doritos to Continue Invasions

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – After a long-running war with many glorious battles, some name calling, and a scandal or two, the Ice Warriors announce that they intend to end the war with the Doritos, but the Doritos think otherwise. Continue reading

Doritos of CP Fire UK Leader, Max43810

SUMMIT, Doritos of CP Capital – After spending the last few months as a devoted advocate for the Doritos Army, an army he claimed to be his family, Max43810 has been unexpectedly ousted of power.

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CPA Central Presents: The Roast of Elmikey

Coming soon to CPAC…

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Staff Applications Results

Hello to all who are reading this, and thank you if you’ve applied to CPA Central! After reading a good amount of applications, we are pleased to announce who will be joining the ranks of CPA Central. We couldn’t hire everybody, but we were able to hire several reporters as well as some reporters in training, which will be explained in the post. Read on for more!

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Bluex Temporarily Retires from Water Ninjas

COLD FRONT, Water Ninjas Capital – After facing a multilogging scandal, which ended in one of the leaders departing and the army in an apparent state of repair, another leader has departed from the Water Ninjas, this time being their legend, Bluex.

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Dark Warriors Announce Return

Frosty, DW Capital – On March 11th, 2015, the Dark Warriors announced that they would be closing their doors until the summer. Now, yesterday, April 12th, 2015, the Dark Warriors have officially announced a return date, May 20th, 2015!

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The Rise of OldCP

UPDATE: Do /js CPAWM to join our official squad and /outfit CPAWM for our uniform.

OLD CP, Revolutionary Servers – Today, April 12th, 2015 was marked by an event that may have forever changed army history as the Ice Warriors, the Doritos, the Light Troops, and the Old CP Army logged on to CPPS and fought it out in what they called a “World War”.

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CPAC Special Report: Inside the Water Ninjas Multilogging Scandal

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – In our latest Top Ten, you most likely saw the announcement that stated that the Water Ninjas were found guilty of multilogging at events. We had suspected this for some time, but only recently did actual evidence surface that truly convicted the Water Ninjas of multilogging. The extent it was in may surprise you.

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Top Ten Armies: 04/12/15

In this week’s edition of the top ten, multiple armies shift around, with one army falling out of the Top 5 while another army shockingly loses its chance at 1st in the wake of a multilogging scandal.

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