Summer @ CPAC 2015

With nearly everyone now out of school, we here at CPA Central are ready to announce our plans for the summer, the most glorious season in armies. As always, CPA World Media has some excellent plans for the summer, ranging from tournaments, scavenger hunts, and awards.

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Top Ten Armies: 06/28/15

As we draw ever closer to the Legends Cup VI, we bring you yet another Top Ten. This week, we don’t see much movement, although one army enters the Top Ten for the first time in their history.

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Nachos Announce Invasion of Breeze

FJORD, Nachos Empire – The Army of Club Penguin and the Nachos have been rivals in combat from the very early days of Club Penguin Armies, now we see those sparks fly once more as the Nachos announce their plans to invade the ACP’s legendary capital server, Breeze.

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Top Ten Armies of June 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – For many people, they are now officially out of school this month which has made this month very interesting to see how the loss of school has been able to benefit the armies. With school now coming to a close for the last remaining few people in school, we take a look at how people did in June.

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Changes in the Marines

FROZEN, Marines Territory – The Marines, a mainstay within the bottom half of the Top Ten, now seem to now be in jeopardy of falling out of their position. In the past 48 hours, there have been some massive turnovers within the ownership of the Marines that leaves their structure looking a bit shaky.

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Haroonniaz Retires From Dark Warriors

FROSTY, DW Capital- After being in Dark Warriors for a long time, Haroonniaz announced on the 28th June 2015 that he would be retiring from the army. Continue reading

The Second Annual CPA Central Gala Summary || The Machy Awards Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After several hours of seemingly infinite laughs, memories, and experiences, and with well over 100 different unique visitors, along with a solid peak at 60+, the 2nd CPA Central Gala was a huge success. The centerpiece of this event, the Machy Awards, was also a success within itself. With the event still somewhat occurring, I bring to you an in depth summary of the event. Continue reading

I cannot be stopped; I am the best CP Army Leader of All Time [SATIRE]

Klondike, MCC Headquarters (Mind Control Central)

Dark Warriors Leader Xxtoysoldier explains how he is currently the number one army leader alive! His existence is not only appreciated, but it is honored. We all take note of him supreme existence, superiority, and kind rule. The Dark Warriors are number one. Continue reading

The Retirement of Ahmed7569

BREEZE, ACP Territory – After a number of years inside the Army of Club Penguin, Ahmed7569 ended his journey today at the helm of the army he cared so much about.

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Dark Warriors Reinstate One Army Rule

FROSTY, DW Empire- After putting forward a one army rule, then getting rid of it, the Dark Warriors have now once again put into action the one army rule.  Continue reading

RPF vs. LT; The War So Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Over the past few weeks, tension has grown between RPF and LT. Over a week ago, LT invaded Tuxedo, RPF capital which kicked off the war. With the war now in full swing, I will be looking at the battles and the arguments of the war so far.

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Pirates Army Announces Return

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After a long time away from the community, the Pirates have announced their official return. With the Legends Cup VI only weeks away, could the Pirates be setting up to become a surprise contender?

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Magicnoodles Usurped; Demoted to 2ic

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – In a surprising and honestly unsuspected turn of events, we see one of the most random instances of removal from power in our community’s history. In this “Coup D’état” of sorts, we see Magicnoodles demoted in yet another display of XxToysoldier’s ruthless power.

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Statement Regarding the Recent Site Suspension

On Friday night, our website’s security was breached through the account of one of our reporters and through an impersonator of another. These two attackers, Zack and Coff, proceeded to post pornography and other disgusting obscenities on our website. After their attacks, it seems they made an effort to get our website suspended for the actions they themselves took. Today, at around 3:07 PM EST, it was reported that the CPA Central website was suspended.

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Leadership Changes in the Marines

GLACIER, MARINES NATION- After many leadership changes the Marines initiate the “Proud Era” in which the army wants to rise into sizes not seen before in any Marines generation. Continue reading