Top 30 Armies of All Time: 10-6


The topic of “best army of all time” is one that has long been debated, and for many people, the opinion has differed. In the eyes of new troops, armies like the Ice Warriors and Doritos seem to be the most dominant armies at the time. For those who haven’t been in the community long, they have not gotten to witness some armies flourish. While it’s easy to count the best armies of all time solely based on Top Tens, what if we take into account everything from the creation of the Club Penguin Army onward? Thus, we bring you a six-part series that we are very excited to begin: The Top 30 Armies of All Time.

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The Rise of CP Armies

Be sure to read The End of CP Armies and the second installment of the series, The Return of CP Armies before reading this if you have not already!

ALPINE, Moderator’s HQ- He rose out of the shadows, not a shred of life or love in his eyes, and they all stood to greet their new comrade.

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April 2015 Legend Inductions Results

After about 9 days, the votes are in for this round of Legend Inductions. With the help of almost 100 votes from you, the viewers, as well as 20 committee members, we’ve tallied all the votes, and in the end, have two new legends to add onto our page.

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A Life Without CP Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – There comes a day when everyone in this community retires or leaves unexpectedly.  Most worry about life without CP Armies, life without something they have grown up around.  This post plans to shine light on this unknown beast that everyone is bound to encounter.

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Nachos Battle Water Ninjas on Cold Front [PB Review]

COLD FRONT, WN Capital – The Nachos army logged onto Cold Front with the Water Ninjas for a friendly practice battle. This post will be about what happened the battle and who won at the end. Both armies logged onto the server Cold Front at 8pm EST.

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Light Troops Battles United Troops Army on Icebox [PB Review]

ICEBOX, LT Capital – Today, the Light Troops and United Troops Army logged onto the server Icebox for a nice little battle. The practice battle began at 4:00pm EST, with both armies logging on 10 minutes early. The tactics from both army were amazing and they had great numbers, Light Troops maxing 22 with a average of 20 and United Troops Army maxing 20 with a average of 18. Continue reading

Jayden1000 Resigns From The Redemption Force

THERMAL, RF Empire – In a truly unexpected turn of events, we find that yet another leader has stepped down from the plate, but for what reasons?

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Silverburg Rejoins The Rebel Penguin Federation

Tuxedo, RPF Capital – Silverburg, acclaimed RPF Legend, has come back to the army shortly after it’s entrance back into the Top 10. Continue reading

Andrew24 Returns To Ice Warriors

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – Less than four days after announcing his retirement from the Ice Warriors due to conflicting interest, Andrew24 returns and brings with him a new set of rules and regulations for the Ice Warriors to adhere to.

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Rodgahs Inaugurated as Doritos Leader

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – After an unpredictable turn of events, the Doritos have appointed Rodgahs as a Doritos leader. What seems to be a new coming what does the future hold in store for the Doritos?

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Parkas Merge into Redemption Force

THERMAL, Redemption Force – Redemption Force, an army featured in our Top Ten have decided to merge in with the SMAP army Parkas due to “hacking” allegations.

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Gtudsd Announces His Retirement

SUBZERO, IW Empire  Following the recent retirement of former Ice Warriors Leader Spy, Gtudsd announces his retirement from the Ice Warriors on the 18th of April. Along with Gtudsd’s departure, the Ice Warriors are left with only two leaders. How will this affect the Ice Warriors?

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Andrew24 Retires From IW

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital – In a very sudden turn of events, Ice Warriors leader Andrew24 announces his retirement from the army.

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Roberto, LT Legend, Banished From the Light Troops

IceBox, LT Capital- In a surprising and unpredicted move, Drmatt, current LT leader, has banished Roberto from the army.  Continue reading

Fjord Frenzy Overview

FJORD, Nacho Empire – The Nachos hosted a large, one-hour battle on their server Fjord, and invited all armies to attend. This gave everyone a chance to attend a low stakes, fun, and chaotic battle.  Continue reading