CPAC Superbowl XLVIV Party

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — Last year, we held the second ever Superbowl Party here at CPA Central, which was met with extreme success. This year, Zakster and myself will once again be overseeing a celebration for the Superbowl XLVIV. 

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Top Ten Armies: 01/25/15

In what was a relatively unimpressive week, we see a former world power take a huge drop out of the Top Ten while three armies see themselves ranked on our Top Ten for the first time in their history, one of which clocks in inside the Top Five.

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Dark Bandits On The Rise

BOBSLED, Dark Bandits Capital –  After giving all their efforts to climb up to the top, the Dark Bandits has finally managed to reach one of their main goals which was to enter the CPA Central Community, which had given them the spot of 9th position in this week’s Top 10.

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Loyalty Provides Foundation.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – It’s been said that members are the true foundation to an army, and while that’s true, what’s keeping them to your army? No, it’s not magic, it’s- No, it’s not the graphics, keep thinking. Give up? It’s loyalty. Loyalty is something that is key for an army to survive, there’s some things to go through, and I’m here to take apart the definition of loyalty and analyze what it does.

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Dark Warriors Promote Ghost To Leader

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital - Following the Retirement of Drake from Dark Warriors, the Army have been waiting for their new leader to be announced and the Dark Warriors Leadership stated that they would like to give the army ‘a terrific present’ – by naming Ghost as the new Dark Warriors Leader. What does this mean for the Dark Warriors? Continue reading

ACP Ownership Sees The Retirement of Carson4

BREEZE, Army of Club Penguin Capital – Recently, a much respected and loved owner in the Army of Club Penguin, Carson4 has made the uneasy decision but to retire from the Army of Club Penguin as a result of numerous problems.

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Ganger90 Resigns From SWAT || Removal of Zuke and Antman

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – In this opening week, the SWAT army had a couple of  departed soldiers. One of them was Ganger90, SWAT Creator, who has resigned from the SWAT leadership. And also including Zuke and Antman who has been removed under the leadership of the army. Click ‘Read More‘ for more details.

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Redemption Force Returns To The Community

THERMAL, Redemption Force Capital – After shutting down due to a deficit of experienced leaders and active troops, Redemption Force had shut down on the 27th of October. Four months later, Redemption Force Creator Reacon decides to revive the army after shutting down months ago. Continue reading

[Battle In Review] – Golds vs Ice Warriors || Battle of Northern Lights

UPDATE: Results posts added

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Golds Empire – As the IW/Golds War begun some days ago, many battles have occurred between these two armies. Most invasions till now have been mostly one-sided or ending with the other army ignoring the battle. However, it is undeniable to say that most impressive battle in the war until now has been the battle of Northern Lights.

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What’s Better? One or Multiple Leaders?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – A lot of individuals in this community have had deep thoughts about what was more effective, a leadership with only one person, or a leadership with multiple people taking responsibility for the functions of the army. I’m here to discuss this argument and truly debunk which is more effective.

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Light Troops Declare War on Redemption Force

ICEBOX, Light Troops Capital – The Redemption Force, the once major S/M army, after returning back to the community with new leaders such as Taco and Reacon, and Tax1 as advisor, face a huge challenge. The Light Troops, who are rising incredibly, has officially declared war on them. Continue reading

Ice Warriors Declare War on Golds Army

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital - With their entrance into the SM Army Press community, the Ice Warriors have taken it upon themselves to declare war on the Golds army.

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Battle in Review – Water Vikings vs. Nachos

FJORD, Water Vikings Capital – Following an impressive week for the Water Vikings, who achieved the 3rd overall spot on last week’s CPA Central Top 10, face the Nachos army in an interesting Practice Battle. Continue reading

Legendary Satire Poem Contest Winners

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After many great submissions of satirical poems about our legends, and a few other members of the CP Army Community, here are the winners of the contest.

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Cherries Merge Into Omegas

After the recent rise with the new army, the Cherries the creator named Trevor has decided to shut down Cherries and merge into the army named the Omegas. Will this be the end of Cherries forever?  Continue reading