Six Years of Club Penguin Army Central

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – With age comes knowledge, as time has passed and there have been many days and hours to experience and become educated. Over the course of the first 5 years of this website, there have been many trials and controversies, posts and comments, and changes to the community. In this 6th year of CPAC, we have the opportunity to, of all things, reflect. Reflection is the most powerful tool we as a human race have, the ability to understand the past and learn from our mistakes. This kind of reflection is different, as we gather not in pain or confusion, desperation or a classroom, but to rejoice. Continue reading

Legends Cup VI: Second Round Times


After a rather lackluster first round, things look to heat up a bit in the second round of the Legends Cup VI this weekend. Below are the times for the second round, along with the current bracket. Please note that both the Red Ninjas and Silver Surfers, both losers in the qualifier round, have been plugged into slots where neither army is eligible to move on.

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World Leader Conference Invitation

In my last post about the World Map, I relayed to all of you that there was more news to come concerning the map and its functions. That time has come.

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Light Troops Shut Down Forever

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – The legendary Light Troops army have been shut down forever by leader and legend, Waterkid101.

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Silver Surfers Transfer Mammoth to IW

MAMMOTH, IW Nation- The Silver Surfers have transferred the historic server of Mammoth, to the Ice Warriors. Continue reading

Tirodoragon Promoted Into DW Leadership

Frosty, DW Empire – After witnessing the retirement of one their most highly decorated leaders, DW looks to their 2ic for their next leader. 

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The Legends Cup VI: Qualifier Round Recap

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Over the weekend, CPA Central hosted the sixth annual Legends Cup. Sixteen armies battled it out to proceed to the second round, however, only eight could proceed. Read more to see the results of this weekend. Continue reading

CPAC Invasions Review [07/20/15 – 07/26/15]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A few modifications have been made by myself from the original weekly invasions review in order to accommodate the servers reset. This week, we see many wars end, and large and small armies expand their empire. Servers page will be edited shortly, but for the time being, please refer to this post before scheduling an invasion.

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Top Ten Armies: 07/26/15

As the Legends Cup VI begins, we bring you another Top Ten. This week, we see an army make its return to the Top Ten after a short absence, as well as spectacular weeks from a couple of armies. At the bottom of the Top Ten is a statement regarding an issue that is plaguing our community, which I highly recommend reading.

Note: We updated the Top Ten scores to include two events posted late by RPF and DCP. While RPF’s score stays the same with this event, DCP’s score has changed. The order, however, has not.

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Burr and Vinny Leave Nacho Army For Army Republic

BLIZZARD, Nacho Army Empire – As we enter the Legends Cup tournament, Burr and Vinny have announced their leave from the Nacho Army at what is seen by many as awful timing. Not only have they decided to take leave from the Nacho Army, but they’ve also decided to take back their positions in the Army Republic.

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Rose Retires from Water Vikings

AVALANCHE, Water Viking Territory- After being in WV for more than 6 months, Rose has decided to leave both the Water Vikings and Club Penguin armies as a whole.

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Where Are They Now: Omega39

wherearetheynowArmies, for all of us, become somewhat of a separate lifestyle. We come online to our chats and battle, and when we do, it separates us from the outside world, putting us in a world where everyone shares the same secret. We all form different lives here than from our everyday life, allowing some people to be a part of something big. However, there comes a time where we need to move on from warfare, be that at the age of ten or twenty-five. Some people’s names live on and maintain a legacy, becoming enshrined as army legends. In this new Friday series, I will be interviewing some of the older and more tenured legends in warfare on not just their lives inside this community, but outside as well. First up is a legend known for pioneering government and several other programs inside armies, Omega39.

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The Legends Cup VI: Qualifier Round Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – The Legends Cup VI is officially here and this Saturday we will be starting off with a qualifier round. The qualifier round will see 16 armies go head to head for a chance to make it through to the second round, but who do we think will come out the victor in those matches?

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Freezie Retires From the Dark Warriors || Toysoldier’s Retirement Looming

Frosty, DW Nation Last night it was announced by Xxtoysoldier that himself and Freezie would be retiring after the Legends Cup, however, Freezie appears to have retired sooner than anticipated.

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The Science Behind the Server Map

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – Servers, they’ve been a part of the community as long as everyone has remembered, all 155 servers are owned by a multitude of armies, big and small. To be quite specific, all 155 servers combined is a whole nation owned by this community.

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