March Madness: Round Two Predictions

After an exciting and intense first round, we remain with eight armies who are ready to duke it out to enter the semi-finals, the question is, which four armies are heading that way?

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March Madness III: Elite Eight Times


After an excellent Sweet Sixteen round, which was recapped here, we’ve cut the competition in half, leaving us with our Elite Eight. This round looks to have some enticing matchups, as the top-seeded Light Troops take on the underdog Nachos, who, as the 12th seed, exploded out of nowhere to upend the 5th seeded Dark Warriors in a rout. The timings for that and other battles are found below.

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Top Ten Armies: 03/01/15

In another surprising installment of the Top 10, we see several armies shuffle in and out of the Top 10  and several armies grow and fall and one former Top 10 army barely misses the Top 10.

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Satire: Memoir of a Tragic Megalomaniac Part I

Move aside, Mach. Reporter and Satirist of the Year 2013, Shiver, is back and in business.

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Narrative of Badboy and TacoDaily

My name is Badboy and while I was an unsuccessful pirate in a previous life, I currently write paranormal and offbeat erotic fiction, partly because I find it enjoyable, but mostly to cover my rampant Tim Horton’s habit. In my free time I enjoy quilting profanity into existing pieces of fabric as well as collecting Wizard of Oz memorabilia.

As of right now I’m picturing a frumpy looking young man in a toga slowly shimmying to Taco leading a Club Penguin event.

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BREAKING: Fire Warriors Stage a Coup D’état Against Elmikey

Rocky Road, Fire Warriors Nation - The Fire Warriors, a recently developed army, have overthrown Elmikey from their leadership. Continue reading

Retirement of Ultipenguinj

ICEBOX, RPF Capital – An unfortunate event has occurred within the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF Leader Ultipenguinj has officially resigned his position from the RPF Leadership. How will this affect the Rebel Penguin Federation?

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CPAC March Madness III: Sweet Sixteen Recap

KLONDIKE, March Madness Venue  – The first round of the March Madness is over and sixteen armies have now been reduced to eight. During this round we saw eight armies shine in victory, while eight armies unfortunately were left disappointed.


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CPAC March Madness 2015 Live Stream

Status: Offline

Come and watch all of today’s exciting March Madness battles! Come and witness all of the action as the Ice Warriors, Matricz of CP, Golds, Silver Surfers, Water Vikings, Dark Bandits, Redemption Force and Chaos all battle it out for places in the March Madness next round.

The Nacho Army, The Light Troops, Army of Club Penguin and Doritos of CP have already advanced – but the question is now – Who will join them? Well, come and watch!

The Top Ten Armies Of February 2015

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Headquarters – A new feature that CP Army Central has is a Top Ten Armies of the Month. In the monthly Top Ten, we can observe which armies dominated over the whole month and gauge the consistency and size of armies on a larger scale than weekly top tens.

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Statement From The Social Media Managers

KLONDIKE, Social Media Hub, CPAC Headquarters – Here at CP Army Central, the one thing that we have always encouraged is reader interaction. What better way to create reader interaction then through the use of social media?

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Redemption Force and Chaos Agree To Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After fighting an endless war between the Redemption Force and the Chaos, both sides have finally come to an agreement on a treaty and a ceasefire lasting until April 1st 2015. What will this mean for the two opposing armies?

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March Madness 2015 Livestream

Status: Offline

Come and check out the live stream in which you can watch all the amazing battles for the March Madness.

My Experience with BurritoDaily, AR Leader.

I would like to congratulate UMA on their recent win against the pay2win army -Elmikey

My name is Elmikey and this is an experience with the Army Republic leader, Burritodaily. Please don’t insult me in the comment section, you’re just jealous that I am the chosen one and you’re banal and covered with bees.

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UMA vs. Ice Warriors: Battle of Mammoth

MAMMOTH, Battle Venue – The Underground Mafia Army shocked the entire community recently by announcing their return to community. They then challenged all armies to come to the popular server Mammoth and see who truly owns it, unfortunately – only two armies showed up.


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