The April 2014 Legends Inductions Results

After multiple days of deliberation and voting, the members of CPAC’s Legends Committee, along with you, the viewers, have spoken — four new CP Army Legends will be joining the current group on the page.  Continue reading

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Top Ten Armies: 04/20/14

We see many armies make moves toward higher spots this week as the current first place army takes a fall. Also, two new armies enter the Top Ten this week.

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Golds Declare War on RPF| Light Troops To Assist RPF

Flippers, Golds Empire:  In a shocking turn of events, Golds have declared war on RPF, just shortly after Taco Daily was couped from Golds, and the Light Troops have joined in on this war which leads this to be a 2 vs 1 war.  Are Golds in for a rough ride?

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SWAT Declares War on Army of CP

PARKA, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – SWAT leader Ganger90 has issued a declaration of war on the Army of Club Penguin, following SWAT’s recent recreation.  Continue reading

Reacon Removed From Redemption Force in a Coup d’etat

THERMAL, Redemption Force Capital - As the Redemption Force takes a hard fall, Reacon, RF co-creator has went inactive.  During a perilous time in Redemption Force history, Reacon has been removed.

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CPAC Comic #7: Unsafe Chat

Comic 9 TRUE Continue reading

Nachos and Underground Mafias Army War Resumes

FJORD, Nachos Capital– The Nachos and Underground Mafias Army have decided to further continue the war they started and had a pause in as both sides have posted several invasions and defenses. The Underground Mafias Army unexpectedly go back on the assault as the Nachos were finishing off a practice battle with the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos put no hesitation on fighting back quickly.

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Have The Multi-Log Accusations Become More of an Excuse?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters - Multi-logging has become a problem in the recent era and there have been confirmed cases of people admitting to it, but has it become more of an accusation and a desperation tactic?

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CPA Central Invasions Review 04/19/14

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – As Easter dawns over the horizon, we bring you this week’s Invasions Review. This week was relatively slow, with little invasions being held at all.

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Orange Appointed Army Republic Leader

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital –  Recently in a turn of events, with the VinDaily tag-team retiring and Lord Pain being removed from leadership, Tripy is the last leader.  But recently, Orange, AR 2ic has been appointed new leader of Army Republic. Continue reading

Spring Smackdown: Qualifier Day 2 Battle Results

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Spring Smackdown

And so concludes the first round. The second day brought MUCH more excitement than the first, and brought some surprising results as well. The victors today move on to the Divisional round, where they will be pitted against 2 other armies in their group. Read on to see who won, and who fell just short.

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New Leadership in Golds || Coup d’Etat of Taco Daily

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – Following a war threat to the Light Troops and a satirical war threat to the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Golds develop a new leadership. Continue reading

Spi101 and Lord Pain Couped from Dark Warriors Leadership

UPDATE 5:35 PM EST: Coqu Warriors has been announced as the official anti-Elm army.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – This week has been a roller coaster for the Dark Warriors, as their legendary leader Freezie66 retired, Spi101 being absent due to moving locations, two resignations from Dark Warrior owners and finally appointing Lord Pain as leader after he was coup’d from the Army Republic leadership. However, today Elmikey has reset the Dark Warriors chat in a form of coup.

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Spring Smackdown: Qualifier Day 1 Battle Results

Spring Smackdown

The first day of the Spring Smackdown has come and gone! Armies have converged and fought for the chance to become champions. Some have moved one step closer to their dream, and others have fallen flat. Here are the results of Day 1′s battles.

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Resignations in the Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – As the Dark Warriors sit at the top of the Top Ten, Leaders of both the UK and AUSIA divisions have announced their resignation only hours apart from each other.

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