Top Ten Armies: 2/7/2016

ANNOUNCEMENT – The winners of the Super Bowl predictions contest are Doctor Mine Turtle and Nick/Konvikt, both of whom had a total score differential of 7. Both of you should message me as soon as possible to claim your 1,000 xat prize.

Klondike, CPA Central HQ – In a universally poor week, we see a newly revived army break its way into the Top Three, and yet another newly revived army make their first debut.

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Hypothetically, What Good Will A 3D Design of Club Penguin Do?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk – With the rumored Project Super Secret becoming closer and closer, this hints to major changes to the gaming platform and to the actual game play, including a design overhaul.

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Editorial: Suspicion Should be Inherent

Note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAC as a whole.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Yesterday, the Army Republic’s website fell victim to a deface, an unfortunately common event that has taken place many times throughout our community’s history. The situation that took place within the AR is insignificant, in the sense that this post will be discussing the general common sense, and serve as a reminder to the people who fall into this trap. Suspicion should be inherent; especially of untrustworthy, previously convicted people who have continued to disrespect our community. Here is a fool-proof guide on the mental connections that should have already been made.  Continue reading

Kevin/Batman3 Retires From Nachos

FJORD, Nachos Army – Army figure Kevin (Batman1), well known for his huge involvement and leadership in the Nachos Army this past year, has announced his retirement from armies all together.

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Army of the Republic Defaced

UPDATE: Army of the Republic site has been fully restored. 

Toboggan, AR Capital – Around 9:00 EST on Friday night the Army of the Republic site was taken over by Flen (Night Warriros Co-Leader). Click read more to learn more about the deface.

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Army Republic Declares War on Water Vikings

TOBOGGAN, Army Republic Capital – After both armies being part of the Aerate Alliance, we see that the Army of the Republic has recently declared war on the Water Vikings.
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Sidie9, ACP Leader Retires

BREEZE, ACP Nation – After 5 years of serving Club Penguin Armies, ACP Leader Sidie9 announced his retirement. Formerly, he commanded their AUSIA Division.

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Verum Removed From Night Warriors’ Leadership

FOG, Night Warriors Nation – Amidst a victorious war against the Redemption Force and rising tensions with the Doritos of Club Penguin, a recent announcement has led to the removal of Verum from the Night Warriors’ leadership.

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Trader Announces Retirement From Armies

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Notable army figure Trader, who is widely known for his involvement in the leadership of the Golds, the Army of Club Penguin and more recently the Doritos of Club Penguin, has announced his permanent retirement from armies as a whole.

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Redemption Force Concludes War With Night Warriors

Thermal, Redemption Force Capital- Following a joint declaration of war from both the Fire Warriors and the Night Warriors against the Redemption Force, leaders from each side congregated with each other to end the war.

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Fire Warriors and Night Warriors Declare War on the Redemption Force – Immortal Alliance Forms

ICE BOX, Fire Warriors Capital – As you are most probably aware, the Fire Warriors and the Redemption Force have experienced relation problems between one another in the past week. You may read my post about their conflicts by clicking HERE. When tensions arise, so does the possibly of a war. As expected, the Fire Warriors and Night Warriors finally took action and have declared war. Read on to view about the war declarations and vote on the poll at the end of the post..

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Leaders Lounge With DrMatt – Harooniaz

DrMatt’s Office – Hello! Welcome back to Leaders’ Lounge. I have decided to revive this column after taking a short hitatus. This week, we have a star of this community and his name is Harooniaz. Click Read More

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“Defacing and Hacking RPF Bought Me Joy,” Says Former Leader Xxtoysoldier

FOG, NW EMPIRE – In an exclusive interview with CP Army Central, Night Warriors Leader Xxtoysoldier talks about the recent Night Warriors success and several controversies that have surrounded the emergence of the army and his leadership team.

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Super Bowl 50 Predictions Contest

Hello, all!

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Max43810 Inaugurated as New Redemption Force Leader

Thermal, Redemption Force Capital – The Redemption Force has tremendously surged high within major army standards as of late. To add on to their rise, the Redemption Force has announced that they will be hiring Max43810 as their leader.

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