The CPAC YouWrite feature allows YOU to submit any of your writing to CPAC. The post you submit will be reviewed by a CPAC staff member and will be taken into consideration for posting. If your post is considered to be of good quality, it may be posted on the CPAC Site.

What you can submit:

  • News reports: any reports about events in large armies that have happened recently
  • Philosophy: do you have an idea that you’d like to share? Post them here!
  • Short stories: short stories related to CP Armies
  • Editorials (Opinion posts): posts containing your own opinion about a recent happening in army warfare, or about a certain topic
  • Video report: you are allowed to make a short video report about a recent piece of news. It must be submitted in as a YouTube link.

Requirements and tips:

  • Structure: You can write your post somewhat loosely, but it does need three things: a) an introduction – where you summarize the topic you’re writing and what your stance on it is (do NOT write things like “Hello CPA Central viewers” or “My name is….”) b) a body – where you discuss the topic and your stance on it (this should, by far, be the longest part of your post) and c) a conclusion – where you simply summarize what you’ve said and end of a finishing note (don’t worry about signatures or anything).
  • Spelling / Grammar: Make sure that your post has no spelling or grammar errors. If it does, it will not even be considered to post on CPA Central. Try writing the post on an application like Word that has a spell check option.
  • Language: Keep all language in your post PG (no swearing or harsh words).
  • Pictures: If you’d like to add a picture, simply add in a link to the image where you want the picture to be.
  • Length: Your post should be, at a minimum, 500 words.

NOTE: This is NOT a place to apply for a job at CPAC. Please visit this page if you are looking for a position.

Submission Form

Happy writing!


15 Responses

  1. Hey I’ve submitted the “Who are the Double Scoops Army?” I think it could be a really cool and interesting post 🙂

    • This is a Large army site. NOT SMAC.

  2. Ya who are they I cant get to their website or find it, though I’ve tried. ;(

  3. Now these posts are not my posts. These were made by Wyoskyguy and I do think they should be looked over for You-write posts

  4. Im so cool i dont need to post on CPAC in this fashion

    • nobody can post on CPAC in this fashion they do not use the YouWrite anymore for some stupid reason

  5. I have just submitted a post regarding Waffles.

  6. I just submitted a post about the Christmas Chaos

  7. I just submitted a post about spies and the way people look at them being in their army as. I think it is really interesting and I got lots of great opinions from other people about it and put it in the post so please loo it over.

    • sorry I said it was a philosophy post when it was actually a short story so I reposted it so like I said please look over it and the actual name is Spies good or bad for armies?

  8. Let’s say I want to make a post about DW and why they aren’t really great and the reasons why they aren’t. What would that be considered as? An editorial or a short story?

  9. I added an article about ACP and a recent scandal involving them.


    This post would be a great YOUWRITE.

  11. I just made a quality post even though nobody uses this anymore

  12. I just made a quality post even though nobody uses this anymore

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