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CPA Central is always looking for new, capable reporters. We try our best to hire only the best reporters and our site has a reputation for posting only the highest quality writing. If you feel like you have what it takes to work here, we encourage you to apply on this page, using the below Application Form. Read the rest of this page for more information about being a reporter.

Your Responsibilities

  • Get set up: After you’re first accepted as a reporter, you’ll be added to the CPA Central Staff Site. On this site, there are a few pages set up with guides to becoming a successful reporter and philosopher. You’ll be expected to fully read carefully through all of these guides and take them to heart, following all of the guidelines that are set out for your and the guides that are created for on how write high quality posts. These guides are fairly lengthy, so be prepared to do some reading.
  • Post once a week: Your primary responsibility will be to write a report about either a battle or army event at least once a week. These posts will be expected to be high quality and conform to the guidelines that we set out for you. We’ll give you all the necessary guides and help so you can learn how to write these posts quickly and efficiently, so these posts should only take you about 20 – 30 minutes. Although spending a half hour a week writing a post doesn’t seem like much, it has seemed to be difficult for reporter in the past to stay active, so the one major question you have to ask yourself before applying is if you can keep up with this one post a week guideline. If not, then this job really isn’t for you. Also, keep in mind that the guideline is one post a week minimum; we fully expect you to post more often and will definitely take notice and reward you if you take the initiative to work harder.
  • Check on the Message Board: The CPA Central Staff Site includes a Message Board, where staff members can communicate with one another. You’ll be expected to check this page every day, to see if any other staff members have important messages to share. You will be able to use this page to talk to other staff members.
  • Stay active and work hard: In the long run, you’ll be expected to simply stay active on the site. As you continue work hard, we’ll open up more opportunities for you. If you don’t, we’ll have to let you go.

What You’ll Get

  • Work on this site: As a reporter, you’ll get the chance to be a part of the most advanced organization in Club Penguin Armies. You’ll get to be a part of a staff that has a reputation for upholding quality.
  • Chance to work way up: Although we’ll start you as a reporter, if you work hard and stay active, you’ll have a chance to work your way up to higher positions such as Associate Producer, Editor in Chief, Vice President, Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer. Of course, these positions come with an even higher position and more power in Club Penguin Armies.
  • Added to Staff Site: You’ll be added to the protected CPA Central Staff Site, which will let you in on all of the behind-the-scenes actions of CPA Central and will allow you to communicate with all of the other staff members.
  • Media experience: CPA Central provides the best media experience you will get in armies.
  • Writing practice: Writing is a highly important skill in today’s world. CPA Central will allow you to enhance your writing abilities greatly.
  • Payments: Since the CPA Central team makes money from the website, we decide to pay our hard-working reporters who meet our criteria.

Submission Form

To apply to work at CPA Central, fill out the following form in a comment on this post (a copiable version of the form is at the bottom of the page):

  • Name: The name you best go by. This can be your Club Penguin or Xat name.
  • WordPress email: If you don’t have a WordPress account, you likely don’t have enough experience to be working here.
  • Past experience: Write about any experience you have writing / reporting, in real life, or in Club Penguin Armies. Writing about media positions you have held will help.
  • Post: Write a post, approximately 400 words, about a recent event in Club Penguin Armies, such as a battle or other event (like a leader retiring or a declaration of war). Try to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you feel like pictures could be added to your post, add links to them (be sure to include captions!). Of course, use your best spelling and grammar.
  • Why you’d be active: Write a paragraph simply about why you have the mindset to be an active reporter and what you’ll do to stay active. We want to know what it is about you that says you’ll be a hard working member of this site.
  • Any other comments: Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to say regarding your Reporter Application.

Here’s a copy of the form to paste into a comment:

  • Name:
  • WordPress Email:
  • Past experience:
  • Example Post:
  • Why you’d be active:
  • Any other comments:

Good luck with your application!


407 Responses

  1. Comments prior to June 8, 2014 have been cleared. All other applications are found below.

    • i have past experiences about writing about almost anything after being in the school newspaper.

      • Name: cookietimes
        Past experience: CP Doritos
        Example Post: The tenision is rising between the two armys. Sparks are flying as the two armys compete to gain more support.
        Why you’d be active: I have wrote for newspapers before
        Any other comments:

    • Name: Flubberman16
      Past experience: none
      Example: 8:24 AM (this actually happened)
      DW bot is hacked. Everyone is glitched, and freaked out. I interview IW Mod. He said nothing there. Then i went over to APC chat. He said they were spammed by IW bots. More info coming.

      • omg you have to do more then that

    • is there anyway i can contact the admins of this cite, id like to become a sponsor

    • Name:Tom tiger
      WordPress Email:
      Past experience:none
      Example Post:RPF to be extinct
      Why you’d be active:beacuse i love to write
      Any other comments:none

    • Name: Tomtiger3
      Past experience:None
      Example Post:Club Penguins bans grow: It has been proven that the number of CP bans has grown in 2015 by 6%. Most due to the use of personal issues.
      Why you’d be active: I love to write and would be commited
      Any other comments

    • Name: Mew
      WordPress Email:
      Past experience: RPF Corporal
      Example Post: WAR BETWEEN RPF V NACHOS:
      Reporter: Mew
      With tension between the Rebel Penguin Force and Nachos growing, The RPF declares war on the Nacho Army. Nachos invaded RPF home server Tuxedo this past Saturday. The RPF fought off the Nachos with ease and plan on invading Nacho army headquarters soon.
      Why you’d be active: I love writing, as well as being involved with the CPA community. I would love to meet others and be a good active reporter.
      Any other comments: None (:

    • Name: irishaussie17,Irish9502
      WordPress Email:
      Past Experience: I have worked for my school newspaper.
      Example Post: I quickly made a website on WordPress on 2 different posts. I am unsure how long they go for but I hope they will suffice. They are both situated in news.
      Why you’d be active: I love journalism and writing, I think I would be good for this job and I have a lot of spare time on my hands.
      Any other comments: I have started to research all the A\armies and are writing it all down. I think you should pick me because I am enthusiastic, hardworking, cheerful and able to take advice and improve.

  2. •Name: Flipfloper
    •Past experience: none
    •Post:The up rise in armies
    With the summer coming near or all ready here means another summer for armies. Will they thrive this summer a weekly polled asked. Armies are thriving and falling like ACP getting 41 on an event, but RPF getting 17 with their best division. Also UMA has records of falling in the winter and thriving in the summer do you think we will see them again. With so many possibilities I ask Katty RPF leader what he thinks on this summer.
    I am blue he is red
    As you know summer helps armies rise and fall what do you think will happen with RPF will they rise or fall.
    RPF will rise since the summer is when the holidays start and were aiming to bring back the hold RPF troops to help, and people would be more free on holidays and might be able to help. So, yeah I think RPF will rise
    Once again RPF has not been getting what they were getting in the beginning of the year. Do you think the US division will pick the pace back up during this summer.
    Yes, I believe so it will pick back up. Also the other divisions will pick up as well.
    Do you think armies will thrive or fall this summer.
    Katty thinks RPF will get back on top this summer. I will also interview Purple slime ACP leader.
    As you know summer has helped armies rise and fall what do you think ACP will do rise or fall.
    Rise, of course.
    Most people can tell but ACP have been rising lately do you think ACP will continue to rise.
    We are going to rise, higher and higher now that summer is approaching!
    Do you think armies will thrive or fall this summer.
    Thrive, thrive of course.
    Both Katty and Purple slime think that there armies will thrive, and think that armies will thrive this summer. Do you agree with Purple slime that ACP will rise to a golden age, or is Katty right that RPF is going to bounce back from 4th place and become the best army this summer. Comment below who you think is right.

    •Why you’d be active: Because I am only in one army and I nothing else to do
    •Any other comments: I know stories before the post comes out on cpac

  3. Name: flipastro

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: SMAS Warfare reporter, and SMAF President


    Why you’d be active: Yes

    Any other comments: I think CPAC is the right match for me

  4. i think your comment page is a bit laggy and looooooooooooooong

    • no one should join

  5. most of these posts make me sad

  6. I think this is very long

  7. Name:
    Emperor Flor / Baby Flor < CP Name

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: <Posts deleted

    I am Emperor Flor, with this interesting piece of news. The death of SPA hurt many Soda Pops, including me, but it seems like they are returning as the Ace
    Of Spades. SPA leaders Tony and Konrad say it was the Chaos Army's fault. The Soda Pops had fallen into war with the Chaos Army for foolish reasons,
    and at a time of despair Tony was gone.

    Tony had left for almost a month, and Konrad and Promo were leading the army with myself along side them. Konrad didn't know what to do so he panicked,
    and made a foolish move. He had panicked because two Chaos members had defaced SPA, and Konrad was arguing. To end the war, Konrad had given
    the Chaos Army all of SPA's servers, to become brother allies.

    Chaos didn't take a long time to break the alliance, as they did before the war. Calling Konrad names and with the stress and pressure he was getting from the
    mad Soda Pops, SPA died. After some weeks from SPA's death, Konrad and Tony moved and became the Ace Of Spades leaders, along with MikeMate.
    The Ace Of Spades had gotten seven teen troop members on their first event. With to much luck on the AOS's side, they seem like a victorious army.

    The AOS Army opened on June 13, 2014 officially, and seems to be growing more day by day. On the other side, SPA might revive soon. A old SPA leader,
    Promo is in need to revive SPA. He thinks he can make SPA famous, and a righteous army once again.

    Why you’d be active:
    Its easy, I was made to report news and topics on CP armies. I'd post everyday if needed, and I will post more than once a week.

    Any other comments
    Not really.

  8. Name: Xat- Periwinkle Gamer Writing Name- Periwinkle Penguins Actual Name- Vanessa Koner

    WordPress Email:

    Past Experience: I have wrote many things over the years. I believe I have enough experience to not only inform the reader, but keep their interest in the post at the same time. I have realized with many reporters in real life, people have lacked in at least one of those categories.

    Sample Post:
    Nachos Admit to Multilogging!

    I visited The Nacho Army of Club Penguin website, to find the inside scoop on some “mysterious” penguin names in Club Penguin. I checked the chat and questioned them about the names. Then, the beans were officially spilled! I chatted with Laoise, who seemed to know a tad bit about what was going on. He told me to private chat Thex and Coff. They quickly admitted to multilogging during all events they had encountered for quite a while. No wonder they’re so good at their events, there is always more then one penguin behind their screens! So when all was said and done, I asked for the penguin names. The names are: Thex478, notmultilog1, nachosarmy, and Coff’s username which he has not disclosed to me at the time of this report. I encourage all armies to be weary when they face The Nachos. I honestly do not think they told me all of the names and people that multilogged. So keep your eyes out penguins and armies of all kinds! We might have a not so friendly army in the midst of us. Yet, I do believe other armies are also using this strategy, from clues such as: suspicious names, a sudden increase in army population, non-member penguins with only their color of army joining and chanting along with their fellow army members, and many other facts almost pointing exactly to the case of multilogging. I would suggest, as a member of a CP army, to take a further look into all armies and chats to ensure that there is not only no multilogging, but also a lack of various other cheating strategies. The Nachos told me not to disclose this to any other armies/news sites. But, why tell an Ice Warrior a Nacho’s secret? Probably the same reason they felt multilogging was their only answer to win. I asked them why multilogging was the way to go. They said, and I quote, “We have recently lost population to Light Troops through what we think is illegal recruiting. We think multilogging is only fair.” I guess we must agree to disagree, Nachos!

    I hoped you all enjoyed my audition post, I thought I did a very good job in reporting the crisis and adding in suspense about other armies and about what other secrets The Nachos hold. I am Periwinkle Penguins from (hopefully) SMAP, stay periwinkle proud!

    Why’d you be active: I’ve always had the passion for writing, and also Club Penguin and other virtual games. This job would not only tie together my two favorite things, but give me something to do instead of eat and suffer from addiction. I’d take the job seriously and never let it leave my mind unless, like I often will be this summer, I have other events going on in my life which it would be important that I attend them.

    Other Comments: I have no other comments.

  9. •Name:

    •WordPress email:

    •Past experience: I have been watching other armies and take notes of what happens.

    •Post: Hello I am Krisbee1, I am a Nacho Army Sergeant and a leader in Blue Troops

    •Why you’d be active: I would promise to be active a post anything I see in battles I experience that would be a good post for people to view and I would also rank armies on how they battle and how many each army has won.

    •Any other comments: none

  10. Name :XAT Cage9 XGUNNERY SGT
    Past experience:i worked at on my schools newspaper
    Post: The Rebel penguin federation has been at war with the pirates and has recently invaded the Pirates capital as these two top tenners have repeatedly attacked and been attacked the tide has turned many times while the RPF has been the main attacker and as i watched a minor battle over klondike i could see how they had nearly the same tactics but the Pirates clearly did it better and were more organized and slowly took over the RPF line of soldiers the RPF counter attacked with a Joke bomb and we moved to snow forts where the RPF maxed a size of 11 to the pirates 25 and lastlly we moved to the berg where the Rebel Penguin Federation was quickly surrounded and clearly outnumbered but they still put up quite a fight we then moved to the stadium and there was mix up in the RPF chat about whether to go to the beach or the stadium which was quickly fixed and dealt with efficiently and they found a spy in they’re chat in the end the RPF lost when many logged off.
    Why you’d be active:im able to post at least twice a week maybe more
    Any other comments:im welcome in all army chats and all armies

  11. Name: RMStitanic94/Musicguy999

    WordPress email: Musicguy999

    Past experience: I was a CPAC author once but I retired, now I’m reapplying!

    Post: Freezie66 Is Back

    Early last week, Freezie66, who was then a leader of DW, embarked on a soccer trip to Washington, DC. This was disclosed publicly and the other DW owners were notified of this trip in advance. A few days after, a coup took place, which overthrew Spi and reinstated Elmikey, who was himself overthrown just a few weeks ago. Although Spi was offered 2ic, he politely refused, instead choosing to join SWAT as leader.

    All seemed calm for a few days, but soon it all changed. Yesterday, on June 18th, due to Freezie66 being inactive for more than 10 days, the DW leaders decided to jointly remove him. On the bright side, in the removal post, Elmikey stated that Freezie66 would still be welcomed as leader if he ever decided to come back.

    Today, he did. On the afternoon of June 19th, Freezie was sighted on DW chat, where he was greeted warmly as soon as he logged on. Soon after, he was informed of the coup that took place while he was gone and his subsequent removal. After discovering that he was no longer leader because of inactivity, even though he said he would be gone beforehand, a deeply disappointed Freezie66 decided to join the Pirates, where he was given the rank leader.

    Freezie66 claimed that he was fired and that he had been betrayed. However, if he had rejoined DW, he still would’ve been leader. It is indeed very puzzling as to why he decided to abandon DW for the Pirates. Many DW troops have openly voiced anger and disappointment over Freezie66 leaving. A lot of them were really happy to see him finally back, but seeing him leave again, this time for good, really devastated many Dark Warriors.

    So what really is going on? Did Freezie leave because he thought he was fired? Or was it because he just didn’t want to be part of DW anymore, after they removed him for no good reason? You tell us. We want your opinion.

    Why you’d be active: Summer is coming and I don’t have any vacations planned so I will be very active

    Any other comments: I have been active in CP armies since 2010. I was a former DCP leader, in addition to co founding LT. Currently I’m a 2ic in DW.

  12. Name: CPWORLDDD
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: i was i rpf n we had a battel vs pirates
    Why you’d be active: Yes
    Any other comments: I think CPAC is the right match for me

  13. Name: iCPblog

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: I used to work on Light Troops, and I currently run a successful and popular Club Penguin blog.

    Post: I’m not sure if you mean any type of post or not but here’s my post on my blog.

    Why you’d be active: I have nothing else to do besides post on my site, etc so I would like to have something else to also do while I am not busy.

    Any other comments:
    Not much else to say but thanks for reading, I guess.. 🙂

    • i think you should you have very well expirience

  14. Name: Yakhov “Shayki” Galaxie
    Past Experience: CPAC, SMAC (you guys hired me 3 years ago, lol joke on you for letting a 10 year old in).
    Post: ACP’s stock is obviously rising tremendously, and I am obviously not biased nor am I biased to any religion.
    Why would you be active: Because my ethnicity likes to talk about stalk.

  15. Name: Tempah
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAC Secondary Head + reporter, SMAC Reporter
    Why you’d be active: summer
    Any other comments: nah

  16. Name: Tempah
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: Not much, been in CP armies for over a year

    Post: The time of abuse on the ACP
    There was a time in which abusing was aloud on ACP, Many people cursed and made ACP chat a hell hole, Especially mods. Moderators abused their powers a lot at the time. Now i wont point out the ones who took part in this, but now today these people are as nice as can be, just so their respect is not ruined. Once a mod (i wont point out his name) was saying that he had managed to get his neighbor to have sex with him. Soon new recruits started to leave the ACP , even one of the leaders Snaily5 had quit ACP and joined RPF because of ACP’s behavior. Soon owners such as Schneizel (formerly known as Flipmoo) took serious action, maybe this is why ACP is no longer a huge army as it was in 2008-9 . Now today , the ACP chat gives an immediate ban to even the F word or N word. The ACP might take time to recover.

    Why you’d be active : Summer, like reporting
    Any other comments: N/A

    • Ooops! accidently wrote tempah! Its Nova 🙂

      • My xat REG name is Krateninja2

        • And my wordpress username is Krate ninja2, sorry im just messed up

  17. Name: CP name krate ninja2, xat name Krate
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: Not much, been in CP armies for over a year

    Post: The time of abuse on the ACP
    There was a time in which abusing was aloud on ACP, Many people cursed and made ACP chat a hell hole, Especially mods. Moderators abused their powers a lot at the time. Now i wont point out the ones who took part in this, but now today these people are as nice as can be, just so their respect is not ruined. Once a mod (i wont point out his name) was saying that he had managed to get his neighbor to have sex with him. Soon new recruits started to leave the ACP , even one of the leaders Snaily5 had quit ACP and joined RPF because of ACP’s behavior. Soon owners such as Schneizel (formerly known as Flipmoo) took serious action, maybe this is why ACP is no longer a huge army as it was in 2008-9 . Now today , the ACP chat gives an immediate ban to even the F word or N word. The ACP might take time to recover.

    Why you’d be active : Summer, like reporting
    Any other comments: N/A

    I remade my apply form as i was mixed up when i was making the first one, i accidently wrote Tempah as my name. It was late night and i was sleepy

    • Edit: wordpress email is

  18. Name: honeyninja2(Ayush)
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I am in RPF. And works very hard. I got promos very easily as I work very hard to make RPF rise.
    Post: Till now no. But my comments are like posts.
    Why you’d be active: I like to work hard and hard in which I am involved.
    Any other comments: I will really work hard here also.

  19. Atticus946
    I have no experience in any news sites

    Title- The fall of Club Penguin armies
    Are the size of people leaving club penguin armies bigger? Are the amount of people joining Club Penguin armies becoming smaller? This maybe true. Summer has started and this is the time when armies expect sizes to become bigger. But are they? Recently in the CPAC top 10, the number 1 spot only had 78 points in the beginning of summer. Very rare. Today were gonna look at why CP armies could be falling!

    1. More strict rules on Club Penguin.
    The main source of gaining troops for your army Is recruiting. Many troops do this by autotyping. Starting a few months ago many penguins have been starting to get banned for recruiting. Club penguin does not want people attracting their buisness to another website. In this case a lot of notable leaders in this community have had their main banned. This is might be a reason for the fall but it is most likely not the main problem.

    2. Treaties
    A lot of troops in this community enjoy them selves when their army is in war. They get so excited because they want to help their army against the enemy but are wars becoming less because of treaties? When two armies sign their treaty, they make the treaty last a long time. There is no fun when there is no war. This could anger some of the troops. It could even cause them to leave their army. This could be a factor to some of the problems.

    3. Mistreatment of new troops
    Have you ever wanted to strangle yourself over some of the questions those newbies ask about Club penguin armies? I know they can become aggravating but you have to remember when you were knew to the community. Dont ignore or mistreat these new troops. These are the future of club penguin armies. They might one day become a leader of a army world power. Treat those troops how you would like them to treat you if you were new. If they become upset their gonna leave the community and probably wont come back again.

    I believe the mistreatment of new troops is what is causing cp armies to inflate in size. We need to be more aware of our actions. We need to make sure everyone has fun because this might be what they do to get away from a tough life. All im saying guys is think about what you do. If you think your doing stuff wrong, then think about how you can change that!

    I will be active because I love writing
    I have no other comments

  20. Name: Bobbhoy
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I have been blogging for 2 years
    Post: if I get accepted I will do way better!
    Why you’d be active: Because I am here to report the news and I will stay to report the news!
    Any other comments: I would just LOVE to be an author on this amazing site!

  21. Name: N05hoc (or Bartholomew)
    WordPress E-mail: (mom’s)
    Example Post:
    Purple Republic army-bomb the Light Troops?

    The Light Troops were going to fight against the Ice Warriors, 6/30/14. When the Light Troops got on server Ice Box, the Purple Republic came for revenge. The cause was the Light Troops win every battle that they fight, even against the Purple Republic. And, every time, the Purple Republic gets angry, and army-bombs the Light Troops. But, again, the Light Troops win! Victory towards the Light Troops!

    If I get accepted, I’ll make longer ones, because this is my first news story.
    Past Experience: Talk show host on DamenSpike Games HQ forum.
    Why you’d be active: Because, I love to talk about what happens in life.
    Extra: Talk Shows are not way different than News, so I think I can take on the job, and tame it.

  22. Name: Royaltylime (or RL)
    WordPress E-mail:
    Past Experience: Worked for the school newspaper,and article writer/blogger for a few websites.
    Post Name: New Soldiers Needed!
    : I am Royaltylime coming to you from CPA central, and today I will be reporting about the CP armies looking for new soldiers (recruits). With battles getting stronger and tougher so, extra soldiers are a must. My personal experiences can relate to this. I was on Club Penguin (in the snow forts) and I see a player chat about his army, and said that he needed recruits for the army. As a conclusion I would lke to say that, right now is the time to apply!

  23. Name: Pete44661
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAC, CPASS, SMAF, school newspaper
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I love to report for CPA news sites and I love telling others about what’s going on in the CPA community.
    Any other comments: Hire me. 😛

  24. Name: Cheer
    WordPress email: Not wordpress, but my reg. email: Private
    Past experience: No experience.
    Post: Is LT dying?
    Actually, no, they are not. It may seem like it, but they are not. First of all, I have been visiting there chat during battles. Here is the conversation:
    Me: Can I interview you?
    Rob: Ok.
    Me: What is the how much people are in the battle right now, online, in LT?
    Rob: Like, 35-40.
    Me: Wow. Thats alot. Thank for letting me interview you.
    Now im going to interview ACP.
    Me: Hello, I am cheer, and I am training for Cpac. Can I interview you on something?
    Alrrro: Sure.
    Me: In the past week, what’s the biggest amount of people at a battle that have been online
    Alrrro: I think 30. Around 20-30
    Me: Okay. Thank you.
    So that is proof that Light Troops are not dying. LT had more people at a battle than LT.
    Why you’d be active:Because i have nothing else to do and i like talking and typing

    • my email is

  25. 1. Toress62
    3. School newspaper puzzle maker, creator of the late CPFA
    5. I want to make an impact on the community
    6. I’m currently the Doritos 4th in command

    • Here’s my post in WP form:

  26. Name:Hermione
    WordPress Email:don’t have one
    Past experience:none
    Example Post:Is there going to be a cp party for the cpa?
    Why you’d be active:I might get kicked off of the Army
    Any other comments:Is this the right place to put it?

  27. CP name:Cutiediva8

  28. Name: Boynedmaster
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: PR Raid Leader and News Writer
    Example Post: Should PR still be considered an army?
    With all the talk in the air about Purple Republic, we are going to discuss the reasons why PR should and should not be considered an army.
    – They DO have tactics, such as E+T, E+P and their swastikas (codename Soup)
    – They’re already very well known
    – They can perfectly stage their battles through Steam’s easy system
    – They have no bias against other armies
    Reasons why not:
    – They mostly raid, more than actual battling
    – Some people believe they are bots
    – Going back to “soup”, they are very inappropriate and racist.

    What do you think? After reading these reasons about why and why not PR should be considered an army, we want YOUR opinion!
    Why you’d be active: I want to make non biased reports.
    Any other comments: Not really.

  29. Name: Boynedmaster
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: PR Raid Leader and News Writer
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I want to make non biased reports.
    Any other comments: Not really.

  30. Name:Marlow04 cp name

    Past experience:never been in a army

    Why you’d be active:iam friendly and postive

    Any other comments:Let me join and ill make a big change

  31. Name: Seat
    WordPress Email:
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I love posting in cp armies
    Any other comments: —-

  32. name: sparkles5720
    past expeirience: never told me if im in or out
    why you’d be active: it is my honor protecting club penguin
    any other comments: –

    • plz let me join its my honor

  33. name Danheartsyou

    want to join the army but i do not know how

  34. Name: Blake/Vdmman

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I am a former leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation, and I am currently a DW 5ic. I have been in Club Penguin armies for two years, and I am experienced in Club Penguin warfare.

    Example Post: NOTE: The Iw wouldn’t capitalize for some reason, so I apologize for the grammatical error there. I was using a different way of posting on wordpress. I will not have this problem if I write for CPAC, considering I’m used to the dashboard posting method.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active every single day of the week. I am 14, and I have a part time job. I only work until about 1 PM CST or 3 PM CST. I would be an avid CPAC writer, and I’ve enjoyed writing my whole life. I would definitely be active.

    Any other comments: Once again, I apologize about the “iw” grammatical error. I have tried to fix it, but it wouldn’t change. I didn’t write on the dashboard this time. Also, if you’re reading this, thank you for taking my application into consideration!

  35. Name: flipfloper
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: I work at SMAP right now but I know a lot more in major armies so it would be easer for me to write in CPAC
    •Example Post:
    •Why you’d be active: Because I am only in one army and I have lots of free time .
    •Any other comments Please give me the job

  36. Lord West


    Experience: Unfortunately, the most experience I have with writing is my posts in DCP. But I do write papers for English class pretty well.


    Activeness: I would be active because I am active in the CP Army Community. My time would be dedicated to making quality posts for the CPAC team. Also, I would also love to start building experience in case I decide to take a career toward journalism. I just hope to do a great job and help the site run even better.

    Comments: I would just like to reiterate. I would love to gain the opportunity to work here. I feel I would be an excellent edition to CPAC, and this will also help improve my writing skills as a whole. And to help me start a career toward journalism.

    • Addition* Sorry, I typed this up pretty quick last night

  37. What is wordpress is it free

  38. 1.Kavijedi
    2.Don’t have one
    3.At school doing sa’s cmq’s fk’s etc
    4.I have just retired from the Light Troops Army of CP. My years of work there amazing.Battles, my first days training. I have just retired today and i have to say those were the best CP army days of my life!
    My friends supported me. Waterkid Fred Alyssacat22 are some of the main ones. Doing the battles excites me a whole lot! Writing about them, watching them. So starting of the summer means rise of the armies. From watching Dark Warriors To the Nachos To Light Troops etc. The start of a really big war is starting Monday for the Light Troops and let me say go Light Troops best army i’ve been in!
    The exciting moments of the battles are so thrilling to watch! I have to say reporting about them will be tremendous! My favorite rival is probaly the Nachos and ACP. But I have to say go ACP. I joined the Nachos in 2012 or 13 and i hated them. Then when i retired i jump ranks. Like really i already retired from there! I left and searched for different armies. Dark Warriors etc. Then in 2014 I found the Light Troops and I really liked them. I’ve been with them for months but i’m 18 years old so i have to go college so i retired. Katty thinks RPF will get back on top this summer. I will also interview Purple slime ACP leader.
    As you know summer has helped armies rise and fall what do you think ACP will do rise or fall.
    Rise, of course.
    Most people can tell but ACP have been rising lately do you think ACP will continue to rise.
    We are going to rise, higher and higher now that summer is approaching!
    Do you think armies will thrive or fall this summer.
    Thrive, thrive of course.
    Both Katty and Purple slime think that there armies will thrive, and think that armies will thrive this summer. Do you agree with Purple slime that ACP will rise to a golden age, or is Katty right that RPF is going to bounce back from 4th place and become the best army this summer. Comment below who you think is right. Because i’m not that busy and always have free time. It would be an honor to write about the battles of the armies of Cp!

  39. Name:Jesus
    •Past experience:None
    •Example Post:i had one on swat but it got deleted
    •Why you’d be active:i would be active cause I would make post of anything that’s interesting that happening in cp armies.
    •Any other comments: nope, just hope I get hired.

  40. if I get hired I will make a lot of good post and reports for cpac to find out whats happening in cp armies.

  41. Name: gtudsd
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: none
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I have a lot of free time and enjoy to write about interesting things that have happened in the cap community
    Any other comments:

  42. Name: jewel1025
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: I was a reporter for my school’s newspaper. I had to write stories of current events such as sports events, school meetings, and fundraising events.
    Why you’d be active: I will be active because I have a very consistent mindset. When I am given the opportunity to display my talent for writing, I make it exceptional and entertaining for people to read and experience. I have a lot of free time after my homework, and I get very involved in the army community, keeping myself updated on the current events and important news.
    Any other comments: I am very privileged to have the opportunity to be able to apply for this job and if I get hired, I will promise to do my best to contribute to the army community.

  43. name: purpley 1 2
    wordpress email:
    past experience: i took a after-school class about the new events in my school.I also took a camp and one of my classes was newspaper workshop.
    why would you be active: Well really i am also a soldier in the army it would be my pleasure to tell what have gone through and my experience. i am mostly on because i talk to my fellow soldiers. I would love to put some time into working on the paper. I have only been in a couple of wars.Thank you!

  44. Name:Sir Blake
    Past experience:I own a blog and have been an author or SWAT and DW site, and made sevral posts on there.
    Example Post:
    Name: RPF rising again!

    Although RPF has had a chat break in and had a rough time recovering, RPF has had decent sizes this week and is making an astonishing comeback!

    We have interviewed Jason/Junie: and this is what he said:

    Me: How do you feel about RPF’s strong comeback?
    Jason/Junie: Well, they did reduce their inactivity. I’d congratulate RPF for enlarging their army as RPF must be noble, RPF is becoming just like other Club Penguin armies; yet again.

    Me: How do you feel about Mr waffle 45’s hard work in keeping RPF alive this past week?
    Jason/Junie: I don’t recognize and authorities Waffles has taken to improve The Rebel Penguin Federation, but make posts to praise the RPF. No offence to the affiliates of the RPF.

    Me: RPF was very close to becoming a dead army last week, what do you think about the incident?
    Jason/Junie: Well, the incident of being almost lamented must’ve caused the affiliates to be militaristic and fight for the Rebel Penguin federation

    Me: Do you have any further comments?
    Jason/Junie: Fight The Good Fight!

    We also interviewed Elitesof. We asked him the same questions, this is what he said:

    Me: How do you feel about RPF’s strong comeback?
    Elitesof: I knew RPF would, so theres really no feelings outside of more expectation.

    Me: How do you feel about Mr waffle 45’s hard work in keeping RPF alive this past week?
    Elitesof: He worked hard, I’m proud of him. He’s been showing he has the heart for leadership!

    Me: RPF was very close to becoming a dead army last week, what do you think about the incident?
    Elitesof: About RPF possibly dying? The things that needed to be fixed weren’t getting fixed. And instead they were doing stuff they thought to be effective when it wasn’t. So when I came in, I opened their eyes and now look at them!

    Me: Do you have any further comments?
    Elitesof: Nope

    Why you’d be active: Because I want to inform the public about other armies & what they are doing.
    Any other comments? I really want to be part of CPAC. 🙂

  45. 1. Tuner777
    3. I have very creative writing and I could write for very long.
    4. Name: Impressive performance from IW vs. Doritos
    Just last weekend IW challenged the Doritos of Club Penguin in the Legends Cup V. Doritos had only 10 hours notice, and IW had 160 hours notice. Despite this fact, Doritos maxed 30+ and it was a very close battle. In the end, IW had won the battle. Leadership in the Doritos showed very well, showing that Mustapha10, one of the Main Leaders, displayed swelling pride for his army. There has been lots of twists and turns but in the end IW will move on.
    5. I would be active because people deserve to know the information about armies this current day.
    6. I would love to become part of your staff.

  46. Name:Harsh
    Past experience:i have smac exp it was good

  47. Name:Bailey Storm
    •WordPress Email: rhiannaashby
    •Past experience: I wrote for the school paper.
    •Example Post: Yesterday was a battle most people won’t forget. It was the Nachos VS Dw, It was a struggle for the dark warriors, No one could get into any location because of the amount of nachos that were at this battle. The nachos were just enjoying themselves as the Dw were getting destroyed, The Nachos had many people and good tactics, while there were quite a bit of Dw with ok tactics. In the end Dark warriors claimed they were rigged but the Dw just cant handle a loss. So the Nachos won, some are happy some aren’t but it is what it is.
    •Why you’d be active: Just so people could get a good review of how the armies did in the battle and to get colpliments of my work
    •Any other comments: I am always determine and can do everything u tell me to.

  48. this is confusing

  49. Name: Badboy
    •WordPress Email: (don’t ask)
    •Past experience: SMAC Top Ten Maker (when they were good) CPAC Reporter 3 times before I got fired (im sorry blue1)
    •Example Post: I don’t have one, but I did top tens for smac in 2013 but due to their site being defaced all 2013 archives are gone.
    •Why you’d be active: Cus I enjoy cp armies and I want to report stuff cus its cool
    •Any other comments: If u hire me again blue1 I wont get fired this time (no promises tho)

  50. Dilarakurnaz
    i want to be like an agent and see how people are in club penguin

  51. Name: Buddy

    WP email:

    Past experience: I was a SMAC reporter, also did top 10s.

    Example posts: (Alittle shorter, more will be added)

    Why you’d be active: I love my job, leading armies makes me grow as a person, and im sure being a reporter for CPAC will be a new adventure.

    Any other comments: I’m the best you’ll get 😉

  52. Name: chirs
    WordPress Email: chrisdevaudreuil@yahoo/com
    Past experience: bullyed and lost friends
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: when i grow up i wanna be in the navy or swat
    Any other comments: look me up im obryan5

  53. i think that being a part of CPAC is gonna help me grow as a person and help me get my mind of things

  54. Name: 1sark
    WordPress Email: I don’t have an account but i can make a google sites blog.
    Past experience: paragraph writing

    Example Post: Welcome everyone to the fight between golds and metal
    warriors seems like the golds are winning and MW is losing.OMG someones getting out of line I can see the chat oh its a mod. Now its
    1-2 MW is losing too much. Oh its 6-5 now wait the golds got Mw by 1 point now its 6-7 oh god they are losing losing they lost

    Why you’d be active: cause cp is my thing
    Any other comments: none

  55. •Name: Devin
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: writing stories
    •Example Post: Hey guys, the dark warriors are still racing at the top ten while the light troops got down from 2nd to 9th keep up the great work
    •Why you’d be active: im always on my laptop
    •Any other comments do we have a chat?

  56. Name: Galaxie3
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: CPAC (you hired a 10 yearold), SMAC (you hired a 9 yeard old), and now you’ll hire a 13 year old.
    Example Post: The moans ye mum makes in bed.
    Why you’d be active: Cause if I do ye mom every night I got time to write some article.
    Any other comment: ye mom sucks it good.

  57. Name: The name you best go by. This can be your Club Penguin or Xat name.Legend Saco
    WordPress email: If you don’t have a WordPress account, you likely don’t have enough experience to be working
    Past experience: Write about any experience you have writing / my first time reporting, in real life, or in Club Penguin Armies. Writing about media positions you have held will help.starting a army
    Post: Write a post, approximately 400 words, about a recent event in Club Penguin Armies, such as a battle or other event (like a leader retiring or a declaration of war). Try to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you feel like pictures could be added to your post, add links to them (be sure to include captions!). Of course, use your best spelling and grammar.i know
    Why you’d be active: Write a paragraph simply about why you have the mindset to be an active reporter and what you’ll do to stay active. We want to know what it is about you that says you’ll be a hard working member of this site.yep
    Any other comments: Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to say regarding your Reporter Application.

  58. Name:Mico

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I was author on Light troops blog! I have experience in posting, editing… I know how to use dashboard and other things! I have experience in editing HTML posts!

    Example Post:
    Dark warriors just delcared war on DCP! DW leading in war! Result is DW 4-0 DCP… That is gonna be really good and big CP war! Also Ice Warriors declared war on Rebel Penguin foundation! This is gonna be really good war! I think Ice Warriors will win war against RPF! But, who knows! Maybe will RPF win!

    Why you’d be active:I will be active because I love to report things! I will post at least once at week! I am really active, I will post example when army get new leader, leader get demoted… etc.

    Any other comments: No other comments!

  59. Name: Chaos/Chaosclaw
    WordPress Email: I have a WordPress, but I forgot the e-mail. I do have a Blogger, though. I am experienced with both sites. My blogger is my personal e-mail, though.
    Past experience: ^^ I have one WordPress blog and multiple Blogger ones
    Example Post: Hello warriors!
    RPF had declared a truce between DW! This is quite amazing, but that doesn’t mean they should give RPF their full trust. They’ve gotten into a affair where one of the warriors has been caught between both armies. Will he choose Dark Warriors or Rebel Penguin Federation? Only time shall tell.
    That’s all for now, warriors!
    Why you’d be active: I haven’t been blogging in quite a bit, it’s a brilliant opportunity for getting into blogging again!
    Any other comments: If you do want to contact me through my dA via note, it’s Chaosclaw-Kitty

    • Also, please, I don’t need payment c:
      It’ll be fun for me, as well as a hobby!

  60. Name:Starburst

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: SMAP reporter

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active:Yes

    Any other comments:No

  61. Name: Llywelyn

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: I have been posting on teutons wordpress

    Post: Klondike, Today we had a fierce battle of the Teutons and the legendary Nachos they were both clashing with teutons in the lead at first then suddenly nachos were fighting back and they came with many troops and great tactics and both chats had many people on but
    as many people know only one army can win and that army was nachos but teutons werent far behind, teutons still has a chance to stay in but they both did very well.

    Why you’d be active: i would be active because CPAC is a very good interesting news source i would be so proud thats why i would post.

    Any other comments: No i dont have any other comments that i can think of.

  62. Name: Jon

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I worked for an online pokemon blog as an administrator for a year. I returned to wordpress after a 2 year hiatus due to CP Armies and made posts for the Light Troops. Most of my posts can be found on Teutons.

    Example Post: As we all know, we lost a really close battle to the Nachos today. This is pretty heartbreaking, because we had a really good chance of winning against them. But this is not the time to give up. We have two more battles and if we manage to defeat both Ice Warriors and Striking Raiders, we advance to the quarters.

    I know winning against IW seems really hard. But trust me, it is possible. I’ll be adding some new recruiting lines soon and we all need to recruit as much as possible before the battles.

    Owners must recruit for at least 6 hours each day.

    Moderators must recruit for at least 3-4 hours each day.

    Members should recruit for 1 hour if they want to win.

    If non-retired staff do not follow the recruiting limits, then they will be demoted.

    Also, we’ve hired too many owners in the army who are not worthy of the position and are army hoppers. We need loyal troops who will stay with us at all times. I will be keeping a watch on all the owners and moderators with this week and those who do not attend the battle against Ice Warriors or are afk, will lose their position.

    Now I want to clear something about promotions, since a lot of noobs are requesting an increase in ranking: Positions from 5ic onwards do not get a rank up on promotion events. It’s only for lower ranked moderators and members.

    I’m serious about this: Everyone, regardless of timezone, MUST attend the battle against IW, which is in 3 weeks. And AUSIA members, remember to drink 2-3 cups of coffee. The caffeine will keep you awake. Anyone who doesn’t attend the battle without a legitimate reason will be demoted.


    Why you’d be active: Battles aren’t always going on. In my free time, I’d like to update this blog with latest information and interview people. That’s the reason I’ll be active in here.

    Any other comments: None

  63. 1. Club Penguin Username and Email?
    Zing King To and

    2. Experience in Club Penguin news sites?
    I’ve done several editorials and also some reports with funny twists on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central. I’ve also worked for SMAC. Furthermore, I was an author on both RPF’s blog and Nacho’s blog and would post news for both of them and more
    3. Example Post?
    *Post from July 2014

    Army of Club Penguin Surrender To The Nacho Army In A Practice Battle

    Blizzard — Nacho Army Capital: The Nacho Army and The Army of Club Penguin recently faced off against one another in a practice battle that saw the ACP log off early – securing a Nacho Army victory.
    After a slight fall in the Top 10, the Nacho Army appear to be making a come back and returning to the battle for the number one spot. The Nacho Army managed to get 15 troops online against a very close 13 from ACP.

    The practice battle which took place on ACP’s capital, Breeze, saw the Nacho Army start in the Snow Forts with the ACP positioned in the Town. The ACP made the first move advancing on the Nacho Army in the Snow Forts although the Nacho Army managed to hold them back with a J bomb.
    Nacho Army hits the J Bomb on ACP

    The Nacho Army reportedly were victims of a lag and losing connection several times. The ACP also had troops stating they were losing connection. The Nacho Army and ACP were ready to move rooms. The Nacho Army were first to move to the Ice Berg. The ACP then announced they were logging off early due to the lag that managed to plague the event for both sides.

    Throughout the battle, both ACP and Nachos fought with heart and bravery. They tried their best to overcome the lag and loss of connection with an outstanding performance by both sides in regard to formations and how they responded to each others tactics.
    Nacho Army use “E7″ as ACP starts a “E3″ bomb

    The Nacho Army hopes to use this practice battle to their advantage in getting higher in this weeks Top 10 although ACP aren’t worrying about this one event. Nachos and ACP currently have a second practice battle scheduled for the 24th July 2014.

    So, how do you think both armies performed during the battle? Do you think that ACP would have won if they didn’t log off early? Comment with your thoughts below!

    – Zing King To

    I would be active as I have 24/7 access to the computer and the Internet. Furthermore, I know I’d be reporting on War Battles and also Practice Battles and since there are several of them – all I’d have to do is find one time zone that I can work with. I can also work during UK, AUS and US times.

    I’m currently also failing Maths so I’ll probs drop out of school soon and that will give me more time to post.

    This is something that I really want so I hope I’ll be allowed to develop my skills as a writer here on Club Penguin Army Central.

  64. Name: Jason17125/Junie17125 (people refer to me as Jason) Club Penguin username is Junie17125
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I am a former leader of Fire Spartans, I am an Editor of the Rebel Penguin Federation, and I’m Admin of several websites.
    Example Post: (The front page is a post/page written)
    Why you’d be active:
    I’d like to participate in making posts due to being interested in reading them. The days I can be active is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday on certain times.
    Any other comments:
    From Monday to Friday, I have school; my school ends at 3:54. I get picked up or walk home and have to eat. 5:00-8:00 PM are the times I can get on. On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll leave every Saturday and Sunday for somewhere in 1:15 to 3:30. After returning, I have to eat like school.

  65. Name:Starburst

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: SMAP reporter

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active:Yes

    Any other comments:It was my dream to work in CPAC (GOO)

  66. Name: Galaxie
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: CPAC, SMAC, CPAE
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I’m in 8th grade. I have time.
    Any other comments: I would be more on the philosophical end but if CPAC wishes that I would stick to reporting I would do so.

  67. Name: Crysthalia

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I have had no past experience, however I have made a few DWNC posts for the Dark Warriors website. You may be skeptical on my contributions due to my lack of experience, however if needed, I am alright with slowly gaining a position at CPAC. I believe that a position here would inspire me to create better posts, and also give me a proper experience that I can use later in life

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I am quite young, so i have a lot of free time on my hands. I go army chats everyday and although this has nothing to do with CPAC, have only missed 3 events out of 60+ in a 2 month period which shows that I am extremely active. If I got a position here I would make 2-3 posts per week and make sure that CPAC lives up to its name of being the “Number One CPAC News Website” and make sure I post everything as soon as it happens.

    Any other comments: Thank you for reading my application, I guess. If you need another example post or would like me to make another one, you can either find me on the Dark Warriors xat chat or send me an email!

  68. I just posted an application but it isn’t showing on the comments section?

  69. name:luky4447
    can’t find one
    why you’d be active s im in 8 grade
    i would like to be author if can

  70. Name: Epic-master (CP IGN) Redster1060
    I used to be In Smart penguins and i did a couple of posts there,
    Why You’d Be active: I’d be active because I Have alot of spare time on my hands so i think I’d be perfect for the job!
    Tactic Practice 21/10/2013
    OCTOBER 21, 2013
    Hey guys its £ρι¢_мαѕтєя

    We did Great Today in our Tactic Practice Hosted by Me, Here are the Pics of the Event!

    We Had A BIG Sized Chat today Heres a Pic of it!

    Well done Troops This is why were Top 15 In CPAC, We will be Top 10 Or Top 5 Some day!

    Keep Up the good work ~ℓєα∂єя £ρι¢_мαѕтєя

    Thanks For reading

  71. Name:coldyicy18
    Past experience:Hello Sir/Ma’am. Im coldyicy18, signing up for a position of an author here. I have experienced writing posts on Dark Warriors Army. (Until now though but I can multi-task) I have posted about all of the battles and tips on how to grow this army once and for all.
    Post:-LOL! DCP is losing again
    As you can see guys,DCP is failing once and for all. We must not let our guard down though! Lets keep up the good work. I have noticed that Dark Warriors is getting much stronger! SO lets give it a go guys! 🙂
    Why you’d be active:Its because Writing of posts became my passion when I first joined at my school a sentence. My Sentence was so good they posted it on our School Newspaper. So I became a new leader of the communal practicing of our sentences and make sure my comrades would never lose!
    Any other comments:Sir/Ma’am, I would like you to get me as your reporter as I,coldyicy18 humbly serve your site. I hope you choose me as one of your reporters.

  72. Name: legendsaco
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience:i have my own army central website
    Why you’d be active:Beacasue i always loved making post that people see.I like peopel to know who i am.Thats why i am active!
    Any other comments:I LOVE CPAC

  73. Name-Alex WordPress Past Experience-Not much,the most I have done was make posts in the DWNC (Dark Warriors News Central) Post- Why you would be active-Because I have never been a reporter in army blogs besides the DWNC,and CPAC seems interesting.

  74. Name: Florence_Ramble
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SWAT
    Example Post:……
    Why you’d be active: Yes
    Any other comments: I hope to be a better worker if you accept me, and I am very active.

  75. Name: ๖̶ۣۣۜۜζ͜͡ѕυρєяѕтaя (Superstar)

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I’ve been around multiple armies, posting screenshots to help make posts.

    Example Post:
    Hello, everyone!
    as you may have heard, a DCP leader has retired.
    Mustapha10, to be exact.
    The troop who brought the Doritos of Club Penguin to it’s golden age has just recently become a advisor. For some, this may be great. For others…
    Even though Mustapha has been through a lot of hate and traitors, he kept going until The Doritos of Club Penguin made it to #1 on the most powerful armies.
    That’s amazing!
    His retirement occurred as of September 23, 2014.
    Of course, this may or may not be temporary.
    Well, at the most, I wish that Mustapha will have a happy future, and that DCP can stay to the top, and not go downhill.

    Why you’d be active: I’ve retired from armies, and I have way too much spare time on my hands.

    Any other comments: I hope I’ll make it in, as I’ve always dreamed of being a reporter. :3 It’s okay if I can’t get in, though.


    • Sorry, when I posted this, a large chunk of my example post got deleted ;-;
      So I’m re-doing it now.

      Hello, everyone!
      As you may or may not have heard, current DCP leader Mustapha10 has resigned as a advisor. Though he has not officially retired, he has been considering it as of September 23, 2014. And knows that his retirement is arriving.

      He has led the Doritos Of Club Penguin to the golden age, when they became #1 in the top ten armies. He’s made the DCP rein superior to other armies, even when the DCP were young. They’ve fallen back from the first place position the top ten, but they’re still strong as ever. Let’s hope that this amazing leader can still support DCP to the fullest extent.

      I, myself, have been in the DCP since it’s beginning. And I’ve seen the wonders that Mustapha10 has done for the Doritos Of Club Penguin.
      Winning the battles against the evil forces, helping to build up The DCP…

      Let’s just think about the great battles Mustapha10 has participated in.
      -The great war against the Dark warriors.
      -Defeating the Nachos almost every time
      -Declaring DCP’s servers and territories back.
      …and much more.

      Mustapha10 has enlighted us all (most likely, I don’t know ’bout you) with his awesomeness, and I hope he will stay with us all. And now, let us take a moment to appreciate what Mustapha10 has done.
      Let the majestic Mustacorn frolic. 🙂


  76. Name: gobbyswag
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: i fucked ur bitch bout a week agoooooo
    Example Post:

    UPDATE: gobby fuked ur mum
    UPDATE: butthole belongs to b1
    brady licks dirty hairy butthole
    Why you’d be active: bc i dont have a social life
    Any other comments: i have touched ur mother many times

  77. Name: Frozen Zuke
    Wordpress email:
    my past exp: army exp here>
    i also had my own news site with golds leader ant it was called cpao-cp army office,
    im really active,
    Ave cpac,
    I have a current problem that I and possibly yourselves are facing. This problem works with the auto-typing ending post. Cp is catching up on CP army’s, Not only blocking army names or words from being said, but ban you from saying them. Cp will even ban people that say these words even tho they are not in CPA.
    Not only if you say these words but if you dress up in uniform to! They banned myself on big servers and empty servers. So if you get in the army group for an event of practice event you can get banned. Thinking if we use the big servers to get people to dance with us to get them to join is counted as “recruiting”.
    So you get banned for dressing up,saying words that people might say a lot, and also getting IP banned. As myself I have exp all of these problems. The IP ban is when CP bans you for a long period of time and you cant make penguins and they ban all of your penguins. Needing a recruiting penguin and a penguin you would have to ask someone trustful to make one for you.
    I Hope This Was Trustful

  78. Name:Justinfortsa
    Past experience:nachos 4ic
    Example Post:….
    Why you’d be active:
    Any other comments:I LOVE CPAC 😀

  79. Name: Dwain
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: SWAT Leader, Nachos 4ic, MCP Leader, Elites Leader, Ninjas 2ic, IW 6ic, DCP 2ic, ST Leader, UMA 2ic (Leader at one stage), Pirates 3ic, Golds 2ic, DW 3ic, GT 2ic, CPST 3ic, GW 3ic, Reds 2ic, RPF 3ic,
    Example Post: (A different version of Bad’s post) S.WA.T Headquarters: Recently, a myriad of events have emanated. An account registered as the creator of the Red S.W.A.T, Godplayer123 and proven unveiled onto S.W.A.T site the morning after the deface by Step and his Underground Mafias Co., and had stated that he had checked his emails of his memories of Club Penguin, and found a lot of elevation surrounding his army and Ganger 90’s “rummaging” of leadership’s. He believed it was unethical and quickly suggested his intent, which was to relieve Ganger from S.W.A.T and shut them down. He had also gained ultimatum access to the site, and removed everyone else but himself.
    With the significant change of events, and within a questionable amount of time, it was time I “rummaged” around looking for answers. I quickly unraveled the fact that Jerry was the previous owner of the site and had transferred the whole site to Godplayer123. Within a further few questions, I began asking U.M.A and in particular, Eyes, who is well known for being one of the most intellectual members of this community.
    It also didn’t take long to discover that he had the honors of exploiting into Godplayer’s and Jerry’s word-press accounts and play around for a little while. It also didn’t go unnoticed by myself that Ganger knew about this aswell. In a recent turn around of events, after Ganger thought he was “controlling S.W.A.T’s situation” by hiring some highly experienced leaders, S.W.A.T have now hired a former Golds moderator as leader in an attempt to usher the army back into the Top Ten after Step Ups deface. The otherwise prominent Ganger will remain as Godfather and look upon to the next generation of S.W.A.T owner staff.
    Why you’d be active: I am in a few armies of present anyway and it would be an interesting pastime for me.
    Any other comments: N/A

  80. Name: Magicnoodles
    Wordpress Email:
    Past Experiences: Dark Warriors 3IC
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I get my homework done quickly and I am an active owner in the Dark Warriors
    Any other comments: None

  81. Name:
    My Xat Name: SnowyWilderness
    My Club Penguin Name: Jimmy James2

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: I have written lots of stories. I also run multiple newspapers, and they are all very popular.

    Post: Disney’s Cracking Down on Club Penguin Armies
    Disney believes that Club Penguin Armies are bad, so they are cracking down! They have made stronger filters so it is nearly impossible to recruit, forcing recruiters to advertise their army in Xat chats and CPPSes. However, this is also hard for these reasons:
    1. Lots of Xat chats and their members ignore and despise army advertisements.
    2. Army chats on Xat disallow advertising of any other army on their chat.
    3. Penguin Lodge does not allow advertising.
    4. Lots of CPPS users on certain CPPSes are stubborn teens, so they cause trouble when you advertise.

    Many army members are wondering if Disney will succeed in ending armies forever. However, there is a couple solutions. I have found a CPPS that would be good for Club Penguin Armies. There are not a lot of stubborn teens, because not a lot of people are on it. So, this allows Club Penguin Armies to take over. This CPPS is called Club Penguin Plus. The link to it is below.

    This change doesn’t have to be permanent. I am planning to start a CPPS dedicated to armies. This CPPS will also force users to follow rules, and solve lots of army problems. Long live Club Penguin Armies!

    Why you’d be active: I enjoy being a journalist, and I have plenty of free time. I will do my best to be a great reporter at CPAC.

    • I don’t think we will be moving from CP, to CPPS. And btw this is comment section is for applications, not advertising.

  82. Name: Crysthalia

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I have worked at SMAP for just under one month, and have had an awesome time there (and I continue to). I have made about 4 posts there so far (with a 5th and 6th underway) and have my own weekly post called “War Reviews”. You may be skeptical on my contributions due to me being quite new to the CPAWM, however if needed, I am alright with slowly gaining a position at CPAC. I believe that a position here would inspire me to create better posts, and also give me a proper experience that I can use later in life. I’m also the DCP 3ic, and have been former HSA Ausia Leader and DW 4ic.

    Example Posts:

    Why you’d be active: I am quite young, so i have a lot of free time on my hands. If I got a position here I would make 2-3 posts per week and make sure that CPAC lives up to its name of being the “Number One CPAC News Website” and make sure I post everything as soon as it happens.

    Any other comments: Thank you for reading my application, I guess. If you need another example post or would like me to make another one, you can either find me on the DCP xat chat or send me an email!

  83. Name: Piggy
    Wordpress Email: (my brother made the gmail)
    Past Experience: I have been in SMAP and I make awesome posts
    Example Posts:
    Aand 3 news digests in SMAP.
    Why You’d Be Active: I’m young and im not really busy always.
    Another Comments: HOPE I GET ACCEPTED!

  84. Name Zom1606

    WordPress Email

    past experience I have only done army posts but I am experienced to become a news reporter

    Example Post

    why would I be active I get up early in the morning I am young i have time in my hands i have been active to my armies that i have been in if i got this job i wouldnt mess up I would be active anytime you would need me

    Any comments No further comments thank you for reading my application

  85. sorry this is the right post

  86. the posts wont work so here it is Greetings Teutons troops

    As we head into another week of wars, we seize that , a well-known army Light Troops , had just recently

    declared war on Teutons. Teutons ranked 8th on cpac with Light Troops ranked 5th Light Troops have recently been caught using bots. These two big armies will finally battle each other on Wednesday 29th October 8pm Gmt. Teutons coming fresh of a victory over the Light Green Army while Light Troops they raided the Ice Warriors army. Earthing and Waterkid100 have recently been sending each other posts addressed to Teutons and Light Troops. I recently interviewed Flame an owner at Teutons I asked him how does he feels about Light Troops declaring war on Teutons He said Light Troops is mostly made of mostly rebound RPF troops or old Light Troops troops He is not really worried. I also sat down with Harsh Ausia leader at Teutons I also asked him the same question how does he feel about Light Troops declaring war on Teutons He said He feels that Light Troops are declaring war on the wrong Army because Teutons are the best. We will find out who is the better army between these two rivalries will it be Teutons Army of Cp or will it be Light Troops Army of Cp when both of these armies go head to head on Wednesday. Here are some Pictures of Teutons and Light Troops last meetings in the Halloween Bash.

    Both Armies will be looking for victories to move up the cpac table Teutons will be looking to reclaim there spot in cpac they were 5th on cpac but now the Teutons army is 8th Waterkid100 will be looking to defeat Earthing and the Teutons. But the Teutons side will not quit without a fight so you can see Light Troops declared war on Teutons because of Troops and servers. Light Troops also wanted to Troops because it was their first time ahead of Teutons on CPA Central Top Ten in a few months and they would like to keep it that way. This is a hard battle to call which way it will go

    So, what do YOU think about this war? Do you think the Teutons will win? Do you think the Light Troops will win? Will this war be a tie? Comment on YOUR thoughts to let us know how you feel! thank you for reading my post


  87. Djkb1/Bjkb1

    • Oh and I’d be active because I have more free time now.

  88. Name: Ayush
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I was the former 2ic of RPF . And I was also an author on the site . My posts were interesting and I typed in a moderate level of english .
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I like to post good posts on the site and I like to work hard cause I will be getting payments for it too .
    Any other comments:

  89. Name: Kwi3

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: Former CPAC Reporter – Current SMAP Pressman

    Example Post:
    (I’ll give you the ones I posted in SMAP, instead.)

    Why you’d be active: Well, I’m currently active in SMAP, so I don’t see why not to be active in CPAC.

    Any other comments:
    Glad to come back. I kinda miss Zaksters Rage 🙂

  90. i think i will join

  91. Name:Liraxus
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPPA & DW (still in DW)
    Post: (WordPress/Full version) Hello, I am Liraxus and I have my first report of the week!

    On November the sixth 2014, Freezie66 of The Dark Warriors has announced his final retirement on the forums/website of DW.

    He made the post titled, “I Did It My Way” and announced the news of his retirement. His opening words were…”Hello Dark -Warriors, Before you say, “omg he’s retiring again” I really had no choice in this.” This may confuse some people on how he had no choice but he made the statement that it is FINAL. Before the readers could think, “Oh this is just a bluff! He’ll come back! He has done this like five times before!” of which Freezie stated he had posted around five retirement posts in the past. He then said “Since early Spring, I lost a lot of interest in CP armies and have begun doing a lot more things.” This proves that he had been continuously losing interest in armies and he decided to do more things in the real world. This statement can be backed up as his inactivity had increased at an alarming rate between April and September 2014 and was on Xat for approximately 5 times between those time periods. He then stated, “There is also a big problem behind the scenes in DW which I’m sure you’re all aware of, so it was either this or coup.”

    As many know Freezie was in DW for a long time and had retired many times due to conspiracies and doubts. He came back every time. He had lots of bad notes which caused his retirement many times before. This final retirement has saddened many people. We then learned he only came back to do one thing, win the tournament. He completed this task after so long and fulfilled he goals. He had done everything you could do in a CP army and was respected by some people and hated by the others. He said “I am now almost 16 years old, and there is no way I plan on continue even coming on Xat once January 19th hits. Life at the moment is pretty hard for me, and there is also some other reasons. I am also going to be moving and enrolling in a new school, so I will need to meet new friends and socialize. Leading DW takes up time to do these things.” He put a lot of emotion into DW and cared for it until he brought DW back on number 1 or top three. He fixed it and DW will need to heal from its loss. All must respect Freezie for his unwavering loyalty over the years and how he lead DW into glory again and put them back into the big leagues. No matter what most people say Freezie played a huge part in DWs climb back to the top.

    In the conclusion of his retirement post he posted goodbyes to all of his noteworthy friends/frenemies and posted a youtube video. The videos contents are chapters of his past excluding 2014. (Old retirement video)

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I have a lot of spare time on my hands until my exams come along then I will have to study but I will remain active as best as I can. I promise you as a perfectionist I will remain active.
    Any other comments: Well thanks for reading, see you next time.

  92. Name: Darkmanslair
    Wordpress email:
    Experiences: TombStones (my army) And Dark Warriors (Still in DW)
    Post type: CPAC News/Reporter

    My top story

    I am Darkmanslair Call me Dark or Darkmans and before we get on with our Top Story I am gonna tell You guys a little bit about myself
    I been to at least 5 armies Golden Troops, Ice Warriors,Club Penguin army, Nachos, and Rebel Penguin Federation Temperally
    I quit those 5 armies and moved on to make a army TombStones of CP
    and stayed in my home army Dark Warriors and so far I will be ur host
    For CPAC News there will be a update at least every week or day so
    stay tune if you guys wanna see what is goin on with DW And TS

    Ok so we move on to the News. The top story is today I have Seen alot goin on between LT and DW they trashtalk alot And today I was
    hanging in the DW chat group (btw here is the link and LT was pretty much Spying on us we banned alot of LT members and for some reason “___” Slayers were barging in we soon figured out that they were bots witch we banned 21 Slayers and counter this I was joking around saying “IT IS A SLAYER APPOCALYSP!!! RUN!!!” Oviously nobody took that funny and stared blankly (now I am just changing the subject) Remember Armies Ban Slayers and Spys cause they are up to NOTHING good

    Our second story (oh ya forgot to mention we will do 3 stories a day/week) LT is pathedic they litterally had small sized/outnumbered and hid in there igloo after their surrender to DW, LT the cowards came back 10 minutes later and had a really huge army oviously DW won WaterKid a LT leader claims LT has Crushed and Destroyed DW
    Witch was not true they ran from us! why would they won!? We now interview a DW leader ToySoldure and see what he thinks

    Me: Do you think DW won since LT hid in their igloos? They did surrender.

    Toy: No! they did not win!

    Me: I actually agree with that. now do you agree LT are cowards and scammers?

    Toy: I do agree!

    Me: Do you have something Insulting to say about LT?

    Toy:No just if they wanna declare war they will get crushed

    Me: I agree thx for being with us

    Toy: No Problem

    Toy knows leadership Lots of it like gorge washington, one of the greatest leaders of all time and that is all for that story

    ok now story 3, Beware of enemy Spys
    That is right enemies are now and officially sending in SPYS! Here is how you can tell a spy is at ur Chat

    1) Mostly spys have a period for there name on Xat ban them if you see that

    2) if you have a Fexbot or Another Moderator member somebody and they don’t talk for at least 10 minutes BAN THE PERSON YOU’RE BEING STALKED!!!

    3) Spys will at least stand there try saying hi to the the *ahem* Recrute and if he does not answer YOU’RE BEING STALKED! ban the person between 3 hours and forever the reason being is because Spys don’t answer to anything u say!!

    If you live in the U.S.A or any other State that has Appsolute NO Stalking aloud and you are stalking the Internet security will send
    a report to 911/Police and the internet security finds ur location/address,ur in the cop car in 15 minutes or less

    well that is today’s story and CPAC News will cya next time


  93. my comment above for the wordpress email is not correct it is now

  94. Hi CPA,

    I’m not exactly applying for a job as a writer, but I don’t see any place to personally contact your CEOs, so I’m making do and slapping (sorry for a rather aggressive adjective, I’m making this pretty quick) it down for you guys.

    I’m a pretty chill girl (yes, there is a boy penguin in my picture, I know) and I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop for a while now. Just recently I went back to Club Penguin again after a few years of total inactivity, and I’ve really gotten the hang of it again. I’m looking to do some more design to help exercise my skills and just help other people as well.

    So, in short, I would be glad to help you with graphics and more. If you’d like to hear more, just contact me on Skype (I usually don’t call, it’s just one of my favorite social networking platforms) or email.

    SKYPE: lalna321

    If you do contact me, I have a lot to show you other than graphics as I also have a LOOONG background involving moderating Minecraft servers and forums for over a year…but that’s for another post.

    (TL;DR – i help u n0 munny)

    Sorry for the rather informal and sudden post! Apologies for any noticeable grammatical mistakes.

    Warm regards,


  95. Name:Bulletproof_love86
    Past experience:I wrote a newspaper at my school called the Charger Harold.
    Example Post:Drakes Retirement is over
    LIVE FROM FROSTY (DW HEADQUARTERS) Hi im your newest CPAC Reporter Bulletproof_love86 but you guys can call me BPL86.Since the coup of one of the Dark Warriors former leader Badboy and the demotion of the second Dark Warriors leader Pufpuf103 there’s been huge changes in the Dark warriors army.Former leader Drake has come back from retirement and is now trying to get the Dark warriors back to normal situations.One night I actually caught up to Drake to interview him on how the current state of the Dark warriors army.(See pics below) Ever since he came back the Dark Warriors have been Maxing sizes of 35+ and averaging sizes of 30+.On November 14, 2014 Dark Warriors Legend and Site Owner Xiunknown had selected new leadership statuses and picked Drake to become leader once again with Pufpuf103,Spi ,Voyo and Toysoldier. Xiunknown stated that he compromised the leadership because of what Toysoldier did two weeks ago made all the troops mad and quit the Dark warriors. Heres some background Information for new Club Penguin Army troops, Drake joined around 6-7 months ago with other leaders and was consistent under his command and other leaders during that time.He soon had to retire two months ago because his troops and himself were being “Targeted” and RATed and DDOSing that was causing his army to fall so he retired.In his interview Drake said: “The DDSoing and RATed stopped when I left the Dark Warriors.” The Dark Warriors have been regaining new recruits and been having awesome events ever since Toysoldier and Drake have come back from retirement. I asked Drake if he was glad to out of retirement and he said: “It’s better me than Elmikey.” and when I asked him if how he was going to impact this years events, Drake explained “Dw has been known to be consistent under myself and other leaders. (Freezie admitted that.) Once thing are running to the norm. again, We’ll expect a large influx in sizes.”I knew he was probably busy so I very quickly asked him a burning question: Are Dark Warriors in a war with The Light Troops? This is what he had to say: “Not that im aware of, no.” So with Drake out of retirement, Are the Dark Warriors going to win the number 1# spot on the CPPA Top Ten? Is Badboy ever going to come back to the Dark Warriors or is he forever banished?We will find out next time. Peace out Girl Scouts!


    Why you’d be active:I love to write for everyone. I think everyone has a right to their opinion so I write about everyone’s opinion in my own little way.
    Any other comments: Im also in this club called true colors which is based on everyones diversity and language. I might not be able to post everyday but I will post about 2-3 times a week.

  96. Name: Crazy tow
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Worked for SMAC about a year ago.
    Example Post: Lost in the roll back of SMAC
    Why you’d be active: I’ve got nothing better to do.
    Any other comments: If u want to do a writing thing, just send me a subject to write about and I’ll do it.


  98. Name: St Ransor

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: None

    Example Post: Don’t have one

    Why you’d be active: I will be a good author. I have a site so I’d be active.

    Any other comments: No

  99. Name:Atticus946
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP Editor in Chief
    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because a passion of mine is writing. When I first joined armies in 2010 I always wished I could become a excellent writer like all these reporters were. Beside being in SMAP Ive always wanted to join CPAC. I hope you consider me!

    Any other comments:No

  100. name haroonniaz12
    wp haroonniaz12
    past experince works in dwnc

  101. Name: Ally75325
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: Well I don’t remember my experience because I had amnesia.But I worked somewhere in 2002

    •Example Post: Some 3ic in Nachos declared war on cpanarchists.Someone got in an argument with them and declared war.Pretty bad.I think if one of them loses.Something happens.

    •Why you’d be active:I will be active so I can get scoops of people and war declaring.I will be active 6-8 am,3-8 pm
    •Any other comments:not really but I try my best in stuff like this

  102. Name:Ally75325
    •Past experience:Had Amnesia so I don’t know my experiece
    •Example Post Last Night,someone in Nachos declared war with cpanarchists.I don’t know what happened but they got in a fight and I headrd what the cpanarchists said they said “Some stupid 3ic declare war”.I think.Thats all I heard.But stay tune.

    •Why you’d be active: so I can get real scoops and stuff I am 18 by the way.If im not active.HOW WILL GET GET SCOOPS!
    •Any other comments:no but I try my best on stuff and I keep my promises to people.I never let me people down and I never say no to my boss when he needs me to do something

    P.S Hope you add me Bye.

  103. Name: Crazytow

    Past Experience: I worked at SMAC.

    Example Post: As you look into the dark, damp, filthy alley way you will see two men in a fist fight. One is wearing tattered green pants and a white shirt -soaked in blood- half ripped off. The man stands tall at 6 ft 10 , hunched over, and both fists in the air, getting ready to strike. His name is Robin.
    The other man a few inches smaller than Robin. His clothes tainted with much of his own blood, you can hardly tell what color his clothes are, three teeth missing, face starting to swell, spitting out blood every few seconds, body covered in scars, you can tell he has been in many fights but one thing for sure is that this was the worst fight of his career. He took another jab to his abdomen. He yelled out in pain, no longer being able to hide his emotions. The tears starting coming down his face like running water. Until he drops to his knees and finally blurts out, “Enough!! Stop please!!! May ye spare mercy upon my soul! Don’t ye bloody see that ti-” You hear the clash between Robins foot against his face. The body falls to the floor with a loud thump, motionless, all the emotions gone from his face, the emotions soaked away with the blood.
    Robin looked at the body. You could see a grin creep across his face. The feeling of triumph rushed through his body, the feeling of accomplishment satisfied his thirst for blood that night. Starting to leave the alley, he stopped dead in his tracks and turned towards the body then said quietly, “So easy.” He smirked, then left the alley. Tomorrow the officials will find the body lifeless and colorless, as if his soul had been ducked out of him. The body had more wounds than the night before, it had teeth marks around it’s arms and torso, as though a beast had viciously attacked the body; or so it seemed.

    Robin walked into the the food store, it’s walls were filled with fresh food, as clean as the eye can see. The store owner was at the front desk, his name was Erethal, he wore brown trousers and a green and white vest (the most cleanest clothes you will ever see). The man’s face as soft as the softest carpet, his face as round as an apple, the man over is over weight. He was cleaning the counters until he heard the door open. He was astonished when looked up to see who had entered the door. Robin…

    Robin walked in the door with both of his hands on his pants waist, the man’s astonishment brought a small smile to the his face. “Why hello there Erethal, your late on your payment, why is that? ” A grin came to his face as he picked up a glass whiskey bottle next to him.
    ” W w wh why hello Mr. Robin.” The man sniffled, he took out his hanker chief and blew his nose.” Sorry Robin I I don’t have the Arunes at the moment, but I will have it next week.” He looked as if he was going to have a childish meltdown.
    ” How disappointing, I expected better from ye. Ye should have gotten the money.” said Robin coldly. Robin smashed the end of the bottle against the counter, ” How much do ye think your life is worth?” He cut the tip of his middle finger and sucked the blood. “Ah, refreshing.”
    “I’ll give ye anything! Just don’t take me life, what will me wife say to me son?” He cried.
    Robin turned to walk out the door and stood at a halt and quietly said “Fine I’ll give ye one more-.” Robin turned and threw the bottle at the man’s face.
    ” Arghhhhhhh! ” He yelled out in shock.
    Robin sprinted at him the second he threw the bottle. As soon as Robin came close enough, he grabbed the man’s head and threw his head against the table. He picked the man up with both hands and threw him out the store front window. Robin jumped over the window sill. He kneeled by the man’s face and whispered, “one month.”

    Those were two different stories

    Why’d u be active: Because I’m active in the armies, and I want to be able to share knowledge with the rest of CP.

    Any other comments? No

  104. The tension between the Light Troops(LT) and Army of Club Penguin(ACP) has been rising over the past while. LT has been raiding ACP’s servers over the past weeks only to make the tension between ACP rise. Some people say that LT is asking for war, only LT’s leaders know the truth. Earlier this week LT had come to raid ACP server Breeze but as LT marched through the map little did they know that ACP was there watching and waiting for them. LT was out numbered, three minutes before the battle ended LT logged off.
    After that battle I thought the community might want to know what is happening between the two armies. Here you will see what T.O.T, the Light General had to say.
    Hello T.O.T, how have you been?
    Please tell me, has there been any talks between leaders about starting war with ACP?
    No, not yet.
    What do you think is ACPs weakest part?
    The lack of dinosaurs, if they had more dino’s they’d be stronger.
    If ACP and LT do have a war, who will win?
    Most likely the T-Rex.
    Is the T-Rex owned by LT?
    Nobody owns the T-Rex?
    If you could tame the T-Rex, would you keep him?
    I would let him go into the streets of New York to get whistled at.
    Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

    After interviewing T.O.T I went to ACP’s very own Ahmed ACP 3ic , lets see what he had to say about the subject.
    Hello Ahmed, how has your day been?
    Good, yours?
    Good. Now please tell me, do you think LT and ACP will have a war?
    Possibly, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.
    What do you think is the weakest part of L.T
    Their formations seemed pretty sloppy.
    What do you think ACP’s weakest part is
    It is changeable, sometimes formations, sometimes tactics.
    Who do you think will win the war?
    Thank you for your time.
    After that conversation I decided to ask a member of the army community that isn’t in ACP or LT. Dark Warriors very own Leader, Puf. Let’s see what he had to say.
    Hello Puf, how’s your day ?
    If CP and LT had a war ,who would win?
    Depends ACP would probably win Aus and L.T would win Us

    So there are the thoughts of the army community? Do you think there will ever be war, if so who do you think will win? Comment down below.

    There was my example post.

  105. Name: (on cp) jaisick (on xat) jaisick4457
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: i havnt been in any of these (like cpac or smap)
    Example Post: i said i havnt been in these
    Why you’d be active: i will be active cuz idk
    Any other comments: yes, pzl hire me i will be ur best reporter i havnt any example post cuz i didnt know how to after u hire me i will post everyday plz hire me

  106. i filled form 2 times plz hire me 😦

  107. My registered name on xat is scientist44
    wordpress email is
    i dont have experience
    i said i havent been in these
    After LT vs ACP war waterkid retired.I have been attended more events and battles.
    I Be active for a promotion and even if i did not get a promotion i would still be active
    I just want to ask that What Do We Earn As Our Salary?

  108. Name: Jon
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: An experienced blogger at Club Penguin Reveals, posting for many armies, SMAP.
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I would like to keep the community up to date and chip in with any breaking news I get about top armies.
    Any other comments: None

  109. Name: Skipper233
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience:
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I’ll be active on weekends and weeks while im at school during lunch @ 12:45pm EST
    Any other comments: No

  110. wher shall i check that i am hired

  111. Name : Peacho

    WordPress Email : My WordPress username is peachoplayz

    Past experience : SMACN Head Reporter

    Post :

    Why you’d be active : I love writing posts and I love club penguin armies.

    Any other comments : No thanks.

  112. Name: jaisick
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience:i dont have dats why i want to have exp
    Example Post: well none i havnt joined ayting like this
    Why you’d be active:sure why not
    Any other comments:plz hire me its my 5 application

  113. Name: Skipper233
    WordPress login: L0z1337
    Past experience:
    MAC, Smac reporter
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:
    Every week
    Any other comments:

  114. Name:Int
    Past Experince:SMAP Repoter,MMAC VP
    Example Post:Here
    RFW come into this off the back of a good showing in their practice battle with Nachos Alpha Division, and it was widely thought that they were the victors in this, which will give them a sizeable confidence boost. They will hope to reach at least the next round, but they are in a challenging part of the draw, and reaching the latter stages wont be easy.
    Puffle Warriors will not be fully expecting much from this battle, as they are aware of how large RFW can be, but they will be hoping for a large turnout from their own personal performance, and with some luck they could cause an upset.
    Battle Review:
    At the start of the battle, RFW send half their force to the Dock, other half to the Snow Forts, to charge PW in the town from both sides
    RFW start to pour into the town from both sides with war faces
    Puffle Warriors defend their chatbar line with puffles
    RFW then make a line going through the middle of the Town
    At the start of the battle, RFW send half their force to the Dock, other half to the Snow Forts, to charge PW in the town from both sides
    RFW start to pour into the town from both sides with war faces
    Puffle Warriors defend their chatbar line with puffles
    RFW then make a line going through the middle of the Town
    PW then supplement their line with hearts
    RFW perform a “Where are you guys” bomb
    RFW perform fart bombs in their line

    PW Then Login With only 4+

    RFW With 31+

    PW Go To The Berg And Do The Tactic E8 Sick Faces With Only The Size Of 4+Then RFW Then Destroys PW With ET Fart Bombs Then PW Chant “We Forfit” RFW Chant “LOL”

  115. Name: Xxtoysoldier
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: DWNC Expertise, Destroyer of Planets
    Example Post: It was a warm, moist day on Frosty. Vo Yo, Elmikey, Spi and I had been frolicking for approximately 3.5 hours, playing a nice round of solitare. It was manifest that we were nothing other than – you guessed it. Dark Warriors leaders. You could spot us from a mile away. We established the most doctrinated business in town; rendering our army as disciplined as a group of CPAC CEO’s – we’d stay loyal until we had to go. (Did you like that? I bet you did. Here, have a star. ☆) The Dark Warriors were the number one army in Club Penguin existence, bound to shatter any egos that happened to jump in the way. During our fierce reign, Mustapha10 walked up to me and wailed in my left eardrum (I remember this quite vividly), “Hey, drop your pants! Give me a piece of that a–!” I was astonished. His extremely infectious piece of dialogue, that I would prefer to call cancer, struck me like lightning. The blood from my outer pelvis shriveled back into its normal state. I then stood and took it like a man. The war against the Doritos Army had officially begun.
    Why you’d be active: Give me a good reason why I wouldn’t be active and I’d counter it with logic. But to be serious, I have nothing else that would be mentally/physically more entertaining to do than sit and write posts. I’m not kidding.
    Any other comments: Nope, this planet is yours.

  116. **EXAMPLE POST**
    Name: Skyblue170
    WordPress Email: I do not have one.
    Example post: Hello everyone this is Skyblue170 here to talk to YOU about the Christmas Chaos Semi-Finals. The armies that are left are the Nachos, Light Troops, and Dark Warriors. The epic battle between Nachos and Light Troops will happen on Saturday, which is a very important battle because whoever wins, moves on the the Finals to compete with the Dark Warriors. And whoever wins that battle has won the title of the Christmas Chaos Champion. How awesome would that be?! If you are in one of these armies, remember to train hard and Good Luck to every Club Penguin army!
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because if I wanted to do this, why would I be here? I would rather sit and write exiting posts about the CP armies.
    Any other comments: No thank you

  117. name koolgirl5185
    example post lets talk im koolgirl5185 armies that are left include nachos,light troops,and dark warriors.the battle between nachos and light is on Saturday, it is very important whoever wins, moves on to the finals to complete with the dark warriors. and whoever wins that has won the title Christmas chaos champion. how cool is that train really hard good luck.
    why youd be active I would be active because I would not be thinking this all out just to not be on all the time I want to be in an army tht I can
    write good post bout.
    any other comments I relly hope you except me

  118. Name: Skyblue170
    WordPess Email: I don’t have one.
    Example Post:
    Hey everyone! This is skyblue170 here to talk about the Nachos and IW war that happened. The Nacho army won, and the war is now over. Sorry to IW for losing, but the Christmas Chaos is Semi-Finals is today! The Nachos will be facing off against Light Troops at:
    3:00 PM EST
    2:00 PM CST
    1:00 PM MST
    12:00 PM PST
    8:00 PM GST
    Good Luck to the Nachos and Light Troops today! Remember, whatever Timezone your in, go at that time because then you could make your army lose and not move on. Whoever wins this battle will move on to compete with Dark Warriors in the Finals.
    Good Luck!
    Why you’d be active: I know that if you don’t be active, you’re not going to get promoted, or not do anything special. I will be active. I would rather sit and write posts then do nothing.
    Any other comments: Please accept me and I really hope you do.

  119. Is it ok if you don’t have a wordpress email?

  120. P.S. I have past experience writing posts. I go on a class website that my class goes on and I write posts all the time.
    Sorry, I forgot about Past Expirience

  121. Name: Fluffy Sheep

    WordPress Email:
    Past Experience: [I think my English has improved a lot since then, so I would prefer the use of this to make your judgement is kept minimal]


    Why you’d be active: As I am usually no longer involved in club penguin battles, besides my recent, temporary stay in ACP, I would like to treat this as a way to continue contributing to the community even as a retiree. But the main reason I have decided I should apply for a position is to improve my writing skills and proficiency in the English language, hence I do not ask for any payments in xats.

    But you could give me a bag of virtual grass monthly. Yeah. 😀

  122. Name:arine20
    Past experience:fun but boring
    Example Post:posting this for fun
    Why you’d be active:cause this is awseome
    Any other comments:no thx

  123. Name: honeyninja2(Ayush)
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I am in RPF as a leader. And work very hard. I got promos very easily as I work very hard to make RPF rise.
    Why you’d be active: I like to work hard and hard in which I am involved.
    Any other comments: I will really work hard here also.

  124. Name: Megggi (Yes, with three g’s)
    Past Experience: I used to be and still help out every once and a while writing articles and reports in my local city news paper.
    Sample Post:

    The holidays are coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean rivals are at peace. The popular rivalry between the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops of Club Penguin has only gotten stronger. On December 24, the Light Troops made a warning video out to the Dark Warriors. Five members of the light troops took part in this video, but only one penguin spoke. That penguin was Light Troops commander, Elmikey, a.k.a Agent Lr. “We just kicked the Nachos out of the Christmas Chaos, Now it’s your turn.” Elmikey said.
    Though this was meant to offend and spread chills through the blood of the Dark Warriors, it didn’t seem to bother them. In fact on Dec. 25, the Dark Warriors responded with a response video. The video was mainly edited and used different clips that went from, a truck driving through CP giving penguins money, too a fight between two penguins, stating that the winning penguin was a Dark Warrior. The usually bright spirited mood of the Light Troops changed when receiving this video and only angered them more than they already had been.
    All of these warnings have been popping up recently because of the Christmas Chaos finals coming around the corner, which means the Dark Warriors and Light Troops will be battling it out. Will the Dark Warriors who are currently number one of the week stomp out the light? Or will the Light Troops shine their way to the number one spot on the list? Check in tomorrow for the answers to these questions. Always bringing you the latest scoop, Megggi, Out.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I seem to find myself on the computer a lot and since getting this job means a lot to me, I would make sure to do the very best I could.
    Any other comments: Having a career as an author or journalist is my dream, so why not start as early as possible? This website is a phenomenal way to get started saying that there is an update nearly everyday and the writing level of these reporters is amazing. I have been interested in writing since a very young age and I also think that these CP armies and battles are great and interested army members or viewers love to hear what the latest scoop is about them as well! Having a job as a Reporter on this website means so much and I would be honored for a roll.

    • Also, I have been a fan of this website since 2009 🙂

  125. nakita10

    if I join the cpac i will stay active and work hard

  126. Name:coldyicy18
    Past experience:DW Author
    Example Post:Hello Dear CPAC Fellows! This is your reporter coldy and let me tell you the scoop this week!
    Scoop:Well, Armies Are getting ready for the Finals! Finals are their most precious time so better get ready for the battle guys! Recruit, Recruit, AND RECRUIT! Also, New Year is coming. Join us with the Great Party we will serve after New Year! Enjoy the Holidays and Enjoy your Christmas Vacation! C:
    Why you’d be active:Because I really like journalism and I like to give people updates. I’m even the school’s cartoonist at the newspaper at our school!
    Any other comments:Please Accept me as your author! I would be really proud wearing a badge of dignity of the badge of CPAC!
    -Coldy C:

  127. Name: Simi
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I have worked on the Dark Warriors News Central as a philosopher and published numerous reports. I am also currently a philosopher in the SMAP.
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I have the mindset to be a CPAC reporter or philosopher because I’m committed, open to new ideals, professional, intelligent and I’d like to further my grammatical prowess and improve my writing skills more than they may already be. Plus, I find myself always checking the SMAP staff page, the SMAP site, and CPAC. I ensure that I am aware of what’s going on as well as what is asked of me to do.
    Any other comments: If you have any additional questions about my experience you may find me at I also am looking forward to working at CPAC if you accept me to come aboard the CPAC Team!

    • Or just use my email

      • Here is another post I did too that my computer was lagging on…so I couldn’t post it.

  128. Name: REDPanda9196

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: Yearbook club, and photography

    Example Post: Hey Guys Its RED, so we have lots of things to work on like getting new Recruits, and Finals are coming up so we everyone to pitch in an recruit as many penguins as we can before the deadline we also need to prepare for Finals by wrapping up our holiday season and start focusing on the new year, and yes it was fun while it lasted but we must remain undulant and one step ahead of the opponent. Thank you all so much for your continued work, have a great year!

    Why you’d be active:i think i could really benefit from this experience, EX: writing

    Any other comments: i love photography

  129. Name:Justin
    WordPress Email:justinfortsa
    Past experience:Reporter
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:100%
    Any other comments:i dont have I LOVE CPAC!

    • are you fucking stupid

  130. Name: Darkmanslair
    Wordpress email:
    Scale of activity level: I’d say a 99% :T
    Past experience(s): Dark Warriors
    What my posts may look like:


    My Name is Darkmanslair, The person who will be telling u our stories,
    Anyways my Home Army,Dark Warriors, clashed with there forever rivals Light Troops we all should know they clashed all December Long. Christmas Chaos starts every year on the beginning of December and most club penguin player call this battle “The Greatest Battle Yet”
    343 Snowballs were launched, 100+ Soldiers both rivals had, and 48 tactics were Commanded, This is why they consider this the “Greatest battle yet” witch I gotta agree, I was in it and yet lots of people were there. when we switched rooms to the Ice Berg and it was just ordered it was full! This battle was in the veries of Intense and major. At the end of the battle both rivals went to the CPAC Chat for the Results and yet some people like me were to busy fighting with each other.Turns out the Dark Warriors have claimed victorious, again these guys are legendary they r even on the top score of the top ten armies of club penguin.
    Ok guys so Earlier today (January 1st 2015) DW Has gone to War with RPF, IW, And Chaos are with them DW is having War training soon. OK that is all we have for today’s story! please like in the thumbs-up button underneath this and I will see u next story…Cya guys!

  131. Name: Flash
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: I dont have experience in working for a club penguin army’s blog but I have experience in club penguin armies.I am 3ic In WV.
    Post: Huge world war tonight.WV,LT,SWAT are in the war.The armies are having trainings before the war and trying their best.WV has improved its ausia as they max 12+ now.Whom do you think will win?
    Will WV get victory in their hands?
    Will WV get 40+ in this world war?
    Why will you be active?: I will be active as a reporter.I will come online for how much ever time i can.
    Any other comments: Please give me a job here.I am sure you will give me a job!

  132. Name: Jed
    WordPress Email: username is jed1234567
    Past experience: I’ve worked for CPAC, SMAC, CPAE and a few other sites that I don’t remember.
    Example Post:

    When armies die, new armies often rise to replace them in the major army world. As older armies that had previously been considered staples of the top ten, such as Watex Warriors and Fire Warriors, die; people create new armies that take their spot, like the Water Vikings and the Light Troops. This is the idealistic cycle for armies, and when this cycle runs smoothly; the Club Penguin Warfare Community remains healthy. Despite this traditional cycle, historical major armies have died off at a rapid rate over the past few months; and newer armies are failing to grow fast enough to replace them. The fall of older armies and the lack of new armies to replace them can be attributed to a number of reasons.

    Over Centralization

    During the industrial revolution, people migrated to major cities such as London and Manchester in order to work in factories. The upper class who owned these factories benefitted tremendously from a larger workforce, but the working class faced newfound problems; such as unfair wages, inability to unionize and horrendous working conditions. Currently the army world faces a similar problem. Despite the weakened state of armies today, there is a much higher percentage of people joining large armies rather than branching out to form armies of their own. This lessens the threat of a new army rising up and reaching world power. While this may seem fine, a problem arises if a major army collapses; which appears to be quite imminent.

    Overwhelming Corruption

    The current state of armies consists of fear. Over the past year there has been more coups and firings within leadership throughout the community than ever before. New “hacking” groups are developing, and it appears that several leaderships have not only accepted this; but embraced it. Both the Dark Warriors and the Light Troops have allegedly been involved with doxings and DDoS’ings. Waterkid101, a major figure in the Light Troops, has been found guilty of assisting a botting group. Shivertoe2, the notorious former leader of the Nachos has encouraged the use of multilogging, a banned tactic. At any moment, almost anyone in the community could be at risk; and that does not appear to be the type of community that the target audience of Club Penguin would embrace.

    A Sense of Exclusiveness

    This topic does not apply to every army out there, but it does appear in many armies. People seem to think that if someone does not have much experience; they are inferior and don’t matter. With this smug attitude that many veterans seem to possess, we fail to develop new leaders. We have trapped ourselves into a system of hiring the same leaders over a long period of time. Once this current generation of leaders outgrows this community, the next generation will find themselves with few people who have ever held prominent roles within major armies.


    I have been involved with armies for about five years, and yet there has never been a point in time where there has been nearly this much hate. There are no ‘fun wars,’ and I personally see no way that we can go back to having them. All wars right now are fueled by hate; especially the current world war that is upon us. People often say that we should just go back to having fun. I personally don’t think this is possible. If one army declares war on another army for fun, it will eventually dive into a hate filled conflict due to our current culture.

    If we do not change the current culture that plagues this community, the community itself will collapse. We need to change our ways before it is too late.

    Why you’d be active: Because I will be. I can easily make at least one post per week.
    Any other comments: Hire me zak.

  133. hi i would like to join
    WordPress Email: do not have one
    Past experience:i have been in dw and i was banned for no reason
    Example Post:dw battle
    Why you’d be active:i love cp armies and realy want to write for you
    Any other comments:i want to get back in dw

  134. •Name: Gokul Eswaran
    •Past experience: ACPRF army of clubpenguin
    •Example Post: 1. Army of Club Penguin

    The ACP at the Fjord Frenzy, looking very large as usual. They’ve gotten back up on their feet since the Legends Cup no doubt about that. They’re soon to be defending their servers Sub Zero and Sleet.

    2. Ice Warriors

    The IW haven’t posted any pictures from recent events, but they’re invading ACP for Sub Zero and Sleet with the help from TG. They still contain their average full chat through the day.

    above was at the event of the Invasion of Matterhorn from GT.

    3. Nachos

    The Nachos haven’t posted any recent picture of events. But they’re still going strong as usual. They had a couple of inactive posts, with some Aka rants on the site, and are having some Leader Elections since their leader Ads354 retired

    •Why you’d be active: Sure I be active mostly
    •Any other comments:
    Do u have any chat

  135. Name: Mario988

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: none

    Example Post: It seems as if the activeness in armies is going down. While LT and DW are hitting it big time with their sizes. Others? Not so much. One key reason? Troops are not being active enough. So I will explain how this is a key factor for strength and size.
    There are two types of troops. The active ones and the non active ones. In big armies most of the troops stay really active and help their armies get big sizes while usually in smaller armies, some of the troops drift away from their armies and are not really active on chat and in the army. Why this is happening? The CP Army community seems like it is gradually dying. It is kind of like an egg being dropped. It will crack or not. Why this is happening? It seems as if Disney wants our community destroyed because they have been banning our phrases and anyone who tries to recruit.
    After the penguins get banned it seems as if they don’t come to events or chat as often. Usually after a main penguin has been banned, Some people won’t be able to recognize them and that person might drift for that reason. If an owner’s main account got banned, they may be impossible to recognize on CP. Thus could cause disorganization. And that might be a cause for less active troops. As for what else could cause less active troops is less war or battles. Without war to return the fun to battles troops will say “this is boring” and end up retiring or just straight up staying on the ranks and doing the old playing hooky on the army.
    Although troops these days are not as active as back in the army golden age, the community is still thriving even with the mass troop bannings and everything in between. As this post concludes, there is more to activeness than you may think. It could just so happen if you are not active in your army you could be letting them down. So if you want to make a difference in the community, i advise you to stay active if you want your army at the top of the food chain. If that were to happen again, everyone in the community would find a happy place in there armies. That would be quite an accomplishment to just see how we could restore a legacy that will last for years to come.

    Why you’d be active: I would be really active and would love to get this job. I love writing in school and I love writing about the latest news. This is basically the same thing. It would be so cool to see all of the different armies and what has been going on with them. Not to mention I’m free almost every day at 4:00 EST 😀

    Any other comments: It would be an awesome experience to work with all of you and become an author on CP’s finest army news site.

  136. Name: iTy990
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I have earned experience in reporting as a reporter on both CPAC and SMAC back in 2012 under the supervision of Bluesockwa2(former head of CPAC) and Grants42(former head and creator of CPAC). However, my reporting experience is just a small cell amongst my entire body of work as I have served in Club Penguin Armies since 2008(taking a break in 2013 and 2014), and led many smaller armies to minor success.
    Example Post: The Destination of Army Warfare.
    As the cannons of Club Penguin Armies truly ignited in 2006 by the likes of Oagalthorp, Pinkmafias, and many others. I believe the progression of our warfare has greatly exceeded the expectations of it’s founders. Many things have greatly inclined, such as: the graphics, the intelligence, and the potential growth. As their have been many things that have helped our community, their are two things beyond our control that is growing at a rapid rate. These two things consist of:
    1. Questions
    2. Threat
    As the rumors and confirmation of CPNext have rose, so did our questions, primarily of the future, if there is one at all and restrictions our future generations may be forced to endure. Questions of if we will be able to keep armies fun and enjoyable while dealing with severe changes predicted to end our community as we know it.

    This brings me to my question, how will ‘this’ end? We have progressed majorly despite the lack of support from the game we use to host our activities and recruit, have we neared our death of our beloved community?

    Why you’d be active: Despite the fact that I have a job and school, I surprisingly find myself with an excess of free time, as other than the activities listed above my life is relatively lifeless.
    Any other comments: I know it’s not 400 words, but I have to leave right now I could finish it up later if you would like.

  137. Name:Pingo88521
    WordPress Email:Pingo88521(i dont give out my email)
    Past experience:i have been in 5 armies
    Example Post:hi guys this is me.pingo88521.Two great ausia leaders retired from IW.This can cause the fall of IW.Rishron and harsh retired.only harsh is stilli in warfare he is in WV and omegas.Yes the omegas are rising with more leaders they will be in the top ten in future i think.bye for now.stay tuned for more posts!
    Why you’d be active:i like being like a detective
    Any other comments:i will post more than once a week if the leaders allow me to.

  138. Name: Gingersnap
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: cpacc school newspaper ceo
    Example Post: i dont want to
    Why you’d be active: because im the best

  139. Name: Verum
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP Reporter
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I want to enter into a career in CPAC
    Any other comments: RIP Al Qaeda

  140. Name: Christohper1
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: SMAP philosopher
    Example Post: No.
    Why you’d be active: I’ve been a philosopher for a long time, and I always wanted to know what it’d be like to work for CPAC and SMAP.
    Any other comments? I look forward to meeting my co-workers.

    • Please contact me on xat, at I would like to get into further detail about your CPA Central application request.

      • I’m talking to Zak right now. Come to the Omegas CP chat.

      • Add me to the staff site?

  141. Name: Ally75325
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience:
    •Example Post:

    •Why you’d be active: Because I need to post and if I don’t be active or post ill be fired
    •Any other comments: Do this like a little quick and the post is a S/M Army but I can do Big Army Posts.

  142. Name: Itamar

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: Personal blogs

    Example Post: Here’s a little spontaneous post I came up with:
    Are wars bringing the community together, or making them drift apart? What would Club Penguin armies be without war? Sounds silly, yet sometimes we need to gather our troops and prepare for war. Wars are full of ecstatic members of the community, grouping as one with their clan, and taking the initiative to attempt to defeat the opponent. Now, these wars can stimulate oppression, anger or joy; depending on whose side you’re on. But we can’t seem to judge whether or not the community becomes one sided. Everyone has an army they dislike, and seeing how there are always the top contenders for the top 10 weekly; surely makes us get a little bit infuriated. Armies are an estate, with each individual army possessing a home. We can be so thrilled to have neighbours, but sometimes we despise them. We make up the estate that, without the houses, would be isolated and depressing. We are one unit at the end of the day.

    Why you’d be active: Seems like an odd question, I would be active prior to joining as it’s a responsibility and a chance to further develop ones philosophy and writing techniques, alongside with internal bonds throughout the staff and community.

    Any other comments: None as of now

  143. There is way too many chat responses 😛

  144. Name: Tome
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I was an active poster on DW website.
    Example Post:

    Light Troops and Dark Warriors: Battle Time Confusion

    Recently the Light Troops and Dark Warriors have had an accidental, or purposeful battle time confusion, this has happened several times recently, and is starting to become a problem. This problem has made a couple of recent battles completely, and utterly confusing for the troops. The army community needs to get its act together or face certain destruction.

    Why you’d be active:
    I want to become a reporter for one of my jobs, and this is a step to becoming one. The extra pocket change I might make helps too.

    Any other comments:
    I am good at making handbooks or guides, given that I am provided with the right facts.

    • Do you have an actual post I can look into on any website?

  145. Name: Laoise

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: Nacho Army, Dark Warriors.

    Example Post:

    * the first is a link to my “Nacho Bowl [Weekly Recap] This post is a description/review on important events that took place for the Nachos in this community, such as the CPAC Top 10 placement.

    *Another post is one I wrote at the age of 14 – I wasn’t on any site at that time and for that reason Tanner/Danny had to publish it on his account, signing off with my name. This post addresses the issue of cyberbullying/abuse that happened in the Nachos when we were going through one of our dark stages.

    Example Post:

    Club Penguin and Armies – Have they gone too far?

    Throughout the years, Club Penguin has been revolutionised by both Disney and the increasing population of children on the internet. Beforehand, CP was a game aimed at introducing a new method of “pen pals” – absolutely anyone was entitled to join no matter what their age or allowance was. Children from across the globe would meet up at the forts to enjoy a day of rogue battles and fun. Filters were basically non existent and the word “membership” was a horror story told to scare children.

    Another factor to take into account for the site’s (including army’s) success, is the constant evolution of technology. Let’s take a look back at 2006 – 1 in ever 4 households would own a family computer and a mere 1 in 10 would own their own. Nowadays, it’s often frowned upon if your child isn’t up to date on the newest technology, i.e. tablets, iPods, Laptops.

    With these new devices also came something we’ve all come to know and love: Apps.

    Apps are often a safe-haven for many Club Penguin Army users – it acts as a way to communicate when they’re “offline.” Yes, I put quotation marks around the word as these days, offline’s definition has changed. Offline to me and you would be out of contact with Wifi, right? Wrong. To many users (especially younger troops) being offline is merely another way of saying that they’re logged off from Club Penguin and xat chats. As soon as the Laptop is switched off, the iPod or mobile phone is then turned on to kik each other about the exact same issues and topics. The question is, have we taken Armies too far? The answer is up to you.

    On average, most teens who use these sites would spend approximately 3-8 hours online EVERY day, excluding the usage of kik or iMessenger. Many choose to spend their social lives here rather than outside with their friends. Some would even skip family events to try and attend a battle on Club Penguin in fear of demotion.

    With the scandals of DDoS’ing, DoS’ing and the presence of bots ever more prominent in the CPA community, many people’s attention has turned to one question: Why are we doing this? Why exactly do people feel the need to knock others offline over a child’s game? The answer is simple: addiction. We find the need to assert our power and dominance on xat by committing illegal activity just for the purpose of winning an event or boosting our army’s rank in the Top 10.

    I believe that now is the time to change our outlook. It’s time to clean up our acts and realize that this is purely a game aimed at fun and that this community is a hobby – not life or death scenarios.

    Why you’d be active:

    Media Studies is something I admire – I constantly read articles such as the ones published on “New York Times”, as I’m hoping one day to land myself a job as a journalist. Alongside this, I’m currently the UK leader of the Nacho Army of Club Penguin and for that reason, I try my best to stay up to date on any army news or events that take place. Each week I post our very own “Nacho Bowl” – a post in which I recap our week in this community. I believe one of the main reasons that I’d be active is due to the fact that I’m online most days in order to tend to the site and to help troops. I enjoy visiting other chats and often see dramatic things occur weekly, if not daily. I believe that the members in this community deserve to know exactly what’s going (the truth) in the many scandals that unfold on xat and Club Penguin – I’d love to broaden my writing experience by reporting these events to them and I think that CPAC is the best place for me to achieve that goal.

    Any other comments:

    I’ll try to keep this somewhat short: Writing has always been a passion of mine ever since I was young – I loved reading books, writing stories and, most importantly, reporting on anything I found to my friends. I’ve always had a fascination with media and am currently taking an honours class for it in school. I’ve written for sites such as the Nachos and Dark Warriors continuously in hopes of broadening my writing techniques and to improve myself with the quality of posts I write. I would really appreciate the possibility of being accepted into CPAC and to be given the chance to test my skills.

    Thank you for listening :3

    • Contact me on xat soon, I would love to get more into your staff application request.

  146. Name: Mr.Manzano

    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: cpatv ceo

    Example Post: – Keep in mind, all content in this example post is fake and therefore not to be taken seriously –
    Wool Socks, CPAC Head Quarters – The start of 2015 has not been so bright for CP armies. How come? It’s easy, many troops have gone off for vacation or simply to spend some time with their families.
    What makes a good formed army? Not really a hard question to answer, but many seem to ask for it after it is answered in almost every post CPAC distributes. Read on to know the key of having a strong,
    loyal, well satisfied army.

    The key of having a strong army is recruiting. Keep in mind, chat recruiting might raise tensions between your army and the army that was recruited from. This type of recruiting is auto typing. Most troops that care about the armies they are currently in, leave their auto typers on overnight to make sure they gain some new recruits from it. If you don’t, and are very interested in the army, we aren’t saying you are not as interested as those who do auto type, but we encourage you to do so to help out your army!

    The secrets of having loyal troops is to manipulate their minds to see what they want and need in the army they are currently in. This is called the illusion of the human mind. If a troop desires a high rank, like for example 3rd in command, you should explain to them such high ranks aren’t given to everyone.That it must be earned, and well fought for against the other honest, and loyal troops. This will grow the loyalty between that troop, and the army. Enhancing the armies loyal troops is key to both strength,
    and well satisfied army.

    Now, the hardest section to achieve while leading or being in a army is…. a well satisfied army. To gain such a title in CP armies is seriously hard. Just by achieving this, your army can be boosted from the s/m
    army community to the large community. Its actually easy. All you need is a strong core of good leaders and owners from all divisions of our Mother Earth. The divisions would be AUSIA ; US ; UK ; And some others that are beyond our reach. A well balanced army with those 3 main divisions is key to a satisfied army.

    What do you think you’ll achieve during your leading role in your current army? Comment now and see
    other peoples goals!

    Why you’d be active: I would be active mostly because I want CPAC to strive, even though it has already. CPAC has both potential, and is made up of good staff members. I want to be part of this society.

    Any other comments: None.

  147. Name:Jt812
    Past experience:puffleattack Leader Wv6ic
    Example Post: Why you’d be active:beacuse i have always wanted to be a reporter for CPAC
    Any other comments:None

  148. Name: Gingersnap
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: smap reporter
    Example Post:
    you’d be active: I will be active because i am dedicated to delivering the best to my readers and i will not fail to impress you nor will i ever fail to make a good post or be bad or leave for different news site and i make quality posts and i try my best to be the best and i am the good guy who isnt biased and if i am biased i kill myself. <not satire
    Any other comments:np

  149. Name: Sᴛᴇᴇʟ

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I may have had past experiences, but that was a while ago. I want to start out fresh and new.

    Example Post: I do not have one, since the websites that I worked for have already shut down.

    Why you’d be active: I’d be active, because I want to see how things are going and help out lots. I also want to just start new and become known around the community.

    Any other comments: I know that you will not choose me, but I want to start new in the community. All of the people that I used to hang out with, are not known and never coming back. I just want to create new fellow friends and help as much as possible.

  150. Name: Julianne3865
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: PeaceInArmies, geeknation1, and Club Penguin Army Gossip (all my own websites)
    Example Post: Hey everyone. Today I interviewed Toy, Dark Warriors Leader, to see exactly why he retired.
    Julianne3865: You’re retiring from DW because internet was getting in the way of real life?
    Xxtoysoldier: The internet was holding me back from keeping up in school and actual social activities, so yes.
    Julianne3865: How do you think this’ll affect DW?
    Xxtoysoldier: I don’t think it’ll affect DW very much at all. DW is a family, they can do anything together.
    Juluanne3865: Is it true Vo Yo will be replacing you as a leader?
    Xxtoysoldier: He’s going to be coming back in order to make sure things are good without me.
    Julianne3865: Do you think he’ll be a good leader?
    Xxtoysoldier: He’s led before, he IS a good leader.
    Julianne3865: Thank you for your time.
    Xxtoysoldier: No problem.

    In his final post he says once he gets his grades to where he wants he will return to Dark Warriors. In his retirement battle they maxed 55 on CP. I came as well out of respect and it was an amazing way to remember a great leader. Toy had such an impact that people from all different armies came for his final battle.

    Toy first came to Dark Warriors in April 2014 and even though most legends joined earlier than that, he certainly is a legend.What does give a ray of hope that Toy will be back in DW is the fact that he had retired in May 2014 and came back in Summer 2014 making it DW’s 2nd golden age and getting sizes of 100+.

    Will Dark Warriors be affected by this change? I got an interview with Jester, Light Troops leader, to see how he thinks it’ll affect DW.
    Julianne3865: Hi there
    Jester: Hello
    Julianne3865: How do you think Toy leaving DW will affect them?
    Jester: It will be inherited by Vo Yo and his legends so it won’t affect them.
    Julianne3865: So you don’t think Toy leaving will make DW any weaker or stronger?
    Jester: Stable nor weak nor strong.
    Julianne3865: Do you think anything will happen to their battle sizes or tactics?
    Jester: Nope,not a bit.
    Julianne3865: Why do you think so many people showed up to Toy’s final battle?
    Jester: Well I showed up because me and him go way back from DCP times but, I’m sure most of the community respects him including me.
    Julianne3865: Thank you for your time.

    As Jester said, most of the community respects him. I’m sure this’ll have a great impact on DW because Toy was a big part for them. Farewell Toy, you will be missed.

    Why you’d be active: I have a lot of time on my hands and I would love to be a part of CPAC.
    Any other comments: I hope you pick me, if you don’t that’s ok, I’ll keep working until I have more experience.

  151. Name: MarleneOfficial

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I was an anchor for my news room at my school and I have recently graduated and I am
    now applying for a job at a news room in my city, I love club penguin and I love how it reaches out
    to children in a safe shell for the people who play it, and how the club penguin staff show that
    they care by replying to emails with great support and love, and I have also been apart of the CP Army
    community for about two months learning information on a lot of the armies, including ACP, Light Troops,
    Dark Warriors, And the nachos. I have learned tactics, and I have understood the spite and anger between
    many of the armies and I believe I can post great information on all armies in the community.

    Example Post: Hello Everyone! Today I bring saddened news about the retirement of a fantastic leader
    xxtoysoldier. After planning his leave for nearly 3 months he finally came out and told his army.
    It was not a sad experience it was very cheerful and a happy moment for the army and will stay
    in the hearts of the Dark Warriors for many years. The leader basically explained to the troops
    that he was leaving for good, and wished the best to the Dark Warriors with posts of inspiration and
    pictures from great achievements he gladly deserved. So today we don’t cry sorrows for the leave of
    just another leader, we celebrate the involvement of a legend.

    Why I would be active: I plan to post every Mon, Wed, and Friday around 4:00 CST (After class.) and
    I will spend the other days researching topics to post on the days I plan to post. I will remain active
    by putting alerts on my cell phone to remind me to make my post or topic within a reasonable time. I
    Will proof read all of my posts and make sure everything is in tip top shape to be posted in a neat and
    mature manner.

    Any other comments: I will be grateful for any position I get on the team, and if I am not accepted
    I still appreciate the opportunity to apply.

  152. Name: Base
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: Well I don’t remember my experience because I had amnesia.But I worked somewhere in 2007

    •Example Post:

    •Why you’d be active:I will be active so I can get scoops of people and war declaring.I will be active 6-8 am,3-8 pm

    •Any other comments:not really but I try my best in stuff like this

  153. Name:

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience:
    SMAP – Reporter
    SMAC – Reporter

    Example Post:
    Not a report, just an example post.
    (635 words)

    Why you’d be active:
    I want to work for the cpac, so i can make posts about major armies and etc.

    Any other comments:
    I really want to work for you guys. I been wanting to, for about 3 years now. Just give me 1 chance. I want you work for you guys, because i’m hoping I can get more practice.

  154. Name: Izun
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: No experience in cp media but however i have in real life media. I have written 12 article for slovenia nenwspapers annd all got accepted and published.
    Post : whole site was made by me, all posts, pages, everything
    Any other comments: Satire guys you need to do more satires. Satire= fun= viewers

  155. Name: Slippykicky
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Former CPAC Reporter
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I have recently returned to armies and I have lots of time to dedicate myself to making posts in CPAC.
    Any other comments: Nope.

    • an invite has been sent, welcome!

  156. Name: gingersnap
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAP Head Reporter
    Why you’d be active: I currently have nothing going on at this time in my life, and I would like to dedicate it to doing something in thsi community. I will be active, and will post whenever possible. I also can post in my freetime due to nothing that currently draws me into other things in real life. I will pay my upmost attention to CPAC, but also i may dedicate a day to SMAP. However, I will always be active and am a fast poster.
    Any other comments: Other posts will be longer, sorry minor time shortage!

  157. Name: Verum
    Past experience: SMAP Head Reporter and god
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: cause im c00l
    Any other comments: Zakster is gey

  158. Name: FamousDude
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP
    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: Because I need to post and I don’t want to get fired

    Any other comments: No Thanks

  159. Name:slugboy1
    Past experience:No
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:Because I want to post
    Any other comments:Apply Me Please

  160. Name: Antonio
    WordPress: antonio960
    Past experience: You can see it here :
    Example Post: A bit too short but I’ll work harder trust me.
    Why you’d be active: Cause I always like working hard and keeping things on check.
    Any other comments: I’m still currently a SMAP Reporter if that doesn’t affect my join application.

  161. Name: Gingersnap
    Past EXP: SMAP head reported+ i got a 10/10 on a post!!
    Example Post: A bit short due to lack of time, but it will be better.
    Why: I currently have nothing going on at this time in my life, and I would like to dedicate it to doing something in thsi community. I will be active, and will post whenever possible. I also can post in my freetime due to nothing that currently draws me into other things in real life. I will pay my upmost attention to CPAC, but also i may dedicate a day to SMAP. However, I will always be active and am a fast poster.
    Any: Nope

  162. Name: Jaisick4457 (on xat) jaisick everywhere else
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: none but i kept making reports
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: i would be active cuz i am always free
    Any other comments: well my this report is short and i will keep improving and my wp name is jaisick4457

    • see i made new post jaisick only see this it is my new report short but i will try again and again

  163. and if u want my gmail acc so here it is:

  164. •Name: Roojer
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: Now, I may not have any past experience with writing on sites, I have been here since 2008. However, I did retire in 2012. Also, like I said earlier about not being someone with any experience with website writing. Well, everyone’s got to start somewhere, right?
    •Example Post: Looking at the other comments it looks like you want a link of some sort, I don’t have one cause I’ve never made a post before. So, I’m going to write one right now. If this doesn’t work, please inform me. Let me make a hypothetical situation where the UMA is battling LT at 4:00 PM EST on server Klondike, and LT wins. I am not being biased because I have no opinions on any armies nor do I mean to insult any army.

    *Battle of Klondike, LT vs. UMA*
    UMA out of the blue has shockingly declared war on LT and has started it off in an attempt to take the server Klondike. The battle first begins in the Town area where UMA takes up the bottom half with an army size of about 20+ soldiers and are well organized. LT takes up the upper half with an army size of about 15+ soldiers. UMA starts off with a smiley face emoji, but it is a poor tactic organization because there is a big delay among the soldiers. LT counters this tactic with a J bomb, scattering UMA a little bit. This goes on for about 5 minutes back and forth, UMA chanting “UMA IS THE BEST” and LT chanting “U MAD BRO?” While in between doing some sort of tactic.

    *insert picture here*

    After about 5 minutes, UMA moves to Snow Fort. At this time, LT now has an army of about 25+ soldiers while UMA still has about 20+ soldiers. This army size mostly stays for the rest of the battle. Once the majority of LT comes to Snow Fort, UMA runs back to Town and takes their position back there rather quickly. This seemed to have been an attempt to “disorganize” LT. They do the same trick again going to the Beach, where there, they hold the position of a cross.

    *insert picture here*

    LT greets UMA with a fart bomb, which was very well done, then holds a position along the coast line. They exchange several tactics here for 15 minutes such as throwing snowballs, doing emoji bombs, and some pretty organized emoji timing from LT, and ok emoji timing from UMA.

    *insert picture here*

    After about 15 minutes UMA leaves the Beach and takes the battle to the final fighting area for both armies, the Ice Berg. UMA makes a line horizontally then curves downwards on both ends, making an almost semi circle. LT soon finds them and forms a line horizontally right next to UMA’s curving upwards being able to form a semi circle, almost opposite of UMA’s formation.

    *insert picture here*

    After about 10 more minutes of tactics UMA finally logs off and surrenders. LT has posted their victory and put several pictures of the battle on their site. While UMA has claimed defeat and posted several pictures of the battle on their site.


    Before I wrap this news post up I want to have an interview with the leader of LT and the leader of UMA

    UMA Leader:

    Q. “How do you feel about this loss?”
    A. “It makes me very disappointed.”
    Q. “Are you proud of your army?”
    A. “Yes, I think they did very well.”
    Q. “How do you feel of the outcome of this war?”
    A. “I think this war will help train us to become bigger and better. I think if we can try hard enough, we can win.”
    Q. “Do you think UMA will rise in the coming weeks?”
    A. “Yes, I do.”
    Q. “If there was one thing you could change about the battle, what would you change?”
    A. “I would have made our tactics more organized then they were.”
    Q. “Any final comments?”
    A. “Yes, UMA FOREVER.”

    *insert picture of the interview*

    LT Leader:

    Q. “How do you feel about this win?”
    A. “It makes me feel like a good leader.”
    Q. “Are you proud of your army?”
    A. “Yes, they showed me pride of my army.”
    Q. “How do you feel of the outcome of this war?”
    A. “I think we will show UMA who’s boss.”
    Q. “Do you think LT will rise in the coming weeks?”
    A. “Yes, I do.”
    Q. “If there was one thing you could change about the battle, what would you change?”
    A. “Nope, nothing.”
    Q. “Any final comments?”
    A. “Yes, join LT!”

    •Why you’d be active: One reason I’d be active is because I really want a job where I can work on my writing technique, and CPAC seems to be the a very good place to start, I’m thinking about being a writer or a game developer when I grow up. Both of those, have a story they are telling. (except very simplistic games like Tetris, Pacman, etc. But that is not the kind of game developer I want to be) I’m a very creative person with many good game or story ideas but I just don’t know how to go about making these stories in a writing format.

    Second, another reason I’ll be active is because I have lots of spare time on my hands. So, instead of wasting that on Skyrim, or The Escapists, I’d rather do something productive with my time like for example, making video games, (which I do, but it’s one of those things that you can only do when you are in the mood for) or WRITING reports or stories, etc. Producing is better than Consuming.

    Lastly, another reason I’d be active is I love this community. Sure, it can get out of hand when it comes to war and such. I still am a very loving person and find if very interesting that someone had the idea to make armies in this game that has a slogan of “waddle around and meet new friends”.
    •Any other comments: Now I know I may not be best writer. But you guys can work on that and help me achieve my career goal. Either way, I will respect your choice of weather I am selected or not selected. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

    • Apologize for getting back to you so late. Any way you can contact me on chat? I’m usually on ACP chat.

  165. i want to be a staff member of this please because i have played on cp for more than 3 years and ive been on xat for 2 years and i know the ways of armies

  166. Name: Ayush
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Been in RPF as two times leader and 4ic in SP. I have written about 30 posts by now.
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I would be active as I like to take interviews and cover every single thing happening and then publishing it so others can also be updated. I like being a reporter.
    Any other comments: I just want to be in this best reporting site as I will also get help in improvising my writing skills.

  167. guys am i hired or not?

  168. name:B678
    expirience: many armies as leader
    post:I have followed around many armies and I see army rising they are called The Blaster Crew they work in secrete and are really strong.To find out more you should hire me.Thx.

  169. Name:ridthik reji

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience:was moderator in nachos,Doritos,ice warriors,dark warriors,rebel penguin federation,light army and army of CP also the main anchor of my school news department and 2nd speaker of my school debate

    Example Post:
    hello this club penguin army central reporter ridthik
    hi in my past observation of the battle nachos has around 90 percent chance to win against RPF as RPF is now having less members day by day also i would like to bring it to your notice that on the other side
    we can see ice warriors have taken the lead and are no.1 by defeating
    dark warriors as now the rankings are published in the website
    and in the other news we can see that golds are now training very hard and is also trying to recruit so to win the war against redemption force
    also we have caught an army using bots name wont be published as per as the request from the army but is warned by club penguin army central not to use it again
    that’s all we have for today’s news and our next report will be tomorrow
    thank you,
    have a nice day

    Why you’d be active: because iv’e been a moderator in almost every army so i can take in new adventures and now finally retired well id now like to work for the army central in which this is head department of all the army news and things would love to work as a news paper reporter to chairman i wanna start from 0 again to hero 😛

    Any other comments:

  170. Hi,
    i had applied and got an email i have subscribed to it now can u please announce my ranking and contact me via any army chats or else would like to email thank you

  171. Name: Vonchiefer
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Nacho Army Leader
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I don’t have anything better to do.
    Any other comments: swiggity swooty, i’m coming for that booty.

  172. Name-
    I go by the ‘short and sweet’ moniker V. My Club Penguin username is Familia3, and I’ve been an avid player of CP since December of 2007. On xat chat, I’m known as MoopsieBunny.

    I have a monetized WordPress website affiliated with, my site makes over $1,000 a month from a cut of the sales. I’m a fan of gadgetry and am currently in a Computer Science class; we have just went over a unit on web design and I believe I can bring a wealth of upgrades and new features to the CPAC website; one of which is the better optimization of pictures on this blog. I noticed that you use Imageshack and as a result many pictures have gone missing.

    Past Experience-
    I am currently the chief editor of my school’s newspaper and yearbook teams. My parents have friends that write for large newspapers such as TIME News and the LA Times. I’ve personally been in the newsroom of the LA Times and have seen what goes on inside there, what makes a successful reporting team, and have even been invited to write part of an article. A bit about myself- I am 13 years old and just skipped two grades from 6th to 9th grade; I’m a high school freshman and am in my school’s honors English class. Grammar and spelling are very important to me. I’ve won over 15 awards for Spelling Bees at the state level and speech competitions at the regional level. I also do a bit of drawing and took a photography and video editing program next year, so I feel that I am prepared to give a visual aid in my posts as well as document whole wars/training sessions on video for the user’s convenience.
    Regarding my experience in Club Penguin’s armies, I have fought in World War IV with The Great Alliance; more of my older friends have been in the early snowball fights of 2005.

    Example Post-
    With the semi-finals of March Madness 2015 coming up fast between the Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings, I bet we all expect to see some spectacular tactics and formations from these two amazing armies tomorrow.The Ice Warriors have dubbed it as the biggest and most important battle of the year while the Water Vikings have tagged it as the most important battle of the past six months. Both are giving put promotions with WV expecting to get numbers around 40 and IW hoping for 65+. I’ve gone in and interviewed Buddy from Water Vikings and
    Iceyfeet12 from Ice Warriors. Here are their thoughts on the upcoming battle.

    Interview with Buddy, Water Vikings Emperor:

    Q: What are your expectations on how many troops will be arriving?
    A: We intend on having 40+ troops attending tomorrow’s battle VS the Ice Warriors.

    Q: Size isn’t everything when it comes to a battle. What are your insights on what it takes to move on to the finals of March Madness?
    A: We need to stay awake during the battle, move rooms quickly and have perfect tactics!

    Q: Regarding tactics, do you think that your troops are trained well enough to execute amazing formations tomorrow?
    A: I think so! We’ve been trying out new formations, and I feel like we’re ready!

    Q: What types of new formations have you been trying out lately?
    A: X’s, +’s, check marks, triangles. We’re trying to perfect all of those!

    Q: So, what’s the importance of winning this battle? What do you think winning March Madness will bring to this army?
    A: Confidence. The last few weeks have been an upset, we’ve been stuck at 25+ for a while, and we’re on the right track to moving back up to the 30+ range.

    Interview with Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator and First Main Leader:

    Q: What are your expectations on how many troops will be arriving tomorrow?
    A: Hopefully 60+, but I have a different feeling about this battle.

    Q: What is that different feeling?
    A: It’s hard to explain, I think we might get a lot lower than 60+ or a lot higher. Although now that I say that we might get 60+.

    Q: Size isn’t everything when it comes to a battle. What are your insights on what it takes to move on to the finals of March Madness?
    A: Tactics of course. We haven’t had many battles lately so we’ve been training the new recruits constantly.

    Q: Regarding tactics, do you think that your troops are trained well enough to execute amazing formations tomorrow?
    A: Yes, I think we’ve trained them a lot.

    — Unfortunately, Iceyfeet1234 has seemed to have disconnected after this last question. —

    As you can see, both armies have relatively similar viewpoints on the semifinals. I know that everyone will be expecting a spectacular performance from both sides tomorrow. Good luck to both teams tomorrow!

    Word Count: 482

    Why You’d Be Active-
    After finishing Advanced level of piano I have a lot of time on my hands and it would be a good idea to invest my time getting more involved in the Club Penguin community, especially Armies. In addition, I get to practice my writing skills which would be a big help academically. Payment is always welcome but is not needed. I’d be willing to devote any free time I have, around 1-2 hours a day writing for CPAC and/or attending and documenting the battles that happen almost daily.

    Any Other Comments-
    I found interviewing and writing my example post to be very fun while at the same time improving my writing skills! Thank you for reading my application. I hope that I can be of service to Club Penguin Armies Central, and have a good day! ❤


  173. Name:Arine20
    Past experience:Freakin awesome
    Example Post:After a long long time from 2012 until now 2015 Water ninjas army are back they are back to do events and use their powers of water
    Why you’d be active:I will be active here in smap but now i will not be active on water ninjas
    Any other comments:no thats all

  174. Hello, I fully realize that there is a sort of “form” to fill out but I hope you find it acceptable that I put my application in an essay format.

    I learned of the Club Penguin army community a few months after I joined in 2007. I would like to apply to your media site as a writer or even helper since I am very interested in participating in giving back to the community for all they’ve done for me. From my research on your web site, I believe there would be a good fit between my skills and interests and your demands.

    I don’t mean to brag any, but I am a quintessential academic with a track-record that you will find hard to beat. Currently I am retired from several armies such as Ice Warriors, SWAT, and the Army of Club Penguin.

    CPAC is a good place to start exercising my writing skills more. Through writing for this site I could develop strong literature and problem-solving skills. In addition, in the combined tasks of observing and reporting on army battles, internal and external conflicts, et cetera, I could learn more about listening and “people skills”. In the latter one I am ashamed to say that I need to improve more in this area.
    Moreover, during an academic seminar in English I completed recently, I found excellent conditions to pursue my studies but also to improve my knowledge of the English language. In addition, I have a very good knowledge of German and Chinese. However from what I know of Club Penguin Army Central English is the main language, and hopefully you can tell from this application that my grammar and spelling are on-spot. I apologize in advance for any errors as I do not have much time to fully proofread this.

    I am very adept at computers and can type 70 wpm (currently working on improving this). As I have said I have continued to be interested in writing. I would be most comfortable and able to write reports such as battles, events, scandals, etc. but would consider any topic that I believe I could manage. That said I would never take on work that I did not think I could complete on time and to a high standard, and although I believe I am a very qualified and capable individual, I know my limits. I am very adept at using the internet for research purposes such as for an editorial/philosophy.

    If you are interested in having me on the team, I’ll be more than happy to provide another example post. You can contact me through a reply to my comment or at my email, . Even if I am not chosen for the job, I would like your suggestions on how I could improve.

    All in all to participate in writing for this site would be an opportunity I would really welcome. I very much appreciate your time and consideration of my request, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    • I have decided to separate my example post from my application essay. Please note that I made up the following battle. It has not happened and I do not wish to offend or praise any of the armies noted below.

      The Battle of the Northern Lights was a scathing battle between the Light Troops of Club Penguin and the Redemption Force Army.

      Northern Lights is the co-capital of LT, but when it was threatened by RF, the Light Troops immediately jumped to defend their rightful server.

      The main commander from Redemption Force was Blaze. Even though he lost the battle, he became a national hero following the battle. He was even promoted to Leader.

      The situation around Northern Lights had become increasingly tense in the previous days. It began with RF advertising on the server, invoking a conflict between the two armies.

      At the time LT still thought the war would be short and fairly small.

      However the deciding battle trailed on for more than an hour. RF arrived first in Northern Lights’ Town room, maxing 25+ while LT maxed 30+. LT started the battle with a Clover Bomb, followed closely by RF’s line formation of puffles. The crowning moment of the battle however was an ironic confrontation of both armies attempting the same circle formation of party hats. Eventually the Light Troops were declared victorious by the unfortunate event of most of Redemption Force’s troops logging off.

      A video transcription is available below for your convenience.

      -insert video here-

      What do you think about this heated battle? Comment YOUR opinion below!

      I noticed that my example was short. Apologies as I ran out of time but feel free to request another one! Hope to hear from you soon.

      • This doesn’t really have the same format as CPAC posts usually do so I’m sorry to say, you aren’t being accepted, however you do show promise as you have good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Just try to make your post look like the ones we do on CPAC.

        • Ah, sorry about that. I’ve written another example, this time hopefully more int he correct “format”. The word count comes in at around 480.

          FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire — Only days after a huge win in a battle with the ACP, Badboy00923 has been removed from his leadership at DW after being accused of multi-logging and bot use. Read on to find out what happened that removed him from his coveted position in the army.

          Let’s be honest here – most large army leader nowadays do indeed indulge in multi logging just to bolster their numbers just a bit. But never in army history has someone attempted something as large and as stupid as this most recent stunt from Badboy. According to preliminary reports, the leader was multi logging and using bots not to raid but to boost his army’s numbers. He has been served with a complaint alleging that he An army correspondent who wishes to remain anonymous told us that “over 90%” of the troops who attended last Saturday’s battle was indeed bots and alt accounts.
          There’s more to be uncovered. We learned very recently that Bad has been army-hopping. A good portion of DW’s leadership thinks that the removal of Bad’s leadership may not be enough for the alleged botuser, and recommends the banning of him completely or at least probation on more than three other counts on “giving the DW a bad name”.

          Penguins that attended the battle last week report the bots as having perfect formations and timing. Elmikey issued a stern warning last week that anyone who tries to multi-log will face severe punishment. Badboy must not have seen these warnings, or just chose to completely ignore them. A post on the DW website’s events section entitled ‘Big battle with ACP! All troops must attend!!’ surfaced last week, the description which called for members to join in on the “WORLDS BIGGEST army event eVER!!! [sic]” The post, quickly traced back to Badboy’s WordPress account, also details how he was in favor of multi logging for the event. “Sure enough, a quick investigation produced all this evidence,” says Elmikey.
          Certain picture evidence (provided for your convenience below) was uncovered during a quick scan of screenshots on the DW site, including pictures of his multiple browsers open and what seems to be a bot program. It is not clear at this point that this wasn’t all accidental, but the DW leadership’s involvement spells out some punishment for Bad.

          Caption: Badboy00923 with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and NetScape open.

          What appears to be a bot program open on Bad’s computer.

          An excerpt of the battle, with around 15 new penguins without verified names performing a E9 tactic at exactly the same time and with a “perfect” formation.

          A full investigation into this will be conducted and additional details will be provided as new information becomes available.

          What do YOU think? Should Badboy be removed from his position or should he stay? Is the evidence obvious or simply a coincidence? Comment YOUR opinion below!


          CPA Central Reporter

          • @zakdude Seems to have potential, what do you think?

  175. I DONT HAVE A WORD PASS BUT IVE BEEN VERY INVOLVED WITH IW (sorry that was on caps lock on accident) my my expiriences iw and well epf i really think this is cool and im allways loyal to iw my example post;we logged on to Frosty for a battle vs DW but… they shut down. All former Dark Warriors members may join Ice Warriors. wht we know is that dw has been loyal untill a certain poijnt so any one keeping the fun battle tradition up many questions will be asked yes fellfree to comment. if any questions come upplease talk to a high warrior of ice warroirs or leader of iw. you can also ask any any high leader of dw or something like. thy can answer any conerns about the recent shutdown BUT DO NOT NOT JOIN ANY OTHER TROOP (IF WANTED) OTHER THAN ICE WARRIORS no im kidding but please join iw if wanted to still be in cp armies. thats all,lizzie107 p if an need to talk about email me with the mail i menttion earlier

    • sorry i had some typo my computers is like that if i become a reporter i may have some typos

  176. Name: Redsockwa1/Icypenguin79
    WP Email:
    Past EXP: Was mod in ACP and RPF, Created Izzle Army
    Example Post: The time Icypenguin79 got to be a mod in ACP was after 2 weeks. First, he walked around CP when he saw mysterious penguins saying stuff like “JOIN THE NACHOS OF CP” and “JOIN ACP” and “MEMBERSHIP PRIZES AND MORE” so he looked up ‘ACP Club Penguin’ and found the ACP army of CP. He saw an owner named Fluffyboy3 Hiring mods. Icypenguin applied in a PC and soon got a Mod rank. When Icypenguin got promoted to 6ic, a new ACP law was that you couldn’t me in 2 armies. He soon destroyed/killed the Izzle Army. Icypenguin79 is currently an ACP mod.


    Sorry my example was short, I did not have much time to write the post. If you need another post, please request another one. I will gladly write another one.

    • Hello!

      We cant really except someone wiht a post that is less than 300-400 words, remember you can add an interview 😉

      • Hello, I submitted an application a few days ago and I don’t mean to spam or anything, but I haven’t heard back from you and was wondering if you were still hiring?

        • I imagine you were declined due to your affiliation with the bot groups. Changing your name doesn’t disguise you.

          • Excuse me?

            • The same IP that you write on is the same that gave us these messages –

              • Hmm.. well, I’m not affiliated with him/her. I steal wifi from a McDonalds if that’s what you mean.

                • Is that why you so desperately changed your IP to write your last two messages?

                  • I’m at school right now hence why the IP might be different. There’s no need tob e rude. I applied for the job because I wanted to help the army community and exercise my writing skills so if you want me to leave just tell me and I’ll do so. :\


    • youre not ive told u before

  178. Name:Pinpin516
    •Past experience: Member of RPF
    •Example Post: WE WIN!
    Once again, RPF has won The Great Club Penguin Battle of 2015. We went into numerous training sessions & training battles but this was what we’ve been waiting for. At 1:45 P.M PST A.I.R Force swooped into battle and killed 140 opponents from ACP & Nachos. Later at 2:00 P.M PST The rest of RPF came and killed 300 opponents from ACP & Nachos. Then we claimed Zipline. That is it .
    •Why you’d be active: Because I love blogging & I am in RPF.
    •Any other comments: None.

  179. Name: Sir Pj
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Worked at CPAC twice in the past. Not for very long though.
    Example Post: (ignore the crappy “What do we hate?” post
    Why you’d be active: No school for two weeks. After that I’d just like to be able to post news whenever I can.
    Any other comments: Hai

    • Dear newsletter,

      My son had used my email for his game
      Purpose and now I have been getting
      You emails non stop and is flooding my
      Account so I hereby request you to
      Please stop sending me emails about
      You page

      Sent from my iPhone


  180. Name

  181. Name: Bobby

    WordPress Email:

    Past Expierience: I haven’t done any posts but I’ve practiced it and I know how to make letters colorful and all that.

    Example posts: I know how to make posts I just haven’t made any

    Why you’d be active?: I’m always on the computer I’m too lazy to get off the computer and I’m on the computer like 24 hrs a day.

  182. And can u send me emails in my gmail acc?

  183. And army Expierience is Light Troops 7ic Takis 4ic Air Force 2ic (current)

  184. Am I in leaders? (Please tell me I am!) =( P.S I am a Nacho.

  185. •Name: I love pie (may be ridiculous but i like it(or go with timbrr))
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: I may not be a grade ahead in writing but when it comes to ideas in my head you won’t be disappointed. I will research almost every nook and cranny to make excellent.
    •Example Post: On April 15, Doritos invaded IW server, Tuxedo. Doritos maxed +30 and IW maxed +8. IW never showed up but instead went on a different server and ignored DCP. This raid was part of the war between DCP and IW. The reason IW ignored DCP is for the reason they believe that DCP multilogs.
    During this event an RPF soldier named I Love Pie had a confusion when a DCP leader went on RPF chat and told them they were going on Tuxedo. I Love Pie never got the answer to his question so he went to investigate. This misled RPF soldier attracted the attention of RPF leader Elm who came to investigate. He was the one who figured out DCP was invading IWs Tuxedo instead RPFs.
    The event took place through The Town and The Snow Forts. Close to the end RPF Leader helped with the raid and RPF Agent I Love Pie left after his work was done. DCP won Tuxedo and took lots of pictures. They also made many more raids on IW servers later and will continue to do so until the war is over. I Speak for DCP when I say to IW, FEAR THE SHIELD.
    •Why you’d be active: I like writing a lot and I am always active everyday. I will make you guys proud.
    •Any other comments: I know this is dumb but do you pay because I am a teen (don’t pay me because of this comment if you want)

    • oops this is all I could find on this and it was only about 200 words… if you don’t want to hire me its ok but if you do I will work my very best.
      and I really was in that event… I thought they were invading RPF… that was a dumb idea. well thanks for at least being the best raters in all of CP armies.

  186. Name: Sonic51621

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: IW, Acp, Nachos

    Example Post: Today IW logged onto Sub Zero for a mining expedition. They maxed 10 and averaged 7. That event wasn’t good but they seriously need to stop going afk during events.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because even though I cant be here on Weekdays I am very active on Weekends no matter what I will make you proud.

    •Any other comments: I don’t have any

  187. oops Not today on April 21, 2015

  188. Name: Rocky25721
    WordPress Email: goodheartedsaint or my email is
    Past experience: TSN, Club Penguin Satire Club, Club Penguin Army Advertising, And Club Penguin Army Comedy Central (CEO)
    Example Post:
    Title: From Medium/large Army To CPAC Major: Rise Of The Water Ninjas

    Over the past few months, we have noticed that the Water Ninjas of Club Penguin have gone from a medium or mid-major army, to a legit major army who’s a current normal on CPAC’s weekly Top Tens.

    Here is the real story.

    The Water Ninjas were created and based off of CP’s water-type ninjas by Jayden1092 Aka Jai in 2013. Near the fall and winter of 2013, they had been a medium/large army who were occasionally in the upper Top Ten of CPAC. But then they fell into the SMAC and SMAP Top Tens and completely out of CPAC’s Top Tens throughout 2014. But they did manage to make one appearance at the bottom of CPAC’s Top Ten during one week in late March of 2014. But suddenly, almost a year after their last appearance in the CPAC Top Ten, the Water Ninjas made a huge return to the CPAC Top Ten on the week of March 1st, 2015 making it to 5th on CPAC’s Top Ten. They then started to max sizes of between 20-30 on a weekly basis. Then in the following month of April, 2015, the Water Ninjas shot all the way up to their highest peek ever in CPAC’s Top Ten by moving up all the way from 7th to 3rd to begin the month of April.

    But then on the week of April 12th, 2015 Jodie Lyn (Who was one of the army’s most loyal and best troops at the time) was caught multilogging 6 penguins onto Club Penguin at Water Ninjas’ events.

    This cost Water Ninjas first on CPAC and they ended up 4th that week and following that, Jodie issued an apology in hopes of being given a second chance with her beloved army.

    Jodie would at one point get banished but was eventually unbanished from Water Ninjas chat. But additionally, she posted a comment on CPAC’s most recent post regarding the Multilogging Scandal Within The Water Ninjas Army with a list of the 10 penguins she’s used (6 of which she multlilogged with of course). here is that list:


    Following that , the Water Ninjas has to deal with a few big retirements. The first was when one of the legends of the Water Ninjas Leadership known as Bluex temp retired due to school, but promised to return after. Then one of their best and most loyal leaders Gator retired from the army because of not just school but because he was exhausted and seems to be too busy with his life to be able to help his beloved army (but he can’t help that). Here is what Gator said after he decided to retire.

    Gator (Water Ninjas Legend) Regarding His Retirement From The Army (April 16th, 2015): Jai is going to kill me for this, but this is something I need to do so that hopefully someone else can step up. I’ve been out for the past couple of days due to business in school. It’s not really the homework that keeps me from coming on xat, it’s actually the exhaustion. I come home, do homework, eat, then I nap for a couple of hours. And it’s only going to get worse next week. That’s when testing for me starts and I have that for TWO weeks, which finishes up April. Then the month of May is all about exams. So my schedule is so busy and the stress of armies is really something I need to remove from myself. I was planning a retirement in May a while ago. Then when we almost hit 1st on CPAC I was going to retire then. Everything got messed up and I tried to stay here and help but the exhaustion really got to me this week. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever return to armies after this retirement. I was planning a big final retirement this summer, but I think it came early. I know it’s a bad time but I no longer have the free time to attend the events anymore. I’ll never forget what this army gave me. I came back to armies in late 2014 to achieve more than what I did in 2013 – early 2014. WN gave that to me, and I can honestly say I’ve lead an army with a great leadership to at least 5th on CPAC, if you don’t count 4th and 3rd because of the multilogging that’s fine. I know you guys can still get first without me.

    Currently, the Water Ninjas are holding strong as a major army and are currently 5th on CPAC’s Top Ten this week and look like an army who’s here to stay as of 2015 at this very moment.

    Why you’d be active: I am always on Xat Fridays-Saturdays the most and most nights in general and some mornings too and noon not so much usually Lol
    Any other comments: Hire me already because my anus is ready! :O

  189. Name: 1234cvbn
    WordPress Email: Just my email
    Past experience: Leader of water ninjas, Leader of ACP
    Example Post: Rise of the water ninjas: The path to the top 3
    Why you’d be active: I have time on my hands and believe that i could help CPAC find strong armies and post a lot.
    Any other comments: Please accept me, i will be active and be a true help to this website

  190. Name: Fluffyboy3
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP Philosopher and page maintainer, Positively ACP reporter
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: because I’m in only 1 army and I’m not an owner rank in it, my school is also on strike and I’m really bored most of the time so instead of being bored I could be making posts
    Any other comments: I’m applying for SMAP or CPAC so if any news site prefers me on their site more or ranks need to be filled I’m fine with either news site!

  191. help me it won’t let me join

  192. Name: Hog10 aka Lucario
    WordPress Email: goldenrobin7 I made a new one
    Past experience: I started armies in 2010
    Example Post: It all started when I was leading RPF in 2013, Elmikey didn’t respond much, and we happend to be with a lot more troops back then. I remember people that I will never forget ”UltiPenguin”
    ”Viper” and Bquik, and somewhat Snaily.

    Secondly, we would mostly win, when it came to battles I was happy one time when we went into a battle Nachos and won, but in 2014, Elmikey was blamed for something he has never done. And Waffles, Lilstar was the worst, the leaders has banned everyone who liked Elm on the RPF chat including me, and they fired people for no reason what so ever, so I kept on following Elm he went to DCP first I was General, then he went on to DW about a month later, I think he was couped I had more than 5 people say that’s why he left DCP.

    Later, on when he went on to DW aka Dark warriors ”Was number 1 on the top ten list back in the day” Elmikey stayed in DW for maybe 4-5 months till he came back to RPF, but once he came back he was given the pass again, because Commando had trusted him once again, they said so many lies to even get Commando against him, but once Elmikey got the power he reset the chat and banned everyone who creating corruption within RPF when he was gone, Lilstar has disappeared ever since she was banished forever, and is never welcome back, she was the worst out of all the leaders. She made the army so small, because, so many people were banned and never came back, those were the worst moments of RPF, and shell never happen again, leaders were corrupt.

    Finally, but I had retired a year before that, I joined right before the corruption had happend, after I was done being retired I had rejoined for 5ic and achieved 4ic then I was banished not to long after that, after I was banished I had joined GT aka Golden Troops and I was there for about 3 months and retired again, and I heard that they died they had a very great history it will never be forgotten they were 2nd in top ten.

    Why you’d be active: Because it’s my opportunity, and I choose to be active and at least one post a week
    Any other comments:

  193. Name: Superaalden / Fluffy Sheep
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: (But, that was years ago and my English has improved)

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I would love to continue ameliorating my command of the English language, which I believe will be extremely beneficial to my academic results in real life.

  194. Name: Hash / Hashir / or Hashir103 on Newcp
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: This doesn’t exactly apply to CPAC News Reporting but I have excellent grammar and vocabulary. Also, I’m an Administrator on OldCP, which thanks to Albaro is slowly growing. I also have made some News Reports and can make interesting headlines and posts, with little or no mistakes.
    Example Post:

    Light Troops Multilogging & Multilogging Result

    Light Troops have always had some experienced leader. Whether it would be Waterkid or someone else, they always made high standards. A thought that comes to people’s minds are, do Light troops Multilog?

    During the summer, while I used to be a high ranking apart of Light Troops, the first in commands always told all the owners to drink coffee. Drinking coffee is slang for multilogging. I was apart of this practice too. However, even after I left, I always had suspicions of Light Troops multilogging. It’s a long anticipated secret everyone desperately wants to find out. Lots of name calling about multilogging is thrown to people from different armies, including the Light Troops. The real question is, do they continue this?

    If they are proven to practice this, another question is, should army leaders multilogging be couped? Multilogging is a nasty way of cheating and if armies are found to be multilogging, it will be an unfair way to get to high levels. What do you think? Should it be cancelled? Give your thoughts in the comments.

    CPAC News Reporter

    Note: This report is not meant to offend anyone.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I really don’t have much to do and I like writing News Reports.

    Any other comments:
    The best way to contact me is through xat, my registered name is UnlimitedAccess.

  195. Blaze
    SMAP Chief Executive Officer

    Notify me if I make the cut on SMAP’s staff site. I’ll be able to communicate through there

  196. Name: Beast4262
    WordPress Email: I would rathar not say, pc me at dcp chat for it
    Past experience: Smac first responder, IW 5ic (post events), Dcp 4ic(current army)
    Example Post: I really checked all big armies and the big things are all been posted on here, so I can’t do a example post.
    Why you’d be active:My school year is about to end, so I can be very active. I have nothing to do so I will be very active
    Any other comments: I really want to become Cpac for fun and if you don’t hire me I will go to smap. I want to be in CPAC though.

  197. Name: jaisick (on cp) / zayn (on xat)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: i was in smac
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: cuz am always free
    Any other comments: plz hire me i always make new posts plz and i try my best to be a reproter

  198. plz tell em fast if u like it or not

  199. Name: Gold Fan (pengi53403)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None but i have been in an army golds of cp
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I have always had a passionate love for armies since my own army died so i would love to write about other armies and become a reporter
    Any other comments: Please accept me

  200. Name: Gold Fan (pengi53403)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None
    Example Post:
    Why’d you’d be active: I have always had a passionate love for armies since my own army died so i would love to write about other armies and become a reporter.
    Any other comments: Please accept me

  201. Name: Jdawg9(Penguin) Jayden Crew
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: none
    Example Post: I think that the Club Penguin management should make the mall a little more interactive etc.
    Why you’d be active: I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN
    Any other comments: NA

  202. Name: Dawson(Penguin=dawson37738)
    •Past experience: I’ve been apart of two other reporter companies on clubpenguin. One I forget, and the other I think was doritos, I quit though because they were really annoying.
    •Example Post: Clubpenguin is a wonderful game, but when it comes to the players that challenge you, things can get pretty intense!
    •Why you’d be active: First I love clubpenguin and second I love being reporters!
    •Any other comments:Yes, I would really love to be apart of your team!

  203. Name: I really only play oldcp and my name is Sampopxxx101


    Past Experience: I am merely famous on the DSGHQ which most of you are familiar with. I used to write news on the DSGHQ and I was a wise one on there.

    Example Post: There is 3 amazing users that got promoted to Moderator!

    Why you’d be active: Because I have not a lot homework and when I do, I finish it very quickly.

    Any another comments: yes, please accept me a part of the team! i’d love to work along with you guys.


  204. Name-SpyTex
    Past Experience-I Have Really No Past Experience But I Used To Have A Youtube Channel That I Would Talk And Post Stuff And Do That I Also Used To Have An Army Called RFCP Red Fighters Of Club Penguin And Lead Couple Armys.
    Example Post-An Allience Called The Great 8 Has Formed And Is Taking Over Club Penguin Armys!
    Why you’d be active-Becuase When I Get Home From Shcool I Go On The Laptop Right Away And Go On Xat.
    Any another comments-Yes I Would Love To Join You Guys Its Bin My Dream To Work Here I Check You Very Single Day.

  205. Name:Pikachu624
    Example Post:
    Why’d you be active: I will be active because usually I post everyday or every two days
    Any more comments: No.

  206. Name: Twinky50
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None but i would love to start
    Why you’d be active: i love club penguin
    Any other comments: Please add me i will do a lot

  207. Name: Typingbeast (CP username)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I don’t have much past experience, but I would like to start here.
    Example Post: Never blogged, but here’s an example I made in PasteBin:
    Why you’d be active: I’d be active because I enjoy Club Penguin and the Club Penguin army community. I think providing news on here would be a great opportunity, considering that I love the army community and spectating at army events.
    Any other comments: Grammar is good, I am very active on Club Penguin (usually around 10-15 hours a week.) I also have a passion for the army community (as I’ve exaggerated before.)

  208. Name: Stormblade
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Writing recaps on
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I’m a bit too washed up to lead any armies at the moment, but I’d still like to be a part of the army community.
    Any other comments: Payment is not necessary.

  209. Name: Bobby
    WordPress Email:
    Past Experience: None
    Example Post: (Hasent really happened)
    BMA Declare war on Pretzels

    Jack Frost, BMA’s Capital A legendary Army, Blue Miners Army After getting revived yesterday, The army has declared war on Pretzels who are currently first on SMAP. They will be looking forward to winning. Lets take a look at the pictures below and see what Konrad has said. Continue Reading ——–>

    [ Picture Here ]
    Pretzels have been accused of troop Stealing.

    Here we see BMA want to get their troops back. They are looking forward to win war and get all their troops back.

    Here is a picture of their event schedule:
    [ Picture Here]

    They will be invading Matterhorn for their first war event and will also be invading Glacier. Their defenses this week will only be Jack Frost since its their only server at the moment.

    Who do you think will win this war? Will BMA or Pretzels Multi-log? Will Pretzels Keep Troop stealing? Comment down below what you think!

  210. name: Waddles245 (xat name is WookieDumplings
    wordpress email:
    past experince: ex doritos private
    post: news reports just come in as a battle is about to start. to rival clans that we all know and love and haate THE DORITOS AND THE NACHOS. more info as is it arrives. more info has just turned up. so far the dortios have made a circle formation around the nachos as they chant their battle cry DCP FOREVER as the nachos are telling jokes.

    (an interview with a DCP member later on)]
    me: so hows is the battle coming along for the DCP?
    DCP: it doing great for us and so far we are already winning!
    me: what will happen if you lose
    DCP: we will try harder next time

    well the battle has just ended as the players are logging off one by one. Its been a great day for both armies as they retreat.
    Extra comments: i will show NO biased at all and i will turn up to EVERY battle and i mean every battle. I do hope that i get the role of a jounilist so i can discover new armies and learn their back stories and watch their battles.

    • i forgot why id stay active: id stay active because i would miss out on he battles to watch and report so yes and if i miss them out ill have no chance to get in

  211. Name: Master/MasterJPixel
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Working for the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin
    Example Post:

    New army called Solar Penguins is formed

    Hi everyone. Master here. In today’s post I’m telling you someone named Rellort is starting a new Club Penguin army called the Solar Penguins. He plans to use Adventure as their capital server. Right now it only has a few recruits, but it will hopefully grow soon. Also, I think they MIGHT try to form an alliance with the Dark Warriors. We’ll just have to see what happens.

    Why you’d be active: I can usually be on during these times:

    Monday: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Wednesday & Thursday: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
    Friday: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Saturday & Sunday: Probably unable to be on 😦

    Any other comments: I really hope I can join you. I’ve always wanted to work for something like this.

  212. Name: mike30307/lolurawesome


    Past experience:i have posted about 100 times so i might be a good poster but my wordpress is slow though 😦

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: saturday: 9am-9pm
    sunday:10am-11pm monday:1am-2pm tuesday:12am-1pm wensday:3am-6am tursday:12am-6pm friday:12am-6am

    Any other comments:i hope to be on as much as i can i hope to be on cuz DW moved chats and i didnt like it so i wont come back there

  213. DW betrayed me from chat 😮

  214. it looks amazing

  215. ╔══╗░░░░╔╦╗░░╔═════╗

  216. Name:Centaur17
    •Past experience:i have made 60+ posts and would be perfect to join.
    •Example Post: Sorry, I do not have lightshot at this given time. But I will in the future and show it to you ppl !
    •Why you’d be active:Because CPAC is awesome and nice, being active would cheer me up and make me feel like a true CPAC
    •Any other comments: No other comments but thanks anyways

  217. Name:Bulletprooflove86
    Past experience:None
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:Im on most of the day in doritos and I’d love to start a journalism caeer.
    Any other comments:
    My Grammar is Ok,but I good with coming up with ideas and brainstorming.

    • I’m*

      • Oh also here’s my experiences in armies:DW 2ic,IW 3ic,RPF Captain and SWAT(I don’t remember what rank).I’ve been in armies for 3 and a half years.

  218. Name: Zoomey
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None
    Example Post: ACP and RPF Pause War Until After Legends Cup IV

    A war between RPF and ACP has been happening for about 3 weeks now. Both armies have had back and forward wins. The battles have been fantastic and non stop.
    At there most recent battle, Battle of the Server Jack Frost, ACP only maxed 15 while RPF maxed 35+ according to there post. ACP realised they had to do something so contacted SilverBurg, one of the RPF leaders.Albaro, the temp ACP leader and SilverBurg talked it out and both armies came the the agreement of the war being postponed until the end of CPAC’s Legends Cup IV.
    Bother armies posted:

    The war has been postponed until the end of the Legends Cup.

    This will give ACP time to practise and try get bigger sizes for when the war begins again.

    Both armies are in the Legends Cup at the moment with both armies having a battle soon, ACP vs IW (ice Warriors) and RPF vs Pretzels meaning there is no rest for either army even if they are not at war. It will be intesting to see what will happen in the future between RPF and ACP once the Legends Cup IV is over.

    What do you think? Will ACP get bigger numbers in the war after Legends Cup? Was this a wise move for RPF and ACP? Who will win the war?

    Why you’d be active: To tell people about the latest news in CP armies as quick as possible, plus I find it fun
    Any other comments: Hai

  219. Name: DrMatt
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I’ve wrote for the school newspaper before and i’ve also written a few previous stories.
    Example Post :
    Why you’d be active: Because I am online xat/ the internet every day. I would love to write about club penguin armies and other topics.
    Any other comments: No thanks.

  220. Name: Arkadiy Deli

    Word Press Email:

    Past experience: CPA (, SMAP.

    Example Post: This is a cut from my latest blog post on To read the full post click here:

    Rebel Penguin Federation VS Army Of Club Penguin – 15/08/2015

    First, is the long-awaited Legends Cup battle between the two wrath filled enemies, RPF and ACP! The three-week war that has happened in July has been postponed because of the Legends Cup. So, this battle was especially interesting because we though that another battle between the two major armies one’t happen in a long time, but we got one in the reflection of the yearly tournament. The competition was tough. The battle started out on server Klondike’s Iceberg, which was filled with annoying bots. Rumours surfaced that it was ACP’s way of getting more time to log in, but there was no proof. The battle finally started on the server’s Stadium and hell was it a nail-biting one! The RPF did have a lot more troops than ACP, but in the beginning ACP did many more tactics than the Rebels. I also noticed that the black army had a tough time getting into different formations, while ACP did them in moments. Although the ACP had a real chance, RPF sped up with their attention and eventually did as much or even more tactics than the greens. Later Mach from CPAC announced that the RPF won the Semi Finals on CPAC’s official chat, You can check out the full battle from the video above. RPF had an unbelievable max of 64 and an average of 60, while ACP maxed at 22 and averaged at 20. Here is what the RPF had to say:

    “After a long battle we have defeated the ACP. We have won the Semi-Finals in this years Legends Cup Tournament. We had 60+ people on chat when we were logging on, but our prattle room was raided by a full room of bots. RPF maxed 60. We will move on to the Finals. The battle will be this Saturday. All RPF be there! Good job today.”

    Do you think that the RPF earned their spot in the Legends Cup Final or do you think that there needs to be a rematch? Comment bellow with your opinion!

    Why you’d be active: I am an aspiring writer and author. I also love Club Penguin and its warfare. Why not mix both for practice? I think this is the greatest way to continue learning and developing more skills for my future. Plus, a little pay is nice. Could go to the cinema or buy my girlfriend an ice cream, whatever…

    Any other comments: I am currently an RPF Warrant Officer, but I will try to make the least bias possible in my posts! Hope I get the job! Thanks anyway!

  221. Name:Justin

    Word press

    Past experience: none

    Example post: ACP first time

    Why you’d be active: I have nothing to do and i need cats

    Any other comments: when do I get the job?

  222. Name: Wenny123abc
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: CPAC and SMAC reporting
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I absolutely love to write, and I’m really looking to involve myself in the Club Penguin army community.
    Any other comments:
    I write well, as I’ve previously taken high school honors English classes, and next year I will be taking AP English.

  223. Name: FlappyTheFish (xat name) Ninja O Cool (cp name)
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: The only experience I have really ever had is when I made a website for my army but my army failed so it never got popular
    •Example Post: that was my first post and my nickname isn’t tSnail anymore well it is but I prefer flappy the fish
    •Why you’d be active: I usually am on my computer at least once a day (except if im on holiday) and I love blogging and I have always loved doing events and I thought well I think I should try to become a reporter for CPAC.
    •Any other comments: The armies I have been in are: Dark Warrior’s SWAT Dorito’s Water Viking’s and many more.

  224. Hello Im “DCP1” People Call me by nickname. Hello I would like to know how to make my own army. I know if im already in a army IDK About another one But please I would like to know how I could make my own CP Army Please Someone Respond Soon Thank you 🙂 .

  225. As I said Please respond. 🙂

  226. Name: Maxime T9

    WordPress email:

    Past Experience: I play club penguin since 2012 and i loved it. I have 200+ stamps, I am a lieutenant in Doritos of CP and i am a reporter of the amateur reporting central Monthly Cp News

    Example post:

    Why you’d be active: I didn’t applied for CPAC randomly. First, i live in Greece and i write the biggest and the best english reports in my school. I am one of the most creative kids in my class, since i have born and been able to create i was only buying games. (ok now i don’t play with toys anymore XD) I have over 7 pages on the internet and i am only 12 years old. I also have a youtube channel (in greek). I said all these just to tell you that i have good English vocabulary and that i am very creative.

    Any other comments: I would be very happy if you accept my invitation!

      in the Why you’d be active question i dont wanna say: … to create i was only buying games. I wanted to say: I was only buying creative games. (i just forgot to say creative games)

  227. Name:shaneth999
    Past experience:none
    Example Post:none
    Why you’d be active:im always on
    Any other comments:

  228. Name: Rocks
    WordPress Email: (CP Army Email)
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter, got fired for pretty much preventing a deface.
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I have no life.
    Any other comments: My keyboard isn’t the best, so if there’s ever spelling mistakes that’s why. Also, Flash crashed on XAT sometimes. + I’ve given yp Doxing, and IP Grabbing.

  229. Name: Bad
    WordPress Email: (badboy00924 is wp name)
    Past experience: SMAC top ten maker (SMAC got defaced and now they’re all gone)
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I’m always active and show 100% dedidcationwith anything I sign up for
    Any other comments: nope

  230. Name: Nikunj67
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMATIMES CEO
    Example Post: Cp armies falling

    Cp armies are falling? yes , because CP is banning every recruiter day by day and banning names of armies. Cp armies are not getting recruits. They don’t have enough troops left to let their army rise. All armies are thinking to shut their armies and live their life. Some armies thinking to change from new cp to old cp. People are trying to join cp as a mod and won’t let the cp armies get banned. Is this way good? I think no because other cp mods will be doing their work and 1 or 2 people can’t change the work that CP is doing. Multilogging is also making cp armies die due to people raising opinion on multilogging armies and the creator’s of cp armies have to shut down. These days Cp armies banned a big name Light Troops. Which needed to clos edown because their name was banned and they were not getting recruits. We are trying our best to let cp armies rise.

    Do you think cp armies will rise?
    Comment your opinion.
    Why you’d be active: cause i want to make cpac rise and i want to be a reporter
    Any other comments: Fight The Good fight and Ill be a cpac ceo 1 day

    • am i a reporter?


  232. Name: Adam
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None new to club penguin
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because i have nothing to do
    Any other comments: i can come on at untill around 6:00 PM so sorry

  233. Name: Elizabeth
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I was in ACP, but decided I liked settings things up more then actually battling. I also own and maintain many websites for my school and friends.
    Example Post: At the last Champions Cup, ACP and DW battled to the end. ACP had small size yet great tactics, while DW had large size but lost points for running over judges. CPAC has decided to call this a draw, but they will both likely be returning for the next round.
    Why you’d be active: I love writing and posting on blogs, and I really want to be a part of something for responsibility.
    Any other comments: I will be in the CPAC chat room most of the time 🙂

  234. Name: Raffiki, or Bryce.

    WordPress Email:

    Past Experience: My past experience has consisted of just mainly playing Club Penguin, and meeting differenet people. I started off around 5-6 years ago as a kid and loved it.

    I’ve just recently started playing again and learning about the different Club Penguin Armies, which really fascinated me. I started off in Doritos of CP for about 1-2 weeks and ended up quitting because the leadership in that army wasn’t my cup of tea. (Not trying to start anything)

    After that, I joined RPF which I believed would be a great Army for me to join. They seemed nice, active, and very big. Well, after recently being in it for 3-4 weeks, I learned that the leaders and members starting just leaving and not saying anything. They’d drift off whenever we have battles and wouldn’t say a word. They’d come back the next day being “That was a great battle, loved being in it!” When they were nowhere to be seen!

    Other than that, I just sought that I didn’t really like the leadership of any of the armies, but I enjoy them and writing so I decided to take my skills here. If you could call it that.


    Club Penguin has really been a fascinated social interacting website, and game for many kids, and young adults to play. There really isn’t a age limit! The basis of the site is to connect people together, enjoy the same things, and make a safe environment for kids. You are able to dress up your penguin, and be able to attend events of the game with/without paying!

    Sure, like any other game, you have to pay to get a lot of the “cool” stuff and be able to attend/activate certain features. But I feel that the people at Club Penguin really understand that as little kids play this game, their parents really just don’t want to go out and hand them money for a site that they don’t know about. So they implemented the “Parent System” where the parent inserts their email, and they are able to keep track of what exactly their kid(s) are doing.

    But enough yammering about that, people started seeing Club Penguin as another world. Somewhere they could group up, and go against different groups, which started Armies! Armies first started a while back, where they met up on xat, found other armies, and fought each other! (Not really though) You go around, either spamming emotes, or jokes against the other team to try and overthrown them! Seeing if your army really had what it took to have more people, and be able to defeat anyone standing in your path!

    During the present day, that is still happening. With more and more penguins joining the cause, they’re able to expand their army, create more armies, and have more battles than what used to be just 2 big armies versus each other!

    Why’d you be active: I love writing and expressing myself, and I love Club Penguin, which are the three great things that this site has to offer for me!

    Any other comments?

    Not really, only thing is that I have school and can’t be on writing or on the chat as much as I’d like. I also will try to let you all know if I suddenly have a LOA and can’t do anything for a few days.

    Thank you for your time and I hope I make it in!

    — Raffiki

    • My apologies for my extremely late response.
      Check your email, and try to reach me on xat ASAP. I’m usually on ACP chat.

  235. Name:zoom1232
    Past experience:school newspaper
    Example Post:
    The Snow Ninjas have returned for their fourth generation, under Zach11. Coincidently he is a former Water Ninjas Second In-Command, hopping from the army to lead this generation of the Snow Ninjas. There isn’t much to say about the first generation, other than it was made in 2008. It is not entirely clear who the leader was of this generation, it could have either been Ninja805 or a guy named Thomas Calhoun (his Penguin name is unknown). The 1st Generation wasn’t very known to many, I don’t even know if they had an event. They had no servers either.

    The second generation was created by Djrock85766 & Maks442 in 2012. This generation also had no events, like the first. This generation was considered more successful than the first though for a few reasons. Having a more established website is one of them. It seems that this generation had good intentions, but did not fulfill them.

    The third generation of the Snow Ninjas was made in the year of 2013 by James18120. This Generation was quite small in size, but did better than the 1st and 2nd generations as they didn’t even have an event. On May 9, 2013, James18120 declared that the army was dead. The 3rd generation was able to max 5 at an event and had one server. The army wasn’t having much luck, despite the great name for recruiting.

    Overall, I would say the army is doing very well. Under a solo-leadership this is very good results. They seem to have the US and UK stable, but need to work on their AUSIA. They’ve already surpassed their previous generations, which can only be a good thing. I must say with auto-typing this army has the potential to be a top 5 army on SM Army Press, maybe even pushing for the top 3. Who know, maybe one day they could make number one.
    what do you think of the new Snow ninjas
    Why you’d be active:I love wiring stories on the interesting structure of cp armies.
    Any other comments:Might be inactive if school gets in the way because school is before anything else

  236. name wateribe10
    past expirence school

  237. Name: Baby Flor
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Patriot’s Pen 2 Time Winner – SM Army Central – SM Army Press – Club Penguin Suite – Riffy CP
    Why you’d be active: I’ve always wanted to be noticed in the CP army community. Both of the “CP army veterans” stated in this article may not be as they seem when they were in the armies as they are now, but they reflect aspects of my personality that I’ve wanted to do in armies. I’d gladly do any job I’m bestowed with, as long as it’s not such of a burden. (wary#skback)
    Any other comments: None of importance.

    • talk to me on xat soon

      • Let me find you tho (wary#skback)

        • still cant find u rip me
          check your email

  238. Name: Tryme79

    WP Email:

    Past Experience: Have had experience posting for several different armies, once served in Riffy.

    Post: Note: grammar for this not to be perfect since it’s a comment, but posts will be if I get the job.

    Klondike, CPA Central Head Quarters – Flame posts between IW, DCP, and WV continue.

    Today we see DCP attempt to make mockery towards IW in yet another flame post. As most of you know, we’ve seen over 30 flame posts on IW, DCP, and WV sites. Some have been “proof” of multilogging/multilogging accusations, but others have just been mocking the army it’s directed towards. So, why is this? The most obvious reason is the fact that the war with IW and WV vs DCP left a scar in their relationship. The other key factor was that with IW and WV’s increasing evidence of DCP multilogging. With DCP getting caught, they were mad at IW and WV and the flaming got even worse!

    With this increased hostility, is another World War brewing? We’ve already seen armies like LT and RPF start to hate against DCP. Another big thing we see is on DCP’s site, an increase on mockery posts and a decrease in event posts. With the current war, the threat of a World War still looms, despite DCP’s decreased activity. While DCP claims that the war is invalid, there’s truth and lies about that. With IW, war is valid due to the fact that their treaty expired before they started invading. With WV, invasions before November 1st can be seen as invalid. With LT, war is completely valid. In fact, DCP did show up to one event, which was a defense of Summit vs LT. While the victor is hard to determine since both armies claimed victory, it still is clear that the war with DCP is a definite victory for LT, IW, and WV.

    While it still is clear that DCP is falling apart, rebuilding is expected within the coming weeks. We even see SWAT having sympathy towards DCP. How can DCP rebuild? First of all, completely abolish any people still in the army that multilog. Seond of all, try to regain a stable relationship with their fellow armies. The most important thing, stopping the flaming. The flaming seems to be what can start unrest in an army, with IW and WV being at fault for the flaming too. Will the flaming stop? Maybe, maybe not. For now we must see what the next few weeks show us.

    Here at CPAC, we want your opinion! Will the flaming continue? WIll DCP recover? Comment with your opinion.

    ~Tryme79 Possible CPAC Reporter

    Why I’d be active: I’m the kind of person who’s in the writing business. In fact, I want to be a journalist when I’m an adult. I figured working for a news site like CPAC will help me see the real life of journalism.

    Further Comments: If I get hired, I’ll try my best to be an excellent reporter.

    • damnit, did I make the job or not?

    • Contact me ASAP, please.
      In case we can’t talk, check your email.

  239. Name: Bayleef/Bayleeflight
    Past experience: Not on news centers. CP time played: Around 6-7 years. CP armies: 1 year. Ranks: AFCP 4ic, LT3ic(actual) BMA 2ic Pretzels 2ic ACP lowest mod.
    Thoughts on multilogging
    For those people who may do not know the meaning of this overused word, It is a term used to talk about a user on Club Penguin armies that logs on more than one penguin during a battle. This is considering cheating. It doesn’t helps a army. In fact, it destroys it. If the users get used to multilogging, soon the army will be exposed. Getting away with this is difficult. Some allegations are true, and others are lies, but what can we do if we get discovered?
    First of all, multilogging is a BAD idea. Not even one army should do it. It doesn’t matters if the army is losing sizes, or is in a golden age. Back to the topic…The first thing that you should do if someone has enough proof of you multilogging is to make an apologize post, just as Special Weapons and Tactics did, being honestly enough to confess what they did wrong. Obviously, next is stop doing it. Tell every troop to don’t do it and concientizate every new user about this. Winners never cheat, and cheaters never win.
    As long as you apologize, your army reputation should go a little bit upper. Not everyone is able to say that they multilog.
    Multilog is something that we are living with on Club Penguin Armies right now. There is no need to multilog. It’s better to do a hard work autotyping than doing that.
    So, tell me. What do you think about multilogging? Is it ok when a army is falling? Is it wrong? Tell me your opinions below!

    Why I’d be active: I really enjoy writing and reading, so I have a good vocabulary and grammar, since I learned to read when I was 4 years old. Writing is art, and it’s going to be related to my career probably.

    Further comments: I’ll use all my potential as writer if I get hired. I’ll bring nice sections to this page.

    Thanks for reading
    Bayleef-Cp armies former for 1 year

    • Check your email and contact me on xat ASAP.

  240. Name: Possum03
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I wrote for my school paper and have a wp blog that I write on
    Example Post: Are We Kid Friendly Anymore?
    Club Penguin is supposed to be kid friendly and we support them, or so we think. We have moderated chat rooms but how well are they actually moderated?
    Ok let’s use SWAT and RPF as an example here. So let’s say that a new recruit is looking for an army and there are recruiters for RPF and SWAT on. They go to SWAT chat and find people swearing, making autistic jokes, and maybe even cyberbullying. Then they go to RPF chat and find people calmly talking about kid friendly topics. Which army is the recruit more likely to choose? (I just used RPF and SWAT as examples) Unless they are and older recruit who apparently loves to swear obviously they are going to to choose the more kid friendly army.
    I think a big part of the reason Club Penguin hates us is because not only are we advertising 3rd party websites, but we are advertising 3rd party websites where a younger person or a ¨noob¨ could easily get bullied! If we want to get the people on our side we need them to trust us. That will be the only way we can survive.
    Another problem is our method of recruiting. When we use autotypers and bots it can overwhelm the new recruits and possibly make them scared of us. How about instead of doing events on 1 bar servers do them on 4 or 5 bar servers. People will get to see these battles and wonder what we are doing. That is when we explain and it is a much easier way to get people interested than using an auto typer. True there is the disadvantage of potential lockouts and rogues but get an advantage in possible recruits.
    So if you want to keep your army a safe place for kids keep the following in mind

    Make responsible owners and moderators who your recruits will trust and want to be around.

    Don’t swear or bully in any way. This is a great way for a kid or their parents to get upset

    Try recruiting by events instead of autotypers.
    Always keep an optimistic attitude and be sure to welcome new recruits to chat 🙂

    So what do you think? Do you think this could help us become more kid friendly? Comment your opinion down below.

    Why you’d be active: I am really getting into writing and to enhance my skills I think working for cpac would be a good experience for me.
    Any other comments: You will be able to find me most of the time on the doritosofcp chat and I hope you consider me for this position 🙂

  241. Name: Fluffy
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None in news sites; I have done CP cheats for the Nachos in the past.
    Example Post:

    Hola Nachos!
    I was playing around with Google Chrome apps, and I found a theme creator. I decided to put this app to good use and made us a theme! Now without further ado, here is the Nacho Army Google Chrome Theme!

    Here is what the theme looks like!
    Click “Continue Reading” for the steps on how to download!

    Go to
    before we start!
     STEP ONE: 
    Click the Green “Apply Theme” button

     STEP TWO: 
    At the very bottom of the page, a box pops up that says “Extentions, apps, and themes can harm your computer. Are you sure you want to continue?” Click the box that says “Continue” as this is virus free!

    Towards the center of the page, a new box pops up that says “Add Nacho Army? Click the “Add” button, and you’re all finished!

    Viva Los Nachos!
    Fluffy 9404
    Nacho Army 4ic
    Sombrero News Network CEO

    Why you’d be active:I’ve been interested in working at CPAC for some time now.
    Any other comments:N/A

  242. Name: Apollo
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: CPAC Reporter // SMAP EP // SMAC AP
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I’ve been contemplating about becoming a CPAC reporter for quite some time.
    Any other comments: Nope :)!

  243. Name: DrFlen

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: CPAC & SMAP Reporter.

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I am in 9th grade and I really don’t have much to do for next 1. My winter Break’s are also approaching so I don’t have much to do.

    Any other comments: Nope.

  244. Name: Kathywaffy
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAC/SMAP Reporter
    Example Post: ……!
    Why you’d be active: I can access a computer whenever and where-ever.
    Any other comments
    I think i’d be a good candidate.

  245. Name: Jack7813
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: Been in CP Army’s for around 3 years
    •Example Post: CP Army history
    Club penguin armies originally started as the “color wars” starting during the sports party of 2006. Their was no central leader ship nor websites just players role playing to be on either team Red or Blue. These events were known as the color wars or WWI. WWII was known as the “Clan Wars”, these were the early developments of current day CP armies. The most notable clan was The Romans Of CP, who wore the icon Roman Helmet and sometimes the Viking Helmet. WWIII Occurred when the ACP declared war on the UMA after the UMA attacked the ACP held server Mammoth, The UMA responded with “Bring it on” and accepted. The UMA allied with the Nachos and other armies. While the ACP was greatly outnumbered and lost many battles, they managed to pull through with some of their battles do to great battle tactics and strategy. But still the ACP was practically forced to surrender, the UMA was unstoppable and taking over until a rebellion started by Commando717 was being led. He called his group the RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) this rebellion created an entire new army which is still active today (but that’s another story).
    •Why you’d be active: Because I love CP armies and the CPAC community is amazing, I’ve always wanted to become a CPAC reporter.
    •Any other comments
    Please note that I am fairly busy during the week with school and what not, but I will still be able to check the site each day. I will do my best to get at least one article through a week. Please consider my application thanks! 🙂

  246. haroonniaz12
    example post ;

    i will be active because this is only thing i will do in cpa as part time so you know
    past ..:dwnc for a year

  247. mostly at dwbase chat

  248. Name: Maxime T9
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Monthly CP News President
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I will be active because club penguin armies are the only thing that I like so much 😉
    Any other comments: Firstly, I would be very happy if u chose me. Secondly, do I have any instructions before publishing a post? e.g Do I have to save the post as “Pending” ?

  249. Percy
    SMAC reporter in training
    Example post and Those reports are for small armies, but thats how it would be with me. If I got accepted for CPAC I would write posts like that but with armies on our top ten. I would be active because Christmas break is coming up. Also I love CP armies. And I would love too work at CPAC!!!

  250. Haroonniaz
    Example post: Ice Box, LT Nation -After shutting down for nearly a month, The Light Troops decide to reopen their gates once again. Like before, we are expected to see similar LT crew running LT, and Waterkid along with his crew will lead LT. Earlier on October 17th, Light Troops were resurrected on by former leader and legend Dr Matt, With a shocking yet surprising news for the community and initiative of “Titan Era”
    In which we saw several wars which were faced by Light Troops’ empire. Firstly, the war against the Doritos where Light troops reached the sizes of 30-35.
    The Light Troops Announce Return

    Then Light Troops Declared war on army of Club Penguin where they entered a small period of depression They only managed to muster up 15 troops at their UK invasion of ‘Bunny Hill’ and a feeble 6 in an ‘AUSIA’ invasion of ‘Berg’. However, things took a turn for the good on November 1st, where their sizes rocketed back up in their invasion of Below Zero, which saw them hit sizes of 40. This invasion also marked the end of the war that they claimed to have been victorious in, as they claimed to have taken every single server from the Doritos Empire, Later they declared war on Swat. The fall of “Titans era” began when Dr.Matt retired due to family issue and hence, Waterkid immediately took action. The following is an excerpt from this post:
    I was optimistic about DrMatt reviving LT because I was about to have my 1 week off school, so I would be available to help him. However, it is evident that the Light Troops cannot have a stable leadership. For all of you who were excited about the return, I am sorry to disappoint you. I mean, you know something is wrong when Dr Flen is a temporary leader of the army, I hate that kid. The Light Troops will remain dead. The ”Titan Era” will still be remembered as DrMatt’s Light Troops. He did a good job in this generation and he should be proud.
    LT “Titans era” on the record however was successful where they reached 50* Troops. Alright, enough with a background, now coming back to the point. On 13th December, 2015, Waterkid announces Light Troops’ return as for providing fun to Troops during the Christmas break. They will have their reopening event on 20th December, 2015.
    What do YOU think? Will this era be as successful? Will the light Troops emerge as a massive force in CPA? or will they shut down again?
    Comment your views below.
    Haroon Niaz

    Why I’d be active: I really enjoy writing and reading, I figured that working for a news site like CPAC will help me see the real life of journalism. Writing is art, and it’s going to be related to my career probably.

    Further comments: I’ll use all my potential as writer if I get hired. I’ll bring nice sections to this page.

  251. Name: Watertribe10
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Dcp, rpf, takis
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: because i been wanted to work here for a while
    Any other comments: N/A

  252. Name: Starlord073

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: I did do stories for my school paper for a bit, and would like to get back into writing. I definitely would love the practice because I am thinking about a career in creative writing.

    Example Post:
    World War 3?
    Many armies have been speculating the possibility of an all-out CP Army war. Tension has been building, and armies are collapsing, but many are also growing and getting stronger by the minute. But could it really lead to a total war of the CPA community?
    As many of you know, the Dark Warriors and the Army Republic are currently at war. It is very heated, and both sides are determined to win. It has also been heard that recently the Doritos have declared war on the Army Republic. While the AR is ignoring this declaration until they get a stronger standing with the DW, they are still a strong force to reckon with. The Water Vikings are also at war with the Ice Warriors; both are extremely tough armies.
    I feel the most important standing in a war is your allies. How can you win a war without a little support from other armies? Let’s look a little into the alliances that have been formed. The Army Republic has two very major allies: The Nachos and the Water Vikings. The Dark Warriors are allied with the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and the Doritos.
    When you think into this, you can see very clearly why all this speculation is popping in. An army’s allies are warring with their enemies. A total war is on the horizon, and it is a hard thing to avoid.
    Those in an army might be thinking, isn’t there any way to prevent this? There could be, but that is up to all of your leaders. Some armies have leaders that just do not seem cut out for the job. This does lead to corruption and eventual collapse, but until that point they may make some… Interesting… decisions. Such as a decision to war with an army too strong for their own good. Other armies, though, are lucky to have their leaders be in charge. Many armies, such as the Army Republic, are leading their team on a straight path to domination in battles.
    Back to my main point, this possible ‘World War 3’ may seem like something to tear the community apart. Do you think it can? Or do you think it will make this community stronger, forcing out the weak and bringing to the table the strongest armies and alliances to ever come to the CPA community? This decision is a tough one, and we are working diligently to prepare for this total war.

    Why you’d be active: While I do have an extracurricular activity, I still find myself with plenty of free time. Seriously… too much, its kind of sad.

    Any other comments: I am very motivated to become a CPAC reporter and will be very diligent in my work. 🙂

  253. Badboy
    I forgot my email but my wp name is bignigger10
    My past experience is being CPAC author 5 times, hoping for a shot at redemption and some christmas spirit from you faggots
    Example post:
    I probably wouldn’t be active, but seeing that Mach hasn’t made a post in like two years, I figured being active here wasn’t taken seriously.
    Any other comments: If you don’t hire me ill kill your family

  254. Name: Reev
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: No experience.
    Example Post: Good Day Everyone, The Top 10 Army has been posted.(1) The Light Troops Is Leading, (2T) Army Republic, Doritos, Water Vikings, (5) Nachos, (6) Rebel Penguin Federation, (7) Army of CP, (8) Dark Warriors, (9) Air Force, And the last but not the least (10) Jalapeno Army. And There’s A poll of who will win The Christmas Chaos V in the website
    Why I’d be active: I Have More Time In My Hobby (Writing, Reading, And Knowing The News.
    Any other comments: I do Not Own The Information Of This Report, The CPA CENTRAL Does. And wishing You A Merry Christmas.

  255. how do we get our payments as said in the top ” Payments: Since the CPA Central team makes money from the website, we decide to pay our hard-working reporters who meet our criteria. “

  256. Name: Reev
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Beginner
    Example Post: Hello Guys Reev Here, Well Are You Waiting For The Top 10 Club Penguin Army? Here They Are…

    1. Light Troops [NEW!][82.61]

    2T. Army Republic [+2][72.50]

    2T. Doritos [-1] [72.50]

    2T. Water Vikings [+1] [72.50]

    5. Nachos [+1] [68.00]

    6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [63.00]

    7. Army of CP [+2] [59.91]

    8. Dark Warriors [-3] [56.00]

    9. Air Force [+1] [55.00]

    10. Jalapeno Army [NEW!] [50.09]

    Well If You Say That Water Vikings is Better Than Light Troops or Anything Wrong With It Fell Free To Say At The Comment Section Below. As Soon As You Will Say WV is better than LT Comment Bellow So I Will Report To The CPA CENTRAL As Fast As I Could.
    Why you’d be active:
    Any other comments

  257. Name: Reev
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: 1’st Timers
    Example Post:
    Hello Guys Reev Here, Well Are You Waiting For The Top 10 Club Penguin Army? Here They Are…
    1. Light Troops [NEW!][82.61]
    2T. Army Republic [+2][72.50]
    2T. Doritos [-1] [72.50]
    2T. Water Vikings [+1] [72.50]
    5. Nachos [+1] [68.00]
    6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [63.00]
    7. Army of CP [+2] [59.91]
    8. Dark Warriors [-3] [56.00]
    9. Air Force [+1] [55.00]
    10. Jalapeno Army [NEW!] [50.09]
    Well If You Say That Water Vikings is Better Than Light Troops or Anything Wrong With It Fell Free To Say At The Comment Section Below. As Soon As You Will Say WV is better than LT Comment Bellow So I Will Report To The CPA CENTRAL As Fast As I Could.
    Why you’d be active: Well My Hobby Is Reading Writing And Knowing the news And I Spent 1/2 Day Of My Hobbies.
    Any other comments:
    Note: I don’t own any of this the CPA CENTRAL DOES And This Is Just An Example Post.

  258. Name: Tamiyami
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: I have written two posts thus far on the ACP website and nearly all the posts on the Time Lords of Club Penguin army site.
    •Example Post:

    Today, a renewed phoenix rises from the ashes of its former self. The leadership of an army is an immortal rank, to live, die, and be born once more as long as the army lives, for all armies that have ever existed in our community. And today we witness the birth of yet another leader, a fresh new mind to lead the oldest army ever created in our society, as the older, experienced, and the robust phoenix that lived and prospered now retires, to search for opportunity elsewhere. The Army of Club Penguin now welcomes King Mondo, US leader and former 2ic to the throne of its democracy. With Sidie, ACP’s Ausia leader, now gone and the war on the Light Troops leading to its climax, can Mondo continue Sidie’s work to rebuild the army and conquer victory against the light troops? Can Mondo bring forth change in the army community and denounce multilogging for the crime that it is? The horizon holds the answer to our questions, and the future, though uncertain, may hold ACP’s return of power and becoming, as it once was, the best army in club penguin.

    •Why you’d be active: I enjoy writing – it allows me to express things that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to express, just as music does for me. I value the press in the club penguin army community, and wish to contribute to this stature of our importance.
    •Any other comments: Even if I am not chosen, I wish the best of luck to those who are. CPAC needs fresh writers – a new perspective on the events to come. Times are changing, and with them, so must our perspective on world events from the press. You are the gateway to our knowledge, the bringer of light to hide the darkness of ignorance. Your power is great, and through words, you can unleash wars and maybe even bring an end to them before they begin. Utilize this power well, my friends, and let the people know what is going on – for they are blind and you are their eyes. Just don’t dement the view.

    • email changed to

  259. Name: Leo James
    •WordPress Email:
    •Past experience: I am a very fast writer in real life and on the computer. I am very good at writing and very grammatical (all my writing is always correct).
    •Example Post: I have not yet been to any army battles so here is one I made up:
    Live at Snow Forts, there is a battle between Puffle Army (made up) and EPF Club Penguin (made up, sort of). The Puffle Army is hosted and made up by penguins accomplished by their puffles. EPF Club Penguin are a group of penguins (mainly from the EPF team) who fight evil and protect the island. There are snowballs flying everywhere and many penguins are watching this just outside the battlefield. You can get some more live updates later but that is all for now! 🙂
    •Why you’d be active: I would be active because I dont really get that busy and I never really have anything to do. I really do try my best when there is something very important going on or I feel important.
    •Any other comments: I hope I get chosen but if I don`t, I totally understand. 🙂

  260. Name: Barack Bin Trump
    Past: ceo of cp terrorist central
    Post: pussy allah Akbar
    Active: im free everyday expect Thursday
    Comment: my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars

  261. name:e pengo wordpress email: past experience: im a write rfor cp times and irl in write newspapers for my town part time example post: Shocking news and this form of news is nothing anyone thought would happen ALL CP ARMIES SHUT DOWN………. as a new update to club penguin it is now 3D were has this left all us read more here (the web link) why i would be active: i would be active becuase i love co cpa and cpac and i want to do my best and help well thats me done all i have to say now is well I LOVE CPAC

  262. Name: Hannah Feng (Funrioustv on CP)
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I am a former newspaper writer, and I’d love to put that effort into CP News.
    Example Post:

    Rebel Penguin Federation logged on for a competitive battle on Tuesday. They declared war on Nachos, and the Nachos say that “RPF made the wrong option.” RPF maxed a whopping 73 penguins, Nachos being close enough to max 48. This was an extreme level of difficulty for both armies, but RPF brought home the victory.
    Why you’d be active: Trust me, I have A LOT of free-time on my PC. There’s really nothing to do, and I’d love to spend some time here helping out CPAC and writing a few posts.
    Any other comments: Email me at to tell me about my entry and if it’s accepted. Thanks!

  263. Name:sam mitchell
    Past experience:lots
    Example Post:rpf is winning this war

    Why you’d be active:because i love cp
    Any other commentsno

  264. Name:GrowtopiaPla
    Past experience:I Have Been On TV Before Siblings Too.
    Post:Example:Hello Fellow Club Penguin Players Im Happy To Announce That CParmyCentral Is A Champion For The Club penguin Battle Competition They Won Over 10 Times!Thats AMAZING!
    Active: im free everyday but not Saturday & Sunday.
    •Any other comments: I hope I get chosen

  265. Name: Cul8rsl
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: None.
    Example Post: Nope.
    Why you’d be active: Taking the ACT next year so I’m looking to become a better writer in my downtime.
    Any other comments: I don’t need payments.

  266. Name: Masterpixel1
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: A few weeks ago I tried to set up a news blog on Blogger for Club Penguin Armies. I only made about two issues, then decided I wanted to work here.
    I also have my own army I started recently called Pixel Penguins.
    Example Post:

    (heading)XAT HACKED?

    Good evening. I’m here to report a glitch that seems very important. Whenever you try to log onto Xat, it just pushes you back and logs you out. This allows no communication between armies.
    Why you’d be active: I’m almost always online on Wednesday and Thursday.

  267. Name: Cynical
    Wordpress: (don’t judge)
    Past: I work for the school news and I write stories at Sokol
    Post: Doritos of club penguin return from lockdown
    Summit-DCP capital

    The Doritos of club penguin announced they’re return on Sunday, January 31st 2016. We see the return of two leaders and the return of a familiar face.

    On January 17th 2016, Trader current DCP leader announced the lockdown of the Doritos of Club Penguin. Before the lockdown DCP were already dealing with great turmoil within the leadership. Sprite former DCP leader was banished from the army for bot raiding and multi-logging. Trader current DCP leader was given a warning as he promised not to multi-log again. Badboy was put on put on trial but he ended being fired anyways. Bam and West were accused but were forgiven as if it was true it was in the past or in some other army.

    “Sprite has been fired and banished from the Doritos Army for his multilogging and bot raiding; We felt that right off the bat, the removal of Sprite was a necessity, as he represented everything we wanted the Doritos to be against. Within our ranks, two former leaders by the name of Bam and West had been accused of multilogging, be it in the past or during their time in other armies, and have since been migrated to ACP. During Sprites fit of anger over being removed he leaked “Bad’s” multilogs, though they may have been his own. Whatever the case, Badboy will stand trial for these accusations, regardless of whether or not I believe his innocence. Along with these people already mentioned, there have been allegations against Trader, whom was accused in ACP. While the DCP gives refuge to all those who seek it, and while Trader has already promised he isn’t multilogging anymore, I have already informed Trader that if he is multilogging for the Doritos, he will lose his rank and be banished.”
    The post by Mach

    I told you not to! You said you wouldn’t! You thought it was all a front?
    You can’t open up extra tabs cause it takes away the fun, it’ll make our army diediedie and it’ll make clubpenguin blogs write about us. I mean yeah, people are gonna hate when you dominate (iMnotArappeR) but that doesn’t mean you can actually become a sinner! Silly goose, now I have to fire you!
    DCP doesn’t multilog, we never have. Only a fucking moron within this army multilogged, and he got removed for it. Do your own research, just because we don’t reply to those little ole’ essays doesn’t mean we’re guilty. Truth is not measured by mass appeal. Don’t play yourself…”
    Mustapha firing badboy

    On the same day Badboy was fired Trader released a post saying

    “Doritos Army is locked down until further notice.
    Do not remove this post.
    We will be back.
    -Trader, DCP Leader”

    “Two weeks later DCP came out of lockdown and returned under a new leadership. Trader, Mustapha and a DCP legend and former leader Lorgey.

    “Hello there!
    I’m your new leader, Logrey. Most of you probably aren’t familiar with my name, unless you’ve been around armies for a while. I’m a DCP legend, I led back in 2010-2011 during Wwe’s era of DCP, and I was so happy to come back and see DCP was still living strong and still thriving in present day. I even saw you guys were the best army of 2015, which is a magnificent accomplishment in my eyes. I look forward to working with each and every one of you, and I hope I can do as much as I can to keep DCP the best in my time here. That’s all for now!
    -Logrey, DCP Leader & Legend”
    Post by Lorgey, DCP leader and Legend

    It states above that Lorgey led from 2010-2011 . He was the 18th leader of DCP. He was one of the earliest troops to join. Joining 2 days after the creation of the DCP.

    Since DCP returned they have had two events and have already declared war. On the first event which was a training session on Pine needles, DCP maxed 42 with decent tactics.

    DCPS first event from returning

    Their second event was also a training session, were they maxed 45+ and had 75+ on chat.
    DCPS most recent event.

    On February 2nd DCP declared war on FW who are 2nd in the top ten. Their was no specific reason stated to why they are going to declare war.
    The post is below

    “DCP returned last night, and had a unscheduled event after two weeks of lockdown and pulled up great results with over 70 on chat and over 40 on CP. We will move forward from here. Invasions will be posted.”

    It seems to me DCP declared war just so they could have events and make sure that the troops are all hyped.

    Do you think with this new leadership will DCP be able to be a mighty force? Do you think they can beat the Fire Warriors in this war? Comment below your thoughts

    Don’t have anything really to do and I want to try and be a better writer.
    Any other comments: it’s long, I’m sorry

    • Ah crap, the photos didn’t show up 😦

    • Why is my comment still waiting. For fucks sake

  268. drake and flen are trying to destroy rpf

  269. Name: Drake8893
    WordPress Email: Drake8893
    Past experience: CPAC Author. Then Elm boycotted CPAC and I stopped posting resulting in my expected removal.
    Example Post:
    Satire post, but it displays what I can type up in a timespan of 20-30 minutes with no drafts or revisions.
    Why you’d be active: To see how far I can go. I’d like to practice my writing while I’m out of school. My posts as an army leader are for the eyes of club penguin recruits, limiting what I can do.
    Any other comments: I’ll outflex these scrub reporters like Luis.

  270. justin89205



    i would like to be a reporter because i think im ready to put my writing skills to the test and thats where i found u guys looking for a reporter or writer that can be loyal trustworthy of being a reporter/writer thats all i got say but i hope u let me get the job thank you.

    i really hope u let me get this job

  271. Name:shahee vita
    Past experience:this is so awesome
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:because i am active always
    Any other comments:no

  272. Name: My name I prefered to be called by is Rythmix

    WordPress Email:

    Past Experience: I work for SMAC aswell

    Example Post: Recently posted on SMAC

    Why you’d be active: I love to write so I am always writing.

    Any other comments: You can also speak to me through xat at

  273. Name: I prefer to be called Conceited. :3
    WordPress Email: (so you can invite me)
    Past experience: Former DCP 3ic and leader
    Example Post: I do not prefer to share this, as I do not want to go digging through wordpress posts and archives all day.
    Why you’d be active: I like to write and I get an A in every grade @ school
    Any other comments: No. If you have any business inquiries you can contact me through a couple of social medias.

    Twitter: Real4207b
    Youtube: Real4207b
    KIK: LordJoniferCoC
    Tapatalk: 4207b
    Google+: PhireFox RBLX

  274. Name: Antech
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience:none
    Example Post:no experience
    Why you’d be active:because im active like that
    Any other comments:no.

  275. Name: DieIWSArmy
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I am a web developer so Ik how to install plugins/Themes/pages, And I can write very good.

    Example Post: March Madness, Who will win? nobody knows but we will find out, I think Rebel Penguin Federation will win this big event but they have some competition with ACP and Night Rebels. They are all good but whoever wins this wins it all. We will be here for all march madness to see the big event either jeopardizing or helping a army win servers. Lets hope our favorite Ice Warriors compete with RPF this year. RPF seems very tough so lets keep our eyes out for the army. Surely my bet is on RPF a strong good army, but ACP is a very fast responsive army to requests and tactics and are very neat. RPF will have to be on earlier to practice there skills. Who knows who will win. Stay tooned for March Madness and CPA Central.

    Why you’d be active: I love recording armies actions, I am not a power hungry freak like some people. I am on everyday so I can make posts every 2 days maybe.
    Any other comments:

    Skype : Officialmcyou
    Maturity : 9/10
    Age : 15
    English Skills : 9/10
    Grade : Freshman (9th)
    Access to Internet : Every week but not weekends. (sometimes when I dont goto my dads)
    Accessibility : Not on weekends
    Skills in WordPress/Web Development : 10/10
    Coding : 5/10
    Python Coding: 7/10
    Love for CPAC : 10000000/10

  276. Name: Superhero123
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter, CPAF Reporter, CPANM CEO
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I have a lot of free time to spend on making posts for CPAC.
    Any other comments: Nah

    • Post is good so far, but should be longer. Ideally we would ask for around 500 words minimum for a report. Could you add more detail and re-comment?

      • Sure!

      • Alright see it now. It’s 550 words approximately.

  277. Name:Dan


    Past experience:VP in CPLN News Site and Senior Editor in CPLN Staff Site

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active:Yes

    Any other comments:Please Give me a Good Rank!

  278. Name: Superhero123
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter, CPAF Reporter, CPANM CEO
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I have a lot of free time and I love blogging and CP Armies.
    Any other comments: I learn fast and I like cookies.


  280. Name: Pearlyninja
    Past experience: School blog got an A
    Post: Today there was a battle RPF VS LT. LT cheated because they multi logged used bots and entered the room early so RPF could not get in. We have one army boasting about winning while the other army is mad because of cheaters. LT is the number one army on this site but do they deserve it. Multi logging and entering the room early is really bad but using bots is the worst of them all. RPF is mad saying that nobody one because LT cheated which should be true. This may be a cause for war. If RPF and LT go into war it will be a catastrophe. On the LT site they claimed to have “smashed RPF” which is completely utterly absolutely WRONG. RPF wants justice now and they will get it. For those who do not know multi logging is when a user signs into multiple accounts at oncE and bots are fake cp users used to advertise or say stuff. Why would LT cheat well I think it’s because they don’t want to stop being the number one army or because they don’t want people to leave. So LT cheated lets see what RPF does next.
    Why you’d be active: Because I love blogging and people need the truth. I also do not have much to do and I write and type all the time.
    Any other comments: My post is completely true

  281. Name: Wheelo
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Former CPAC reporter, 3+ years CPA experience.
    Example Post: Can’t recall one for you now, but I will say I have an excellent command of English.
    Why you’d be active: I feel CPAC has gotten pretty inactive right now. I’d like to bring some life to the site.
    Any other comments: PC me on chat

  282. Name: Rockelle2447

  283. Hey. It’s been a long time, but I’ve reported for about every blog there had been for CP army media. Although I have moved a bit away from Club Penguin, I could easily come back to report, but I would prefer to be a philosopher if there was a spot. If I recall correctly, I worked here for around a month or two under Bluesockwa’s control, not sure if he still works here. But I worked at SMAC for 4 years straight, and you can see my previous posts there or you can talk to Jodie or somebody. I graduated with a degree in creative writing and such, and would love to come back to the community and contribute my skills. Thanks again. -Pengton19

    • Find me on chat or shoot me an Email at

      • Done. 😉

        • Check e-mail 😉

  284. Name: RebelRover
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP, SMAC Reporting
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active:
    Any other comments:

  285. Name: RebelRover
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP, SMAC
    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because of my experience and of the amount of time I can spend on one post.
    Any other comments: No.

  286. Name: Zoomey
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAC & SMAT
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I enjoy creative writing and I’d enjoy writing for CPAC.
    Any other comments:

  287. Name: Kerbasso
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: none
    Example Post: RPF vs. Nachos
    ‘The RPF made the wrong decision to battle the Nachos’ says one of the Nachos top leaders. this was a comment on the recent battle that took place among the two armies. A heated rivalry between these two armies has never failed to bring us fiery battles and excellent war fair. Maybe next time the RPF will emerge victorious.
    Why you’d be active: I am really passionate about journalism and creative writing.
    Any other comments: I think that i would be an asset to the CPAC and hope you pick me.

  288. Name: DieIWSArmy

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience:

    I’ve worked for another CP News place I just can’t remember the name and We’d do daily reports on news and armies to get the information out
    We’d use our tool to send emails to tell everyone. I usually write a Huge Post about whats happening I’d spice the details up with extra words that are very extraordinary.

    Example Post:

    Dear Penguins of all armies! We bring you huge news of the war with Rebel Penguin Federation vs Ice Warriors
    We have photos to prove that a Ally of RPF Exposes Silvburg showing that he is going to forfeit from the battle We heard in the last post that Elmikey and Silvburg were argueing and roasting eachother then we seen
    Flen IW Advisor say “Elmikay needs to goto “collage” and stop f**king with other armies” as you see They wanted war and then leaked the photo to kill IW’s chances at revenge or
    successful war.

    The photo that Silv wanted secret was released leading to RPF being the Victory Army in the Battle. We now know Silvburg wasn’t going to fight and
    isn’t being the person he said He would be. Leading IW to Victory agaisn’t RPF a Major Winning Extraordinary Army. Leading in Top #5 so many times.
    in my opinion I don’t think Ice Warriors had a Chance. As we seek for explaination from Silvburg we tell you Rebel Penguin Federation is the dominant army over
    Ice Warriors. Quotes from IW saying “We are copping Fight The Good Fight Sorry not sorry” we now see that Ice Warriors didn’t even have enough
    thinking skills to come up with their own saying. That is it with the news today on RPF vs IWS. Stay Tuned for more news!

    Reported by – DieIWSArmy CPAC Reporter

    Why you’d be active:

    I love typing and I like reporting news, It’s very neat to be able to tell everyone what happens between all the armies that still live to this day
    and I understand that there needs to be active reporters for the job. I am up for the task and If I am not active enough you can fire me.

    Any other comments:

    I can code in HTML, PHP, CSS, JQuery, C++, C#, Python, and a Couple other languages. I am 17 years old and my brothers name is
    Ocelot (XAT NAME). I am very active and love typing as I can type up to 120 WPM. I understand the difficulties of being a reporter but would love to join!.

  289. name: OW3NJP
    wordpress email:
    post: smaller armies capitalising. because the bigger armies like iw and rpf are going at each other, the smaller armies are getting chances to invade so they will own more servers. is this some of the bigger armies’ downfall? will the smaller armies get stronger?
    why you’d be active.
    i have alot of experience with many armies but mostly RPF.
    i was an RPF ausia leader in 2013 until i left. i came back last saturday and now im an rpf general

  290. Name:Reflex1
    Past experience:None
    Example Post:THE WORLD MUSIC DAY
    Hey Guys,
    Have you all ever heard the “Music brings people together”,if no then believe it.
    Whether its dancing on the dance floor or a birthday party,music plays an important role in our lives
    So here it is……I bring to you some steps through which you can celebrate the World Music Day on
    Club Penguin:-
    1)Put on a live concert in your igloo or in town.
    2)Rock with your friends by playing the sound studio and dancing on the dance floor.
    3)Bring your band on iceberg and invite some people there and chill with your friends.

    Have any more ideas then please inform me.
    Reflex1,Sergeant,Rebel Penguin Federation.

    Why you’d be active:I dont have much work to do and i was always interested in working with CPA Central.
    Any other comments:No, Thank you.

  291. I have retired RPF and now I am in Water Vikings

  292. Name:AppleJack
    Past experience:None.
    Example Post:RPF Chat Hacked and Bot raids
    As of late, the Rebel Penguin Federation has been suffering many bot raids. A comment by Silverburg is “I’ve never seen this script before” RPF’s chat has also been hacked as of late, by an individual named Joffrey and his Null accomplise. What does this mean for RPF? Let’s take a closer look.
    The scandal of Multilogging was allegedly caused by the leaders Taco And Badboy, resulting in their removal from RPF, To be welcomed back with open arms days later. Joffrey has said “This is the beggining of your end” The leaders of RPF are sure this will not hold them back. They state that RPF has went through tons of the most dedicated people attempting to stop them. The army has lasted nearly a decade and a hacker will not stop them. Also, Joffrey threatend to realease doxes of many people. People have countered that it wass not a hack, but a lucky pastebin. Whether it was or was not, it Does not change that Joffrey did aquire Main Owner through non conventional means. So, what makes Joffrey different than the others that have tried to take RPF down? Only time wlll tell.
    What do YOU thnk?
    Why you’d be active: I’m on alot, and I don’t have much else to do.
    Any other comments: No, thanks.

  293. Name: Dogeth

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: None

    Example Post: WV and IW “beef”
    Recently, there has been a sort of hatred going on between Ice warriors and Water Vikings. Water Vikings have been coming to the IW chat and have been calling them names for some reason. I spoke to Funks, the WV leader, and Ben, and IW owner.
    Ben had said WV started this because they didn’t want Andrew to lead IW, and it isn’t their business on who leads IW. They also think Andrew is a multilogger, but Ben claims he isn’t. Ben claims WV came on and cussed a storm and came on nulls. Andrew posted a warning post on the IW website, which basically states IW had been friendly, but WV became hostile and are claiming things that IW didn’t do. If they continue this, the post says they’ll have hell to pay.
    Moving on to what WV have responded with, Buddy told me that WV doesn’t hate IW right now, but they’ll stay neutral on their feelings for them.
    What do you think will happen in the future? Will they start a rivalry, or will they make peace and call this a bonding moment? Only time will explain this rivalry.

    Why you’d be active: I’m on most of the day, I have nothing else to do.

    Any other comments:None

  294. Name: Dogeth

    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: None

    Example Post: WV and IW “beef”

    Recently, there has been a sort of hatred going on between Ice Warriors and Water Vikings. The Water Vikings have been coming to the Ice Warriors chat and have been calling them names for some strange reason. I spoke to Funks, the Water Vikings leader, and Ben, who is an Ice Warriors owner.

    Ben had said Water Vikings started this because they didn’t want Andrew to lead Ice Warriors, and it isn’t their business on who leads Ice Warriors. The Water Vikings also think Andrew is a multi logger, but Ben claims he isn’t. Ben claims Water Vikings came on and cussed a storm and came on as nulls. Andrew posted a warning post on the Ice Warriors website, which had stated Ice Warriors had been friendly, but the Water Vikings had become hostile and are claiming things that Ice Warriors didn’t do. If they continue this, the post Andrew made says they’ll have hell to pay.

    Let’s move on to what Water Vikings have responded with, Buddy, the 2nd in command for Water Vikings stated that Water Vikings doesn’t have hate towards Ice Warriors right now, but they’ll stay neutral on their feelings for them, just in case someone pulls something out of their bag of tricks.

    What do you think will happen in the future? Will they start a rivalry, or will they make peace and call this a bonding moment? Only time will explain what this rivalry will transform into.

    Why you’d be active: I’m on most of the day, I have nothing else to do.

    • Welcome to CPAC!

  295. name alfaboy
    wordpress email
    past experience i was working at one tv channel as a reporter
    example post. legends cup 2016
    rpf had a great win in semi final. Army republic was to small to win. But their brother allies water vikings have tie with nachos and in rematch water vikings have won. There were huge prizes in water vikings army like 100 xats giveaway. Now they are training a lot to win rpf in the final. Nachos besides this big lost they have lost their capital fjord.
    why you will be active. I have lot of time and nothing to do.

  296. Name: Fluffyboy3
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAP Philosopher, SMAP Page maintainer & Positively ACP Reporter
    Example Post: (couldn’t find the real link so I found a wayback archive of it
    Why you’d be active: I’m only in one army and fairly active.
    Any other comments: I do prefer to have more of a non posting role such as maybe a page maintainer, however I’m fine with any role.

  297. Name:e pengo Past experience:In club penguin I got published on the news paper and in my high school I write for the school paper Example Post:Water Vikings have went on lockdown what does this mean? It means rpf are victorious against Water Vikings by DQ RPF I have interviewd some rpf and water Vikings leaders its an all out war RPF going at Water Vikings and WV are going at rpf with all the force they have to read more click this (Web link) Why you’d be active: I would be active because of what I see cpac is a great job and a great opportunity to put my status up in club penguin armies but it just generally looks awesome Any other comments:I just want to say even if I don’t get picked I thank you for reading this and this looks like a great job!

  298. Name:E pengo Past experience:In club penguin I got published and in real life I write for my school paper I am very aware of what needs you need to be a good writer Example Post:Attention all of CPA the Water Vikings are going up against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals of the legends cup to the Water Vikings this is revenge to Rebel Penguin Federation they quote “a walk in the park” for them and that has steamed the Water Vikings up big time the only way this is going to end is an all out war but as I said wv are furious about last year and they want to make a huge comeback and rock the world and leave the Rebel Penguin Federation in the dust RPF want to do likewise to the Water Vikings to read more click this link (Web Link) Why you’d be active:I would be active because working at cpa is my virtual dream I would do hard work and never ever let it go if I some how get the job it will be a dream come true. Any other comments: My last words are that even if I don’t get picked I respect cpac for reading this and I really hope I get the job. Thanks for reading!

  299. name:pakusch112
    wordpress email:
    past exprince armies: wv, lt, nacho,
    past exprince: school newspaper and blog got an A+
    post: blue knights of cp army are losing members and apperantly asking members of other armies to help them with events and stuff. also RPF is recturing on really busy servers when other armies are doing recturing sessions and stuff.
    why would I be active: because I am very active and I love to work hard

  300. Name: Alex42152
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: I was in Ice Warriors for a long time and could achive 2ic and even temporary leader, then founded the first and biggest army which is not english (Wild Ninjas) which has even reached #1 in CPAC Top 10, I´m also a reporter from a local media on social network and report the most important things where I live.
    Example Post: Hi! What´s going on? Today on Sunday, we had the last group round from the anual Champions Cup and had as the first battle of the day Wild Ninjas vs Red Miners. It all started half an hour before the time of the battle was, when the spanish army decided to log on into Klondike on the Beach to start praticing and getting ready for today´s battle, while Red Miners were doing the same but instead, on the Town. On CPAC xat, everyone was getting ready for the battles and even some people were doing their own predictions (which some were really accurate), but when the time to start was it, Sammy (who judged this battle) announced that eveyone should go to the Snow Forts to start the battle. Wild Ninjas reacted fast and were on the Snow Forts since :30, but the Red Miners maybe were AFK because it was :40 and they were still at the Town, so the spanish army won this battle automatically. Now, they are on quarter finals, but it looks like they will face a big army so they must invite a lot of members for the next battle. Thanks for Reading
    Why you’d be active: I have lots of free time and I really love being a reporter in all the aspects, so I would like to help in a website I have been visitng since long ago and which I really like.
    Any other comments: I would really love to be part of the CPAC members, thank you for Reading and I hope you accept me.

    • Thanks for your interest in applying for CPAC! We would accept you but your example post must be 500 words. I know you are Spanish but you should try and also improve your grammar and punctuation. Please try again.


  301. Name: Nikunj67
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: SMAC
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: After spending some time in SMAC I got attracted to reporting.
    Any other comments: Love Reporting

    • Past Experience : SMAC Reporter , RPF 2ic and Great Solider (black legend) , SP Medal.Of.Honor

      • Thanks for applying for CPA Central. Please speak to a member of the CPAC administration on xat so we can get you started up!

        • K


  302. Name: Rebel1
    WordPress Email:

    Past experience: School newspaper
    Example Post: I don’t have one share
    Why you’d be active: Yes
    Any other comments: please let me join

    • Due to your lack of experience, your application has been rejected. If you would like to be considered in the future, please write an example post!


  303. I join two days ago please let me join and i am Rebel1

  304. Name: Matthew4901
    WordPress Email: I wont say it on here.
    Past experience: SMAP and SMAC
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I want to have ago what it feels like to be in CPAC. I want to also learn more.
    Any other comments: Nope

    • If you want me email, contact me on

      • my* typo error lol.

  305. Name: WInston
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: High School Writing/
    Example Post:

    Dark Knights Capital- On December 25th, 2016, Earthing released a post on the Dark Knights blog regarding the return of the once legendary S/M army.

    Since August, the Dark Knights of Club Penguin were declared dead. The last post from the previous generation was written by former leader, Ronnoc. In this post, Ronnoc is pleading to his troops in desperation to find out if the army really is dead. After a lack of comments, the Dark Knights were left as is and the blog fell silent.

    In the previous generation, DK withheld an average size of between 11 and 13 knights at each individual event. Most of these events did happen to be AUSIA events since many of the DK leaders were from asian countries themselves; however, Flame led a few US events.

    Finally; almost three months later, the Dark Knights have returned from death to fight against Army Republic. In his post, Earthing explains that the Army Republic has backstabbed Flame. With that in mind, war is inviteable.

    For the first week of the Dark Knights new embarkment, Earthing and Bullhour will be acting as leaders of the Dark Knight empire. Following that, Flame is believed to then take power. At DK’s first event, they maxed 10 on the server Flurry at an AUSIA training. I do believe this is good for a new army.

    The following day, the Dark Knights then logged onto the server Iceberg in which they reached a sustained amount of ten people on Club Penguin; however, they had over sixteen on chat. With that said, the Dark Knights still need to improve their readiness for battle.

    In conclusion, I fully expect for the Dark Knights to do well during the christmas break. They may even go to as far as top 5 in the weekly ‘Top Ten’ released by the CPAC executives. If this does indeed happen, everyone should be on the lookout for this army. On the other hand, I am uncertain as to how they will perform after Christmas break concludes. After the break, many people do begin to become inactive since they are becoming busy with school and other extracurricular activities. Despite this, I hope that the Dark Knights can be a consistent part of the Top Ten for months.

    Comment below what you think of the Dark Knights return? Will they beat the Army Republic. Share the thoughts YOU have below!

    Future CPAC Reporter

    Why you’d be active: I will be active because I am returning to CP armies and i have more time now. I also have read many posts on this site so I am fully aware of the format.

    Any other comments: None at the moment.

  306. pakki

  307. Name: Kaboomerang
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Predicted a 9 (A**) in English GCSE, written for school newspaper, just enjoy writing really.
    Example Post: Sent a piece to YouWrite the other day. It has my name on it.
    Why you’d be active: I’m not gonna bore you with lies and cliches. The truth is I thoroughly enjoy writing, and I thoroughly enjoy CPA. I won’t slack off and I won’t let you guys down.
    Any other comments: Umm I know how everything works with CPA and I literally have an inability to be biased. Not even joking…

    • You can find me on talk to me

  308. Name:Matthew
    I have written for school newspaper and I also have a 91 in English
    These past days have been a huge week for bot raiders. This week has been known as Bot Raid Week.
    Why you’d be active: I want to spread the word to CP armies what is going around so I can do weekly posts on what is happening
    Any other comments: None

  309. Name:Cj
    •Past experience:I Have been a reporter in GCSE skills

    •Why you’d be active:Cause I luv cpac and I luv news
    •Any other comments:please make me a reporter!

  310. a copy of the form to paste into a comment:

    Name: Rebel1
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: school ewspaper
    Example Post: wrote a post in you write
    Why you’d be active: Yes
    Any other comments:None

  311. Name: Matthew4901
    WordPress Email: I wont say it on here. PC me for it.
    Past experience: SMAP and SMAC
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I want to have ago what it feels like to be in CPAC. I want to also learn more about Grammar, and other types of things.
    Any other comments: Nope

    • a go*

  312. Name: Conor (xat name)
    WordPress Email: commanderrocks
    Past experience: I was a SMAC reporter once, however, I do not count that as my writing completely sucked then, it still does suck, but sucks much much less.
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: I love writing, I find it really enjoyable, as well as going out researching a topic to write on it. Even if it wasn’t a CPA thing, I’d still love to share my writing with people.
    Any other comments: Not really, but if I was hired, I did notice the part where it says you get paid?
    Don’t pay me for anything, if I’m hired. Being able to write is enough for me. Thank you.

  313. Name: *AwesomeTaker
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: I was CPANN reporter and CPA guardian Reporter and I also am currently my high schools lead newspaper writer.
    Example post: Chaos in RPF’s capital Tuxedo – So the new year has came by and all armies are trying to make this year the best they possibly can. That’s what RPF are trying to do but have failed by a long shot. just today RPF leader Elmikey cut down on promotions to apparently “keep troops from begging for promotions or else a permeate banishment”. This behaviour smart or not has driven most of the Rebel Penguin Federation’s Mods, members and *even some owners*. Elmikey says as I quote “This is the way all Club Penguin armies should be treating their troops, begging for ranks is just becoming bigger by the second and some armies like the ACP are falling for this”. I *personally* think begging for high ranks in an army is a bad thing but banning a troop of your own army for it? not a chance. I can see were Elmikey is coming from but these people give up some of their day to help Elmikey and the rest of RPF in events. RPF leader Chip teams up with the majority of RPF and says that “this is a complete disgrace and a waste of power and that he should be using his power to promote good troops”. And Chip has a lot of facts in those words, I and most people think that Elmikey should be keeping an eye out for great troops instead of wondering off and banning “ok” ones. But we here at CPAC want to hear what *YOU* think! So please leave a comment!

    CPAC REPORTER (In blue)

    ~AwesomeTaker (In Red)

    Why would I be active?: Not only because this community is great, but the community of armies needs to know what is happening and needs to understand it. And I personally love CPAC, it is a great news network and has a lot of great reporters and CEO’s I don’t Know if I can keep up with you all but if I get picked with the lucky few I pledge I will but 100% dedication into my work.

    Any other comments: CPA is a holism and I truly want whats best for it and I really want everyone to be aware of whats going on. I truly love this community. And I really don’t need paid to do this, if I get picked the first thing I’m doing is going to the CEO and saying I don’t want paid, because I truly don’t deserve to.

    PS. Sorry about the example post it took me 30 minutes to think of something but please keep in mind it will be about 70% better when I have an actual real story with facts to report.

    Thanks for reading.


    – Throws Smoke Bomb. See I do have a fun side XD.

  314. Name: Matthew4901

    WordPress Email: vikingsvictorh101

    Past experience: SMAP and SMAC

    Example Post:

    Why you’d be active: I want to have ago what it feels like to be in CPAC. I want to also learn more about Grammar, and other types of things.

    Any other comments: Yes, please accept me in as Reporter in training. 🙂

    • We would be interested in making you a reporter in training, I have sent you and invitation to the Main Site and Staff Site.

  315. Name: Luke

    WordPress: GreenNinjasCPBlog

    Past Experience: I am an EX CPAC Reporter and I work part time for my school newspaper.

    Example Post: So, as you may or may not know Club Penguin Armies have been slightly drifting away for a while now. Many people have tried to think of solutions to save this Community, but is it really possible? I will take you deep into the thoughts and solutions some people have thought of and hopefully come out with some sort of conclusion.

    Club Penguin Armies are a big community, people are joining every day. I personally came to this community in mid-2013 and it was huge, but since then it has slowly faded away. No one wants to say goodbye to online friends and all the fun we have had together. When I joined CP armies I don’t remember that much bots spamming on Club Penguin saying the likes of “Join this army” ECT. Nowadays, I have, to be honest without being bias, but people have been spamming bots on Club Penguin. Not only is this putting kids/teens off Club Penguin armies and eventually they will start thinking we are killing the Game Club Penguin. I personally have a big of a solution. I think we need to re-think our ways of recruiting and recruit on Club Penguin as well as other popular games, such as Roblox and Minecraft private servers and even CPPS.ME . But all that is just my thoughts.

    Some people say we need to completely shut down this community and that “we need to say goodbye” I find that idea horrible. Who says we need to say goodbye. Let’s reunite this community or at least what’s left of it even though it’s not certain.

    I think we are going to live on. I think we will get even bigger. Let’s make this the best we can! Nothing lasts forever

    We here at CPAC want to hear what *YOU* think!
    So please leave a comment!

    CPAC reporter

    Why would I be active?: Because Club Penguin Armies does not last forever and I want to make the most of it! And it’s my dream to work for CPAC. If I don’t get the job, thanks anyway, dudes.

    Any More comments: Thanks for reading!

    -Jumps away in ninja action-

    PS. email is ”

  316. Name: Samsungy
    WordPress Email: Samsungw
    Past experience: SMAC CEO
    Example Post:
    Why you’d be active: Because I enjoy posting news
    Any other comments: N/A

    • Hi,
      Obviously someone of your experience would be welcomed straight into the CPA Central ranks.
      I’d like to meet up on ACP chat, what time is best?

      • I don’t really mind. Maybe I could contact you on kik, perhaps.
        My kik is LordSamsungy.

  317. Name:Tsubasa1
    Past experience:My school’s performance task(lol)
    Example Post:RDCP GET DEFACED I’m here at he RDCP site and as you can see the home page and the empire looks good BUT when we go to the ranks it says “no one joins” confusing right? But when we got to the history page it says “RDCP ID DEFACE” which I think ID means IS and when I go to the chat THE CHAT IS BROKEN before guest can chat BUT now its SUBSCRIBERS ONLY chat but the desc says that RDCP is back from deface so they might fix the RDCP site and chat and become an army again, or are they gonna be too late and then give up or cp closes by the time they’re done?We will see soon
    Why you’d be active:Because I’m Ausia and I wake up early and sleep late so I can be active when you are
    Any other comments:I want xats not money please :3

    • Or maybe no payment

  318. Hire a moderator! Please! Hell, hire me!

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