Why We Fight

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This post is named after World War Two propaganda documentaries of the same name. This article is, however, completely unrelated to World War Two or to propaganda films. I was recently left pondering the question, “Why do we fight?” It seems pointless, does it not? We log on to Club Penguin, run around using synchronized emoticons, log off, and bicker about who won and who figuratively owns particular servers, which in and of themselves are abstract. Sometimes we even go the extra mile and write about these “battles.” So why do we do this?  Continue reading


Dark Warriors Site Defaced

Hello CPAC,

I’m here with some breaking news. The Dark Warriors website has been defaced by Joe, former DW 2ic. All posts and pages have been deleted. Could this be another end to the Dark Warriors? Will they finally rest in peace? Read more to find out.  Continue reading

Global Defenders Invade Outback || GD-SWAT War Over || Light Troops Declare War on SWAT

Hello CPAC,

I’m making a rather large and bulbous (not really) post about 2.5 different topics. 2.5 because 2 of the topics are related. Without further ado, lets get started.  Continue reading

Done Here

Haider CPAC,

Yep, that’s right. I’m leaving. CPAC wasn’t much fun and it became more of a nuisance for me so I am leaving. Thanks to Woton for hiring me. I feel honored to have been able to be part of a news establishment the calibre of CPAC. For now, goodbye.

-Pungy1234, Ex-CPAC Reporter/Philosopher

The Miracle That Is Club Penguin Warfare

In my opinion, Club Penguin warfare is a miracle that is taken for granted. You may be thinking that Club Penguin warfare works because it does. Obviously, this is true. But the question I’m posing today is:

How Does CP Warfare Work?

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What Comes Up, Must Come Down: Rising Armies in Review

Hello CPAC,

Today I will be doing a review of some rising armies, however this will not be your usual rising army update. Today I will be posing a new question:

Do Armies Who Rise Fast, Fall Fast?

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Why All Armies Are Dictatorships

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Hello CPAC,

Today I’m discussing the true fact of army government, and why every army is a dictatorship. The before mentioned statement is not 100% true to all armies, however it is true to nearly any army that anyone cares about. Continue reading

The Unrecognized Workhorse: Noobs

Note: Tempahh gave me permission to switch to Philosopher.

Hello CPAC,

Many people these days are “noobophobes (my new word).” Noobs are disrespected in modern CP Warfare society and are treated as lesser, uneducated, naive, stupid, idiotic, obnoxious, and many other vulgar things that I will not say. The point of this post today, is going to be all about noobs, and why we truly need them. Continue reading

Nachos Bring Back Outstanding Recruiting Results

Hello CPAC,

Recently, the Nachos proudly unveiled the results from their recruiting session today. Newly appointed, Leaders Oberst543 and Talex831 were quite proud of the results and had this to say about it: Continue reading

Nachos Reveal Surprising Leadership

Hello CPAC,

As Person1233 finishes his temporary comeback as Nacho leader, he revealed the new leadership, through a series of tactics sessions and leadership tests. The new Nacho leaders are as follows: Continue reading

RBAA Merges Into Elites: How It Affects CP Warfare

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Recently, the Red Blue Alliance Army (RBAA), merged into the Elites, after a brutal hacking in which all pages, graphics, CSS, etc. were removed. Many Owners lost interest in RBAA and in the end, Billy Mays merged the army into the Elites.

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