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Hello, Club Penguin Armies.

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CPAC Special Report: Deception Within the Ranks

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — As many of you now know, last night, for several hours, the CPA Central site was under the control of a group of defacers, who were alleged to have entered the site using Woton’s account. This was the story that has been spread to many of you through members of the CPAC Upper Staff. That story is a lie. The defacers got onto this site by direct action of and with the implicit approval of two members of the CPA Central administration.

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A Special New Years Message

This post is dedicated to all the CPA Community members that have lost loved ones in the year of 2016, you’re so strong to continue on and I wish you a much better 2017 without loss. I’d also like to dedicate this post to all the people who lost their lives that we as individuals held close to our hearts.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s midnight in America. The sound of fireworks is overwhelming, the amount of soppy Facebook statuses is increasing which means it is officially 2017. After what could be considered a very bad 2016 for some, I have a message to deliver to the masses on this New Year.

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Statement on Reclaiming the Validity of the Legends Induction Process

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[PB In Review] Light Troops vs. Doritos

ICEBOX, Light Troops Capital- Following an impressive week for Light Troops, who achieved 1st spot on top 10, they faced the Doritos in an interesting Practice Battle.

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Unrest in the Army of Club Penguin

This post was written by Dpd2000 through CPAC’s YouWrite feature.

OUTBACK, ACP Territory – With the absence of their main leader, the Army of Club Penguin is preparing itself for a possible rebellion during the most important time of the Summer.

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PSA: Regarding “Improved Autotyper” RAT

KLONDIKE, CPAWM Headquarters — This is a public service announcement from Club Penguin Army World Media. Recent reports indicate that users have been spreading a remote access tool (RAT) to users via a direct download link. The RAT is being billed as an “improved autotyper,” but is in fact a device allowing another user to take control of a computer it is downloaded on remotely, accessing passwords, saved information, and other files.

We advise all persons to exercise extreme caution in opening suspicious or uncertain links — particularly if they come from null or unfamiliar user accounts. RATs can be spread by download, clicking a link to a download, or, though less commonly, by email.

Please also note that this is by no means a static announcement; what the RAT is being billed as will change with time, as the malicious users behind its spread attempt to fight our efforts at public awareness of it. We advise caution in clicking any link that seems “too good to be true” — the pretense of sending a user to some type of fantastic new program is the most common way these Trojans are spread. The only users currently linked to the spread of the RAT is Jessie [Jessiehaha], Qwerty (or Q), and Tobercold, but null accounts and other users can certainly also be used as vehicles for its transmission. Exercise caution, essentially, with all unfamiliar users or site links.

This is a developing story, and we will update this post with further information as it arrives. 

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CPAWM Board Chairman

Happy New Year from CPA Central!

2014 List of Dates

Decade’s End Tournament: Five Year Commemorative

Christmas Chaos IV: Results

Top Ten Armies of 2014

CPA Central Person of the Year 2014

Editorial: Postponing the Obituary

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Christmas Bells, Those Christmas Bells…

Rang out from the land,

Asking Peace of all the world,

And good will to man.

As it did in 2012, our Christmas song this year speaks of peace and understanding. I have never previously repeated a song theme in one of these posts, but if there was ever a time when it was necessary to draw such a parallel to the past and remind everyone where we were then, and where we are going now, then Christmas 2014 is the time.

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The Retirement of Bluesockwa2: The End of an Era

My mentors, my teachers, my friends, and my co-worker, protege, greatest ally, and brother – it is to you that I dedicate this day.

I have served Club Penguin Army Central as the acting Chief Executive Officer for 161 weeks. I am the longest-serving CEO, in fact, the longest-serving staff member, of this site. Before me, Sklooperis held the record, at 16 months. I have served for 50. I have held this position longer than almost any army leader has served their army (ACP’s longest serving leader, Oagalthorp, served for 78 weeks).

I have become a historian, a writer, a researcher, a judge, a gamesmaster, a reporter, a benefactor, a leader, a CEO. And now, I have one final title to add to that list: retired.

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CPAC Special Report: The RPF Impersonation Obsession

UPDATE 1:40 PM EST: Daniel, former UMA leader , has published a post on the UMA site denouncing Itachi6dark as a fake.

UPDATE 8:51 AM EST: “Tanman626” has mysteriously vanished from the RPF ranks page.

TUEXDO, RPF Empire — The embattled former titan the Rebel Penguin Federation has certainly seen its share of controversy and scandal the last year, as the army skyrocketed back to power in July 2013 under Elmikey, and several leaders sharing his philosophy who followed. Mr Waffle45, RPF’s current leader and one of the most controversial since Elmikey himself is certainly no exception. He recently promoted Elitesof, formerly Elites leader, to the RPF leadership, in an attempt to help revamp the army’s collapsed public image. However, his attempts, along with those of Mr Waffle45, seem to be far more underhanded than meets the eye.

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Battle times are still 30 minutes later than scheduled.

Please be on CPAC chat for more details

The Updated Rulebook of CPAC Tournaments

UPDATE 5:09 PM EST: Rule 1 has been removed.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – This previously written rule-set from 2012 has been modernized and updated after a few areas of confusion that have arisen in the early rounds of the Legends Cup V. This is a reposted rule post from 2012.

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Night Warriors Legends Denounce Recreation as Invalid

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – As reported by CPA Central earlier today, Waterkid100, creator of the Pirates, shut down the army and retook control of the Pirates site, firing the leadership and redirecting the former Pirates site to the Light Troops. The remnants of the Pirates announced that they planned to recreate the Night Warriors, sparking debate across the community as to the army’s legitimacy. Now both Vendetta, arguably the Night Warriors’ greatest leader, and NW Creator Cowboysfan13, have returned and denounced the recreated army.

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