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Dark Warriors Leadership in Turmoil

 UPDATED: As of 6:41AM EST, Ganger, Coff, and Flo have been declared leaders, with Donut as a temp.

UPDATED: As of 6:09PM EST, Puf is the presumed leader of the Dark Warriors.


At the time this post is being written, both Ana and Flo are considering leaving the Dark Warriors or armies altogether, and urging the other one to stay. This is because of turmoil between other leaders, and DW is called dead by some, but very much alive by others. So what is happening inside the army? I will talk to Flo, Ana, and multiple other Dark Warriors troops on the debated leadership changes. Continue reading

DW Declares War on LT

On March 15th the Dark Warriors officially declared war on the Light Troops after having been previously assisting SWAT in their war with LT. The war is just beginning, and LT is already at war with SWAT. But who will win? Read on to find out more…. Continue reading

SWAT vs. LT: The War

As the SWAT and LT war continues, I’ll take a look at battles, allies, and everything else in this war. Other armies have also been involved, such as TG, DW, and GD, relating to shared servers and requesting help in battle. But as this war continues, who will win? LT or SWAT? Only time will tell….. Continue reading

The War Rages: ACP vs. LT

As the ACP and LT war rages at full force, I’ll take a look at battles, controversies, arguments, everything that has shaped this war. In a seemingly never-ending war, who will prevail? ACP or LT? Only time will tell…… Continue reading

Controversy Brewing Over Fjord Showdown

Blue2: Blue, henceforth, please include battle pictures in battle posts.

The Nachos and ACP battled it out on Fjord yesterday, at the turning point of this war. However, there’s just one problem: neither army admits defeat. The debate rages as to who won: Nachos or ACP? Only time will tell in this Fjord showdown…… Continue reading

Army in Focus: Rebel Penguin Federation

The RPF were once a World Power army, rivaling the ACP, but after falling out of the Top Ten for a while, they have regained some popularity through books, CPAC Posts, and mainly the Christmas Chaos Tournament. This week’s Army in Focus in the number-nine ranked Rebel Penguin Federation. Continue reading

Club Penguin Army Story Central (CPASC)

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Quarter-Finals || IW vs. Tacos

The IW showed extremely impressive sizes and took the gold here….

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CPAC Christmas Chaos || Quarter-Finals || LT vs. NW

Bearing in mind that the NW surrendered early, Light Troops win. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || Tacos vs. WV

I have never been on the receiving end of so much LOVE. Um…. anyway, the winner is…. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || NW vs. SWAT

As you can see, this was an extremely exciting battle….. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || NFF vs. DW

As the sky went totally bonkers, the stage was set for a very close battle between the Ninja Freedom Force and the Dark Warriors. But only one could come out on top. And that army is…. Continue reading

CPAC Christmas Chaos || Round One || ACP vs. Elites

Who do you think won? Come on now… this isn’t hard…. Continue reading

The Rebel’s Scandal – Finale

Here it is. I wish this wasn’t over, but it is. Here are the final four chapters + epilogue of “The Rebel’s Scandal”.

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