The End

Hello, Club Penguin Armies.

My name is Bluesockwa2. In December 2008, I joined the Army of Club Penguin as a rogue recruit on the server Mammoth. Since that time, I have ascended to high ranks in various armies and organizations, most notably serving as the CEO of CPA Central from 2012-2014. Alongside my brother, Bluesockwa1, I spearheaded the era which has come to be known as the Second Golden Age. I have been part of this community for almost ten years. I have seen a great many things. In all honesty, never did I think I would see this day.

Club Penguin, the game which has been both the platform that lifted us to new heights, and the enemy which nearly destroyed us, has finally closed its doors. It is for that reason that I make the announcement which has been long rumored: after the conclusion of the various end-of-site events currently in progress, CPA Central will close its doors as a news organization.

This site will remain open for public viewing (though its domain name will eventually drop back to the original WordPress:, and over the next few months I along with my upper staff will be working to put the finishing touches on this site’s various memorial pages.

It is my hope, that with the closing of this site, I will have removed the final thread tying this community’s disparate actors together. There has been much talk over the years of moving Armies to a game all their own — perhaps a Roblox or a CPPS. It is a thought that B1 and I have always vehemently opposed, and continue to do so now. Removing “Club Penguin” from “Club Penguin Armies” destroys the very thing that makes us unique. It tears apart the very fabric of Club Penguin Armies to remove them from the game in which they were born and by which they have been constrained for the past 11 years. To place them anywhere else would be a destruction of this community equal to, if not greater than, the simple closing of Club Penguin itself.

Moving armies to oft-proposed options like Roblox and Minecraft lends various problems — entrance cost, existing, significantly larger communities, fundamental changes in the way “battle” is done. The community becomes incomprehensibly more massive, uncountable and uncontrollable in its size, and everything, from our graphics to our very names, has to change as we move away from penguins. The constraints which have governed our battles and ranking and tournaments removed, the community’s unique style of war is rent asunder and forcibly remade anew, absorbed by whatever different venue in which the fighting now happens. Our history falls into ruin, superseded by the “new” way that has come to replace the old.

Moving CP Armies to a new game will simply end up being “Minecraft with some people I used to be in CP Armies with” or Roblox, or AtWar, or whatever other option we should choose. It would not be a continuation of this community, but rather would destroy it by allowing its uniqueness to be subsumed by some much larger, much different, and much less controllable game. And I will not allow what we have built here to be destroyed like that. I recognize I have allowed various views on this subject to propagate on this site, but let me be most clear, here and now — from one of the ones who helped make you great: let it die.

CPA Central will be left to stand as a memorial to what we have created here — yes, we, including each and every one of you, from the lowest recruit to the greatest of leaders. In the last eleven years of this community’s existence we have created a game all our own, with rules and players and motivations made entirely by you and me. We fought a hostile host game that would gladly have stamped us out at every turn, lowlife trolls with nothing better to do than seek to destroy what we have made, and infighting that nearly tore us apart. But through it all, Club Penguin Armies, with its players and rules and politicians and reporters and diplomats and soldiers, endured. That alone is a testament to this community, which has brought people — teenagers! — from across the world together in a shared spirit of cooperation and competition. We have made children into leaders, writers, publicists, organizers, reporters, politicians, and so many other things. I encourage you to read the writings of various legends of this site on why this all mattered — especially Splasher99 and B1 himself; they will show you why all these many thousands of hours were not in vain. I provide you a brief excerpt below:

The centralized truth of the human experience, in Armies or beyond, is that we don’t know. There is one guarantee in this journey — that you can’t take your persona with you. It will die, and you don’t know when, but you are only guaranteed so many years here, and you are only guaranteed so many years in life. There are only certain things you will be able to take with you — the lessons you learned and the people you met. Life is irrational and radical and doesn’t make sense, and just as we stand as a buffer against the death of this community, you need to stand as a buffer against your life becoming irrational.

Keeping a stable life might sound like a difficult task, and I grant you, it is. To prevent your life from becoming irrational, you have to accept that the very nature of everything you do is irrational, because there is no hindsight in this community or in the real world. So fuck it, go meet new people, fall in love, achieve success and pass on your story to all who are willing to hear you talk, because as much as we all like to pretend we’re warfare veterans and media moguls, we’re a bunch of scared kids, and this is a convenient way to mask all the little things we want to do. When it comes down to it, the only way to overcome being scared is to accept that being scared is okay.

B1, CPAWM Board Chairman, September 28, 2014

I have tried to keep the archives of this site as untouched as possible over the years. What remains will stand forever as a testament to this place, to our triumphs and defeats, to our petty disputes and grandest of conflicts, to our successes and our sorrows. And even after our last TV cameras turn off and our printing presses stop rolling, we will all remember what this place was and what we built here. Because ultimately we will remember nothing more than the lessons we learned and the friendships we made. We will all remember that, at one time or another, this place, like so many other things, scared us. And that’s okay.

And so, from all of us here at the CPA Central news desk, thank you, and goodnight.



134 Responses

  1. If you love something, let it go.

  2. Thank you to everyone at CPAC!

    • Love you Splash, you’re the reason SMAC was ever able to become so great.

      • Thank you all for such a great experience. Thanks for everything will never be forgotten 😉

        • Yoooo

  3. RIP. Armies had a good run.

    • RIP Armies.
      Actually very sad right now.

  4. RIP.

  5. Take care everyone, and good luck with your future endeavors!

  6. Ozymandias by PB Shelley seems relevant now:
    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
    And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mock’d them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains: round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  7. RIP. 😥

  8. RIP my life

    • lol

  9. RIP

  10. bye 😦

  11. RIP

  12. Thanks for everything, my nigerias

    • u learned that from me my nigeria

  13. Rip and a little triggered

  14. Ill miss u all even those who hate me

    • Good luck with your life Vince, go Hokies

      • Thx i love u

        • Lmao

          • yo rocky its redbodyflip come and hit me up on kik or xat for my discord, i’ll be waiting

            • Discord name and #?

      • Keksz

  15. wow nice

  16. Been around since 2008 today we say good bye its been fun. I have met a lot of amazing people over the years people that will go on to do very well in life hell I would not be surprised if someone here would go on to become the president of the United States of America, there is just that many talented and smart people here. Back in January when it was announced CP was shutting down on March 29th it seemed so far away. Armies spent the next 2 months going on as normal deciding what to do armies like nachos, dcp and AR were quick to announce they would be shutting down once CP closes. Other armies such as ACP pondered the question on what to do but like so many they decided to shut down and move on as well. But here we are on March 29th the final day of Club Penguin today many will say good bye one last time before leaving forever if you are one of those people you may put ur curser on the red X button and may pause for a minute or say before exiting out of chat for good. You will be almost frozen in a sense you don’t want to leave you’re heart beat might increase you’re hands and legs start to shake knowing once you click exit you are gone forever and wondering what the future will hold for you’re self and everyone here. I would like to say one last time good luck to everyone in life I hope nothing but the most success for each and everyone of you even for the people I may have argued with or never talked to. See you on the far side

    • dude my wrist starts bleeding whenever i think about you not getting acp leader after 10-11 years

  17. RIP

  18. Wow. I had an amazing journey from CPA. So sad it is about to end. 😦

  19. Glory to the light.

  20. fuck disney. rip cp armies, and my childhood. ;(

  21. Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones.

    it was a beautiful run, and to everyone that i have ever talked shit to over club penguin armies just know that i’m sorry and hopefully you hold no grudges either. thank you for being apart of my childhood for many years. good bye fellas ):

  22. RIP. Met a lot of people and long lasting friends here. I hated some of you guys, but I hope you all live long and happy lives after this game. Hopefully I see some of you guys on TV for something cool.

  23. Welp, I guess this is really it. To all of my friends and peers, I must say that these were some of the best times of my life. I will miss it but I’m glad that now is the time for everyone to move on with their lives. If anyone would like to keep in contact my kik is gorgeus_georgeus. Oh, and don’t forget, The Tide is Risin!

  24. My thanks go out to all of the CPAC staff, army leaders and authors. Although I retired Club Penguin armies years ago, the era of Club Penguin armies actually changed my life. During the time period when I was 7and joined the legendary ACP, to when I retired from the Ice Warriors in 2013 as a 3ic, my childhood was made. I learned many strategies that have stuck with me today, like teamwork, confidence and organization. I remember coming home from school and sprinting home to my computer to join the battle. Sometimes there were battles occurring when I was at school, so I literally opened my computer and led the Ice Warriors to victory, all while the teacher was instructing! I know it may sound unrealistic, but as a result of being in a Club Penguin army, I achieved straight A’s, using my collaboration skills from my CP army! The battles were also a ton of fun, especially when Albert was in power! Like I previously mentioned, I learned to love working together with others in battles! In conclusion, thank you SO SO MUCH for making one of the best times of my life!

  25. It’s sad… but i won’t upload sad music, o no!
    Just end this in good style:

    Thank you, CP Armies.
    Thank you RPF. (@Shiny)
    Thanks everyone for fun in my life ❤

    • Fight the Good Fight, Maciek. You’re an awesome guy.

    • This is an amazing band, the 2015 album has me in love.

  26. Goodbye Club Penguin, and not the twisted monster of new cp, but the greatness of old cp.

  27. can I shamelessly advertise my CPR army central site?

    • lol do it


  28. Apparently, this new computer’s screwing up with my WP account, and I can’t see the post I originally made. I want to say this, though.

    I remember playing this game back in 2005; back then I didn’t think much of it, but as you can see, it ended up becoming something that would remain in our minds and hearts for a very long time, whether you played it or not. But unfortunately, all thing are entitled to eclipse.

    My only real regret about being in this community was the fact that I didn’t join it sooner; I joined right when things began to go to hell with the multilogging claims and deductions finally starting to appear in the top tens. Sure, I wasn’t the most outstanding person in CPA, but I at least tried to make the effort despite the few things I could really do that everyone else has been able to pull off and succeed in for far longer than I existed in CPA.

    Hopefully, this is an experience that may help in you guys getting into what you really want to do. I know where I’m heading.

    Sayonara to Club Penguin, and farewell to CPA. Now it is time for me to return to the internet void from whence I came.

    Godspeed, everyone.

  29. No longer will I roam the snowy hills
    So now I sit on my bathroom popping some pills
    Hoping that one of them finally kills
    It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck in IMAX
    My suffering is nearing it’s climax
    Now that it is March 29th.

    RIP Club Penguin

    • I completely agree man. It was nice while it lasted.

  30. Thank you for your honest and poignant writings, B2, B1, and Splasher. Getting to work alongside you, and the many other members of this website, was an honor. Being a part of this community was likely the greatest joy of my childhood. I’ll miss the friends I made and everyone in this community who made so many years so special. Thank you all.

    – Woton

    • U never kikd me

  31. This was beautiful B2, and B1’s comments were beautiful as well as being absolutely true. I’m not sure if there was anyone who could have written a better final post.

    I’m happy you guys have decided to close down the site, it would be sad to see such a major part of CP armies spiral downwards otherwise.

  32. In this game, from start i’ve met so many wonderful people, and it was a great pleasure to see you guys, and build up our friendship. Thank you for the times you have given to be here, and make this game great. Without you guys, Club Penguin and CPA would have no meanings, or purpose. So thank you all. RIP Club Penguin, RIP Club Penguin Armies.


  33. Playing Club Penguin and being involved in CP armies was probably the best time of my life. Club Penguin is still alive after 11 years, and that is truly amazing. Now today it will die because Disney wants to try a mobile game. Club Penguin has done so much and affected so many people’s lives, and it’s just heartbreaking to see it all go like this. It has truly been an honor to be a Light Troop for all this time. I’ve won battles, had really good times and even won a few trophies. I would like to thank every single person in this entire community, and I wish all you guys nothing but success in the rest of your lives. It will be really hard moving on from Club Penguin, but I’m honored to be a part of it. I’ve played Club Penguin for most of my childhood and I will never forget it. I have some really amazing memories from my time on CP. I’m At 9933 is stuck in my head and I’m almost trying not to cry as I write this. I have so much more to say but I’m afraid this will get too long. For the last time, Waddle On. Glory to the Light. #TAS1000ISMYFAVORITEBAND

  34. Thank you all for the wonderful times.

  35. I regret nothing. Everything that has happened to me here was an experience I’d never trade away because it made me who I am. Those who have made an impact on me, you know who you are; I am sincerely grateful for you. Live your life to the fullest. It’s been a fruitful harvest. Bon voyage for the last time. – Trop

  36. Great final post
    Honestly beautiful


  37. Cheers lads.

  38. Honestly expected CP to at least stand until 2020. Guess some things just don’t go as expected. I’ve met some amazing people on here, and no matter what kinda history I may have had with you, I did enjoy your company. I will never forget the times I had here, and I’m sure many of you will say the same. Although this community hasn’t always been perfect, It was still something that we took part in. The past week has been surreal. Watching armies like the Nachos, DCP, and IW, bend their knee to the games shut down. But the biggest wake up call would have to be ACP. If you had told me 7 years ago that ACP would fall, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it happened. ACP fell. The same can be said for this game. If you told me 7 years ago Club Penguin would shut down, I sure as hell wouldn’t believe you. But yet again, it happened. No matter how prepared anyone was for this, It still effected people hard – watching all of this work go to waste. While that may be the case, we can say that we had a good time creating this community. And I’ll probably find myself going to CPAC, trying to see the latest top ten, and realize that it’s all gone. I probably won’t be alone in this. This community means a lot to a lot of people, and for others, they aren’t even aware we existed. But maybe someday, someone will stumble upon a site and discover this entire community, lost to time. And while they won’t know our names, we will be immortalized in these armies. It was nice being apart of this, and while I may not have accomplished much compared to others, I still had a great time here. Thank you.

  39. Thanks for everything, to all of you, and of course I wish you all the best in life. Great memories and I wouldn’t trade it all for anything.


  40. Guys. We should make our own CPPs or move to Club Penguin Rewritten. Shall we take a vote?

  41. Good luck to all of you.

  42. Good luck in life everyone 🙂

  43. RIP CP(2005-2017)
    RIP CP ARMIES(2006-2017)

    • ~Tryme79

  44. This is honestly over of the most incredible communities I’ve seen created on the internet.

    The fact that this all was created and run by children and teenagers, as well as lasting more than a decade, is an amazing achievement by all who took part in it. Despite the differences many of us had, we all will take the memories and experiences we had here in silence, unable to talk to about them to anyone. To me, that is the true beauty of this community, that we put so much into an achievement we could never share with another.

    Fare thee well, Club Penguin armies


  45. I’ve been in many armies and organisations in my time here, but to be involved in CP Army Central for the past seven years has been one of the best experiences. I’ve worked with hundreds of enthusiastic reporters, met some quite incredible people and learnt from the very best. I’ve learnt many things at CPAC that, even though it may seem ridiculous, I have taken into real life. The skills from writing and heading a news site have been transferable and are applicable to many things in every day life and I am greatfull for it.

    Thanks to everyone whos given me a chance to be at CP Army Central (particularly Iasage for giving me a chance in 2010) and armies as a whole. Without your guys support CPAC would not have been possible, but now is time to finish. We’ve all had fun, enjoyed ourselves and been on an incredible ride – but now is the perfect time to look at what we have achieved in our own community and respect how great it actually is. It may only be Club Penguin, but to me it was so much more with our own political ideas and news production – it was something beyond the game of CP. Above all, it was the relationships that we formed that were the most important aspect, we have met so many people that we will never know the real lives of, but enjoyed meeting a ton while it lasted.


  46. What army’s are staying alive then? You said some are going to privite servers?

  47. RIP

  48. Goodbye CPA, and thank you and everyone involved for the great times. It was the defining moment of my childhood and without CPA, I would not be who I am today.

    I hope you all lead great and successful lives!

    • Yo u kik or discord

  49. Armies will forever hold a special place in my childhood


  50. This community has been one of the best experiences of my life and has honestly shaped me as the person I am today. I am eternally grateful for everyone that I have interacted with here, whether it was positive or negative.
    No one who is not part of this community will ever understand.
    I have been online many hours now but the reality of the end is only setting in after reading both yours and b1’s posts. They were both excellent and I will miss reading your works in the future. Thank you for helping to make CPAC the spine of our community.

  51. I had an amazing time in cpa even tho I was hated cuz I raided NW was fun thank you taco for bringing me back in cpa. cpa changed me I’m not shy I do wtf I want thank you guys for this experience was a fun sharing it with all of yall FEAR THE STEEL WINGS
    – olimad3

    • Go to hell

  52. and there it goes, friends

  53. It’s been real.

  54. Nachos forever.

  55. Goodbye, my friends.

  56. It’s been a long day without you, my friend
    And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
    We’ve come a long way from where we began
    Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
    When I see you again
    R.I.P CP/CPA [2006-2017]
    It was nice knowing all of you. :’)

  57. Goodbye.

  58. What a great experience we all had: this will remain a part of our childhood and shall remain in our memories for years to come! One day we’ll probably go back on this site, read these posts, and get a lil’ nostalgic feeling that we’re currently unfamiliar with right now. Good luck in the future everyone! Perhaps we’ll cross paths again, eh who knows?

    • I still remember you were the first person to greet me on ACP chat back in 2011 or 2012. Thanks again for welcoming me into this community Purple

      – Atticus/Toughguy52

  59. It’s been nice, and I hope to see you all soon.

  60. I know we didn’t like each other, but I’d be lying if I said i’m not going to miss you shitstains.

    -Swamp, Knight of the Purple Republic

  61. Best of luck guys! 😦

  62. It was fun. Gonna miss you all. Thank you for everything. My friends, enemies, everyone. This is something special. Don’t be sad it’s over. Be glad it happened. – Redd/Reddbudd. Former UMA Leader, RPF3ic, DW2ic.

  63. Has anyone ever thought about migrating to Club Penguin Rewritten?

    • That’ll never happen. Armies are dead.

  64. At one point, I never thought this day would come, but as armies started to fall at a faster pace than ever back in 2015, I was more confident in that fact. Since the day I joined, which happened to be around June 2012, armies seemed to be something amazing to me, and they were. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people were in the community at that time, during the second golden age of armies, where new battle tactics and recruiting methods sparked. Unfortunately, as time passed by, I started to mature in life, and my innocence started to wear away. I realized how much harm people online could receive from a single person; and also how much harm I was able to do. I regret so many things in this community, and if any of you ever read this and know I caused you harm, I am sincerely sorry. I’ve only now come to realize that I was a horrible person, and I didn’t know until the very moment Club Penguin, and the small community we were, closed their doors to everyone around me who were mourning our death. As the years passed, and my innocence went, so did my passion for CP Armies. It was boring, vague. Like a white and black picture. No life in it no more. But the only thing that kept me going, was my motivation to become “relevant.” I wasted a lot of time doing that, because my ego led me to be cyber bullied, doxed, ddosed, among other things. During the turning point of this experience, as I became more aware of the feelings of the community members around me, I became a decent army leader, and gained the trust and friendship of many good (and also bad) individuals. Once I retired, I realized that being relevant in a kids game is no good. I’d rather gave a dozen real friends than a thousand fakes. Now that the army community is closed and there is no fuel to power CPA’s engine, I type these words that come from the bottom of my heart, and I’d like to thank every single one of you, friends, e-dates, bad influences, biased judges, strict leaders, naive girls who’ve sent nudes, critiques who talk against my form of being, and so many other people. Every single person I’ve crossed paths with has taught me something new. I will carry this community in my heart and memories forever, as well as the people and armies in it. I hope all of your lives are filled with blessings.

    Signing off,


  65. Armies had an awesome run against the odds. I’ll never forget the day 10 year old me logged into CP in 2010 to find two penguins dancing in the Town and advertising the Night Warriors of CP. This was the beginning of my discovery of the CP Army Community. Through he years I’ve made many friends and have undoubtedly grown as a person.

    Thank you to everyone, especially those I’ve come to know from my time in NW and DCP. Regardless of the position any of you held in armies, every single member has influenced this community in some way. The memories we made will always be remembered.

    Special regards to: Emmalise, Vendetta, Tomb147, Vince/Cowboysfan13, Shanaynay337, Livelove1, Cody, Carter/Greenoiscool, Corey, Shadowe2, Joe, Jack, Mustapha10, Bam117, and many others who I’ve neglected to mention. Many of you are long gone from this community, but you have not been forgotten.

    Konvikt/Nick/Dj Slides
    Night Warriors Legend and former leader
    Doritos former leader

    • I really miss you bro, it’s been a while since l last seen you on xat. Ever since CP shut down their virtual game, l will never forget the close friendship bond that l has become friends with. Ever since l met you – you were pretty cool guy and super chill af. I’ll always remember the army back then when you used to led NW and DCP. Keep in touch with me if you want to, just reply…
      Best of luck man, enjoy your life! :’)

    • Email me

  66. Why not just move to Rewritten?

    • It’s over.

  67. Hey Blue2 and everyone, Adro3 here. Loved reading this and it reminded me of the rivalry between CPAC and SMAC that developed following the formation of SMAP. Looking back, I think it was healthy competition and would like to thank everyone who contributed to making both fantastic news sites over the years. Most notably, the Blue brothers, Splasher, Pungy and Bepboy whom I worked closely with during my spell as SMAC CEO. It wasn’t always easy trying to arrange tournaments that were suitable for all time zones, managing the site, staff and producing insightful articles but boy it was fun. Now as I sit here revising the structure of Halogenoalkanes for my chemistry exams in s few weeks I wish I could go back a few years and relive the fun of CP armies. Thank you to all those people I met along the way and good luck!

    • -Adro3
      Former Team Gold leader
      Former SMAC CEO and Board Member
      +many other armies including ACP, LW and Global Defenders.💙

  68. Thank you to CP Armies for being a great community! I will always be sad knowing the way this ended, but I’m glad it happened in the first place.

  69. I wish the best of luck to all of you. It is no longer about enemies or allies, but instead we are all in the same position. Club Penguin (and the armies) was not just a game, to us it was a place to build friendships, laugh, and so on. I hope that when we all part our separate ways, you all have the best of luck wherever you might go.

  70. g o o d n i g h t

  71. good night my sweet prince

  72. When you go to CPAC to look for the Top Ten but remember CP closed down a month ago ;(

  73. Respect

  74. Bit late but RIP.

    • OMgfhi

      • lol

  75. A bit late,
    It was a great run for all armies, never forget the day in 2010 when I was recruited from the riffy chat by Doritos where I spent quite a long time at but never really ranked up because I didn’t really undertsand at such a young age I was just happy to be apart of it and battle. I’ve had many ups and downs in this community after being so young I’ve never really understood what success requires. Now at age 13 I’m sitting here remembering my childhood and how I was so lucky to be surrounded by such a great community! I’m in armies since I was about 8 years old with my little laptop and looking for Rockhopper and the rest of the characters. Goodbye everybody I wish everybody the best of luck in life.

    Au revoir.

    • Risky click

  77. I know I’m very late, and despite my toxicity towards Club Penguin armies the last time I’ve visited here, It’s actually sad to see once a community die like this.

    I remember when I was just 13 years old when I kept bitching about LT. 14 when I led a prominent DW. I’m 17 now & I’ll definitely remember you guys.

    Shoutout to my LT boys and DW.

    • CPAC is fake news. Armies are not dead. Look at RPF.

      • Too bad noone cares….

      • anything and everything to get that last recruit from a dead community huh

        i bet you’d sell your soul to get one more person to join rpf

        • You’d be surprised. The community isn’t dead. Only CPAC.

          • Technically that’s not even an army community, just RPF….

          • guys im elmikey and im cool because i live alone and run a club penguin army

          • some people just have to move on….

  78. stop commenting on this shit

  79. The south will rise again!

  80. hehe

  81. last comment. also if anyone remember me: Dancer5118, message me back so we can keep in touch 😉

    • How are you?

      • Whats up old pal?

        • Horrid. I was addicted to CP so it’s not hard to find another pastime. However that pastime ruins my sleep schedule. How are you?

  82. Lol dancer is gay im last comment

  83. Damn son, that section is still alive xD

  84. Do you know de way?

    • I honestly hope you regret commenting this.

      • The way lives on in us all.

        • n o

  85. I got couped

    • :O

    • no one cares faggot

  86. This is not the end
    RPF survives, larger than ever
    we are welcoming all former cpa players, no matter the army

    • nobody cares my guy

      d e a d a s s

  87. One year later I come back here and I cannot believe it has been a full year since the end of this incredible community. Thank you all for making it such a special experience for the majority of my childhood. We should keep in touch, add me on Discord @Levenzke#4622
    Long live Water Vikings.

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