The End of a Saga || Extinguishing the Torch

Sub Zero, the Final Destination – Here I am, less than 6 hours away from the closure of Club Penguin. It has been 11 years on Club Penguin, that’s just unbelievable and something truly incredible to think about. Standing at over 18 years old now, this has just been a wild journey I’ve been on in my life and I’m glad you were all part of it.

I remember when I was just 6 years old when I created my first Club Penguin account. I remember it being a fairly sunny day in the middle of March. I joined Club Penguin because of my other friends who just started out and got me interested. It was just released on Miniclip at the time, a website that had a threshold of games I used to play. I never knew that a simple MMO game would evolve into so much more, changing my philosophy on the game forever. It was then in late 2006 when I might’ve possibly discovered armies for the first time. I saw several groups of penguins with different colors chanting to join their side. I was very much confused at first and was mislead if this was a spinoff of the Halo Blue vs Red vs Green vs Black being recreated on Club Penguin.

It was then in late 2006 when I might’ve possibly discovered armies for the first time. I saw several groups of penguins with different colors chanting to join their side. I was very much confused at first and was mislead if this was a spinoff of the Halo Blue vs Red vs Green being recreated on Club Penguin. I chose to ignore them until 2007 when I first discovered an actual army. This was a group of red penguins who all had similar and matching uniforms who then turned out to be the Underground Mafias Army. They were chanting “UMA” and “Pink Mafias Rules.” They caught my interest immediately and I was curious to see what else they were doing. Then suddenly, a group of black penguins appeared out of nowhere. They were then beginning to throw snowballs at UMA and fought in a full-scale battle. This was when I discovered that the black army that just attacked UMA, was indeed the Rebel Penguin Federation. They were lead by a boy named Commando717, who then became one of the faces of Club Penguin Warfare and helped change the community forever. I witnessed the RPF attack the UMA during the stages of what I soon discovered to be World War 3. I was so interested in the Rebel Penguin Federation that I too, changed my color to black and joined in on running around Club Penguin with the rest of the group. After a few hours, everyone started to log off and the RPF disbanded, I never saw them online again.

At the time I had no clue if the Rebel Penguin Federation was just a made up name for a makeshift group and didn’t know if they actually had a real website. I didn’t discover this until the year after and I found them online again. This time there were much more armies and a lot more organized fighting rather than just charging and firing snowballs at each other. I was introduced into emote warfare for the first time. I first officially joined the Ice Warriors as an actual soldier. I remember Iceyfeet picking me up one day and asked if I wanted to join him to “fight evil” with him. I eventually did and I was then introduced to a whole new group of people who were also in the Ice Warriors. I had a lot of fun just staying online, talking with him, and being an Ice Warrior in general.

Later in 2009, the creation of CPAC happened. CPAC or the Club Penguin Army Central was a news network and a communication line for all armies throughout the entire community. CPAC just posted about stories and the top armies at the time. Later on, CPAC became much more than that and become a central hub for all armies and an advanced organization. I gained much interest into CPAC and applied as a reporter the first time. However, I wasn’t successful at all having the mind of a 10 year old, I didn’t get accepted into CPAC.

Later on, I created something called the Delta Troops, an army I didn’t really expect to get as far as it did. It was around June when I created the Delta Troops. It was just supposed to be a side army from the Ice Warriors and something my friends and I just pretended to be for fun. The name derived from a movie called Mission Impossible. It was when Tom Cruise was saying some secret code that include the term “Delta” in which I thought was pretty cool at the time. So basically the Delta Troops are named that because of Tom Cruise. The Delta Troops rose pretty quickly, got a nice placement of fifth on the top ten, and we were able to defeat Panther Bas’ Black Panthers in a war that took a couple weeks. The army later shut down around August/September due to school starting back up again and I didn’t really want to lead an army every day.


I remained in the Ice Warriors throughout 2010 and 2011, then I took a break from armies in 2012 until coming back in 2013. This was where I joined the RPF once more, the army I haven’t been with since 2007. RPF later took off and excelled to the greatest heights its ever reached in its rich history and truly became a unique placement in the community. RPF influenced so many other armies and changed the recruiting game forever. After RPF had won a Legends Cup title and a Christmas Chaos title in 2013, I finally decided to apply for CPAC one more time. This time gaining much more knowledge and maturity, I applied again. I was finally accepted into CPAC the beginning of 2014 and began my career in the news industry. Over time, I went up the ladder eventually earning my first upper staff rank, Associate Producer. I had been working towards this for so long and was finally awarded the rank I’ve waited for. Then I was bumped up to Editor-in-Chief, Vice President, and eventually Executive Producer. I was an Executive Producer in CPAC for the longest point in my career. During the time I was leading the Water Vikings and the Ice Warriors, I still maintained the rank of Executive Producer and performed my jobs and tasks. Never thought I’d reach this point ever in my career.

I took a break from armies after 2015 and stepped down from my rank of Executive Producer during the beginning of 2016. I was just extremely busy, juggling 3 AP Classes, my placement on the Varsity Basketball Team, and being the Vice President of a club I was in. It was just an incredibly busy year and required a lot of time towards that instead. Let me tell you this, it did pay off in the end. Later, I got a text from an old friend, Lorenzo Bean. We caught up we each other and I checked on the community again to see that he was the Chief Executive Officer of CPAC. Before I left, he was also an Executive Producer alongside me at the time. Being my senior year and much more relaxed than before, I decided to come back the community not knowing that it would be my last time.

When I returned, I joined as a Doritos Leader since the Ice Warriors weren’t even alive at the time, not knowing that they had shut down that year. Main reason joining the Doritos was because Doritos Legends 13yearoldnoob and Brad had asked me to help them, especially during their rebuilding stages. I then aided the Doritos Army in a clash for their first ever tournament title in which we eventually won. After the tournament, I had then decided to rejoin CPAC, one last time. This time however, was much different than it was before, the administration was much different and new faces I was introduced to. I rejoined as my old position, Executive Producer for about a day. I was later inaugurated as the Chief Executive Officer of the CPA Central, something I never thought would be possible. I guess sometimes when you dream about something it just eventually happens in the end if you really push towards it. I later had to leave again due to my busy schedule and preparing myself for college.

It was then I found out that Club Penguin was officially shutting down in March. I saw this coming but I couldn’t believe that it was happening so soon. My childhood, my memories, my everything, it was all being taken away from me. That very faithful day and eventually, the things we’ve worked for, the friendships built, the bonds made, and the foundations laid out, will soon just be a fragment of our memories. But you know what, I am happy this happened. I am happy that I was able to be in this community. I am happy that you were all here to take part of something that we can look back at in the future and remember everything we did here.

My penguin is 4032 days old now, it just turned 11 years old a couple weeks ago. That’s just something insane to think about and how fast all of it really went by. This game was a piece of my past but this community we’ve made was a piece of my life. We are one truly unique group of people who just managed to get involved into something like this. I’ll really miss the times we’ve had here and will remember everything that has happened. It’s just something that I’ll never be able to let go but this is it. Now here I am, just moments after leading the last ever army event on Club Penguin with the Ice Warriors. I am saddened by the closure of Club Penguin and everything that will happen thereafter, I am happy I got to spend it with you all. Some of us will meet again in the future, some of us will never see each other again, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but thank you for everything. Thanks for being part of my life, through the thick and thin, and I am grateful that this all happened. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future, wherever you are, what path you go down, and hopefully somewhere down the road, we’d both be able to look back at this and remember everything we’ve made here as one.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr.Seuss

Thanks for growing up with me

Signing off, for the last time.


Former CPA Central Chief Executive Officer 

10 year Club Penguin Army Veteran and Legend


38 Responses

  1. As Vitamin C said, “As we go on, we remember, all the times we, had together. And as our lives change, from whatever, we will still be, friends forever.” Love yall

    • This was the final hour of Club Penguin and our community reunited on Mammoth one last time, we finished it off where we started it

      • Still can’t believe Wednesday was it for all of us, thanks to the dude who made the video you recorded our last moments together as one

        • aw shucks

      • Huehue

  2. Goodbye, Club Penguin. You will be greatly missed.

  3. I am going to miss Club Penguin and the armies so much! Thanks for everything we have made so far!

  4. I can’t believe this is it. I’ve truly enjoyed my times here in the community and everything that has happened, happens for a reason. Great post Tax and thank you for what you’ve done for armies.

  5. Goodbye to everything thank you all.

  6. i was asked to comment by tax so


  7. HI maderchod

  8. cumshooters go down with the last army event on cp servers :P.

  9. Goodbye Club Penguin. I would never even say bye to Disney. If Disney would have not bought Club Penguin, things would have been different. DISNEY RUINED CLUB PENGUIN <—(Like if you agree with my statement :-P)

  10. Goodbye and thank you for everything! If anyone wants to keep in contact, you can reach me on twitter @Motoxjohn I’ll probably give my kik or something out there. I’ll miss y’all.

  11. God bless
    kik: pjay0
    twitter @DaddyAmpharos
    steam DaddyAmph

  12. It was an amazing 8 years of my childhood, thank you all for being apart of it. I have joined so many armies in the past, and I’m not even sure if anybody recognizes me anymore. I’m the one that helped Iceyfeet bring IW back into balance in 2009-ish. Thank you all for the times, this is Zachary1234e logging out. Waddle on, my fellow friends.

  13. It was an amazing 8 years of my childhood, thank you all for being apart of it. I have joined so many armies in the past, and I’m not even sure if anybody recognizes me anymore. I’m the one that helped Iceyfeet bring IW back into balance in 2009-ish. Thank you all for the times, this is Zachary1234e logging out. Waddle on, my fellow friends.

  14. I can’t believe this is all happening so quickly, this community took over 10 years to build and just 1 second to be taken from all of us. Everything has truly changed and I’ll remember everything and what we did here not as a community but as family. Amazing closing post Tax, see you on the other side

  15. RIP Club Penguin/Armies. Love you Tax.

  16. Club Penguin may be gone, but once a penguin is always a penguin. We will always waddle on in life, and we’re all connected by the one thing that brought us together.

    What keeps us all connected is the friendships built and the memories shared, and one day we’ll be telling our memories to our children and grandchildren about a wonderful, creative, and life-changing game they called Club Penguin.

  17. Met so many friends through out this career of my life… It was a great run while it last. l have been a part of this community since 2010. It’s really sad to hear this when Club Penguin shut down the virtual game forever, making more hard for CP Armies to continue.

  18. Name: xSirAndrew
    Submission: Best retirement post
    Nah bit seriously good job, gonna miss everyone and thanks for everyone whos been friend.

  19. Nice post Tax, i’m gonna miss you, you were a great leader and a great friend!

  20. Man man man, Big Tax laying down the hammer at last and setting the community away with a great post, it really is. Also thank you everyone, everybody here, we all really made something special here and I will forever cherish this. See you guys on the other side.

    – Dr J

  21. Is global warming still a hoax

  22. Good bye Club Penguin its been an honor to play you Farewell! 🙂

  23. Salute.

  24. Hail Father Tax!

  25. I miss it already the drama of it dying

  26. Glad to know you, Tax.

  27. good knowing ya

  28. It was nice to spend the last event with you Tax! Ice Warriors will always be the best for me!

  29. Tax this was a great post, you are a great writer. This is a perfect ending to our CP Army story. I’m gonna miss you.

    • You deserved CP Army Legend cause of this post.

      • Tax, you are one of the most formidable opponents on CP and a great writer. You are the total package for any girl.

        • Ken, you’re setting yourself up for wing-man of the year.

  30. Tax,

    It has been a pleasure knowing you since near the beginning. I’ve always appreciated your dedication to armies and friendships. I will miss you pal. Farewell Club Penguin.

    Stay Frosty,


  31. Seems like its been forever, since we’ve been gone

    Maybe one day we’ll come back home

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