CPA Central All Time Awards – The Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After many days of voting, we have spent dozens of hours counting and we can now bring you the results of the All Time Awards.

Even though the voting started late, we have had an incredible turn out with over 100 turning up to vote. Armies have been going on for 11 years strong but we never found out who the best was. Many claim they are the greatest but these results will prove them wrong. With armies now coming to an end, I am proud to bring you the results of the all time awards.

*credit to the wonderful members of the CPAC administration for tallying up the votes*

Best Major Leader

1. Iceyfeet1234

2. Elmikey


4. Puckley

(Close – Andrew24, Waterkid, Boomer20, Commando and Silverburg)

Best Small Army Leader

1. Poseidon112

2. Antonio

3. Popcorny5555

4.  Earthing

(Close – Brigade3, Security, Lenco, Braveboy and Zach 11)

Best Major Army

1Army of Club Penguin

2. Nachos

3. Ice Warriors

4. Rebel Penguin Federation

(Close – Light Troops, Doritos, SWAT, Army Republic and Golds)

 Best Small Medium Army

1. Thugs

2. Teutons

3. Water Ninjas

4. Watex Warriors and Chaos

(Close – Redemption Force, Team Gold, Snow Ninjas, Pretzels and Smart Penguins )

Most Controversial Moment

1. Exposure of Phin’s Nudes

2. Purple Republic’s Raids

3.  CPAC Banning Light Troops

4. Formation of Black Alliance

(Close – Exposure of the Whale, Legends Cup 2017, Christmas Chaos 2016, Christmas Chaos 2013 and Legends Cup 2015)

 Best News Site





(Close – CPAF, CPAN,CPAE, The Stale Nacho and DWNC)

Best CEO

1. Bluesockwa1

2. Bluesockwa2

3. Woton 

4. Jodie

(Close – Rocky25271, Shad, Superoo, Zing King To and Shaboomboom)

Best Tournament

1. Legends Cup

2. Christmas Chaos

3. Champions Cup

4. March Madness 

(Close – SMAC-Down, SMAP Summer Slash, Spring Smackdown, CPAC Conquest Games and SMAP Ausia Ace)

Biggest Noob

1. Olimad

2. DrFlen

3. Kyle103

4. Alessandro

(close – Rook, Gordon Edwards, Epic Master, Zuke and Justinfortsa)

Worst CEO

1. Atticus

2. Sammie

3. Zing

4. Berbatov64

Best Designer

1. Monsoon

2. Earthing 

3. Ming

4. Pochoma123

(Close – CSY, Zeer, Wyoskyguy, Stromae and Dx)

Best War

1. Rebel Penguin Federation vs Nachos

2. Army of Club Penguin vs Underground Mafias Army

3. Black Alliance vs White Alliance

4. Great Alliance vs Army of Club Penguin

(Close – RPF vs AR, DCP vs IW, DW vs LT, LT vs ACP and SWAT vs ACP)

Biggest Savage

1. Bam117

2. Waterkid100

3. Chip

4. Joseph

(Close – Trader, Badboy, Ioioluk, Goblin and Shaboomboom)

Best Year

1. 2013

2. 2014

3. 2012

4. 2010

Best Moment

All of you stated some great moments that you’ve experienced. The administration has picked out some to showcase.

  • ‘When I created the Thugs and reached the Legends Cup Finals.’ -Poseidon112
  • ‘The end of CPA’ -Brigade3, Jed and others
  • ‘Winning the 2016 Christmas Chaos finals’ -Badboy00923
  • ‘Getting promoted to DCP mod on my first birthday in armies’ -Possum03
  • ‘When Elmikey received diapers’ -Snickers

Trophies will be made soon – sorry for the inconvenience.

That concludes the CPA Central All Time Awards. Congratulations to all the winners. Winning an all time award is a massive honour and shows how much you are valued in this community. Thank you to everyone who voted and just like last time, the awards were a huge success. CPA can now rest in peace…


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Associate Producer

Supa Em

CPA Central Board Member




27 Responses

  1. Grats, kinda stupid awards to be held tho

  2. I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3RD TIME NOOB WINNER

    • man im kinda jealous tbh

  3. Nice.

  4. Glory to the light.

  5. Thugs smh

  6. I don’t think any of those SM Leaders kept their army alive for more than 2 and a half years

  7. Aaaaaah yes- the recognition I definitely don’t deserve, but will gladly accept because I was obviously the best choice for best designer.

  8. decent

  9. >All time awards
    > Thugs
    > Made like 1.5 months ago
    > all time award
    > poseidon best s/m leader
    > all time awards


    • Ikr man
      Thugs should’ve been best major army and I should’ve been best major army leader

    • Rekt

  10. It’s weird how Zing got 3rd place for Worst CEO while simultaneously getting close to gaining an award for Best CEO.

  11. I will gladly accept this award on behalf of the all the young recruits i ran off – and all of the things i got blamed for this past month

  12. Hahahahahaha Phin’s nudes were most controversial.

  13. I like how poorly researched the nominations were lmao

    • They probably forgot you!!!

    • They forgot apollo too

  14. Holy fuck we did it CPACC 3rd!!!!!!!

    • I got 5th in CEOS wow.

  15. So sad that club penguin was shut down. I’m glad I was apart of Army of Club Penguin for many years. They will always be apart of me.
    ~power dude3

  16. rip atticus lmao

  17. If LT vs Nachos was a choice I would have voted that best war cuz they r two hated armies fucking each other over.

  18. Hey can you remove “phins nudes” as they were fake lol thx

  19. Hey, I’m supposed to be the noob! Fuck this, JK lol

    Waddle on

  20. Hey, I’m supposed to be the noob! Fuck this, JK lol

    Waddle on

  21. how earthing got 2nd best designer of all time is beyond me, how any of these best s/m army leaders except for antonio got there is beyond me, how thugs, teutons and water ninjas were the ‘best’ s/m armies is beyond me, how WW, Golds, Team Gold and Metal warriors are even considered small/medium is beyond me, how BA vs WA or PR vs PA were not at the top of the list for best wars is beyond me and lastly, how 2014 was one of the best years is beyond me.

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