Where Can We Go Now?

With the end of Club Penguin only three days away, where can we go now? You guys already know my stance on this, that we should move to NationStates unless Club Penguin Rewritten listens to my suggestions. I do think, however, CPPSes should be used as a temporary refuge. Why can’t they be permanent? That’s what I’ll be investigating in this post.

The concern many bring up for moving to NationStates is that it’ll destroy our culture and history. Some of the elements in Armies changing doesn’t destroy anything. Change is good, and anyway NationStates Armies would actually be very similar to Club Penguin Armies; you would agree if you’ve played NationStates. You might say Club Penguin Armies becoming NationStates Armies would end up being “NationStates with some people I used to be in Club Penguin Armies with”, but that’s really a non-issue; you could say that about CPPSes. And anyway, NationStates Armies, as I have said, would be very similar to Club Penguin Armies. Moving to NationStates is essentially joining a bigger community that is very similar to ours. The reason I would support a move to Club Penguin Rewritten over NationStates if they listened to my suggestions is because it would work, it would be more similar, and more people would get on board with it. Anyway, enough talk about NationStates, I’m sure everyone’s sick of me talking about NationStates by now; let’s return to the main point.

Armies such as Rebel Penguin Federation and Kings’ Republic plan to move to CPPSes. So, why can’t CPPSes be permanent? Well, to start off, most of them don’t have enough servers to sustain us over a long period of time. Most CPPSes have ~4 servers. We have enough server trouble as it is, yes?

Secondly, multilogging is made easier to do and harder to spot. All someone has to do to multilog is create a new account (which doesn’t start off as P[insert number]), add the person to the ranks, log on using a new tab, clone one of the Army’s members to make their penguin look legit, and presto!

Thirdly, CPPS staff and most CPPS members don’t like Armies, since all we are to them are spammers, which would make recruiting difficult. I haven’t looked into how CPPS.ME members collectively view Armies however, but the ones I do know about actually want Armies to move to CPPS.ME – more about this in a later post. However, no CPPS.ME staff member likes Armies.

Fourthly, CPPS communities tend to be inappropriate. Measures can be taken to avoid this, however. Armies could hold events in lowly populated rooms. They could put messages on their sites warning people to avoid certain rooms. CPPS.ME even has servers that ban inappropriate words, which could be used. However, these methods are not perfect.

Last but not least, CPPSes may not have a lot of hackers, but they have enough of them that they are a problem. Mirai once got hacked and all the details on the accounts got leaked. CPPS.ME once was targeted by a group calling themselves Data Squad.

This is one of the reasons I made my suggestions to Club Penguin Rewritten. They are the least problematic CPPS, and if they listened to my suggestions, they wouldn’t be problematic at all. As they are now, they have lots of servers, they aren’t inappropriate, they have a friendly attitude towards Armies, and they don’t have any hackers. All they need to do now is listen to my suggestions. Cross your fingers guys!

So, what do you think? Do you think CPPSes should be permanent, or do you think that CPPSes should only be used as a temporary refuge? Would you be favorable of a move to Club Penguin Rewritten if they listened to my suggestions?

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Reporter


33 Responses

  1. Actually, armies have started sprouting up on CPR. I.e the mafia, trees, squids, pizza cult. they, however, use Old-school 07 warfare.

    • Good to know.

    • Do they have any websites?

      • The Maifa and Trees do. Very, very primal.I’m actually a 2ic in the mafia.

        • Can you link the two sites?

          • mafias site is you can find the trees’ site on CPR Mafias’ site. we don’t even use xat.

            • I’m just considering writing about these CPR Armies.

              • The clans/armies went missing after a few weeks, but they came back when Sweglord (mafia leader) checked site and CPR.

              • KK, well I’m the only guy from CPAs in CPR armies so I’m the only guy to talk to 😛

                • I’ve been working on the post and I just saw your comment, could I have an interview at ?? If you say yes and I miss it today, since I have to get off soon and I may miss your response, please go to the chat tomorrow at 7:00PM Central Standard Time.

                  • yer I can

    • How dare you forget the stair crew, we came before the trees, and removed them from the boat before the pebbleskipper came

      • what.

    • Hey, do you have an email?

      • yes, I have multiple.

        • Can you tell me one of them?

          • Without an “s” before 81?

            • np

  2. muh nationstates

    • That’s why I only talked about it for one paragraph.


    This is maybe the first ever war on Club Penguin Rewritten right now.

    • Do you have an email?

  4. I’d rather move to nation states honestly

    • Good luck throwing a snowball.

  5. Idk about you guys but I’d rather go out and y’know, get a life instead of playing a reincarnation of a children’s Disney game, but that’s just me.

    • I’m only 13, so I mean, its ok for me.

  6. GEt the fuck off shit games thats whats going to happen mate.

  7. Seriously. You’ve hashed this topic to death. No one wants to move. No one is moving. Everyones come to terms with that.

  8. Don’t forget the stair crew! The stair crew waged an epic war against the Trees inside RockHoppers ship the day he arrived in cpr and won! They got all the trees to leave the ship before Rockhopper’s mascot appearance and got the majority of the ship to join them! They are a true power!

    • Do they have a website?

  9. Join my Wizards of Wizard 101 Army

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