The Final Top Ten Armies: 3/26/17

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After 8 years, the CPA Central Top Ten series has now come to an end.



1. Ice Warriors [70.00] [+1]

2. Special Weapons & Tactics [64.50] [+1]

3. Doritos [63.50] [+4]

4. Thugs [57.06] [+1]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [54.50] [+2]

6. Army Republic [54.00] [+7]

7. Golds [52.50] [NEW!]

8. Wild Ninjas [52.22] [+3]

9. Teutons [51.89] [+3]

10. Kings Republic [51.68] [-1] 


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Underground Mafias Army [48.50] [-5]

12. Imperial Argonaut Empire [38.50] [NEW!]

13T. Aqua Vikings [37.00] [NEW!]

13T. Army of Club Penguin [37.00] [+0]

To see our full statistics please click here


1. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held two events this week, a practice battle against the Wild Ninjas where they maxed 35 & a battle against the Army Republic where they reached sizes of 37.

2. Special Weapons & Tactics: SWAT had a very busy week, holding a total of seven events, beginning with their US invasion of Toboggan where they maxed 15. This was followed by a tactical training event held on Tuesday where they reached sizes of 25. On Wednesday, SWAT had an unscheduled UK event where they maxed 16, before defending Toboggan from AR with sizes of 30 later on that day. SWAT then hosted two more training events with a size of about 20 at both, before ending their week on Saturday with yet another training event where they maxed 30.


3. Doritos: DCP held 3 events this week 2 of which were training sessions where they maxed 40 and 35. They ended off with their final event getting sizes of 50+


4. Thugs: The Thugs also had a very eventful week, all starting with their invasion of Ice Box where they maxed sizes of around 20. This was followed by an invasion of the server Kosciuszko where they reached a size of 25. On Wednesday, the Thugs invaded Walrus maxing around 23, and then held an AUSIA practice battle against the Nachos hitting sizes of 15 on Friday. The Thugs then logged on to invade the server Deep Freeze with sizes of 25 later that day, before holding yet another invasion at AUSIA times on Saturday where they maxed 12. The Thugs finished their week invading the server Abominable with sizes of 20.

5. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF held one event this week, a training event on Saturday where they maxed 25.

6. Army Republic: AR began their week with a training session where they maxed 8. This was followed by their defense of Toboggan where they hit sizes of 10. On Wednesday, AR re-invaded Toboggan from SWAT again reaching sizes of 10, before finishing their week with their closing event held on Toboggan where they reached outstanding sizes of 40.

7. Golds: The Golds returned this week for a farewell event held on their capital server, Flippers, where they hit sizes of around 25.

8. Wild Ninjas: WN held a total of 9 events this week, including a practice battle against the Ice Warriors & the rest being training sessions where they hit sizes ranging from 10-20 at all of them.

9. Teutons: The Teutons had an action packed week, all kicking off with an AUSIA training event on North Pole where they reached sizes of 13. The next day, they logged on North Pole again for another AUSIA training and saw the same size. Later on Monday, the Teutons held a UK event where they maxed around 15, which was followed by an AUSIA patrolling event on Tuesday where they maxed sizes of 8. The next day, they held two AUSIA events, a recruiting on Blizzard & a training on North Pole, where they saw sizes of around 13 at both. On Thursday, the Teutons held yet ANOTHER AUSIA training and maxed 8. On Friday, they logged on for their final AUSIA event, maxing 15, before holding their final event ever on Saturday, hitting sizes of around 20.

10. Kings Republic: The Kings had a very busy week, beginning with a joint mining session with the Aqua Vikings where they maxed 15. This was followed by a US raid of Toboggan the next day where they reached sizes of around 17. On Wednesday, the Kings cleansed the server Hot Chocolate with sizes of 12, and then held an unscheduled UK event the next day where they saw the same size. On Friday, the Kings raided the server Crunch reaching sizes of 17, before holding their closing event later Saturday night on Wool Socks where they again hit sizes of 17.


This week we asked you, “What will you do after March 29th?” Most people said they will get a life.


Final Words:

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in the making of the top ten. Without the top ten, CPAC would’ve not been as influential as it is now. The top ten is the core of our site and to see it grow in the last 8 years was amazing. I would like to give a thank you to all the top ten makers for spending their Saturday nights doing complicated maths formulas. I would also like to give a huge thank you to all the viewers for tuning in to the top ten every Sunday. The top ten series have been a huge success and it is definitely one of the main features of this community.  A huge congratulations to all armies who have achieved first on the top ten and to all armies who managed to make it to our list. The top ten series has now come to an end. 


So, what do YOU think of CPAC’s final Top Ten? Have you enjoyed reading our top tens? What was your favourite top ten? Comment YOUR thoughts below!

For the final time, thanks for reading!


CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Vice President


67 Responses

  1. It was a pleasure working with all of of you guys for all these years

    • You too, Tax

    • Good Game m8

  2. Fight the good fight

  3. Reblogged this on Club Penguin: Ice Warriors | Ice Penguins and commented:

    Finishing 1st


  5. *sheds a tear*

  6. Glad to see IW come out on top in the last top 10.

    Never been the world’s biggest fan of Top 10s, especially when people could get a bit obsessed with them over and above wars, servers etc. But you can’t doubt their influence, they’re good for competition (and making sure people stick to the rules), and they’ve been useful for me to keep track of how the community + ACP are doing.

    So to all those who’ve worked on the top 10s through the years: thanks for the brilliant journalism.

  7. Glory to the light and fight the good fight.

      Fight The Good Fight, yes? *wary*

      • we were framed. Glory to the light.

  8. asking a man questions when hes wasted isnt fair it should be illegal i plead the 5th

  9. Congratulations to every army who survived to get their name one last time on this, who gives a shit what place they got. Golds made it back strong one last time with just 1 excellent event, good job. Gg IW, also lmao AV.

  10. Gold Rush forever

  11. Congratulations to ACP’s leadership for their hard work and dedication to not even appear on the Top Ten this week, but end up what is basically the SMAC Top Ten, you guys are amazing.

    • acp administration couldve done better imo but shit,
      top tens stopped being relevant years ago.

  12. Hell was unleashed.

  13. Hell has been unleashed. SWAT forever

  14. Nice job trying to blame me for multilogging when the “evidence” is literally word of mouth (Not sure if you thought this was a “fitting revenge” for that CPAC crap that happened earlier this year but its just sad lol)
    . Regardless it doesn’t matter very much as this is the last Top Ten – Good job to all armies and everyone who came out this past week to show us up and Good luck to everyone taking part in the color wars

    • The blame shouldn’t have been included, that’s evident. However, most of the other evidence provided checks out when absolving you from blame, as there’s no prove you tabbed those 3-4.

      • Yeah but no one cares about actual evidence, CPAC is just salty after that deface incident that they’ll use word of mouth as strictly evidence. lol

      • 13, Stevenly2930 is me! Really? I barely been active but since it’s the end of CP, I decide to join in the last 3 battles! I recorded the final event for a reason.

        • My banter in private chat with Badboy was not supposed to be taken literally, as I had no real evidence to backup any of my claims against Bam or Mustapha. My apologies, Steven.

        • ^

          • @steven

    • We did not even multilog it’s clear and obvious humbugged *facepalmz*

  15. Badboy blatantly misused our conversation as “evidence” for purposes to include as proof of Bam’s alleged involvement in the multilogging. As the one who used Bam as an example, I fully retract his name from the evidence as there’s no proof Bam was involved. Bad had pc’ed me pointing out a few obvious multilogs, I simply began discussing these penguins with him as well as those POTENTIALLY involved, not those CERTAINLY involved. I’m not entirely sure who multilogged, nor do I have proof of those who were actually involved. With that being said, Bam should not be placed at fault for the obvious and blatant multilogging that had taken place at DCP’s final event.

  16. Good Job Thugs. This year we started at the bottom ended up as one of the top 3 armies.
    Thanks for all the top tens, CPAC

  17. Good job SWAT, we did it.

  18. Reblogged this on Thugs Of CP and commented:
    Final Top Ten Great Work Thugs

  19. Keep fighting for glory in real life!
    RIP Teutons, RIP CP, RIP CPAC 🙂

  20. Also wonderful Top Ten. Seeing all legendary armies in one list is simply amazing and I am honoured that Teutons are part of it.(When there are armies like DCP, RPF, IW, ACP, SWAT, UMA, AR, Golds etc.). I don’t care much much about ranks now, but seeing that the scores are very competitive and there is hardly 1-2 points difference between most ranks upto top 3,I am impressed by every person involved in making of this Top Ten. Goodjob and I am glad that everyone in this community came together for one last time, helped each other, and many legendary armies even saw sizes of 40+(Not to forget the last run of Ausia) 🙂
    I will miss each and everyone of you and I would like to insert a quote from Teutons closure post:
    If they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles.
    Also Brigade3 quoted:
    All good things must come to an end, but the Teutons will never end. The Teutons live on not in material form, but in spirit. The Teutonic spirit lives on in our hearts, in those little acts of bravery we commit in our lives, in those small acts of kindness in our everyday experiences. Whenever you feel lonely, be safe in the fact the Teutons will always be with you; even if you don’t quite know it.

    RIP CP, Miss the old days, and time to move on 😀

  21. Doritos never multilog. Period. So why you trying to mess around with us then? Trader is stupid hes not even in the army anymore and your saying he has to attend the events? Wow…..

  22. Stevenly2930 is an actual penguin. It’s me! I just barely been in events but now I actually join since CP is almost shutting down. Proof that I was an actual penguin instead of an “old Mustapha account” will be on my YT Steven2Desmond once it actually freaking uploads.

    • Dumbfuckz accusing us

  23. Last time I checked, Badboy was not to be trusted in any way from the amount of multilogging that he has done in the past. His personality is solely based off of cheating, and he’s really good at it too.

    Leboto was on chat, 13 didn’t notice him because he was never around during his time in the DCP. Screenshots are only shown of the owners and some of the moderators. Next, Stevenly is a real troop, he has his own youtube channel:

    You can’t rely on people who are always suspicious, some people just cant stop thinking that there’s something more. Before you base your opinion only on DCP, I highly recommend looking at every photo published to each armies websites of events and look at penguins that are as similar before assuming.

    • We can talk about this I’ll be on soon or if you have kik my username is ToMuchSauce16

    • Exactly roasted

    • “You can’t rely on people who are always suspicious”
      yeah thats why we shouldnt trust more than half your leadership since theyve all multilogged in the past

  24. The Doritos of Club Penguin are the greatest army of all time, and CPAC has no concrete evidence of Bam multilogging. Also, CPAC does not want to see DCP at the top to finish out armies. DCP be shinin’ others be cryin’

    • I agree with your statement regarding the accusations I made towards Bam, for that I apologize. Once again, I didn’t mean for most of what was discussed between Bad and I to be taken seriously. However, Moto and Trey admitted they weren’t at the event yet they were still present? Doesn’t make sense.

  25. Uh dumbfucks DCP didn’t multilog I was there and we had 62 on chat with no multis on cp so idk where u think we have multis because we didn’t and we had no multis on our chat either and I even looked when I was on and there wasn’t Check ur facts.

    • Lol what?

    • Jesus rocky ur like the people who said oj simpson didnt murder anyone when there is so much evidence proving it though

      • Lolwut

        • Wait musta told me shit so i guess they didnt multilog idk

          • LOL

  26. Leboto is a former leader that helped u fucking dipshit and Trey wasn’t nor was Motox they all r former owners that helped .

    • Biased

    • In regards to Trey and Moto, they both admitted to not attending the event…Lol.

      • That doesn’t mean their accounts couldn’t have been given to ppl that actually helped that had their peng they normally use banned and I remember a couple ppl asking for a penguin on chat s couple times cuz there’s was banned 24 hrs

        • But see, then Moto and Trey would’ve said; “Yes, I gave my penguin to someone else”. They wouldn’t have been so quick to answer no to such a general question.

          • No statement has been released by Motox or Leboto on if they attended the event or not. You guys are too quick to jumping to conclusions.


  28. Final top ten of armies ends with DCP getting deducted. 70+ for a final event is def possible, but I can name 5+ (Theres at least 15-20 tabs in that event, and 20 allies) already exposed multilogs in one DCP pic alone. Master fry, master quest, The web, finlandwins are all exposed multilogs from ACP 2015 and UMA 2016 used by Bam and Trader. Let’s not forget that ICPdude is Mustapha, and Brad has pced a dozen people and even said it on main that he will multilog dozens at the final DCP event. There’s also lots more evidence kept secret. DCP is a troll army; not worth wasting your time exposing.


    • You are so quick to assume that I HAD PENGUINS EXPOSED? Finland (Snow) was an ACP 4ic AND a former DCP 3ic from 2013, all others are have been in DCP over a span of YEARS. Unlike your fake WV moderators and “pokemon” troops – our family actually comes back when we need them

  29. DCP IS LOVE DCP IS LIFE! ❤ This is our legacy

  30. Wow… ACP started of as one of the best armies and ended as the worst.

    • i do not accept this statement

      • Although I said it, same. This top 10 was shit.

      • honestly though, its kind of fitting. ACP was at the front of the community, and it was considered a dark age when it was doing bad. ACP falling as the entire community collapses signifies the end of an era

  31. Glory To The Light, Fear The Night, Fear The Ice, Fear The Wave.

  32. To all of my friends from CP and CPA: So this is how it will end. Everything we’ve accomplished in CPA since 2006 will be gone in 1 day. Some of you have been around since the beginning. Even though I’ve only been around for a year, it has been the best working with everyone and being in armies. Thanks for all the memories! :’)

  33. gonna miss all these memories..

  34. Ahhhh. It finally came to end. It’s been nice being in this community, and all of the people I have met. I will miss you all greatly. Just remember- Don’t Freeze Up.

  35. I appreciate it

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