Army of Club Penguin to Confirm Closure

BREEZE, ACP Empire – In an expected announcement, with the imminent closure of Club Penguin, the Army of CP has all-but announced that they will not be moving to CPPS or CPI and will close following their final event on Saturday, March 25th.

Club Penguin recently announced that they would be closing their online version on March 29th and changing to an app version called Club Penguin Island. This decision sparked debate to take place across CP Armies, with a decision to be made on if armies would move to CPPS to sustain the community or shut down completely before a downward spiral of death. Several armies have already made decisions on their future, with the Light Troops, Nachos and Ice Warriors all expected to close down completely. The next army to make their decision is potentially detrimental for the call to move to CPPS, with the founding and most successful army of all time announcing that they will not be moving to CPPS.

The decision is not officially announced, with that post expected to be made by creator Oagalthorp, but it was all-but announced by Army Legend and former ACP Panel of Guardian Flipmoo, who stated that ”The remaining armies that have decided to take none of the aforementioned options [CPPS, CPI, Roblox etc.] have decided to take the only choice that they are left with: shutting down. And it appears that the Army of Club Penguin will join the others in taking this path”. He did stress to state that his post was not the official announcement of closure and hinted that this would be made by their creator, but that Flipmoo’s post was to answer questions asked by people across the army. An excerpt of the post made by Flipmoo can be seen below.

To our soldiers, retirees, and passersby who associate parts of their childhood to the ACP: on behalf of the Army of Club Penguin, I come here to relay a message concerning the future of this army.

It has been known for quite a while that Club Penguin will be officially closing on March 29th of 2017, and will transform into a new platform called Club Penguin Island (CPI).

For the past several months, our administration has deliberated on the path the Army of Club Penguin should take as one of the historic armies ever to exist in the warfare community. Many ideas have been thrown into the pit by numerous members of the community, and here we would like to take a moment to thank those involved for being concerned about the future of this army.

Considering the current censorship in Club Penguin (with phrases such as “army” being filtered) and its decreasing popularity in general, it is highly unlikely that CPI will end up being a platform in which armies will be able grow. Although we acknowledge that it is unwise to make such presumptions before the game is released, with the lack of staff and the demise of armies in general, the ACP struggles to continue even in the game it was once prosperous on. An alternative option of moving to a Club Penguin private server (CPPS) has been brought up multiple times, not only in the ACP but also throughout the community. Previous attempts of moving to a CPPS have been brought up years ago when rumors of Club Penguin shutting down first came up, and despite its risks in security and recruitment, this option appears to be the path a couple adventurous armies are willing to take. However, popular CPPS websites usually have only one server in which the users log on, and their moderators IP ban army recruiters, which adds another obstacle that makes it harder for armies to survive. Other armies have decided to move on to different games such as Minecraft or Roblox, with critics stating that this move defies the whole purpose of being a “Club Penguin” organization – an argument that applies severely to the Army of Club Penguin. The remaining armies that have decided to take none of the aforementioned options have decided to take the only choice that they are left with: shutting down. And it appears that the Army of Club Penguin will join the others in taking this path.

The people who have landed on this decision are well aware of the impact that it will bring forth to the community as a whole; however, with the end of Club Penguin approaching, armies have begun to split in their own ways, which will ultimately lead to the dilapidation of the community. But even with that being said, I must express that the burden of making such a decision is immense. We ask for your understanding when we state that this conclusion comes not only from a few selective individuals, but from the opinions that have accumulated by many people throughout the last months.

Letting go of an army that has existed for ten consecutive years means that we will be terminating what we have all tried so desperately to continue. Thousands have come and went from the early snowball fights to the modern tourneys. Thousands have spent their childhood here, on the very website you are on. And on that same website that all those people have spent hours, and even years on; you are now witnessing the beginning of the end of the once formidable ACP, which we all dreamed would have continued on forever.

     Please note that this is not the official notification of the closure, nor will I be the one to officially declare it. For this special occasion, one of our greats is expected to finish this legendary army. The intention of this post is to notify those who are concerned with the route ACP plans to take following the closure of Club Penguin.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this post. And although we dread the final day of the ACP, with appreciation for all the years, I’d like to end this with a big thank you to all who have dedicated their time in making this army the best.

Let us make the most of the days that remain.

The Army of Club Penguin are recognised as the founding army of our community upon their creation on September 29th, 2006, by Oagalthorp. This sparked a series of events that he surely could not foresee, with other armies being created and a community being formed that would last nearly 11 years. The army had major wars near the start of their history against the large Romans army, with alliances with the Vikings and Nachos allowing them to defeat the army, as well as against the Underground Mafias Army. Victory for the ACP effectively sparked the end of Pink Mafias’ UMA and put them in place to be the dominant army for years to follow.

Image result for army of cp 2007

The Army of CP continued to dominate following the retirement of Oagalthorp, with Fort performing well as leader in his role as the 2nd ACP Leader of all time. No leader more successful than Boomer 20, who hit record sizes of over 120+ in his final event and took the army to new heights that no leader had done before or after him. Many other leaders also had a lot of success, including Shaboomboom, Flipper and Kenneth, Mchappy, Flipmoo and countless others, with many people over the course of their history having the chance to lead the historic army. Despite a decline in recent years and towards the end of Club Penguin, which contribute to the decision to close, the army still holds the title of being the most successful and important of all time.

What do YOU think about this announcement? Are the ACP the greatest of all time and what impact will this have on the case for moving to CPPS? Comment YOUR opinions on the closure of the ACP.


CPA Central CEO


29 Responses

  1. Been in ACP since 2008 its sad to see it go but for the better due to the massive downfall that has been going on for a long time now. I have seen ACP at its highest its lowest seen some of the best soldiers ever take part in this community met some amazing people that will go on to be extremely successful in life. But at last we close the final chapter on ACP history and CPA history as well. While I never got leader I would like to thank ACP and CPA for this amazing experience after all the years here as they say all good things must come to an end. I would also like to say good luck to everyone once we depart and move on with our life’s once CP closes see you all on the far side

    • Good luck to you as well!

    • Can someone just give Noka leader for a day? For god sake.

    • It’s really sad when nobody really gives you the rank of an leader in the Army of Club Penguin. If only King Mondo or Super Edwin lets you have that rank for a couple of days until the virtual game shuts down. You have been in ACP way longer than anyone else, and l respect that. But the amount of time you spent in ACP, no matter what people say to you, but you became the loyalest person to ACP since 2008. I respect you, Noka.

  2. sad reacts only

  3. Reiterating what has been stated twice already in the post: note that this is not the official notification of the closure, nor will I be the one to officially declare it. For this special occasion, one of our greats is expected to finish this legendary army..

    And that will be the post that deserves the publicity and good-bye comments.

    But still, it was one hell of a ride.

    • u are one of the greats tho

      • Please kik me.

  4. Really sad it see it close as it gave me years of joy, but I feel that this is the right decision.

    All ACP members are invited to the Nachos’ Final Fiesta.

  6. Couldn’t have asked for a better rival to the Nachos. Gonna miss the back and forth between our two legendary armies.

    • Agreed, there’s only ever been one army that I’ve actually enjoyed fighting against and that is ACP. Thanks for the memories.

  7. The day has come, although predictable its still not easy. Made incredible memories from 08-2012 while ACP was on top. Although it was only inevitable for all armies to eventually close down, at least this way we’re able to do so in a deserving way to everyone who had a hand in all of this throughout the years.

  8. Hot damn. With the end near, it’s kinda touching to see the community actually come together and settle differences- for the most part. Thank you everyone for giving me these years of experience. For better or for worse. Hell, I’m making it sound like wedding vows. We spent a good chunk of our lives tied to this superficial world. A world of which will most likely become a forgotten remnant of the past. An era that will only be remembered by those affected by the chants of the underdogs, domination of the legends, sever skirmishes, etc. A chapter in our lives that will be kept alive in the back of our minds. But we know that it made an impact. It taught us loyalty, sportsmanship, and friendship. It brought us at times un-intended reality checks and broaden personal perspectives even if we don’t realize it. My childhood that I’ve spent with this community taught me the values and morals of contemporary society on a more meaningful, personal scale than real life encounters. I don’t regret anything. I learned a lot more from here than any book can teach me. For every relationship I was fortunate to make, I cherish them dearly. For all rivals I’ve encountered, I thank you, you bettered me. For anything pathetic or foolish that I have done, I sincerely apologize. For allowing me to feel great pride as well as humility that came with enlisting under a banner, thank you. This will probably be a comment to be skimmed or ignored but I don’t mind. It’s as if I was giving myself closure. No, I probably am writing this just for closure. I’m happy with where I’m at. I want to leave this community on a good note. It’s sad to say farewell but necessary to grow. It’s like leaving to start anew some place elsewhere. A scary, sad change but again, necessary. Like leaving for college. There’s so much sentiment being tossed around. Nostalgia. It’s kinda funny. You don’t realize how much something has made an impact on you until you finally wake up one day and realize it’s time to say goodbye. Please, live your lives to the fullest. Don’t waste it because we only get the one. Thank you for everything and good-bye.

  9. ACP is a great army. I’ve met so many great people in that army; with lots of respect. ACP was an army l was in a long time ago as well, and l think everyone have done that before too.
    “It’s too late to fix that problem, and our dream has been crushed by the Disney’s mistaken ideas for our childhood memories that we have been enjoying for. It’s also sad to hear that most legendary armies are shutting down before Club Penguin, that is heartbreaking.” I repeated, in Ice Warriors site.

  10. The ACP is actually shutting down because LT owned them too much.

    • How? Light Troops didn’t get the spotlight near sometime near 2011-2014. The Army of Club Penguin fought titans bigget than mountais , outfoxed other forminable armies, we founded the community and this is how we end it. Look, I don’t know about you but who gives a damn? Surely, ACP vs LT were one of the rivalries out there to shape but it doesn’t mean LT is close to being great but no. This is ACP, not your army. This comment is disgrace to not showing respect. But “owned” really? You never lead the G.O.A.T of this community and no hater can.

      Just keep on dreaming, Bobby. All LT ever did was to rant on how great they are, even though they can never be greater than ACP itself. Army ot Cp Forever.

      • I love it when I get typos on typing comments via phone….

        *bigger than mountains
        *a disgrace

        • Again…

          *somewhere near before 2011 or 2014

    • U highness

  11. AHHHH

  12. getting serious – It was a blessing to have lead ACP – I enjoyed nearly every bit of it from the amazing drama and uplift to the multiple coups threatened against me

    • Multiple Coups?

  13. The memories.

    Thanks to everyone for making this community as strong as it has been. It was a journey.

  14. aw man 😦

  15. RIP easily one of the best armies in club penguin history. This game did make an impact in my life in good ways and bad ways. I may have never met anyone from cp armies in real life, but I made lots of friends from it that I’ll probably never talk to again.
    Talyor455 Aka Tal reporting out.

  16. It was fun to join the army in 2011 and lead it in 2014. RIP ACP.

  17. I respect this army 100%

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