Light Troops Shut Down

ICE BOX, Former Light Troops Capital – With just days left of Club Penguin, we see a legendary army close its doors. The Light Troops have decided to shut down, just hours after the Legends Cup VIII Finals.

In January 2011, The Blue Miners Army died, which led to Ioioluk creating the Light Troops. During 2011, there were a lot of large armies, the biggest being the Army of Club Penguin. During this time there were a lot of wars and armies were still developing, so the Light Troops weren’t the BIGGEST army at the time, but they were growing and proved to be quite a big army.

Light Troops in 2011.

Over the years, the Light Troops had many wars with armies like the Doritos, the Underground Mafias Army and the Hot Sauce Army, but overall they had one main enemy. Their main enemy was the Army of Club Penguin. The Light Troops and ACP had been enemies for years, having plenty of wars over a four year span. At the start of those four years the ACP would’ve been a bigger army (mainly because they were called THE ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN), but that didn’t change a thing. To the Light Troops they were just another army and had beef for years. Eventually, the Army of Club Penguin fell in size (like we see today), and the Light Troops started to win the wars they had.

Light Troops vs. The Doritos.

Light Troops vs. ACP//Ice Warriors in 2014.

Over the last seven years, the Light Troops have had a nice list of leaders. They’ve had people like Elmikey, Jester and Andrew24 lead the army, but over the years there has been three main key leaders in their history. These three leaders are Ioioluk, Roberto & Waterkid. These three leaders go way back and have led the army to great heights both together and alone. Since 2014 though, Waterkid has been the main reason the Light Troops have been big as Roberto & Ioioluk had left armies that year.

Light Troops under Jester & Elmikey in 2014.

Light Troops under Andrew24 & his crew.

Over the years, the Light Troops had numerous problems with CPA Central. During the years like 2012-2014 CPA Central ruled over the Club Penguin army community and no one really tried standing up to CPA Central but eventually the Light Troops did. After the Light Troops had stood up to CPA Central, they were eventually banned from the Top Ten Armies and Banned off of the entire CPA Central site. This came as a shock to many people of the community.

Moving onto 2015, the main face of the Light Troops was Waterkid. Waterkid solo led the Light Troops in 2015 after the army had fallen into depression between January 2015 – March 2015. During the summer of 2015, Waterkid had discovered bot recruiting, which led to his army being quite big, much bigger than the others. Waterkid also offered new troops memberships at the time, something other armies never really did and since then, every army has bot recruited or offered their troops membership.

Light Troops during the Summer of 2015.

Also in the summer of 2015, the Light Troops had won their first ever tournament, the Spring Smackdown II tournament. The Light Troops defeated the Nachos in the finals. This battle showed the true power of the Light Troops and it also showed how dominant they could be as in 2015, they were the largest army of the year.

Light Troops vs. The Nachos in the Spring Smackdown II Finals.

After the summer of 2015, the Light Troops unexpectedly shut down. People were told they shut down because Waterkid didn’t have time to lead the army and no one else was able to lead the army. Which left the army closed for months until December that year.

When the Light Troops returned in December 2015 under Waterkid once more, they proved how powerful they could become as after just one day of events, they managed to become the number one army on CPA Central’s Top Ten armies. The Light Troops had returned to power and looked like they were going to dominate for months onward.


Light Troops’ Liberation of Ice Box.

While the Light Troops were showing how dominant they were, they took another unexpected turn, as Waterkid had decided to shut the army down once more. Winter break was ending for all Light Troops which meant everyone had to go back to school and college. Their closure led to the community criticizing the Light Troops for opening and closing over and over, which led to them returning once more, just months later.

On March 26th, 2016, the Light Troops returned once more, this time, much bigger. They returned with a bang having sizes of 103 on Club Penguin and also circling both the Ice Berg and the Town at the same time. After the Light Troops announced that they maxed sizes of 103, the entire community started calling them out, calling them multiloggers and cheaters. No proof was ever found of the Light Troops cheating or multilogging, which proves their Spring 2016 era was legitimate.

Light Troops’ Liberation of Ice Box, March 26th, 2016. [The Ice Berg was their main room and the Town was their lockouts].

Pictures of the Light Troops maxing sizes of 103.

Once again, the Light Troops proved how dominant and powerful they were, as they had wars with armies like the Night Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Light Troops defeated both armies, who were very big at the time which led to the entire community calling them cheaters and multiloggers once again. Yet no one wanted to battle them.

The Light Troops once again, unexpectedly shut down on April 23rd 2016. They had their “final ever battle” on Club Penguin as they claimed they were never going to return after that day. The Light Troops had maxed sizes of 45 on the day and overall the community was surprised with the shut down but they knew the Light Troops would return eventually.

Light Troops’ Final Battle.

In February 2017, Club Penguin announced they were shutting down on March 29th, 2017. When most people heard of Club Penguin’s announcement, a ton of old armies returned. Armies like the Light Troops, the Night Warriors and the Ice Warriors. The Light Troops returned one final time under Waterkid. This time though, still as powerful & dominant as before which was unexpected due to Club Penguin’s popularity dropping.

Light Troops’ Return event on Virtual Penguin.

However, the Light Troops didn’t return properly on normal Club Penguin until February 14th, as all armies were being bot raided by an anonymous user which meant everyone was allowed use a CPPS for their events until further notice. When the community saw the Light Troops’ sizes, they all complained and wanted CPPS events to be abolished, which was what happened. All armies were forced to return to regular Club Penguin and the Light Troops did too. They had a battle with the Ice Warriors on February 14th, where they maxed sizes of 45.

Light Troops battle the Ice Warriors on February 14th.

After that, the Light Troops didn’t have many events. The only events they had after that were all Legends Cup battles. The Light Troops made it all the way to the Finals after defeating armies like the Thugs, the Hippos and the Shadow Troops. Just days before the Legends Cup finals, the Light Troops announced it was their Final battle, no matter what, if they won or lost.

In the Legends Cup Finals, they battled the Nachos. It was a controversial battle but the Light Troops fell to a disappointing defeat. It was a good but long battle as it was an hour long and everyone was just waiting for it to end.

The Light Troops doing the Coffee Emote during the Legends Cup Finals.


Just hours after the battle, Ioioluk, Light Troops creator, released a post called “The End”. This would be a post where he would look back at memories in the Light Troops and reflect on how powerful the army was and how good the army became over the course of six years.

Here is a paragraph from his post;

6 years. It’s been 6 years.

I founded LT in January of 2011 after my first army, the Blue Miners Army, died. Within a month, we reached the top 10 largest armies, and things were looking promising. Back then, I never thought this army would live this long. I never thought my army and I would have this much of an impact on this community. I think back on it sometimes, and wow, so many good memories. I could write a damn book about this army if I really wanted to, because there’s just so much to say. Sometimes back then, it would get really stressful. I would come home from school and worry, thinking if my army was going to win the battle that night or not. Like many people in this community , this game, and the people I met on it especially, were a big part of my childhood. Once I left the  community, I thought to myself “wow I was such a loser, why did I ever get involved in this, I hope this past never catches up to me in the future” and I deleted the old LT websites. Alot of history was lost, and now I look back on my actions and I regret it, because when you grow up, you want to look back on what you did as a kid even if it was embarrassing or stupid. I even asked the people who run CPAC to remove me from the legends page because I really did not want to have anything to do with this community anymore. But sometimes, I really wish I could have all those websites back and look through the archives at how old LT used to be. Very few people are still here today from the very start. Some veterans joined 1 year after LT’s creation. But pretty much only I can remember exactly how it was before, and what happened behind the scenes.

You can read the creator’s full post, Here.


The Light Troops, over the last six years, had both positive and negative impacts on the army community. The Light Troops were one of the most hated armies in the community over the years but no matter what they still pulled through. They showed how dominant they could become as they hit sizes of 100 on Club Penguin in Club Penguin’s worst times ever, (Not once but twice). They also showed how good they were when it came to battle, when they battled armies like the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin.

It will be unfortunate to see them go, as they were a truly great army. 


So what do YOU think about the Light Troops shutting down? Did the Light Troops have a positive impact on the army community? Did they have a negative impact on the community? Here at CPAC we want YOUR opinions!

Epic Master

Some guy whose rank was nicked by big black paddy around the corner.


35 Responses

  1. i thought LT created back in 2010?

    • That was BMA. LT came after BMA died.

  2. “Light Troops won.”

    wow nice argument you sure got me with those hot opinions

    Why are you blatantly spreading misinformation? The Light Troops got what they deserved for getting the rooms early.

    • LOL? I made multiple arguments in my replies to you in the results post, and you didn’t reply because you got BTFO. Go ahead and reply, bud. Actually, here, I’ll repeat them for you.
      – LT was online atleast one hour more than the Nachos because we had to fight the Thugs too. This proves that the battle was not fair from the start.
      – LT won 3 rooms out of 4 in tactics, and 4 rooms out of 4 in size. All the pictures prove it.(go on LT website for the counting on the pictures)
      – The math on the CPAC results post shows us winning, and they didn’t even take in consideration the size of both armies.
      Nachos: Tactics 8.5 + Formations 8 = 16.5 divided by 2 = 8.25
      LT; Tactics; 8 + Formations 9 = 17 divided by 2 = 8.5
      Overall winner = Light Troops.
      – LT had 61 on chat while Nachos had 28.
      – LT maxed about 60 on CP while the Nachos maxed 25, 30 if I’m being really generous.
      – Badboy was obviously anti-LT and should have never been allowed to judge from the start.

      Nachos are actually the most arrogant cunts in this community, lmao. I don’t want to start insulting people but if you guys seriously can’t just admit that we did better then wow, you really are a bunch of butthurt children.
      Also, for your accusations of us getting the rooms earlier, you have no proof, therefore you have no argument.

      • I didn’t reply because I had lost interest, and your whole wall of text was obviously wrong, but this new comment has reminded me that we can’t have people being wrong on the internet, no sir. This will be my final comment on this matter.

        The LT was not online for an hour more than the Nachos. The battle vs. the Thugs was only 15 minutes long, so LT had a whole 45 min in between. In fact, consider the pre-battle decider a free training session. The glass is half full, you know?

        Three rooms were counted, not four, because there was evidence that the LT had the rooms leaked a few seconds earlier to them by Flen. We don’t have proof of this because no Nachos bothered to spy on LT chat, but it is the only logical explanation for why most Nachos were locked out of the rooms. I recall one owner saying that he was the first Nacho in the Stadium and 10 LT had already entered before him. You cannot claim that Flen was not biased to the LT because according to your own ranks page, he was a Lieutenant General. Prior to this tournament, Flen was banned from judging any battles involving LT. So we don’t have any proof, but we have really good evidence. That’s how theories work. The reason why Nachos had a tactical advantage was that we were more active and bombed more, with advanced tactics such as waterfalls, rakes, and tornados. All of the LT pictures from the Forts, for example, show them in the same formation.

        The math on the results post actually shows the Nachos winning if you take the rooms won into account. Because Nachos won twice the rooms LT did, then they get a room score of 10 and LT gets 5:
        Nachos: (8.5+8+10)/3=8.83
        LT: (8+9+5)/3=7.33

        Your claim of the chat sizes has no photographic proof and no evidence, therefore it is not even a theory.

        Badboy had no reason to favor the Nachos (search “Badboy” on the Nachos site), while Flen was a ranked Light Troop. But since you don’t seem to care about that, let’s just assume Badboy voted for the Nachos and remove his vote. Oh look. The score is still Nachos 2 – Light Troops 1.

        If anyone’s needs to admit that they lost, it is the Light Troops. You have chosen to bury your head in the sand and ignore the evidence and consensus. You sit on a throne of lies and wear a crown of falsehood!

        pls dont dox me ;_;

        • You’re the reason armies are crap. LT won more rooms than Nachos can comprehend. I’m surprised your army hasn’t been deported, as well. LT would’ve got a 10 in terms of rooms. so yea… get rekt.

        • Hahahaha you are unbelievable, holy shit.
          1) Thanks for proving my point. LT had to fight another battle, which makes it unfair from the start. It also lasted more than 15 minutes because you have to login earlier than the starting time. The battles were also extremely close to each other, which forced us to stay online. If they had put the first battle like 4 hours before the finals, it would have been ok, but they put them 45 minutes from each other(and besides, I’m pretty sure it would have lasted an hour too if it would have been close). And no, the glass is not half full, you got a huge advantage that made it unfair.
          2) Were you even at the battle, dumbass? You don’t even know what you’re talking about. The beach was not counted not because of anyone giving us the rooms, which never happened by the way, you’re just slow in the head and can’t click a room fast enough, it was actually not counted because the bots got in when the room got announced by the CPAC judges and “””locked you out”””. But it’s funny, they locked you out, but they didn’t lock us out. Hmm. Even the guy with the bots is faster than you. Besides, how is a neutral factor like the bots good enough reason to give you another chance? You were just slow, we were faster. We got the room at the same time as you and the guy with the bots and our troops got in faster than him and the Nachos.
          Makes me laugh that the judges literally did not count a room because you got shit on so bad, and you’re the ones complaining about biased judges. Your army is so pathetic.

          Are you dense, my man?
          >”there was evidence of Flen giving the rooms”
          >”we have no proof”
          You are contradicting yourself. The logical explanation is that “we got the rooms before”? Maybe the logical explanation is that we were faster than you at clicking the room?????
          ” I recall one owner saying that he was the first Nacho in the Stadium and 10 LT had already entered before him.”
          Nice proof.

          “You cannot claim that Flen was not biased to the LT because according to your own ranks page, he was a Lieutenant General.”
          Also, Badboy was literally shit talking LT the whole battle. helped the Thugs the battle before and you're the one complaining about biased judges? Give me a break.
          "So we don’t have any proof, but we have really good evidence."
          "That’s how theories work."
          You should look up the definition of a theory then. A theory is not a fact. If you have no proof to back up your theory, it doesn't become a fact.
          Now onto the next part of your comment, in which I think you're just trolling at this point.
          "The math on the results post actually shows the Nachos winning if you take the rooms won into account. Because Nachos won twice the rooms LT did, then they get a room score of 10 and LT gets 5:
          Nachos: (8.5+8+10)/3=8.83
          LT: (8+9+5)/3=7.33"
          So you're telling me if you add this random variable in the formula that you just pulled out of your ass, then the Nachos win. Wow, really makes me think!
          To start off, that formula is not the one in the post, so wtf are you on about? You also did not win 2 out of 3 rooms(should be 4 but I'll play along). You won none in reality, but I'll be generous and give you the snowforts. All the pictures show us winning the Iceberg. So we won 2 out of 3, if not 3 out of 4.
          Hey, I'll also add in a variable of my own, the sizes. Ever heard of that? Gee, I wonder why the retard judges didn't take that into account huh?? Totally not biased towards the Nachos huh?? LT = 60 on CP, Nachos 20. There is not a single picture that shows more than 18 Nachos in one room, and you had nearly no lock outs at all, so 20 is about the most you could have gotten. Meanwhile, LT fulled a room on their own.
          LT gets a 10 for size, Nachos get like a 3.33. Need me to do the rest of the math to make you realize we won?
          There is a picture of our chat size on our website.
          "Badboy had no reason to favor the Nachos (search “Badboy” on the Nachos site), while Flen was a ranked Light Troop. But since you don’t seem to care about that, let’s just assume Badboy voted for the Nachos and remove his vote. Oh look. The score is still Nachos 2 – Light Troops 1."
          Retard, I don't care what the biased judges say. How is that even an argument? A bunch of nobodies that hate LT decided that you won, so you think it makes you the real winner? You have yet to make a real argument on why the Nachos won besides "this untrustworthy guy said we won so it must be true!".
          I'm really thrilled to see what dumb shit you say next.

          • same m8. I just dunno what else to say.

      • Hi Ioio

    • You’re so fucking dense. Only a mentally retarded mute that looks at the picture evidence and still claim the nachos won. genuinely kill yourself if you can’t have common sense because i don’t see you ever being useful in your life time if you lack competence.

    • Where is the proof that Light Troops got in early? I’m not pro LT and it seems like the light troops won based on the pictures.

    • damn ioio just roasted you again bud

    • That paragraph has been updated with the real story. Fake news won’t be tolerated.

      • You are fake news, you idiot. You judged like shit, your website is garbage, you are the equivalent of CNN in this community. WHY are you still not replying to our arguments? Is that all you have to say? “Hurr durr n-nachos won, I swear guys! Nevermind the comment right above mine that completely disproves what I just said, I swear, Nachos won!”
        Nothing, literally nothing, no way you look at it, shows the Nachos winning. Even your stupid formula shows us winning.
        You’re fucking retarded. It actually blows my mind how incompetent this website has become, considering how incompetent it was before too.

      • This is the exact reason why CPAC is shit now.

  3. Glory to the Light.

  4. I’ve been in LT since about early 2014. LT has been my only army and forever will be. I remember battling back in 2014. I left when Waterkid first shut it down in 2015, and came back for a while in 2016, then left again and never came back until I heard CP was closing. It brings back so much nostalgia in the finals of the Legends Cup. It’s been such an honor to be part of this legendary army, I will never forget everyone that was a part of it. The best times I’ve had on CP was battling for the Light Troops. When we won the Legends Cup it was just an amazing feeling. I was so happy but so sad at the same time. I want to thank Ioioluk, Roberto, Tobercold, Waterkid, Epic, and all the other LT leaders, you guys have made this army the best (not being bias). It’s so sad to see LT and Club Penguin just go. The best memory on CP for me was definitely when we won the Legends Cup. Glory to the light.

  5. Didn’t think losing a virtual battle on a dead online game would provoke this magnitude of emotional unrest in those who are well-beyond said game’s targeted age range. This community has certainly fostered a miserable breed of people.

    • Nigger what.

      • Was just pointing out how hot and bothered you guys were getting over this thing. Where did I lose you..?

        • The classic Nacho tactic. Trying to shame the opponent because you have no argument with the “you’re too old” crap. I left this community years ago, I came back for this one battle, we obviously won it, and I don’t mind taking 15 minutes of my day to reply to Nacho comments on CPAC for a stupid game I spent time of my childhood on. I wish I didn’t have to, but clearly that’s not possible with you people. If I don’t reply to your comments, you actually think that you won the battle in your echo chamber. The battle could have ended with LT getting the victory they deserve, both armies shake hands and it’s over with, but the judges had to mess it up and you guys too because you can’t admit that you obviously lost and don’t deserve the trophy.
          Besides, if you want to shame people for being too old to play this game, isn’t the Nacho leadership all like atleast 18? In fact, do Nachos have any troops that aren’t adults or nearly adults? Serious question, because during the battle, your chat was full of mods and owners, all old people, and there were barely any members, any actual recruits. I went on the Nachos website yesterday and the first thing I saw was some photo of some guy clearly a bit too old to be playing CP holding his laptop with his penguin on the screen like he’s proud of it, I’m not judging him, I don’t care, but you’re here trying to shame people for being too old to care yet Nachos seem to have only adults in their army.
          And calling us miserable for giving solid arguments on why we should have won the battle is pretty funny, because there’s nothing miserable about that. If you’re so above it all and so much more mature than us, then why don’t you become the big man and admit that you lost the battle?

          • Whether or not you agree with the decision, the end result is that the Nachos came out on top; we are the official victors. You can delude yourself into thinking otherwise if you so choose, but your opinion on the outcome holds no genuine weight, will never be legitimately recognized, and will probably be forgotten within the next month. That’s all there really is to it.

            Stomping around and denying our victory like spoiled eight year old children might act makes you and your army look, consequently, like spoiled eight year old children. I can absolutely assure you that if the tables had been turned, the Nachos would not handle the defeat in a remotely similar manner. How LT is choosing to deal with this is akin to (and might even be considerably worse than) DW declaring war on CPAC following a loss in the 2014 Legends Cup, which was its own form of madness

            Regarding our owners, nobody in the current Nacho leadership is above or at the age of 18. Not too sure where you heard that from. I don’t know where you got the idea that our troops are mostly adults either; a bunch of older veterans came back for the Legends Cup specifically, but there are very few 18+ soldiers in the Nachos, if any.

            Hope this helps you.

            • My opinion seems to hold alot of weight considering that literally anyone that isn’t a CPAC judge or a Nacho thinks we got robbed out of this and that we should have won.

              “Stomping around and denying our victory like spoiled eight year old children might act makes you and your army look, consequently, like spoiled eight year old children. ” Hahaha that’s exactly what you’re doing. I love Nacho Jew tactics!

              “How LT is choosing to deal with this” you mean coming up with actual arguments on why we won instead of doing what you do, “NUH UH WE WON UR JUST MAD LIKE CMON BE MATURE MAN”

              About 90% of your size in the finals battle was adult veterans helping you, don’t deny that. Normally, Nachos get like 7 on CP, which is why they’re 7th on the top 10 I assume. But sure man, you’re the strongest army out there, that legends cup victory was very well deserved.

              • “my opinion holds weight”
                not any credible weight

                “jew tactics”
                not an argument

                “coming up with actual argument”
                lt lost because its a cpac tournament run by cpac governed by cpac and if you lose or win it was always up to cpac to govern it how they want in a free tourney that meant nothing other than to lt

                “nachos get 7 on cp”
                yeah but we won tournys unlike more consistently large armies

              • by the way if you get on and thumb up your comments 5x more than anyone elses on the same post it makes your words of “literally anyone that isn’t a CPAC judge or a Nacho thinks we got robbed out of this and that we should have won” not very credible lol

                • credible weight considering everyone that isn’t a CPAC judge or a Nacho agrees with me(hmm I feel like I already said that)

                  not an argument? scroll up stefan, plenty of arguments up there just for you.

                  ok, you admitted we lost and you won because CPAC is biased. damn you suck at arguing. but you really deserved that win xd!!!!!!!

                  by the way, sounds like you know quite a bit about whatever the hell is and its uses, probably the classic nacho jew tactics, accuse your opponent of doing exactly what you’re doing. Anytime a Nacho comment gets over 10 upvotes you can be sure some guy is thumbing up his own comments because Nachos literally don’t even get 10 on CP, and they don’t all check CPAC. nice try mr goldberg!

                  • shoulda hosted your own tournament then i mean sorry to tell you but maybe when you add up all the numbers and find a result different than expected you probably need some of that Yahweh, my dude

              • Move on with your life and get some professional help please; sounds like it might be useful for you. I already gave you a solid answer. You can look at Puck’s post on our site if you want more in-depth justification.

    • “This community has certainly fostered a miserable breed of people.” wow you actually have like 2 brain cells

  6. Bias.

    • Can you explain how the Nachos won? I’m kind of confused with the judges decision.

      • What happened was: Flen was caught keeping giving LT the room early so about ever Nacho was locked out each time, until he was caught and CPAC finally fixed it. Then Nachos did better when both armies were in the room.

  7. lt lost because its a cpac tournament run by cpac governed by cpac and if you lose or win it was always up to cpac to govern it how they want in a free tourney that meant nothing other than to lt

  8. We all know Thugs News Network is better than cpac 😉

  9. I had a good experience until I was forced to leaves from 2010-2011

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