The Final Battle (Times & Info) [UPDATED]

With only a week left of our existence as CP armies, I think we should end our community the same way it started, with a color war!

*Please comment if your army would like to participate*

The color war will be a team-based tournament. Armies will work with each other in order to survive a 4 way fight against the community. The battle will be on one server, but will be split up throughout many rooms. Each team will be stationed in their starting rooms, and will be able to spread across the server and battle against the other teams (certain rooms will be closed off during the battle). The four colored teams are Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow. Below is a map of the island:

The Blue team will start in the Beach and Dock.

The Green team will start in the Mountain and Ski Village.

The Red team will start in the Cove and Forest.

The Yellow team will start in the Mine Shack and Skate Park.

The Town/Plaza will be neutral recruiting rooms.

The Snow Forts, Stadium, and Ice Berg will be neutral battle rooms.


Although teams will duke it out in the battle rooms listed above, they will also have to defend their starting rooms in case another team tries to invade them. This is where army cooperation comes in within the armies. One army could defend their starting room while another army battles in the main fighting rooms. Referees will be stationed in the battle rooms, and will follow armies to the starting rooms (if they choose to invade them).


Battle Information

Sunday, March 26th

Server: Mammoth

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

8:00 PM UK



No Multilogging, botting, cheating, etc.

Teams are not allowed to work with each other.

Battle 1 will be 25 minutes long.

**After the first 25 minutes are up, teams must return to their starting rooms and can resume fighting after 5 minutes of rest.**

Battle 2 will be 30 minutes long and will start after 5 minutes of rest.

Armies can use their own chats or one massive chat for their entire team, but be aware that it may be difficult to split up the team if everyone is on one chat. It is advised to have one separate chat for the leaders of each army on the team to communicate.



Blue team: (46)

Ice Warriors (30)

Army Republic (8)

Wild Ninjas (8) (B)

Green team: (50-53)

ACP (10)

SWAT (25)

Kings Republic (10) (may not attend)

Snow Ninjas (5-8) 

Red team: (40-45)

(may not attend)

DCP (25)

Nachos (15-20)

Yellow team: (43-48)

Golds (15-20)

Thugs (18)

Romans (10)


Teams will be displayed in the following format:

Army Name (size average)


Ice Warriors (20)


Final teams will be decided on Thursday in order to give each team a fair advantage when determining team sizes. Please note that teams are decided strictly by size. Previous top 10’s will be reviewed, as well as the first half of this weeks top 10 in order to make this battle as fair as possible. In addition, we will be examining pictures of events and calculating sizes based on troops that are actually IN each army. The reason for this isn’t to penalize armies at all. We want to make sure sizes are as equal as possible for the battle without over counting people between different armies.

For example, if army 1 averages 30 at events and has 15 people from other armies help them at all of their events. Army 2 and 3 both average 15 people and have 0 people from other armies help them at all of their events. When it comes down to the day of the battle, armies 2 and 3 would have been against army 1, but the 15 people helping army 1 would go back to their original armies, and this in turn would result in 15 troops vs 30 troops.

Now obviously we aren’t going to look through every single picture from every event trying to find people. We’re just going to estimate by looking at a few pictures to make matters easier.


More info will be added throughout the week. All leaders MUST check this post Thursday night to see what team their army has been placed on.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or PC me via IW chat.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234


24 Responses

  1. Golds Army (TBA)

  2. icey rules

  3. I am up for it! 😉

  4. SWAT


  6. Thugs (4678)

    • Yo this week it was 5000

  7. im coming 😀 i call dibs on red 😀

  8. robotic dragons are gonna come

  9. done with tourneys. last day on cp should be about supporting your army and being with your army fighting other armies rather than another goofy ass CPAC tourney made to pay homage to this goofy site

  10. ACP will be here

    • sizes average around 10

  11. Wild Ninjas (12-15)

  12. Bandit Brothers of Club Penguin Rewritten
    [Sizes expected up to 2 – 5]

  13. I’ll be there. Myself. With about 1000 bots. The ACP (3) will prevail!

  14. Rebel Penguin Federation (20-35)

      Update, RPF won’t come.

  15. I suggest that we do this event on CP rewritten. By using it we can avoid bot raids. Not just that we can battle just like 2005. The good old days.

    • I agree with brad bringing it to the way cpa has started and no1 can ruin it

  16. It’ll be an honour to participate. GO ACP I GUESS!

  17. I’m gonna be there with the acp lads fight me

  18. Romans (300)

    • wat.

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