30 Most Influential Leaders: #10-6

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The topic of the most influential leaders of all time is a controversial one at best, with many different opinions of people who experienced CP Armies over different time periods. Many have not met, experienced or understood the influence of some of our older leaders, who held a great impact and shaped the way CP Armies run today. We have taken and evaluated the top leaders over the past 11 years based on their influence on armies to construct a list counting down to the most influential leader of all time. In part five of a six part series, we continue our exciting column of the 30 Most Influential Army Leaders.

In the latest edition of the highly anticipated column, we looked at the leaders ranked between 15th and 11th. The list started with representation and dominance from the Light Troops, with their influential leaders Roberto and Ioioluk taking 15th and 14th respectively. Next on the list at 13th was one of the best Dark Warriors leaders in their history, SaW, who was linked with a combination of strong leadership and controversy during his time as leader. Flipmoo, seen as the founder of AUSIA, was listed in 12th on the Most Influential Leaders for his leadership of the Army of CP, as well as IMAF. Waterkid, leader of the Light Troops and Pirates, finished yesterdays list for his strong leadership and transformation of the importance of the UK Division.

With that all summarised, we can now move onto those who were positioned between #10 and #6 on the list. This list has been devised using the knowledge of multiple army veterans and CPA Central administration as well as the recommendations and nominations from the Army Community. We’ve only focused on one thing for making this list, influence. While influence does generally go hand-in-hand with leadership ability, this list does not show the Greatest Army Leaders in the community, it shows those who are the most influential. Furthermore, it cannot be said enough that so many of the ranks in our list of 30 are easily interchangeable, which made narrowing this list down a lot harder and very difficult, with a clash of opinions from everyone who was involved in the project.


10. Shadow2446

Another Nacho WARP

Shadow is generally regarded as one of the greatest leaders of the Nachos. He led the army during the early days of Club Penguin and shown great courage into making Nachos one of the greatest super powers. Shadow joined the army in 2007, where he slowly moved up the ranks and became a leader within months. He turned an army that was in a depression to one of the largest armies in Club Penguin welfare. Under his leadership, the Nachos won many wars and came under numerous number one placements.

Shadow wasn’t just a leader, he was also a master at tactics. He used several tricks to overcome the enemy, including doing emotes over the enemies formation. As well as this, he organised a new ranking system for the Nachos which is still used today. He also recruited several new Nachos troops who are now legends in the army. Shadow led the Nachos through several wars including the ACP war. The Nachos also had more then 47 servers during his leadership, which reflected how powerful there were as they had the biggest empire in armies.

Shadow is the definition of a true legend. He has had a major part in the army and without him, armies wouldn’t be as they would’ve today. He is a true Nachos pioneer who has had a major role into making armies what they are today. Shadow has shown great confidence into his leadership which is why the Nachos shined under him. For all his wonderful efforts, Shadow has broken into the 10 influential leaders of all time.

– Sammie, CPA Central CEO

The Great Canada Invasion lead by Shadow2446


9. Explorer7777

He may not be known to everyone currently in CP Armies, but Explorer held a lot of influence over the primitive stages of CP Armies, with his creation of the Romans Army in 2006. Alongside the Army of CP and Underground Mafias Army, the Romans were one of the three founding superpowers of CP Armies and they helped to create a stable and strong base for armies to grow into for the following decade. The Romans were also key for the start of World War II, in which it took the Army of CP to defeat his army in a massive war that saw the end of the original Romans Army.

His influence through the creation of the Romans mapped the army landscape that we see today, as his army were one of the largest during the start of CP Armies. Without his ideology and strength as a leader, it is possible that armies would not be as popular and strong as they are now, the Romans were key to the start of Army Warfare.

The Romans were initially a rouge force, without any formal leaders, but were grouped and ordered when Explorer took to the throne and lead the army against the Army of CP. In an initial battle, Oagalthorp stated that the Romans defeated his army in a ”ratio of 4:3”, showing the strength of army at his disposal. Despite being defeated by the ACP, which inevitably saw the end of the Romans and Explorer7777, the Romans were one of the largest armies in the initial stage of CP Armies and this holds great importance to our history.

-Kingfunks4, CPA Central CEO and Major Army Legend

Image result for Romans army of cp explorer7777


8. Puckley 

Image result for puckley nachos army of cp

Puckley has been an ever-present in the Nacho Army and is known as one of the most powerful, successful and well respected leaders, not only in his own army, but across the community as a whole. He has been involved in the army since 2008 and has never wavered in his loyalty for the Nachos. His leadership was often with other powerful and successful leaders, most notably Tanman and Person, in which as part of a team he managed to make the Nacho Army one of the most powerful and successful in army history. Under his leadership, the Nachos reached impressive sizes of 60-80+ at their peak and were a force to be reckoned with.

He took part in many wars, with a large percentage of those against their great rivals the Army of CP, and he came out victorious countless times with his tactical knowledge and ability to defeat his opponents.  His tactical ideas have been passed around many armies, such as advanced formations and tactical bombs, with many of his ideas still being used in warfare today.

Without Puckley, it is possible that the Nachos would not be as strong as they were and not be the dominant force that they have been throughout the history of CP Armies. His charisma and leadership skills combined made him a leader to be feared, but he also made his army fun and enjoyable to be in. In many ways, Puckley was a similar presence to the Nacho Army as Mchappy was in the Army of CP, with both leaders having a similar leadership style. Puckley will be remembered as one of the greatest leaders in CP Army History, while holding the title of helping the army to two Legends Cup triumphs.

-Kingfunks4, CPA Central CEO and Major Army Legend

Image result for puckley nachos army of c


7. Elmikey

Image result for rebel penguin federation of cp legends cup

Elmikey is most well-known for his leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation over two seperate spells, most notable around 2007 and 2013 to the present day. In both spells as leader he managed to make the RPF a force to be reckoned with, reaching impressive sizes whilst using his tactical ability to take the army to multiple war victories. Upon his return to the army in 2013, he managed to pull the army out of dark and uncertain times by implementing successful recruiting regimes and gathering former RPF owners and leaders.

During his time as leader, his most notable success’ came in tournaments hosted by CPA Central. Alongside fellow leaders such as Silverburg, he managed to spearhead the army in their triumph of the Christmas Chaos and back-to-back Legends Cup Final victories over the Water Vikings. In all of these battles and in the tournament runs they managed to reach incredible sizes that made them a force to be reckoned with.

Elmikey managed to influence the community with record sizes of 80+ ending the dark spell of 2012 and propelling armies into a new successful era in 2013 and 2014. His ability to bring back the RPF from near-death also influenced the landscape of armies today, with the army being one of the most dominant in the modern era. As a successor to the throne in the RPF to Commando, he has managed to match and in some aspects surpass the standards set.

-Kingfunks4, CPA Central CEO and Major Army Legend

Image result for rebel penguin federation of cp legends cup


6. Person1121

Throughout his time in the Nachos, Person1233 led the army to new heights by combining recruiting techniques with the power of the Fiesta Party on Club Penguin. He was also responsible for many great wars, including many conflicts against ACP, Order 66, and was a major supported and advocate for the Anti-Hacking Bill. Person was, in many ways, the personification of what the Nachos are known as today — the jokesters of the community. But despite his silly personality, Person was a strong leader, and led the nachos through one of their biggest golden ages in recorded history.

When Person took control of the Nachos, the army faced off numerous times against ACP, and in some cases either had IW on their side or against them. With the challenges of the biggest 3 armies battling it out in constant brawls, Person saw a great opportunity to strengthen the Nachos to sizes that even surpassed ACP. By using the power of the Fiesta, a party that revolves around the Nachos “theme”, Person was able to recruit hundreds of new troops with simple recruiting sessions. On top of all of this, Person developed new tactics in order to help the Nachos advance into becoming a more strategic army. When war struck the Nacho Army, they were prepared thanks to the Person’s excellent leadership skills

Person not only played a massive role in the Nacho Army, but towards the entire CP Army community. As a key figure in the creation of Order 66, Person used the Nacho Army’s massive size following the fiesta to ensure his plans went through without any trouble. In addition, with Person’s extensive recruiting and training sessions for the Nacho Army, he was able to challenge ACP during their biggest peak ever during the summer of 2009. Overall, Person is the most influential Nacho leader, and easily one of the most influential leaders in the entire community.

-Iceyfeet1234, Ice Warriors Creator and Major Army Legend


That concludes the fifth edition of the most influential leaders of all time. Make sure to come back here next Sunday to find the concluding #5 to #1 leaders. Who will take the top spot of the Most Influential Leaders list in our final edition of this column? Make sure you comment your opinions on the five leaders who were included in today’s list.


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


12 Responses

  1. first

  2. last 5 are gonna be
    1. pink mafias (because cpac loves to throw everyone that final curveball)
    2. oagal (no shit)
    3. commando (big surprise)
    4. icey (forgot if he was mentioned before)
    5. boomer (Wow I Had No Idea)

    guarantee its in that order

  3. Puck should be much higher. He had influence on Nachos for years, even when he no longer led. And although I hate him, Elm should be higher.

  4. Wow. I’m very thankful to be viewed as such an influence. However I must express disappoint in this section for a few reasons.

    1. My section is a nice copy and paste from what is already included on the CPAC site/Nacho site, and there’s not much content here compared to other influencers behind me. Seems kind of rushed.

    2. Person led during Order 67 (I think this is what Icey is really trying to reference), but it was actually Fort57 and myself who were the backbone of this one project. Outside of this, Person did much more for the Nacho Army than just square off against ACP (which he did very well at I will mention), and find it disheartening to see this overlooked because of a lack of immediate content (Nacho WordPress from his leadership is inaccessible).

    3. Puckley should without a doubt be placed inside the top 5. With the Nachos arguably ranking at #1 or #2 most influential army of all time, Puckley is and will forever be the one that people point back to first. While nobody can argue Pink Mafias contributions to this community, we have to look at the span of time of his influence. In all honestly, he left behind a weak leadership after his loss to ACP, and any lasting influence he would of had is otherwise lost. Puckley’s continued. This idea runs similarly with Commando. Commando chased projects and dreams after his retirement that quite honestly didn’t sum up to much and whatever lasting influence he had didn’t stick like Puckley’s. It took people like Silver and Elmikey to make that look good.

    Anyways, I digress. Congratulations to my fellow Nachos on their accomplishments.

    • agreed with my friend here

    • Well said.

    • Shadow! When I saw your name it made some memories return to me. A few years ago you “mentored”, me in tactics and stuff. Name is Jacknat02; don’t know if you recall. Great to see you keep up with what’s going on!

  5. elmikey should be higher
    agree with puckley and others

  6. A solid 90% sure Iceyfeet is either #2 or #1

  7. Can someone fix Person’s name lol

    • It’s suppose to be Person1233, not Person1121… I literally laughed so hard when l see that. Thats not the only one that l have seen the mistake, Ioiokuk is suppose to be Ioioluk, not ioiokuk. 😂

  8. Elmikey should have been higher than Person. May be unpopular but hear me out.

    Without rebuilding an army that had been dead for years and changing the landscape of armies with a new recruiting method, he also did something arguably more revolutionary.

    Was his influence on the Dark Warriors even included in this? Arguably what he did there was way more impressive than RPF. He destroyed a DW generation that wasn’t kid friendly at all DW and made it into a power-house that averaged 70 in the Summer of 2014 all while having the entire community (and CPAC; see Klondike Wall) against him. Everybody who didn’t have a connection to DW was banned.

    He made DW and the people involved in it so powerful that even he alongside Waterkid, Andrew etc couldn’t beat it.

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