To Club Penguin Rewritten Staff

Hello Club Penguin Rewritten Staff!

The Club Penguin Army Community is on the verge of dying due to the closure of Club Penguin, and I need more than one possible solution. If I recall correctly, you are okay with Armies. That’s why I request you implement all of these features so Club Penguin Rewritten, as a Club Penguin Private Server, is a good candidate for Armies to move to permanently. If you implement these features, I can predict with much certainty that Armies will be eager to move to your game, and you will get an influx of new players almost instantaneously upon release. Consider this a guide to growing an even bigger user base.

The first feature is to allow members to create groups which would have group profiles. These groups would be called “Armies” in the game. Obviously, this is what Armies would use if they moved to your game. The person who starts the group is automatically a group leader, but they can promote other members to higher ranks. The ranks should be structured after military ranks, and the higher the rank, the more admin powers they have over the group. However, there are two key restrictions these groups must have if you want Armies to stay: 1) An account can only be in one group at a time. 2) Only one account per IP Address can join a group. These restrictions are the first step to solving a problem that has been destroying the Army Community, multilogging. If you don’t implement these rules for groups, then the Army population will become unsustainable, and will most likely fall into inactivity. How groups are structured doesn’t matter as long as you include these key features I’ve detailed in this paragraph.

The second feature is to have servers called Game Servers that are different from the regular servers. The second step to solving the multilogging problem I mentioned in the previous paragraph is to have a restriction where the only accounts that can access Game Servers are accounts that are in a group. Now, onto how these Game Servers should work.

Groups would compete for ownership of Game Servers by playing the games on the servers. Ownership of a Game Server wouldn’t give any admin powers over the server by any means. As a side note, playing these games should reward coins, like the coins on the original Club Penguin. On the regular servers, there should be minigames unrelated to groups that reward coins, just like on normal Club Penguin. On Game Servers, however, there should be more complicated games that require multiple players. I suggest the following games for Game Servers that have been very successful on other Club Penguin Private Servers: a Snowball Fight/Hunger Games combo as well as a Hide and Seek game. I also suggest having a game where the group that enters the most emotes in a certain time period wins.

Once a group has won ownership of a Game Server, only the members of the group can access the server, unless another group challenges them to a battle and the group leader accepts. Members of a group, when playing on a Game Server their group owns, should get more in coin rewards. Game Servers a group owns should be listed on their subsequent group profile I mentioned in the second paragraph.

Another problem the Army Community has is autotyping. While this isn’t a problem on its own, it can be used to spam. Therefore, I suggest you implement a basic security feature. Once an account enters a message, they must wait a few seconds before entering another.

Armies being inappropriate for young people is another issue for Armies. I suggest that you use filters, but instead of using the Club Penguin approach, use the following approach: Whenever someone enters a word that isn’t allowed, the rest of the message will show, but the banned word will be replaced with three dots. However, do not go overboard with filters like Club Penguin did. Balance it out with some healthy moderating.

I wish you success with your game!

Onlooking Snow

CPA Central Reporter


43 Responses

  1. you’re dumb if you think CP staff are going to basically turn their multi-million dollar company into a CP army iPad app.

    • This isn’t Club Penguin. It’s a Club Penguin Private Server called Club Penguin Rewritten. Even then, I have my doubts this will happen, but it is always worth a shot.

      • it isnt a fucking CPPS. it doesnt have cmds

        • Whatever. The point is that it isn’t Club Penguin.

          • It is just like Club Penguin. Don’t be so negative, Snow…

            • Negative? Superoo said “you’re dumb if you think CP staff are going to basically turn their multi-million dollar company into a CP army iPad app.” I said it’s not Club Penguin, despite it being similar, meaning it’s not a multi-million dollar company, but more comparable to the humble beginnings of Club Penguin. It doesn’t have to be a CPPS for this to be true.

              • It’s a Rewrite

                • All CPPSes are Rewrites.

      • Not really CPPS … It’s a different one

    • lmao wrong article i read

  2. They should also limit the accounts that can log onto regular servers. Not only will this provide benefits to their game such as reducing lag and minimizing crashes, but it will prevent Armies from going on regular servers because they want to cheat. They should not do this with Game Servers however, as Armies can be big, and having a restriction where the only accounts that can access Game Servers are accounts that are in a group is already a good enough way of limiting accounts on the Game Servers.

  3. In order to prevent Armies from hoarding Game Servers, ownership should expire after a little, perhaps three months. Also, I suggest another feature: The power of a group leader to deem only one of the Game Servers their group owns the Capitol. This server’s ownership should expire double the amount it takes normal Game Server ownership to expire.

  4. One thing I wasn’t completely clear on was how a Game Server could be claimed when it was neutral. The victor among the first two groups to battle over the Game Server would get it.

    • I like the idea, but not sure if they will implement this 🙂

      • It’s worth a shot.

  5. Did you just write Club Penguin Rewritten staff a letter but in a post?

    • I also tweeted them the Google Doc link.

  6. I suggested this also. 😛

    • Nice! That’ll raise the demand.

  7. i dobut theyd want a bunch of toxic teenagers tbh

    • That’s what filters and moderators are for. 😉

    • Also, the CPPS Community isn’t much better.

  8. Let armies die.

    • let everyone shoot u in the fucking face

      • Ad hominem.

  9. It’s not going to happen. Armies are closing down, few if any armies are moving on (and if they do they’ll lack the community and hardly any following and will soon die off too). Theres little interest in keeping CPA going when most of the community members are ready to move on. It would’ve been different if there was a lively, active, and large younger community base but that time has since past. I get you’re trying to argue new platforms but I think I speak for the great majority (in the kindest way possible) when I say you’re not getting anywhere, and its a bit annoying.

    Let armies go with dignity on our own terms I’d say.

  10. In the event that armies do live. PLEASE DO NOT FUCKING USE XAT

    Xat is fucking terrible compared to Discord. I literally can’t stress this enough.
    I’m surprised armies still use Xat chats.

  11. please don’t bring more of your cancerous armies to cppses.


  12. No please no, that’s just stupid why do you want this… do it on some other cpps leave this to those of us who just want to play CP…can you do that?

    • It won’t affect you.

  13. there isn’t a problem now.

    • With Armies? How do you know?

      • Armies on CPR are a very popular thing. RPF is having great success. Battles are fun.

        • —We can’t be sure nobody is multilogging/botting; even if they aren’t, it would be easy to.
          —Recruiting isn’t easy for small/medium Armies.
          —Some Army chats are inappropriate.
          —There have been issues with hacking/defacing, notably with CPRAC and CPRAN.
          —There has been some conflict with CPR.
          —There is still server dispute.

          However, I’ve ditched the NationStates idea in favor of my secret project.

          • Won’t last

            • If you’re saying Armies won’t last as they are now, that’s probably true, but my project, while it isn’t a perfect solution, is the best possible solution if we are to remain in the CP sphere, and likely will be much more popular.

  14. I would like to create an army could you help me

    • Do you have an e-mail?

      • Im trying to find an army which I can revive into CP Rewritten, the Tubas piss me off so much and RPF seems to be the only proper army around, i want to lead a small army with someone and make it balance things out in CPR and hopefully get rid of the Tubas by getting everyone to join another fresh army.

  15. I personally, like armies. I happen to lead one. Armies like RPF are strongly disliked, but RPF is a great army. Every battle they have, results in a win. There is no heart in today’s army production, all they want is to be noticed and get a laugh out of it. Tubas are the most cancerous army on CPR. I say this because they don’t battle, as someone who has been in CPA since 07, I judge armies by their knowledge about battles. They have no tactics, just formations, it annoys the fuck out of me. There’s no variety, they’re all wearing yellow, everything yellow. RPF is the single handedly best army on CPR, I recommend every one of you to join RPF. RPF is taken as a threat by mods, but really, they are their friends. Elmikey is still leading, and we doin’ good as ever.

    • I agree with most of your points. However, a lot of Army members do it for fun. Also, what Army do you lead?

  16. I think club penguin armies are super annoying and it’s very peaceful right now without people advertising for them and not clogging up rooms. It would be better if you just didn’t bring armies here. There’s no point and it’s very very annoying.

  17. I want the nacho army of cp to get back together

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