Teutons Return to the Community

NORTH POLE, Teuton’s Capital – As we continue to see more and more armies return for the end of Club Penguin, the Teutons Army have decided to return to the Club Penguin Army community.

The Teutons were created during the first week of August 2014. They are an army that has had success in reaching the CPAC Top Ten, but have also had botting and multilogging allegations in the past.

Teutons during their prime.

Earthing posted on the Teuton’s website on March 11, 2017 announcing the upcoming Teuton’s return. He mentions that this will be the last generation of the Teutons. The army is not returning under just the leadership of Earthing, former leaders Brigade and Llywelyn are also joining him.


This post marks the Official Return of Last Teutonic Generation.We are returning to enjoy this game for ONE LAST TIME,before Club Penguin Closes.Many Teutonic Veterans have returned such as Brigade3,Carson,Rockstar(as advisor),Llywelyn,me etc. and we all have returned for just one purpose to FIGHT FOR GLORY!Our Ausia Warm-UP events have been very successful but now is the actual show time.

Every Teutonic Troop must attend the Official MEGA Opening of Teutons:

DATE: 17 MARCH 2017


          9:30 PM IST




As Earthing said, the Teutons had their return event on March 17th. They managed to max 18 and average 15-16.

It seems that the Teutons are having a successful return. They placed the 10th spot on the most recent CPAC Top Ten. Their return event was an Ausia event, and we haven’t seen many Ausia events as of late. The Teutons could really show themselves as an Ausia power house. I managed to get an Interview with Earthing.



Interview with Earthing

CPAC: What made you decide to bring back the Teutons?

Earthing: We wanted to have a final run before Club Penguin closes. I messaged Brigade and asked whether he was willing to lead Teutons one last time and he agreed. So we are back to relive good old days before Club Penguin closes.

CPAC: How do you think the Teutons will do during their one last time?

Earthing: I hope we would be do doing great like our first generation. Our opening event went great yesterday. I am planning more Ausia events for this week, and our Ausia division has become very strong. Brigade will also start UK events from this week, and Carson is going to manage the US division.

CPAC: How confident are you about the Teutons leadership?

Earthing: I am confident about my division leaders as well as main leaders. I’ve known Carson and Brigade since the first generation and they have always done great. Jay is also showing a lot of dedication, and many others such as Zyzz and Lly are working hard for improvement of this great generation. This is the time for Teutonic Rise!

CPAC: What plans do the Teutons have after Club Penguin ends?

Earthing: We will just close on the closing day of Club Penguin. We came back just to enjoy this game while it lasts, and as always keep fighting for glory in real life!

CPAC: Any other comments?

Earthing: Join Teutons and Fight for Glory one last time!


Earthing says that the Teutons will only be sticking around until Club Penguin ends. He has leaders for every division, which means the Teutons could be very active. He seems confident and has high hopes for this final Teutons generation.


So, what do YOU  think about the Teuton’s Return? Do you think their return will be successful? Do you think that they will dominate the Ausia divison? Comment on what YOU think about their return, because here at CPAC, we want YOUR opinions!

Zach 11

CPA Central Editor-In-Chief


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  4. im Mpranav2031 Honoured to be a 3ic in teutons

  5. Im Mpranav2031 and iam in my final run in cp armies and im honoured to be a 3ic in teutons.

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