Nachos Win Legends Cup

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In an highly controversial battle, the Nachos have walked away as the winners of the final CPA tournament, the Legends Cup VIII.

Nachos 3 – 1 Light Troops

Full Time

Server: Klondike

Battle rooms: Stadium, Snow Forts & Ice Berg

Judges: Sammie, Superoo, Mach, Bad, Flen (1st Half)

Room Results:

Stadium – Light Troops

Snow Forts – Nachos

Ice Berg – Nachos

Nachos Tactic Rating: 8.5/10

Light Troops Tactic Rating: 8/10

Nachos Formation Rating: 8/10

Light Troops Formation Rating: 9/10

Overall Nachos Rating: 8.7/10

Overall Light Troops Rating: 8.5/10

Attendance (Light Troops and Nachos combined): 80+

Prize: 5000 xats, Legends CupZings address


A massive congratulations to the Nachos. Thanks for joining us in our final tournament.


CPA Central CEO


51 Responses

  1. Nice

  2. GG to both armies!

  3. Really bad decision, Nachos leaders seemed to get whatever they asked for from a biased judging team (Bad was Nachos main cheerleader on CPAC chat). Beach not being counted, the battle being extended to an hour and room changes being announced on CPAC chat meant it might as well have been the Nachos leaders running the battle.

    Even still LT outnumbered Nachos in every room, the only one that was a 50/50 was Forts.

    oh yah and setting the result aside this battle was run horribly, rule changes in the middle of a battle and mass confusion around room changes.


  4. I’m sorry, I would not be saying this if it was a good battle that was close but it was extremely obvious that LT won.

    LT had at least a size advantage of about 10 in every single room. Look at the pictures on Nachos and LT’s websites, they all show LT being bigger.

    Maybe I could even understand it if LT had bad tactics and formations, but every single time we did a tactic every troop did it and our formations were fine.

    It really seems like CPAC were desperate for Nachos to win, as they won the first tournament and are more “legendary” than the Light Troops.

    Very sad that the last battle ever ended this way.

    • i feel sorry for the 15 mentally challenged/blind people who disliked your comment, just because the truth hurts 🙂

  5. >be LT
    >get room a few seconds earlier in stadium, beach, and mine
    >use Purple Republic-tier tactics (drill XD)
    >barely change lines
    >threaten to dox judges

  6. >be LT
    >get room a few seconds earlier in stadium, beach, and mine
    >use Purple Republic-tier tactics (drill XD)
    >barely change lines
    >threaten to dox judges

  7. God bless the nacho

    • God bless the thug too yo

  8. Like Tober said, it was extremely obvious that LT won. We can only assume that CPAC won’t admit that LT is one of the best, if not the best army ever. We can’t even take CPAC seriously anymore because it was such a bullsh*t decision. Everybody, even the Nachos know that we dominated the battle. In previous rounds the judges have tried their best to make LT lose because they don’t want to see us shine. CPAC couldn’t have made it more obvious that they purposely let Nachos win. It is unfortunate that CPAC rigged the tournament. We dominated every room. Even if we have 100 on CPAC would still make Nachos win. Like I said, everybody in the CPA community including CPAC knows that LT obviously won and they rigged the tournament.
    Nobody at LT, including me cares what CPAC says, we won the Legends Cup.

  9. >be LT
    >somehow arrive in room a few seconds early in stadium, beach, mine (thanks flen)
    >use PR-tier tactics (drill XD)
    >barely even change lines
    >threaten to dox judges

  10. Why isn’t my comment getting approved? (wary)

    • >be your average nacho retard
      >autism is strong so changing a room takes you an hour
      >beg obviously biased CPAC judges to give you another room chance because you’re slow and retarded
      >get outnumbered every time anyway
      >judges give you the victory because you’re retarded and they feel bad
      >post the same comment 3 times because autism
      >use xat emotes on wordpress because autism
      >”HAHA LT B-BTFO!”

      • Here you go Ioio, over 9000 hours in Paint just for you.

        • ironic considering all the autistic screeching was done by the Nachos on CPAC chat when they were too slow to get in the rooms. Nice meme though, I guess.

          • When the fuck did the community become so edgy? Lmfao, “autism!!111!!” Get over yourselves. Does bragging rights over a CP-based game really matter that much to you all?

          • In your post, “The End”, you pride yourself on how the LT “popularized banter” which made people “so butthurt,” yet you’re obviously triggered by this dank maymay. Please explain this.

            • How am I triggered? I just pointed out that Nachos were the ones crying during the battle and then said it was a good meme anyway. Not sure what part of my reply made you think I was angry.
              By the way, I would recommend not using “over 9000” anymore if you don’t want to make it too obvious that you just found out about /b/(cancerous place where you should stay).

              • What I mean is that you and the rest of LT are claiming that LT (fairly) won, and claim that you don’t care about what CPAC and other armies think. If that were truly the case, there would only be a short post explaining this on the webpage. But that’s not what happened. Three posts were made on the LT webpage claiming victory with disregard for the official results, and a few more were written explaining why LT is the greatest army ever. And if the results hadn’t affected you on a personal level, you wouldn’t call the Nachos autistic and retarded on every greentext line in the above post.

                I cannot know your true intentions when you complemented my meme. If you genuinely thought it was nice, I appreciate your complement. But as this meme mocks the Light Troops, your own creation, I am suspicious as to why you would think it’s a “nice meme.”

                As for “over 9000,” that’s just what entered my mind at the moment. I needed a comically large amount of time to ironically suggest that I care about this even more than you do.

                • Dude, I only made 1 post, the results post, to show the pictures and I said on that post that I don’t care much about the results because it was obviously rigged and that I’m not mad about it and that I actually find it funny how they actually gave the victory to Nachos.
                  You really think this affected me on a personal level because I called some random guy on the internet autistic? You think I called you autistic and retarded because this keeps me up at night? It was just banter, man.
                  Besides, how are the other LT posters on the website triggered for simply pointing out why the battle was rigged and why LT should have won? If you want to seriously debate that subject, go ahead and read the posts and make an argument, instead of shitposting on this website ran by 12 year olds and then telling your buddies to upvote your comments. Our lock outs alone were enough to outnumber your whole size, or nearly all of it, so there is no way in hell Nachos could have even come close to getting the victory, let alone actually win.
                  If it makes you feel any better, you “triggered” me enough to have me keep replying to you still.

                  • Also, I’d like to add that not only we outperformed you, but we had to be online for over 2 hours. We had to battle another opponent before you, which makes it unfair for us FROM THE VERY START. You started out with a huge advantage, you got even more advantages during the battle by crying to the judges and you still got wrecked.

                    • Another thing, just noticed Epic’s comment a little down further, please explain this :
                      “Also I don’t know where you got 8.7 and 8.5 out of….
                      Here;s the real averages;
                      Nachos: Tactics 8.5 + Formations 8 = 16.5 divided by 2 = 8.25
                      LT; Tactics; 8 + Formations 9 = 17 divided by 2 = 8.5
                      Overall winner = Light Troops.
                      Not to mention you never added sizes, which you said “both armies combined = 80+” which would mean the Nachos only maxed 20 considering LT maxed 60+.”
                      I’ll correct him by saying that the Nachos maxed 30(and I’m being generous considering you only had 28 on chat and surely some didn’t log on) while LT maxed atleast 50(more with lock outs though for sure, because we fulled a room by ourselves and still had people locked out), but even then it’s a huge size difference. It’s also funny how CPAC didn’t accord points for the size, but anyway, the math on CPAC’s own results post is wrong and proves that LT won. Man, I guess I’d probably be triggered if this wasn’t so obviously rigged. It’s a joke at this point because even the post on CPAC proves we did better.

  11. I was not at the battle nor have I seen a video of the battle, but looking at pictures, it says a clear LT victory. However, let’s not forget that CPAC bias got the Light Troops into the finals (they lost to thugs primarily), and CPAC bias kicked them out! I say it’s only fair. Good job to both armies.

  12. Idc who won. I’m just glad the tournament is over because the entire thing was fucked up.

  13. Apologies for triple-posting. Please blame the WordPress spam filter.

  14. Although I am not in Nachos right now, I was there for the battle and everyone saying it was biased against LT have to be kidding. Light Troops kept being given the rooms early by Flen, causing all but 5-15 nachos to be locked out when Nachos had over 55+ on cp. Cpac finally fixed the situation and Nachos won the battle fair and square, but I don’t know how anyone can say it was biased. I offer a congratulations to the Nachos for proving their endless dominance.

    • Lol what?

    • that comment gave me cancer

      • Because LT can not handle the truth.

        • Can’t handle the truth? The truth that the Nachos provided no proof of Flen giving us the rooms early (which he didn’t). The truth that the Light Troops outnumbered the Nachos in EVERY room and the truth that the Light Troops were far bigger & better on the day. Also the truth that the Light Troops were robbed of the victory?
          The Nachos never had 55+ On cp, they had 55 on their chat and about 20 on cp. The most they had in each battle room was 18.
          This nigga is blind.

          • We don’t have any proof because no one bothered to spy, but we all know that Flen was in LT leadership:

            • Flen was never in the LT leadership you autistic wingnut.

          • yep.


  16. Light Troops won.

    • Warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  17. congratulations nacho army for winning the last LC we’ll ever witness

  18. Was size not a factor? Why are there only ratings for tactics and formations? This tournament finals ended up being about which army the community hates less.

  19. Jesus, who is upvoting comments? lol

  20. Also I don’t know where you got 8.7 and 8.5 out of….
    Here;s the real averages;
    Nachos: Tactics 8.5 + Formations 8 = 16.5 divided by 2 = 8.25
    LT; Tactics; 8 + Formations 9 = 17 divided by 2 = 8.5
    Overall winner = Light Troops.
    Not to mention you never added sizes, which you said “both armies combined = 80+” which would mean the Nachos only maxed 20 considering LT maxed 60+.
    And I’m not sure how the nachos got 8 in formations because they never had a formation, they just bombed for the entire battle.

  21. We want a re-count!!

  22. yea… wtf was cpac even paying attention to the battle… those “results” are fake

  23. … That was a pretty impressive battle for both armies, the Nachos and the LT. I really thought LT would win this, but it was clear that Nachos won this battle… I really didn’t help either armies, or watch them because l know that it’s very hectic af. Just too dramatic, and how people were fighting … Anyways, great job Nachos! The tournament ends here, on this day of Club Penguin Armies …

    • Shut up you autist you cant even read back what you wrote out loud.

      • It’s nice to see you replying to me on a null, Joseph. l highly doubt that you’re the biggest troll l’ve ever met. You are a useless UMA troop who got carried by the UMA leaders. Also, there’s no such thing as saying it out loud when you are typing on the internet. You can insult me all you want, but you’re the one who would always use the word “autistic.” Maybe you are the one who was born with it, you little skinny redneck guy.

        • Your english teacher did a horrible job of teaching you grammar.
          Also I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a speech teacher as well.

          • “Your english teacher did a horrible job of teaching you grammar. Also l wouldn’t be suprised if you had a speech teacher as well.”
            It’s a very common sense when you don’t even look at your own comment, which doesn’t even make sense at all.
            Your English teacher did a horrible job of teaching your grammar.
            Also, l wouldn’t be surprised if you had a speech teacher as well.

  24. Officially convinced, LT stands for Little Tits.

  25. 🙂

  26. bias rpf sould have won

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