Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Final Prediction

Armies are due to shut in just over a week and one of the biggest titles in army history is up for grabs, with three armies reaching the final weekend of the final Legends Cup tournament. In a day of battles that will total a minimum of one hour, the Nachos, Light Troops and Thugs will hold the hope of Legends Cup glory.

Nachos vs. (Light Troops vs. Thugs)

The Light Troops and Thugs, after a draw was declared last weekend, will face one another in a 15-minute battle prior to the actual final itself against the Nacho Army. It was a highly controversial battle between the two last weekend, with bots causing many difficulties in room announcements, and the two armies will need to face for a third time to decide who will go to the next stage of the Legends Cup Final. The LT were favorites to win the battle last week and were expected to easily deal with the Thugs, but the Thugs performed brilliantly to challenge the LT and came very close to victory, with many Thugs troops believing that they had won the battle. If the battle goes as it did last week, and the Thugs can replicate their sizes from the previous battle, I fancy the Thugs to pip the Light Troops to victory in pre-battle.

The Thugs and Light Troops battle was announced as a draw last weekend

If the prediction for the initial conflict is correct, the Thugs would go on to face the Nachos in a 45 minute clash to decide the winner of the Legends Cup VIII. This could similarly go either way, with both armies expected to have incredible sizes during this battle and, if the Light Troops make it to this stage rather than the Thugs, they will also provide stern competition for the Nacho Army. The Nachos will have their usual strong tactics and formations, with previous tournament experience possibly able to push them towards the Legends Cup trophy. However, following their strong performances over the past two weeks against the RPF and LT, I still fancy the Thugs Army to take home Legends Cup glory with more backing than the other two armies.

This could, however, go to any of the three remaining armies and there is little to separate the armies that remain in the Legends Cup this year. The fact that we have these three remaining and there is no clear favourite just shows the nature of this years tournament, with anybody able to win. Make sure you comment YOUR opinion on who YOU think will win the Legends Cup VIII.


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  1. What’s the point of winning the title when the whole community’s gonna die?

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