30 Most Influential Army Leaders: #15-11

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The topic of the most influential leaders of all time is a controversial one at best, with many different opinions of people who experienced CP Armies over different time periods. Many have not met, experienced or understood the influence of some of our older leaders, who held a great impact and shaped the way CP Armies run today. We have taken and evaluated the top leaders over the past 11 years based on their influence on armies to construct a list counting down to the most influential leader of all time. In part four of a six part series, we continue our exciting column of the 30 Most Influential Army Leaders.

In the last edition, we looked at though ranked 20 – 16 on the list. We saw an appearance from Mr Deedledoo, who was known for uniting armies through many different organisations such as the CP United Nations. We also saw an appearance from McHappy who is known as one of the greatest ACP leaders of all time. On the 18th spot, we saw Violentantaletta take this spot, creating the highly controversial, Purple Republic. Further down the list, we saw Shaboomboom take the 17th spot, known for creating the ‘top ten formula’ and his exceptional work in the ACP. Concluding the third edition, we saw Vendetta take the 16th spot for his outstanding contributions to the Night Warriors.

With that all summarised, we can now move onto those who were positioned between #15 and #11 on the list. This list has been devised using the knowledge of multiple army veterans and CPA Central administration as well as the recommendations and nominations from the Army Community. We’ve only focused on one thing for making this list, influence. While influence does generally go hand-in-hand with leadership ability, this list does not show the Greatest Army Leaders in the community, it shows those who are the most influential. Furthermore, it cannot be said enough that so many of the ranks in our list of 30 are easily interchangeable, which made narrowing this list down a lot harder and very difficult, with a clash of opinions from everyone who was involved in the project.


15. Roberto

Roberto, without a doubt, was one of the most hard working leaders this community has ever seen. Roberto has led many armies like the Redemption Force & Blizzard Warriors but is mainly known for his work in the Light Troops. Roberto is one of the most respected and best leaders this community has ever had. Roberto started his career in the Blue Miners Army, working with people like Ioioluk & S Cargo 2. When the Light Troops was opened in 2011, Roberto joined too. Over the years of Roberto leading the Light Troops, he led alongside great leaders like Ioioluk & Waterkid. Roberto has also led them to many number one placements, helped them win a tournament and has also given them major success in wars. Roberto showed his great leadership skills in 2014 when he led the army in wars against armies like the Dark Warriors & The Army Of Club Penguin. He also showed how powerful the Light Troops were when they became one of the biggest armies of the year. Every army that Roberto has led, has ended up being powerful, dominant and has experienced a golden generation.

Roberto (like some other leaders), has also spread his influence outside of CP Armies. Roberto was mainly known for his work on CPPS’ like OldCP. Roberto used this popular CPPS to his advantage, as he managed to gain tons of recruits for the Light Troops, specifically in 2014. Roberto was often criticized for using OldCP to help the Light Troops but it proved how useful it was as it helped the Light Troops be even more dominant than they were. While Roberto was leading the Light Troops, he showed how useful he was as he was always recruiting. Roberto was labelled as one of the hardest working leaders in the community and he certainly earned that title, as he proved how his recruiting grew armies that he led to sizes that they had never seen before.

It is obvious Roberto was one of the smartest and best leaders this community has ever had. He impacted the community by his different recruiting styles and his leadership techniques. Roberto was the main source of the success of the Light Troops and for that reason, he is our 15th most influential leader. Roberto will continue to shine and inspire future generations.

-Epic Master, CPA Central Editor and SM Army Legend


14. Ioiolkuk

Known as the creator of the Light Troops, Ioiolkuk shaped the Light Troops through his leadership and recruiting skills which make them one of the biggest armies in this community. He was a prominent figure in the army, leading the Light Troops to numerous victories in war against the Ice Warriors, Army Republic and several others. Ioiolkuk was also a strategist for the army, planning numerous raids against the superpower, ACP. Ioio led a long war campaign against the Army of CP, coming up with different types of propaganda and making LT into a war machine.

Ioiolkuk led the Light Troops between 2011 and 2012, this is mostly known as the ‘dominant era’. He has led alongside fellow CPA legends, Waterkid and Roberto. The Light Troops were the face of the Black Alliance, a group that challenged the power of the ACP. His alliance was initially responsible for the fall of the Army of CP. Apart from participating in numerous wars, Ioio shaped his army through his recruiting skills, the Light Troops dominated the community throughout Ioio and Roberto’s leader. They shown that they can create an army from scratch and turn it into a world power force.

Although not much is known about Ioio, it is clear that he is a smart and powerful leader who knows how to win wars He is a confident individual who is well liked and respected. Unfortunately, he is now retired but he will always be remembered for his work in the Light Troops and Pirates.

– Sammie, CPA Central CEO


13. SaW

We can definitely say that SaW was a highly controversial figure in the previous days of CPA. SaW is most known for his very successful leadership in the now deceased army, Dark Warriors. SaW acted as a ‘catalyst’ for the Dark Warriors, holding numerous number one placements and securing victories in many different wars, most notably the war for the Black Alliance. As well as his successful leadership in the Dark Warriors, SaW also held the commander position in numerous other armies such as the Golds and the Special Weapons and Tactics army. He has been credited for constantly leading the army to the top three positions of the top ten. After brief terms in other armies, SaW, most recently rejoined the Dark Warriors, keeping them at the number one spot for a whole month.

SaW is not only known for his highly regarded leadership skills, he is also known for some as a ‘hacker’. During the 2011 – 2013 season, SaW was apart of a hacking group which caused havoc right across the community. He has also carried out other attacks which caused shock and despair throughout CPA. Although, SaW has a controversial past, his leadership skills are not be undermined.

In conclusion, we can confirm that SaW played a major play in the early days of CPA. SaW is known for his recruiting skills which helps his armies rise to world power status. He has constantly pushed his  armies to the limit and always made sure he came out as a winner. SaW has led many armies to their golden era and was one of the greatest leaders in the Dark Warriors. SaW is a person with high talent and he knows how to take an army far. For his constant successs and excellent leadership skills, SaW is one of the most influential leaders in this community. This list couldn’t be completed without an appearance from SaW. To this day, he has not been forgotten.

– Sammie, CPA Central CEO


12. Flipmoo

In a community predominately made up by users from the United States of America or the United Kingdom, people such as Flipmoo found themselves as a disadvantage from the start. Also known as Slimball2007 from the earlier days of Club Penguin Armies is known mostly as the creator of the Impossible Mission Army Force as well as being one of the greatest ACP Leaders of all time being credited with bringing the army back to World Power status following its 2012 slump. A word that always follows Flipmoo around, with good reason, is AUSIA.

Labelled by some as the “Asian Boomer”, a native of Japan – Flipmoo simply did not allow borders and time zones to hinder his army community forcing the community to change to suit. Flipmoo is widely credited with being the creator of the AUSIA division. While this division has been used most prominetly with the Army of Club Penguin, almost all major armies have at one point in their lifespans had a concept of an AUSIA division. This is clear proof of Flipmoo’s influential being widespread. The use of AUSIA is still used today. Some use it as a key strategic weapon to win wars, most notably the Army of Club Penguin.

As well as all of his army ranks, Flipmoo also managed to achieve the illustrious award of 2014 Person of the Year, defeating the likes of Bluesockwa1 and Elmikey. Flipmoo was awarded the title of ‘The Sculptor of AUSIA’ managing to lead the ACP in an honest and dominate way avoiding scandals. Without Flipmoo, it is possible that AUSIA divisions would never have taken off like they did and it is possible that the Army of Club Penguin simply would not have managed to recover from their 2012 slump.

– Zing King To, Former CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend


11. Waterkid

Without a doubt, Waterkid is one of the most smartest and tactical leaders that this community has ever seen. Know for his outstanding work in the Light Troops and Pirates, Waterkid is one of the most respected and influential leaders that is feared upon many. Water started his army career in the Light Troops, slowly ranking up to become one of their most greatest leaders ever. He has led the army to multiple number one placements, tournament victories and major success in wars. Water led the army alongside many other successful figures including Roberto and loioluk. After the closure of the Light Troops, Water continued to show his expectional leadership skills by recreating the Pirates. The Pirates turned out to be one of the biggest armies of 2015. All of the armies that Waterkid led, ended up dominating the community and experienced several golden eras.

Waterkid has also spread his influence outside of CP army’s. He is known for his work on CPPS such as OldCP and Virtual Penguin. Water used these highly popular sites to his advantage, gaining multiple recruits for his army. This was one of the many controversial moves that Waterkid took. Waterkid revived the Light Troops and brought them to another era of dominance through a controversial method of bot recruiting. Having a strong personality, Water also challenged the influence and position of the all powerful CPA Central. One of the many achievements of Waterkid is him revolutionizing recruiting. He brought a new golden age to many armies and continued to lead the community in methods that have never been seen before.

It is clear that Waterkid is one of the more powerful members of this community. He has impacted the community in many ways, through recruiting and his leadership methods. Due to his constant push for a better community and achieving numerous things that others could not, Waterkid is the 11th most influential person in this community, just missing out a spot on the top ten.

– Sammie, CPA Central CEO



That concludes the fourth edition of the most influential leaders of all time. Check back tomorrow for the fifth edition where we view the #10 to #6 leaders. Who will take the top spot and who will miss out? As always, CPA Central invites you to comment your thoughts below. 


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer 


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  1. If you’re going to steal my posts, at least make the grammar right. Most Influential Army Leaders List is a name, and should be capitalised. Fix it.

  2. No Nachos yet in #30-11. The top ten will be all Nachos, r-right?

  3. If I’m not in this gonna be highkey salty.

  4. If I’m not in this I’m gonna be highkey salty.

  5. Holy crap that sentence structure needs some variation

  6. this list is such a joke, and I explain why here
    LT is the most influential army in history, prove me wrong

    • 2011

  7. lol thought id be around 15-11 turns out im higher nice

  8. Aside from clear grammar mistakes and after constantly bragging about being the CEO of CPA Central (when you were one of the worst EPs I have ever seen in SMAC), you do not even write the name of the 14th most influential leader of ALL TIMES properly. From what I have always known, it is Ioioluk, not Ioiokluk. It is a mistake that anyone would commit but you still wrote it three times, could’ve have scrolled up a little or do some research but no. Why even bother making up a list when you do not even know how to spell the name of the best leaders this community has ever seen?

    • You really have good eyes, Luis. I really didn’t know that until now. xD

    • I’m not ‘bragging’. Stop making up things just so you can feel good. His name will be corrected as well.

  9. only agree with flipmoo

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