Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Final Battle Information

It was an interesting Semi-Final to say the least. On the first day of the round, the Nachos managed to edge out the Ice Warriors over two rooms in a 5-1 vote to upset the tournament favourites and progress to another final. The second day was less smooth, with heavy bot raids resulting in multiple room changes. The Thugs and Light Troops battled hard, but it was decided that no clear winner could be picked and that both armies would advance to the final day of the tournament, in a 1-3-1 vote.

The way we run the final this year has been put up to much debate. We had options such as making it a three-way final, with all three armies converging into one room, or it being split over several rooms, but we have come to a decision on how it will be run. As the Light Troops vs Thugs battle was declared a draw, and history tells us that a three-way Final does not work well, it has been decided that the Light Troops and Thugs will battle on the day of the final, to decide who will then progress to face the Nacho Army. The LT and Thugs will therefore face in a pre-battle decider.


Thugs vs. Light Troops: Pre-Battle Decider

Saturday, March 18th

3:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM CST, 1:00 PM MST, 12:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM UK


  • 15 minute battle
  • No Room Changes
  • Will take place on Klondike
  • Winner will face the Nachos
  • Normal battle rules apply


Nachos vs. Light Troops/Thugs

Saturday, March 18th

4:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM CST, 2:00 PM MST, 1:00 PM PST, 9:00 PM UK


  • 45 minute battle
  • Two room changes during the battle
  • Will take place on Klondike [SUBJECT TO CHANGE]
  • Normal battle rules apply


Now it is over to you and one final day of the Legends Cup, where one of these three armies will make history to win the last ever major tournament hosted by CPA Central. Will the Light Troops, Nachos or Thugs take home Legends Cup VIII trophy? Comment YOUR opinions.


CPA Central CEO


34 Responses

  1. holy shit
    wtf do u even mean????
    how tf is this a tie???????????
    This is bs the pre-battle decider will drain the hype ffs
    and also how bias is this

  2. So you are basically doing Semi-Finals(just with reduced time and on same date as finals) again lol 😀

    • Earth they just want LT in the finals Lol
      Funks is just being bias XD

      • That’s Why They Let The Thugs Cheat right?

        • lol what?

          • Epic just likes to get attention

      • This takes the misuse of the word ”bias” to another level. I have never been in the Light Troops and, if being honest, this particular army is one I have a very sketchy past with.

        Please get your facts straight, I could not care who wins this tournament in the slightest to be honest.

        • can you show me a FEW pics where u see that LT performed better than us?
          Also pls approve my previous comment lol

        • Proof CPAC purposely gave Light Troops a tie:

          Let’s be real, Funks. You have a very bad reputation of being extremely bias. This ‘pre-battle decider’ bull shouldn’t even be happening as the Thugs completely destroyed LT. Look at LT’s website and all the pictures they posted shows Thugs winning by a decent margin. You said Thugs had 1-2 more in Ice Berg, but this picture (one of dozen) shows that Thugs had a 6-7 troop edge >>> <<>> FIVE <<>>

          There was also an instance where funks did not even bother to tell the Thugs the room, and no one got in, but thankfully the room was not counted (idk how you mess that up… accidentally 😉 )

          I used to think CPAC being bias was an exaggerated meme, but being victim to the unfair judges many many times (chiefly Sammie), I now know whatup.

          lets see if cpac approves this comment :^)

          • Also CPAC gave LT the rooms 5-8 seconds early
            just proves the point, CPAC is bias af lol

            • Lets not forget when funks gave thugs and light troops the room 2 minutes before they told hippos

          • Just to reply to some of the points raised in all of the discussion from your the comments on this post.

            A. There is a big misuse of the word bias in all of your comments. The definition is ”inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair”. I have no reason or desire to unfairly push the Light Troops through to be Legends Cup winners, why would I? Never been in the Light Troops, been at war with them, even banned them from CPA Central before. Now all of a sudden there are accusations from people saying I would mislead people and fake results to put them through – this is certainly not the case. All I want is the right result.

            B. There were five judges in this battle, so you would have to ask people why they didnt think the Thugs won that battle. You have a strong case for Thugs saying they won and this was put forward by myself in the judges decision in the owner pool, I agree with many points put forward. The judges thought, however, that the battle was even and it was a tie. Was it the right decision? If you look at the battle as a whole and not only the two rooms, maybe, maybe not. The fact is it was a scruffy battle and I can SEE why some judges thought that a winner could not be picked, it was heavily raided and very hard to pick a winner in that fuck fest.

            C. The comment saying – ”Lets not forget when funks gave thugs and light troops the room 2 minutes before they told hippos”. Let’s get something clear about this battle right now. That battle was run slightly different to avoid bot usage, but in no way was it unfair to the Hippos. The Hippos had the exact same early advantage in the first room, so to balance it with the Thugs they were given the same privileged in the second room. It was therefore balanced, fair and an even playing field between the two armies. The only army disadvantaged in that decision was the Light Troops, but they had a clear victory anyway so it was decided it didn’t matter. This was the only battle not bot raided that day, so I’d like to say it was an effective and correct decision.

            D. The comment saying – “There was also an instance where funks did not even bother to tell the Thugs the room, and no one got in, but thankfully the room was not counted”. That room was not counted for exactly this reason and the room was changed instantly, if I wanted the Light Troops for some unknown reason to win, I wouldn’t have changed the room. The Thugs were told slightly late in this instance because there were quick, unplanned and multiple room changes to avoid bots and at times it was hard to keep coordination and planning. It is hard to coordinate all your judges, two armies and another room announcer when trying to avoid bots at the same time.

            E. Comment saying – ”Also CPAC gave LT the rooms 5-8 seconds early”. This is just a fake statement and entirely untrue. Superoo and I used the same clock and announced at exactly the same time, so please don’t lie to make a point that isnt true.

            F. To Veo’s comment – It wasn’t that one room held more importance than another per say, it was just that more people were in the Berg so this was where the ”main battle” occurred – so therefore in terms of conflict and tactics the berg was a centre point for the battle. The Stadium did hold importance to the final result and was equally considered when choosing the victor.

            G. Extending on Veo’s comment, “What i’ve noticed however is that these verdicts have all been contested, with many armies citing legitimate proofs against Funks and/or other judges”.
            This just comes in a day in age where armies cannot admit defeat. For example, in the Shadow Troops’ battle with the Light Troops the battle was contested because you did not agree with the result in general, when it was pretty clear to me that it was a simple result. There was a slight hitch with the announcement of the result (I incorrectly announced 5 instead of 4, and two judges didnt vote but then did), but the running of your battle was smooth and
            100% the correct result was reached with the LT dominating most of the battle. Other battles again, like the Ice Warriors loss to the Nachos, a clear defeat for the Ice Warriors but they complained over nothing. Always happens and always will happen when an army loses – they rage. RPF raged when they lost to the Thugs, the battle took place over three rooms because of bot raids, Thugs clearly won, not our fault. Nothing wrong with how we judged it.

            People need to understand that when there are bot raids in particular it is very difficult to run a tournament. The extent of bot raids is nearly impossible to deal with, so some measures that change the running of a battle need to take place to ensure that the battle does actually happen. Most of the time its fine, but sometimes its not. And when a battle has bots flooding into it, people automatically blame CPA Central – ”Oh CPA Central ruining another tournament”, when we cannot control bots entering the room upon announcement, it’s literally out of our control. When suggestions are asked for (other than moving to CPPS, which is not happening), nothing is offered, because there is nothing else that can be done apart from what we try to do to ensure the battle takes place and is finished.

            There is no ”systematic bias”, I have never been invested in any of these three armies, I don’t care in the slightest who wins, and I just want to get the tournament finished. All I care about when running this tournament is to avoid bot raids and get armies facing eachother, I do not have an investment in who wins the battles. Sometimes, also in regards to the LT result, you may not agree with what one of the judges decides, but that has always been debated. I was annoyed when they said RPF beat WV in the Legends Cup Final, but sometimes judges see different things when you subjectively vote on something that can be decided either way. Accusations of bias are unfounded (if i was judging on WV or IW, then maybe you’d have at least the slightest of grounds to stand on), but to say I want to push the Light Troops through is just generally the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my time in CP Armies.

            • Let me guess, you typed all those paragraphs just to get likes because you will get crippling anxiety if you dont?

            • Funks, the fact that you had draw as an option to vote for was stupid. After the Ice Warriors and Nachos Semi-Final battle we simply voted between Nachos or Ice Warriors. I don’t see why the judges during the Thugs and Light Troops Semi-Final battle couldn’t just vote between Thugs or Light Troops.

              The only way I can justify this, is if other judges brought up that they couldn’t make a decision between which army preformed better.

              • Agreed, and I don’t even think CPAC has ever had the option of a tie, maybe only in LC 2013. There are dozens of LC battles that were very close and only one army advanced.

            • I don’t care who was the reason that LT was given a tie. All I care about is that the Light Troops got a free pass to the finals when losing, and as CPAC ceo you should have challenged the judge’s votes, as we clearly know it was not even close. The battle was heavily bot raided (only by one bot raider, just like every every battle in the Legends Cup this year), and the main battle room – Ice Berg did not have a single bot.

            • Why reject oversight of the judging process if you are not doing anything wrong?

              • Oversight by who and in what way, I’m not totally against the idea.

        • From what I’ve seen at the battle, there were hardly any LT at the Stadium while Thugs had a decent 10 in the Stadium. The Iceberg was relatively even but during the announcement of the results, you said the Iceberg was the “main” battle room. My question is, if the Stadium wasn’t as important as the Iceberg then what would have been done if one army had 50 in the Stadium, while the other army had 30 in the Iceberg? Would the army with fewer advance since that is the “main” (Quoted by Funks during announcement of results) room. Just another sloppy verdict, one of many during this tournament, with systematic bias causing an incorrect outcome.

          What i’ve noticed however is that these verdicts have all been contested, with many armies citing legitimate proofs against Funks and/or other judges. I think there should be some sort of oversight such as video proof of what goes on in the judges owner pool in order to hold the judges accountable.

          • ikr

          • Ice Berg was NOT even. Thugs had a very superior edge in tactics and sizes were larger by up to 7 troops.

            • This is all part of a well planned scheme by CPAC to elliminate worthy rivals such as IW, Thugs etc. so that Light Troops can win the legends cup easily.Maybe Waterkid has paid Blue brothers some money from his Virtual Penguin ad-revenue.

              • Facts ^

  3. I hope, LT will win, because “Light Troops” army have more meaning than “Nachos”.

    • ikr

  4. Normally I don’t like these three armies, but if I have to choose. I hope LT wins this one.

  5. pre battle decider lol
    how gey

  6. if thugs win im killing myself

    • RIP in advance

  7. I honestly think a triple threat will be better than a pre decider battle

    • Exactly
      A pre battle decider will just drain the hype out and make the troops tired
      I’d prefer a 3-way battle to a pre battle decider

      • I prefer that idea too@Pose 🙂

  8. Why doesn’t a three way battle “work well” ?????

  9. lt lt lt

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