End of an Era @CPAC

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- With CP due to shut down in less then three weeks, CPA Central will be holding several events and projects to ensure this community dies out in style.

Legends Cup

The Legend Cup is definitely one of the highlights of the ‘end of an era’. The tournament has been filled with controversial decisions and many close battles. The last ever CPA tournament will conclude this week in a three way battle between the Light Troops, Thugs and the Nachos. This will, most likely, be one of the most prestigious battles that the armies have fought in and it will definitely end our tournament on a high note. Times and predictions will be posted later this week.

Final Gala

The ‘Final Gala’ will be the final time that the whole community can come together before we all part ways. The gala will include a Trivia on your CPA history, a roast of Zing King To, a movie and much more. This will be the last ever time that the whole Club Penguin Army community will be united together so it will definitely be a special event. We have plans to give out a lot of xats and other prizes during the event. This gala hasn’t been confirmed yet and the CPAC administration are currently working to organise it. 

Top Ten Armies of all Time

Ever wanted to know who the best army of all time is? Well, now is your chance as the CPAC administration as well as the public will be compiling a list of the top ten armies of all time. You have been voted for your favourites since last week and the vote will be closed soon. Kingfunks, CPA Central CEO, will be working on this ambitious project. The top ten will be also include bios, highlighting the achievements and history of the army. The top ten armies of all time will be released at some time between 25th – 29th March.

30 most Influential Leaders

A series that was started last month by former CPA Central CEO and exposed bot raider, Zing King To, will be continuing under Sammie and Kingfunks. This post will be counting down on all the most achieved and greatest leaders of all time. We will also be writing up bios for each leader specifically to highlight their achievements and time in CPA. So far, we’ve seen the likes of Shab, McHappy, Wgfv and several others on the list. The 15 – 11 section will be released this Saturday whilst the 10 – 6 section will be released the following day. The final (5-1) will be released on the weekend that follows.

Final Battle

Currently one of the most talked about events, CPA Central will be holding a ‘final battle’ where many armies will end once and for all. It has been confirmed that armies such as the Army Republic, Nachos, Light Troops and Doritos will be closing down alongside Club Penguin. The CPA Central administration are currently exploring several options on how to hold this final event. Some of the options include a ‘colour wars’ style event whilst others think we should hold a sort of ‘conquest’ type of event. We are also exploring a suitable time for this event, most likely on March 28th. A post outlining the details will be released in the final week. 

Pages Revamp

Even though it’s not 100% confirmed, CPA Central will be closing on March 29th alongside several other armies and Club Penguin. We want to leave a legacy and ensure that armies don’t forget the history of this site. This site will most likely convert from a news site to a history site. We are in the process of updating the armies and leaders which contains over 100+ armies as well as their full history. We are also setting on an ambitious project to complete the history page to ensure we protect our rich history. Pages are being updated everyday so feel free to check them out. 


These are all our plans for the final weeks of CP armies. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, then they are welcomed in the comment section below!


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


8 Responses

  1. I look forward to these events. Let the Community have good last few weeks.

  2. ~ ~ BEHOLD ~ ~

    I hope we will do the snowball war type…

  3. Can’t believe it’s happening! 😦

  4. All things must come to an end

  5. What about the story contest? CPAC promised 5000 Xats to the Winner, I hope you guys aren’t going back on your promises.

    • This was YOUR promise. You are responsible for giving out the 5000 xats, not CPAC. This competition was made by you and you have promised on your post to give xats to the winner. This was your competition so you give out the prize. Not me since it isn’t my competition.

      • No.

        The 30 Most influence list was promised BY ME. The list was made, produced, started and edited BY ME. This was my project, not CPAC’s – but according to you guys, that’s CPAC’s…

        …so if that is CPAC’s project, then the Story Contest must be too. Meaning you owe 5000 Xats to the winner, I’ll make sure I remind them!

        Btw, you said I’m an exposed bot raider? Where is the exposer post? Come on, let’s see some proof.

  6. final battle should be held on the final hours of the 29th. Everyone multis as much as they can. No rules, no winners, let’s go out the same way we came in. No structure, absolute mayhem, rampant cheating, and complete chaos.

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