Underground Mafias Army Returns

MAMMOTH, UMA Capital – With Club Penguins closure coming within the next three weeks, we see a legendary army return for one final run. The Underground Mafias Army have decided to make a return under a new leadership before Club Penguin closes.

On March 10th 2017, Bam117 released a post on the Underground Mafias Army’s website stating that the UMA would be making one last return, just before Club Penguin closes.

“The Everlasting Revolution”


Now its time to return the favor

This post attracted the attention of many, as they held their first battle on March 11th, 2017. They raided the Ice Warriors vs. Nachos battle in which they maxed sizes of 20. They claimed they had invaded Klondike but it seemed like a practice battle. It was a good event for they had just returned a day earlier and they had attracted so many people with just one day’s notice.

UMA vs. The Nachos

In the past we’ve seen the true power of the Underground Mafias Army as they have had numerous wars against armies like the Light Troops, the Army of Club Penguin etc. The Underground Mafias Army also made a short return in late 2016, under Trader but it closed soon after due to numerous bot raids.

UMA vs The Water Ninjas in 2013/2014

A couple of hours after their return event on Klondike, they had another battle. They decided to invade their former capital Mammoth. They invaded it with ease as no army was able to show up to defend, so it was an easy win for the Underground Mafias Army. They claimed sizes of 25, and had perfect tactics throughout the invasion. Some armies now a days lack the ability to have perfect tactics and good sizes. So they could be a potential contender for the Number one spot on our top ten.

UMA’s Invasion of Mammoth, March 11th 2017.

As you can see, the Underground Mafias Army are doing very well as they have already have two events with good sizes & tactics. They could be a potential threat to large armies like the Ice Warriors & the Light Troops. Over the next few weeks we could see potential wars and more battles which could bring a spark into the community, a spark that we haven’t seen in a while.


I managed to grab a quick interview with Bam117, Current Underground Mafias Army Leader.

CPAC = Blue

Bam117 = Red

Why did you decide to bring the Underground Mafias Army back?

I brought back UMA because I have a point to prove to some garbage ass wanna be UMA Legends, Red Winter never ends.

Do you have any plans for war?

Yes whoever wins the legends cup is getting fucking smacked by UMA, also that faggot ass army Kings is getting hit too.

Where do you see your army over the next few weeks?

Shooting elementary schools up and fucking coolsters mother.

Any other Comments?

This UMA is supported by the REAL Legends behind UMA, all the faggots and disbelievers can go fuck themselves with a rusty blender.


As you can see, UMA have been brought back because Bam has a ‘point to prove’ to all the fake UMA’s that have been created over the last few weeks, and they plan on declaring war on the army that wins the Legends Cup and also the Kings. I believe they will be quite big over the next while and will do quite well in the top ten etc.


So what do YOU think about the Underground Mafias Army’s return? Will they climb to the top? Will they dominate armies for the last few weeks? Comment down below, because here at CPAC, we want YOUR opinions!

Epic Master 

CPA Central Editor-In-Chief


7 Responses

  1. UMA owns all

  2. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 9
    Structure and Language: 5
    Overall Grade: 7

    1. “Mammoth, UMA Capital” – always spell out in first instance.
    2. “Club Penguins closure” – closure belongs to CP. Club Penguin’s.
    3. “within three weeks” – This is fake news. It’s at the end of, not within
    4. “They claimed they had invaded Klondike” – wheres speech marks?
    5. “good event for they had” – change for they to considering
    6. “closed soon due to bot raids.” – Fake News. Closed due to deface
    7. “former capital Mammoth” – comma needed after Mammoth.
    8. “had perfect tactics” – Fake News. In photo, there are troops not doing tactics.
    9. “armies now a days” – Don’t use informal, general statements.
    10. “sizes. So they” – Time connective shouldn’t start a sentence.
    11. “Number one” – change to Number One.
    12. “our Top Ten” – change to “The Top Ten”
    13. “good sizes & tactics.” – Good? You said Perfect earlier. Inconsistent.
    14. “next few weeks we could” – comma after weeks.
    15. “Bam117, Current.” – lower case C for “Current”
    16. Only ask two questions at the Sign off
    17. “Editor-In-Chief”. No. It’s “Editor-in-Chief”

    Clearly, my firing has meant that you’ve lost your role model in CPA Central and are being subjected to shitty posts from Sammie, which has had an impact on your posting ability.

    • Your feedback is appreciated but this is not the real grade. Epic, your REAL grade will be on the staff site.

      • As someone with years of experience grading as opposed to your weeks, it’s fine if it’s not the REAL grade, but it sure as hell is the accurate one.

    • word of advice: don’t take advice from somebody who was fired.

      • You disagree with my feedback then?

    • dont let ur big head hit the doorframe on your way out

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