The Return of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army

UNKNOWN, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – Almost a year after the closing of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army, word goes out that Ganger90 has once again opened up the doors of the army, and in this case, for the final showdown of armies.

On March 11th, 2017, Ryan, the former Nachos Leader, released a post on the SWAT Armies website that explained how SWAT will make a statement, and that they will prove they are a legendary force, in which no one will be able to put down. Along with this remark, he continued to provide the list of leaders who will be leading this final generation of the SWAT. Of course, along with SWAT creator Ganger90, are Lights717, Bill, and Ryan.

On March 12th, 2017, the Special Weapons and Tactics Army held their First Event, in which they reached sizes of 16/17 troops on Club Penguin. Right after the event, Security was promoted to Leader, and has now joined the leadership along with Bill, Lights717, Ryan, and Ganger90. A picture of the event has been provided below.


SWAT on Mammoth

Before this generation, SWAT had been known to re-open out of the blue many times, and end up dying out, but with these leaders at the helm, it seems they’re serious at fulfilling their operation – OPERATION: SAVE-CP. Ganger90 is known as the creator, and legend of the Special Weapons and Tactics Army, Ryan is a former leader of the Nachos Army, Lights717 is a former leader of the Pretzels and SWAT, Security the former Knights leader and legend, and Bill, a notable troop who joined SWAT back in 2011.



Interview with Bill, Current SWAT Leader

CPAC: Who were you before becoming one of the leaders of the final generation of SWAT?

Bill: I was a very active troop that joined in 2011. Also, I made it into the “notable troop list” of SWAT. Ganger had picked me because I was a very loyal member.

CPAC: Who’s idea was it to re-open the Special Weapons and Tactics Army for “One Last Stand?”

Bill: I actually contacted Ganger about bringing SWAT back for the end.

CPAC: Do you think this generation of the SWAT will be successful and not die out before the end of Club Penguin?

Bill: I think this generation will be successful if we have strong leaders and active troops by our sides. Our leaders know what they are doing.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Bill: Nope.


It seems the Special Weapons and Tactics Army is built and ready for a successful generation with the leadership line up they have obtained. They have acquired troops along with these leaders, so will they continue with their operation – OPERATION: SAVE CP?

Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions! DO YOU believe that this will be a successful generation for SWAT? Do YOU believe they’ll end up dying out before Club Penguin closes? Do YOU believe that they’ll become the top army? Comment below your thoughts!

Baby Flor

CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. Didnt they open up a few weeks ago, there is a fkn post on this site about it lmao they died alreayd XDDD sswatt = cuncer

    • shots fired —— bang bang bagngngn 11!!1

      • when ur gif doesnt show

        • LMFAO

    • We’ll do more in 2 weeks than you’ve done in your whole career guy

      • cool too bad no one cares


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