Probably the most mysterious figure on this list, opinions on Violante Alleta vary depending on who you ask, but one thing is for sure – Violante can be relied on to provide controversy. Violante Alleta is the founder and leader of the Purple Republic, a now infamous group that started as a 4chan meme and transcended into an army of simple tactics and massive sizes. The Purple Republic’s status as an army has been called into rebut many times, some have argued that they were nothing more than bot raiders, and despite extensive amounts of proof that the Purple Republic were indeed made up of people, not bots, these allegations still exist today.

The creation of the Purple Republic changed armies forever. Violante’s mission statement of “making army fags cry” was certainly, and still is to this day, effective with many people from the army community still finding themselves upset or even angry with the PR Leader. While raiding was a thing prior to Violante, it was their creation that really hammered home just how impactful a raid of such magnitude could be. Violante also served to show the community that XAT was not the only means of communication, often choosing not to conform to the standards and practices of the rest of the community.

The community developed while trying to find ways to stop Violante and the Purple Republic. Examples of this is the Box Dimension and Igloos becoming such a prominent defence against botting. The creation has had so much influence over the community that others have actually attempted to copy and emulate the Purple Republic such as Earthing who attempted to bring it back only to be threatened by the Purple Republic for doing so. While the argument can be made that PR only had the influence it did because armies gave them the power, the fact remains that it was still there and Violante’s creation was, and still remains, one of the most memorable armies in our community’s history.

 – Zing King To, Former CPA Central CEO and SM Army Legend

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