Legends Cup VIII Semi-Finals: Ice Warriors vs. The Nachos

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup Arena – Tensions ran high today as two ancient rivals, the Ice Warriors and the Nachos, squared off once again on Klondike as they viciously battled one another for a spot in the Legends Cup Finals.


This was not the first time the IW and the Nachos had fought one another in a tournament. The two armies had clashed numerous times before, in previous Legends Cups, setting the stage for a very violent battle this afternoon.

10 minutes before the actual battle, the IW started off at the Ice Berg, mustering their forces, while the Nachos ominously gathered together at the Snow Forts. The first half of the battle would take place at the Cove, and the second half would take place at the 15 minute mark, at the Stadium.

At exactly 12:01 Penguin Standard Time, the rooms were simultaneously announced on the beligerents’ respective chat groups, and the armies immediately began flooding into the first battle room, the Cove. The room was smaller than most rooms, making formations difficult, but sizes were marginally even. Both armies performed very well here, with as many as 10+ in total number of locked out penguins.

At exactly 12:15 PST, the battle room was changed to the Stadium. Another short battle as the two armies struggled to get more penguins into the room culminated in the Nachos maintaining a size advantage of about +10 penguins throughout this stage of the battle. Formations were once again difficult due to the slippery nature of the room, but some of the best formations were seen here; the Nachos managed to make a very impressive N formation in the center of the Stadium, which was later challenged by the Ice Warriors’ equally formidable X, filling up the majority of the room.

Late into the battle, the two armies were beginning to feel the brunt of battle, as sizes began to dwindle. Both were spreading gradually thinner, making formations even less effective. Tactics shined here, as the Nachos launched a flurry of Bombs, all the while being bombarded with Smileys and Snowballs. With only 5 minutes left on the clock, both armies were giving their last efforts in an attempt to win over the battle with one final bang.

At exactly 12:30 PST, the judges filed into thecpacentral‘s Board Room, where after much deliberation, they would announce the victor of the battle. As both armies gathered into the main chat to witness the announcement, the tension was palpable, with everyone ready to burst out into victory cry and trash talk.

The winners of today’s Legends Cup Semi-Final match, after a long and hard-fought battle, are the Nachos of Club Penguin, winning at a 5-1 vote from the judges!

With the Ice Warriors graciously accepting defeat in the face of superiority, the Nachos will be advancing to the Finals match of the last Legends Cup in this community’s history, where they will be facing the winner of the next Semi-Finals match, either the Light Troops or the Thugs. Congratulations to all for an exciting and intense battle, and best of luck to the Nachos in the Final!

~ War has Come Home


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  1. when you like your own post because you might just be the only person who does

    • Nope, I liked it also cause it’s a nice grammatical advanced post. Don’t be mean. 😐

  2. GoodJob Ice Warriors, very well fought

  3. >Filed under: Army Deaths
    a bit too harsh


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