Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Semi-Final Predictions

There are only two more weekends and three more battles left until we know who has won the eight and final Legends Cup tournament. The Thugs, Light Troops, Nachos and Ice Warriors still all hold hopes of gaining this title and have high ambitions for the next two weeks. Both of the battles in the Semi-Finals will be an effective rematch of the first round, with both battles taking place only a few weeks ago. As always, CPA Central is here to provide predictions on who we think are the favorites to advance to the next round.


Thugs vs. Light Troops

It is quite a remarkable and unprecedented run from the Thugs, who have already had to face the Hippos, Light Troops and Rebel Penguin Federation in the tournament run so far. It is quite incredible to think that they have got this far and are on the brink of a historic place in the final, after they managed to reach sizes of 40+ to upset one of the tournament favorites, the RPF, in the Quarter-Finals stage. They will need to step up their performance even more in this stage, after being overrun by the Light Troops in the first round, if they want to get a result from this battle.

The Light Troops, Thugs and Hippos faced each other in the first round.

The Light Troops have put up a strong showing in this tournament so far, with impressive sizes of 40+ and above in their opening two battles. They managed to easily overpower the Thugs and Hippos in the first round, while moving onto beat the Shadow Troops in the Quarter-Finals. Their battle against ST started initially in a very dominant style, but they did hang on to victory with a late comeback from the Shadow Troops. The Light Troops will hope they can show their initial dominance from last week through the whole battle, to ensure a comfortable victory.

This should be a win for the larger Light Troops, but it will certainly be closer than their battle a few weeks ago and I expect the Thugs to provide good opposition. What we do know is that one of these armies will enter their first Legends Cup Final.


Ice Warriors vs. Nachos

Both of these armies have a long running history with each other and the tournament as a whole. The Ice Warriors won the Legends Cup in 2011, 2012 and 2014, while the Nachos took the initial Legends Cup title in 2010. They have gone against one another in two finals, with a victory apiece, the first round of the tournament this year and now again in the Semi-Final. In the first round this year, the battle was surprisingly won by the Nachos, who managed to deal with strong bot raids better than the very under-performing Ice Warriors. In the Quarter-Finals, the Nachos went to easily beat the Army Republic in a simple advance into the Semi-Finals stage.

The Nachos, Ice Warriors and Penguin Army Force faced each other in round one.

The Ice Warriors recovered well from finishing as runners-up in the first round, after they managed to reach 45+ in their battle against the Doritos of CP and managed to take victory from one of the tournament favourites. This managed to set up a rematch against the Nacho Army, in which they hope they can get their revenge and beat one of their longest running rivals.

This will be a close battle, in which both armies can win, but I feel that the Ice Warriors might be too strong for the Nachos and will be favorites to get to another Final.


It is now not long until the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup VIII, with four armies preparing, recruiting and hyping for what they hope will be an highly historic victory. Now we would like to know what YOU think. Will the Ice Warriors face the Light Troops in the final, or will the Nachos or Thugs manage to prove us wrong? Make sure you comment YOUR opinions on the Legends Cup Semi-Finals.


CPA Central CEO


2 Responses

  1. Really can’t predict the winner of tonight’s battle. Good luck IW, get ready for nacho flood!!

  2. Thugs will prove the predictions wrong
    *try to

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