Into the Vault: The Light Troops vs. The ACP – Battle of Breeze

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As club penguin’s end comes even closer, we decide to look back at even more old battles from the past. We feel that bringing people back to the days when armies had started or when armies had great sizes people feel happy looking back on them. They bring back old memories, good memories (and sometimes bad ones). Today we look at a rivalry between armies that lasted for years. Two of the biggest armies to ever exist; The Light Troops vs The Army Of Club Penguin ~ The battle of breeze (2014). Without further ado, I give you the fourth edition of; Into the Vault!

 Today we will be looking at a battle between two armies that hated each other for years throughout their existence. The Light Troops vs. The Army of Club Penguin. Their rivalry began in 2011 when the Light Troops had enough of the ACP being the number one army. The Light Troops decided to declare war and tried to stop them being the best, their plan however, failed. The ACP won the war and ever since that year, the two armies have had a long time rivalry, having had many wars over the following years, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Here’s the battle highlights!

The Light Troops vs. The Army of Club Penguin ~ The Battle of Breeze.

The battle was fought in a variety of places, including the forts, berg, stadium, and town. The Light Troops reported to have maxed sizes of 45 and averaged sizes of 40 during the battle, while the Army of Club Penguin reporting to have 20 troops attending. Below are pictures from the locations the battles took place in both ACP and LT’s respective views.

LT’s 35 troops compared to ACP’s horizontal line of 15.


LT’s point of view, circle formation at the forts with 30 while ACP is still entering.


ACP’s point of view, a diagonal line with 20 troops compared to LT’s plus of 35.

ACP’s point of view, bombing with 15 troops compared to LT’s circle of 30.


ACP’s point of view, bombing with 15 troops compared to LT’s circle of 30.

Following this battle, the Light Troops posted the events results and claimed victory over their enemy the Army of Club Penguin. The Light Troops had then owned the Army of Club Penguin’s long time capital, Breeze. This would be a battle that would go down in the Light Troops history books as they had defeated their enemies on their own capital.

The ACP posted soon after stating that they indeed lost their Capital, and that they averaged around 20 with decent tactics. They also stated that they planned on invading several Light Troop servers during AUSIA and UK times over the following days.

ACP’s leader Purpleslime admits defeat.

As you can see, this battle was intense, fierce and full of fire. Both armies were enemies at the time and they were both large armies at the time too. This battle would’ve been watched by many viewers from other armies as they too knew it was going to be a big battle. Not many armies had invaded the ACP’s capital and not many armies tried over those years either. This battle showed the true power of both the Light Troops and the Army of Club Penguin.

I personally feel like this was an amazing battle, especially between two great armies. I wish we could see more battles like this but with Club Penguin coming to an end, we might not ever see another battle like this again, which is unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that we do not see any big rivalries like this anymore. Battles like this used to be so popular and intense but now a days we rarely see any battles like this.

So what do YOU think about the Light Troops invasion of Breeze? Was it a good battle to look back on? Was it something you enjoyed looking at? Here at CPAC we want YOUR opinions!

Epic Master

CPA Central Editor-In-Chief


3 Responses

  1. You forgot to add the parts where fluffyboy and waterkid have cancerous arguments, and you guys constantly use autism as an insult

  2. I wonder why you chose this battle.

    • Me too.

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