The CPA Central Administration & Staff Applications

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After recent events, of which a summary can be found in Bluesockwa2’s Special Report, the remaining administration has been hard at work to restore some order to both the site and staff ranks to produce the quality news that you deserve in the final few weeks of CP Armies. In this post, I will address who has been promoted within our ranks to fill the open ranks and also open up applications to anyone who wishes to join CPA Central.

The CPA Central Administration

To reaffirm what has already been announced, Zing and Bam have been fired from their respective positions of Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer, the top two positions on our website. This has obviously left a gap within our ranks and, after discussions with the CPAWM Presidents, the Bluesockwa Brothers, it has been decided that it would be best for a new co-CEO to be appointed alongside myself to help with the running of the website.

The person that has been chosen to take the role has been involved in our administration for a fair amount of time now and has stayed loyal, is fully trusted and will be able to fulfil the task to the highest ability he can. It has been decided that it will be Sammie, current Executive Producer, who will be promoted up to the rank of CEO to work alongside me. We have no doubt that this is the right decision and that he can help to restore CPA Central to the high standards that we expect.

This has also left a gap to fill within the rank of Executive Producer and it has been decided, for now, that only one person will be promoted to fill this rank. It was a logical choice for who would take this post, as he already does several important jobs around the site and was already first choice before recent events. Top Ten maker and experienced editor SH will be moved up to this role and I know that he will do a good job in his new rank.

The other ranks will be adjusted and filled, but will be announced within our Staff Site. You can expect to see several new faces around the website, as well as people with new ranks, in what we feel will bring the best out of the current crop of staff to produce high quality news.

Reporter & Staff Applications

I feel that this is good timing to announce that we are looking to hire new staff, including administration ranks, for anyone who wishes to report on news, post their editorial opinions and contribute to the final few weeks of CP Armies. The reward for working at this website is often not known, it is a great experience, and you will not regret working for the premier news outlet for CP Armies and Warfare.

If you would like to work for CPA Central, please fill out the following form in the comments section and a member of our administration will return and give feedback on your application.

  1. What is your name/what do you go by?
  2. What is your WP username/email?
  3. Provide a list of your experience in CP Armies and Media:
  4. Why should we hire you for CPA Central?
  5. Provide an example post/report [This should be a minimum of 250 words]:

I look forward to working with new staff members in the near future, to put CPA Central back on the pedestal that it deserves to be on.

I would like to thank everyone for their patience in recent weeks following multiple defacing attempts. It is a shame that people must tarnish the history that we have built in this community for the past decade, by raiding and defacing, when we should be enjoying the final few weeks. This is a time for us to come together, to remove the hatred, and to simply admire how special CP Armies have been since their creation in 2006. I call for us to all join and unify in an aim to have fun in these few weeks and to stop the needless conflict. CPA Central will be fully functional in little time at all and will immediately start the production of news once more.


CPA Central CEO


3 Responses

  1. Coolster114

    S/M Army Legend (Since 2012 – SMAC, SMAP & CPAC)
    SMAC – Former Executive Producer / Admin (March 2014 to August 2014)
    SMAP – Former S/M Legends Committee Member (2014)
    CPAC – Former Reporter (Summer 2012)
    SMAC – Former Reporter (Summer 2011, Summer 2012, Jan/Feb 2014)

    4. I personally think that Kingfunks is one of the better CEO’s in CPAC history but due to unfortunate circumstances CPAC is in a slump, so I want to help out. I cannot pledge to be active, but I’ll try my best to write at least a few high quality posts. Since Club Penguin is shutting down soon, I might as well get involved again for a short while.

    • Sample post, dated January/February 2014. I could only find this one and another.

      The Miners: Back In Action [SMAC]

      Sabertooth, Miners Nation- A renowned army appears to have revived itself from the ashes. The former CPAC Top Ten Contender, the Miners Army, created in 2011, are back!

      The Miners Army were recreated on the 15th of February, by Dwain, Smashmac, Red & Phantom, all accomplished medium-army leaders. Dwain had this to say in the return post he wrote:

      “The Miners are returning! I am not going to execute you through all of the details but our return is highly important for recruiting and training. Our first event will be an unscheduled and we’ll start scheduling events during the week. I hope we have a long and successful generation. Thanks ;P”

      – Dwain, Miners Army Leader

      The Miners leadership have already set high ambitions. In their first two events – unscheduled – the Miners hit 15, maxing 20 at one point.

      Critics have suggested that the army has been utilizing the infamous ‘mining metho’, which is known for attracting noobs and rouges. Some have even labelled this as cheating.

      Pride, a Miners leader, was willing to give up his time to speak to us.

      Interview with Pride

      Q: What made you recreate the Miners?
      Pride: The fact that we’re an army with history and we’ve had successes in the past which we would like to repeat.
      Q: Are there any specific ambitions? How far do you think you can take this army?
      Pride: Specific ambitions? We have only one thing in mind and that’s to reach the CPAC Top Ten in rapid succession. The rest of the leaders along with myself firmly believe that we are more than capable of doing this and we will do so.
      Q: If possible, can you tell us any of your plans for the near future?
      Pride: Maintain a consistent size of 25+ and hopefully become a major power in the army world?
      Q: Do you intend to go to war any time soon?
      Pride: Not at all.
      Q: Any specific reason as to why that’s the case?
      Pride: I don’t believe war will lead to anything positive and could potentially lead to a decrease in size.
      Q: Questions are rising concerning your, ‘mining tactic’. People think you use it to attract rouges. Do you disagree with them?
      Pride: No, because it’s true. We do attract rouges during training and recruiting sessions on Club Penguin. That’s not to say that these rouges don’t join, because in most cases they do find their way around to our chat. Furthermore, mining has been a long tradition of the Miners followed from one generation to another. After all, we are the, “Miners”.

      As you can see, the Miners have high hopes for the future. Their leaders strongly believe that the army can reach its full potential, and are aiming beyond SMAC – for the CPAC Top Ten!

      The Miners have scheduled events for the upcoming week, and only time will tell how far the Miners can go. We want YOUR opinion on the matter. Will this generation last? If so, for how long? Are the Miners right in not going to war? And do rouges really discover the Miners site? Comment with YOUR say!


    • Please see me on at 2pm EST today.

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