Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Semi-Final Battle Information

The Quarter-Finals was a controversial and competitive weekend, with a large review to come out in a few days time, in which there were several close battles that were very difficult to judge. The Ice Warriors managed to overpower the Doritos, the Nachos faced little competition from the Army Republic, the Thugs managed to upset RPF in the closest battle and the Light Troops managed to brush aside the Shadow Troops, who did provide a late comeback that proved to not be enough. After these results, four armies remain in the hope of being crowned Legends Cup champions.

Both battles will be a rerun of the Preliminary Rounds, starting with the Nachos facing the Ice Warriors in a highly anticipated battle. The second battle will take place between the dark horse of he tournament, the Thugs, and one of the strongest performers of the tournament the Light Troops. A prediction post will be released a few days before the battles take place, in which CPA Central will guess who wins the Semi-Finals.

Note for the following battles:

  • The battles will be thirty minutes long, with one room change after fifteen minutes.
  • The battles will take place on Klondike.
  • Judges will be picked and fully briefed on protocol before the battle and a list of who judged the battle will be announced both before the battle starts and before results are announced. Judges must submit a vote to the Gamesmaster of the battle and once they have provided a decision can NOT change their mind. Those who have broken such and other rules in previous rounds will not be allowed to judge in any further battles for the remainder of this tournament, furthermore any person with active links to the remaining four armies are not allowed to judge either battle.
  • In the event of bot raids, the Gamesmaster holds rights to include additional room changes to remove the bot presence, extend the battle, or hold the battle over more than one room. The main aim of the person in charge of judging the battle will be to ensure a clean fight between the two armies with as little bot presence as possible, so some measures may be put in place to reduce the impact. If only a handful of troops enter a battle room that room will NOT be counted to the final result.


Image result for ice warriors of cpImage result for nachos army of cp

Ice Warriors vs. Nachos Army

Saturday, March 11th

3:30 PM EST, 2:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM MST, 12:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM UK


Image result for Thugs army of cpImage result for Light Troops

Thugs vs. Light Troops

Sunday, March 12th

3:30 PM EST, 2:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM MST, 12:30 PM PST, 8:30 PM UK


The information for the next round is now released and we are only three battles away from finding out who will win the final Legends Cup tournament. Will the Thugs or Light Troops manage to become the fourth army to win the famous trophy, or will the Ice Warriors or Nachos manage to add another Legends Cup trophy to their cabinet? Comment YOUR opinions on the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup VIII.


CPA Central CEO


18 Responses

  1. My eyes bleeding when i see “Thugs” in “Semi Finals”…
    Oh wait, i got banned because i said “Yes Sammie” when she said “It’s fucking game”.
    Anyway, good luck IW.

    • lick the salt

      • Lick Hot Iron Bar.
        I hope, LT will rekt you.

    • LOL I can smell jealousy

      • No, you can smell 1 million dolars from small loan for CPAC judges.

        • first learn to spell bruh lol

  2. Lol, thugs in semis, they and their multi loggers don’t stand a chance. RPF deserves to be in their spots. Idc if its the nachos who kicks them out, just don’t let the Thugs win…

    • Thugs multiloggers loool
      Juz saying thugs had 0 yes zero unregistered users on chat while RPF had 12+ nulls on chat Lol
      And also even if we don’t win we were able to kick u retards out, that’s enough fr us 😉

  3. This is the Shadow Troops response to the controversial victory of the Light Troops. Clear evidence of Bias

    • You make I think out as if I have some random vendetta against the Shadow Troops when I literally have no opinion either way about them.

      • I think it’s pretty clear from the post that you can not be trusted to judge honestly in this matter

        • You’ve fabricated a load of shit to make your point, I’ve never been in nor had any conflict with ST so wouldn’t be biased against them

          • We all know IW are going to win this tournament because you have and always will be bias towards your army, like every other WV leader

            • I’ve had a mixed history with IW, particularly bad history at best with the current leadership.
              I have no need or want to be bias in any decision making because I don’t care in the slightest who wins this tournament.

          • Please, list the fabrications; I can bring witnesses.

            • Your whole post tries to portray me as a serial-ST hater, when I literally have no opinion on them.

              • The evidence says otherwise.

                Or are we supposed to remove all the evidence and instead believe the criminal’s testimony?

    • Controversial victory? You mean the army that overpowered your army and had double your sizes and better tactics. I don’t think you understand anymore. The Light Troops were bigger and better than the Shadow Troops throughout the entire battle. It wasn’t controversial or unfair at all. Just because your army wasn’t big or good enough to handle an army bigger than them doesn’t mean you need to cry about it.

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