Basically, UMA were never happy that Funks returned as CEO of CPAC. They found out from Thugs that B1’s planning to fire me in a few days and let Funks be the solo CEO until CPAC ends. They weren’t happy about that. Apparently Woton has a piss easy password to crack and UMA were able to get in through his account – and yes B2, it was Woton’s account – you can’t say it wasn’t this time.

As it wasn’t an attack on me, they left me as an admin. I acted quite chill on chat, but Bam and I actually backed up the site – we’ll be importing those files in the next couple of days, so we didn’t actually lose anything.. We’ve also contacted wordpress to hurry up the profile. I got porn off the site as it happened, prioritising removing the posts that were against the Terms of Service, as users did begin reporting the site.