Blue Troops Returns To The Community

WINTER LAND, Blue Troops Nation – Whilst armies are rapidly increasing in numbers, Blue Troops have announced that they will be returning to the community. Will this be a successful generation?


Blue Troops were created on 6th of August 2016 by Wolfalb who has led the army ever since. The army has normally been regarded as a ‘small army’ but they have had major success in tournaments and normally reached the bottom of the CPA Central Top Ten. The Blue Troops have had many leaders come and go but the most prominent was Wolfalb and Olimad.

Despite the lack of history, the Blue Troops continued to live on for several months. Below, you can see a picture of one of their events.

Screenshot 2016-08-06 19.56.35

Blue Troops Opening Event


On the 13th of February the creator of the Blue Troops, Wolfalb made a post on their army site announcing a return. You can see the official post below.

with the return of the mighty kings empire blue troops shall return as a colony lead under me and cj.

-Wolfalb, Blue Troops Leader

As you can see, Wolfalb has decided to revive Blue Troops under the leadership of himself and CJ. Both leaders are well known in the army, leading them to success in previous generations. To prepare for the return, the Blue Troops have been updating their site with new graphics and GFX. They have also updated their ranks and chat pages so they are prepared to welcome new recruits to the army.

The CPA Central HQ has attempted to contact Wolfalb for an interview but we have received no reply yet. This post will be updated with an interview soon.

To conclude this post, I believe that the Blue Troops can be a major success if the leaders put more effort into the army. The Blue Troops are currently lacking any sort of motivation and this could be a major threat to the army. If the leaders put more work into the army, by recruiting and being active, then the Blue Troops have the potential to be a big success story.

What do YOU think? Can the Blue Troops become a powerful army? Or will they fall to their death? Comment YOUR opinions below!


CPA Central Reporter in Training


CPA Central Executive Producer



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