Top Ten Armies: 2/12/17

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week we see a new army rise to the top spot whilst other armies have a slow week.



1. Light Troops [85.50] [NEW!]

2. Doritos [61.33]

3. Ice Warriors [57.17] [NEW!]

4. Wild Ninjas [57.00]

5. Rebel Penguin Federation [51.50]

6. Nachos [51.00]

7. Thugs [49.67]

8. The Penguin Army Force [42.07]

9. Army Republic [35.30]

10. Green Ninjas [32.50] [NEW!]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Imperial Argonauts Empire [34.00] [NEW!]

12. Klu Klux Klan [26.50] [NEW!]

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1. Light Troops: The Light Troops made their return this week, holding a number of events on their private CPPS server throughout the week. They began by holding their return event where they saw outstanding sizes of 50. This was followed by another training the next day where they again saw sizes of 50. On Thursday, LT held yet another training event claiming sizes of 65, which was followed by a war training on Friday where LT saw around 60, before holding a late training event where they saw sizes of 50. On Saturday, LT held a training session where they saw a size of 60, before finishing off their week with a late training that saw a size of about 55.

2. Doritos: After soaring to 2nd place last week, DCP held a total of 3 events this week, starting with a practice battle against HSA on where they hit sizes of 30. This was followed by a U-Lead event on Tuesday, again held on, where DCP claimed sizes of 23. The Doritos finished off their week with a “tip the berg” event held on regular Club Penguin where they saw a max size of about 20.


3. Ice Warriors: IW continued their quest to make it back to the top this week, beginning with a war training event on Sub Zero where they saw sizes of around 23-25. This was followed by a raid of a Nachos/ACP battle, where IW achieved sizes of 25. They finished their week by raiding the Nachos’ invasion of Iceland at UK times where they saw a max size of 18.

4. Wild Ninjas: WN, as usual, had a very busy week, holding a total of 13 events. It all started with an AUSIA event on Sunday, where WN reached sizes of 12. This was followed by two more events that day, where WN hit sizes of 11 & 13, respectively. On Monday, WN held two events, one being an AUSIA event with a size of 15 and an anniversary event with sizes of 17. On Tuesday, WN held two more anniversary events, reaching sizes of 9 & 13. WN held only one event on Wednesday, hitting a size of about 12, before holding another two events on Thursday, one being a recruiting event with sizes of around 15, and one being a training event with a size of 13. WN then held another anniversary event on Friday reaching sizes of 11, before finishing their week with two events on Saturday, hitting sizes of around 12 at both.


5. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF had a rather slow week, only holding one event, a training event on maxing 25.

6. Nachos: The Nachos had a rather eventful week, issuing three declarations of war over the course of seven days. They began their week by invading Outback from ACP, facing no opposition, and hitting sizes of around 15. This was followed by their invasion of Ice Shelf, where they maxed sizes of 10. Following this, Verum retired from the Nacho Army and proceeded to declare war on RPF for troop stealing. Verum then surprisingly declared war on the Doritos before the Nachos invaded Cozy, Beanbag, & Iceland from RPF on Thursday, facing no opposition and hitting sizes of around 15-17 at all of them. The Nachos then invaded Alaska and Cloudy the next day, hitting sizes of 15 at each. This was followed by the Nachos’ invasion of Yeti where they saw a size of 20 where RPF yet again did not show up to defend. Later on, the Nachos took the server Half Pipe from RPF with sizes of about 3, before easily taking Bonza & Downhill with sizes of 9, and Hot Chocolate with a size of 14 on Saturday. The Nachos finished their week by invading the server Crunch with a max size of 6.

7. Thugs: The Thugs began their week by boycotting CPAC on the server Klondike with sizes of 11. This was followed by another boycott the next day where the Thugs hit sizes of 12. On Thursday, the Thugs surprisingly waged war against RPF, and held a war training event on with sizes of 10. On Friday, the Thugs logged on Ice Shelf for their first invasion, maxing 10, facing no opposition. This was followed by a US invasion of Cold Front later that day, where the Thugs saw a max size of 10. The Thugs finished their week by invading Cabin from RPF, again hitting sizes of 10.


8. The Penguin Army Force: TPAF began their week with a training event on Club Penguin, where they saw sizes of 6. This was followed by another training the next day where TPAF achieved sizes of 5. On Tuesday, The Penguin Army Force trained on the server Boots, reaching sizes of 7 before hitting 8 at a quick training event on Wednesday. On Thursday, TPAF began utilizing a new CPPS server called SuperCPPS, and held their first event on this server with sizes of 5. On Friday, TPAF held a Valentines Day event on SuperCPPS, maxing a size of 8, before finishing their week, again hitting 8 at a joint event held with the Wild Ninjas On Saturday.

9. Army Republic: The Army Republic started off their week with a training event on Toboggan, reaching sizes of 10. This was followed by a training event on Sleet the next day, where AR achieved sizes of 11. On Tuesday, AR held a U-Lead event on Hibernate which saw them gain a size of 7, before holding a recruiting event on the server Blizzard on Thursday where AR managed to get sizes of 8. The Army Republic finished their week with a quick training on Toboggan with sizes of 8.


10. Green Ninjas: The Green Ninjas made their return to the community this week, holding a training session with a max size of 4.



This week, we asked you on who should on the legends committee. Most of you agree that those on the legends page should be involved in the committee.



So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


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CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


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  1. Water Ninjas?

    • Comment on the top 10 register page

  2. glad you’re all pissing off from using – had to drain the swamp with all these pengfags making multiple accounts on my server

    btw pic related is admin earnings for the month

    • shit the photo didn’t upload rip

      • I hope that money comes in handy when Disney starts suing the fuck out of you.

        • Funny guy. I don’t know where you get this whole idea that CP is going to sue us. They’ve been actively trying since 2014 and they’ve gotten nowhere with it. They gave up when we stated it was fair use.

          • Your appeal to ‘fair use’ won’t last very long if you continue to brag about the amount you are monetizing off of their product for everyone to see.

            • We don’t care. Disney can keep sending us C&D’s and we’ll continue to claim fair use. They kind of gave up at the end of 2015 since all CPPS’s started to make self-gain from their src code. Thanks for your input anyway bud.

              • I really don’t care about your CPPS or how much money you make off of it, in fact, I don’t even use it. I just think judging by these comments that you carry yourself like an absolute tool.

                • I’ll take that into consideration when I get paid at the end of the week. Thanks for your VERY IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT input, I’ll be sure to frame it.

                  • Point in case.

            • Exactly. Disney is way too ahead of you when it comes to money. Even though you have monetary abilities, that won’t do enough sorry.

              • They’ve been pretty slow these past few years. They gave up. They don’t care. We’re currently the longest standing CPPS to date; we’re going nowhere pal.

                • What is this.

                • You’re acting like a complete fool Nomhox. I believe that you are te most idiotic person to exist in this career of CP Armies. I see you commenting on almost every post just to insult somebody and act like you’re such a cool person. Heck, you are even on a null account and you are too scared to show off. Sarcasm like you disgust me, punk boy. I am not scared of you. You are a childish behaviour and it’s weird because nobody likes you are. You aren’t special to anybody at all, period.

                  • Exuse my grammar on mobile autocorrection. the* and you*

                    • Not sure whether I should buy you a dictionary with my earnings or send CL goons to your house to shit over you and Nikki Aitken.

                    • Holy tripe. Why do we not have some kind of moderation system here on CPAC.

                    • Yeah l don’t know why either. oh Otherwise some people like Nombox who insults my comment and said l should use dictionary. Lol

                    • We do have a moderation system. Any comments containing inappropriate material or personal information will be censored or deleted.

                    • *Goons

                  • REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
                    (Hi Kyle! How’s it going?)


                    • Omg, hey adelcrux! It’s been a long time man! ;D You heard that CP is closing down by March 29th, 2017? It’s crazy sad.

                    • I might have heard about that, yes.

                  • I can point out everything wrong with that comment. First, grammar. What the fuck are you trying to say here? Every sentence in that comment contains some form of terrible grammar. How old are you? 18-19? I’m not trying to be rude, but come on. Phones have autocorrect, so that’s no excuse. Someone should spend less time on xat and more time reading the dictionary.

  3. I love that giant comment chain lol


  5. I love the way My army “GN” is ahead LMFAOOOOOO

  6. nvm LT banned me so fuck them

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