Green Ninjas Returns To The Community

UNKNOWN, Green Ninjas Nation – In a recent turn of events, the Green Ninjas made a significant return to the community. Can they become a dominating force?

On the 5th of Februry, the Green Ninjas have returned to the Club Penguin Army community with a announcement on both of their two websites. You can view their return post below.

Welcome to Green Ninjas of CP! We are a new CP army who plan on being the best army and living for as long as CPA lives for. We do not give up in battle no matter who we are up against!

~Luke, Green Ninjas Leader

From this post, Luke is excited to open the army and he aims to keep the army open as long as possible. It is clear that the army is motivated and ready to battle. The second announcement post is below.

So, we are back!! It’s been to long without the sweat taste of Green Ninja’s victory!! I “Luke” have brought GN back from the dead and we WILL get top 5 in the CPAC Top 10!

Events will be shortly! Me, Flen and everyone else will make GN the best it ever was!

~Luke, Green Ninjas Leader

From the posts above, you can see that Luke is confident that his army will succeed. The army has several scheduled events. The Green Ninjas have already been successful, reaching 10th on the CPA Central Top Ten.

The army held their first event where they maxed sizes of 4. This is good for an army just returning. You can see a picture of their opening event below.


Green Ninjas Return Event


CPA Central HQ couldn’t contact the Green Ninjas Administration for an interview. It will be added shortly.

To conclude this post, the Green Ninjas are off to a decent start, they have already held their first event and they have more scheduled for the future. Luke, Green Ninjas leader, seemed motivated and confident that his army will succeed. Even though armies are coming to an end, the Green Ninjas are certain they can reach all the way.

What do YOU think? Can the Green Ninjas succeed? Or will they fall to the bottom?

Comment below YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Reporter in Training


CPA Central Vice President


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  1. Come or interview if you want….

    • Ok, I am on the chat now. 😛

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