The Ideal Picture For The Legends Committee

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Is anyone else fed up of hearing some CPAWM big-wig saying that they are going to sort out the Legends Page and then not doing so? Yes? Good, because I’m fed up of it too. With that, I also intend to do something about the current state of the Legends Page by hosting a Legends Induction at the start of March, and recounts in some cases.

On December 26th, Bluesockwa1 published a post to the CPA Central website entitled ‘Statement on Reclaiming the Validity of the Legends Induction Process. The post came as the result of public outcry over some, controversial entries upon the Legends Page. The post was full of promises, and we’re going to take a look at them now.

Bluesockwa1 spoke of his experience within the army community, as he often does, and stated that he finds the current state of the Legends Page to be insulting. This comes after former CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Zakster bastardised the Legends Page and ruined the Legends Committee by allowing anyone who he could ensure would vote for him to take rank within the Legends Committee.

I understand as CEO that you the community view the Legends Page as one of the more important pages upon the site. I do too. As a member of the community, I still find nostalgia from viewing the Legends Page, looking back at those who shaped the community. I find it an insult to believe that some of the more unworthy members of the community have somehow managed to swindle their way into the ranks.

In addition, I will be reclaiming my position of Chairman of the Legends Council for the month of January to hold a special election. In this election, the public will be given an opportunity to submit the names of individuals who they do not believe are worthy of their Legend Status. Members of the committee, whom I will vet for this special election, will also be able to submit names if at least three committee members support the motion. Further details of this process will be outlined in early January. Let it suffice to say, for the time being, that the viewers are not wrong or misguided in their outrage. The true legends of this community stand with you, and will not allow this bastardization of a title we hold so dear to continue. Thank you for your time; I hope you continue to support CP Army World Media as we attempt to correct this fundamental error with the way in which we elect our community’s greats. 

Above, is the final paragraph published by Bluesockwa1 in his Legends Committee post. As you will see, he claimed that in the month of January, he would reclaim his position of Chairman of the Legends Council. While I sat, eagerly awaiting this to happen, it ultimately failed – an example of the Fake News that I’ve attempted to squash as my time as Chief Executive Office. Bluesockwa1 also promised you all a platform in which you will be able to submit names of individuals that you believe should be on the Legends Committee. Once again, this did not happen.

The very fact that Zakster was allowed to do this, the very fact that it has gone unchecked for this long is a disgrace to this site and is a disgrace to the community. The community of CPA deserves better and as we prepare to face the final curtain, you will have a Legends Page that you can be proud of. Before we even begin to consider the prospect of the upcoming cleansing of the Legends Page, as well as the following induction of our final legends to the page, we need to form a Legends Committee to do the voting.


The decision of who should be on the Legends Committee is always going to be a hard one to make. To fully establish the best people for this role, we must take into a certain number of factors. For one, are they actively involved in the community and available to assume a position on the Legends Committee? Two, are they worthy of deciding who the very best in the community are? Three, can we – the Army Community trust them to represent us in the best way possible?

This is your site, and these are your legends. With that being said, I now invite you to tell me what you think the Legends Committee should look like. Who do you think should be on the panel that will be voting in those who deserve it? CPA Central will be posting the full Legends Committee towards the end of this month, with possibly our final Legends Induction coming out at the start of March. The month of March, will see the Legends Page sorted with both additions to and subtractions from the coveted Legends Page.

More details will follow in regards to the removal process. Before we can do that, as I said above, the priority has to be the formation of a Legends Committee that we as a community can be proud of as well as trust.

What do YOU think? Who deserves a place on the Legends Committee? Who do you think should not be on the Legends Page? 

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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  1. bashes fake news then states a false claim in order to demonize someone and push himself as the hero

    get out of here with your alternative facts

    • fake news real jews

      • yea what this guy said, he knows what’s up!

  2. Are you guys going to take the weekly poll into consideration?

    • It’ll be considered as a way of finding out what the community wants, yes.

  3. I directed my wishes to be carried out by the Deputy of CPAWM, whose firing (since I currently function as a human being living my human life outside of CP Armies) went unbeknownst to me. I continue to push for the reformation of the Legends Page and the ousting of those who do not belong on it. In the future, I would recommend against trying to garner public support by attacking the most popular CEO in the site’s history and the person who allowed your appointment to pass by relatively unchallenged, though I have major issues with it.

    I hope someone will finally take the time to reform the Legends Page without a hidden agenda. After reading your post, I am far from sure that you will be the person to do it. I would warn you and all others against expecting much of anything from people who are retired; I would especially implore you to understand the facts of the situation (namely, that the failure to execute this directive lies with the person to whom I passed the torch and not me) before going public about it. Doing that, of course, leaves me with no other option than to publicly rebut your statement.

    • I will reform the legends page.

      • reformed hehexd

    • lmao smoooth!

      • Stfu retard

    • Don’t know where you got the idea I was fired. I fully intended to reforge the legends page according to the plan, but, speaking frankly, you bailed & I can’t form a special committee able to handle this job without you.

      In addition to that, again speaking frankly, I’m utterly disgusted with the current CEO situation. Tax lacks any backbone whatsoever. Zing literally just said “get tax make me CEO” blatantly ignoring all the processes and protocols enacted when a new CEO is chosen. I lost my faith in CPAWM.

      I’m still on the board officially, but without the blues I’m not entirely sure what the role of the board is anymore.

      • Maybe not, but I did it brilliantly.

    • Goblin was never fired from the CPAWM Board and is, to this day, still involved with the board.

      As for any issues with my handling on the site, please consult the site views, the upward activity and the current success of the site in general.

  4. Visualising success brought by someone like yourself is hard to see when you’ve allowed important content to be breached and removed forever. Isn’t preserving your history is one of your main goals as CEO? Don’t justify bad activity in general with a “it’s better than what it was”, lol. Notwithstanding, with the amount of time you have left it’d be a miracle if you were able to compare yourself with the legacy of B1 & B2 by then (which is what you’re making it sound like.)

    I don’t think that in a time like this we should be rushing everything and inaugurating new people in hurriedly in an effort to do one last “big” thing before we all fade out with history. But, that’s not up to me, and there’s no surprises here. This whole community casts a dark shadow, whose horrifying history leaves a legacy of unfulfilled and broken promises. It’s really useless trying to restore our innocence now.

    • what

  5. Love me…….I’m lonely…

  6. Mutee-Dead xD

  7. What about people from a cpawm site that is dead like me sonic and rocky

    • I was in CPACC, So you’re being represented ❤

      • 🤓

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