Regarding The CPA Central Site Deface

CPA Central PSA

As of 1:59PM EST, the CPA Central site was breached and several posts and pages were deleted or removed from the site. The culprit has not yet been caught but the situation has been contained. The CPA Central has managed to retain control of the website and remove all possible threats within minutes of this possibly reoccurring. We have been able to recover several posts and pages. The state of the CPA Central is currently stable as of now and the site will still continue running, we thank you for your patience at this time. If you have any evidence or anything we can use leading to the culprit, let us know in the comments below or contact an upper-staff member. And as always we will always be answering any further questions or concerns you may have in the comments as well.


CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


13 Responses

  1. Like why can’t people just leave this site in memory of CP armies?

  2. i did it, bitch.

  3. I did it cuz u exposed me

  4. i did it (Swt) how did you know

  5. After seeing these comments, it gave me diabetes

    • Do not make jokes like that. My sister almost died from diabetes and you are being offensive, even if you meant it as a joke.

      • Pardon me….

      • I hope your sister dies from diabetes you ballet dancing faggot

      • Hello my name is Wilford Brimley, Today we’re going to talk about Diabetes.. ice ice brimley..

      • T R I G G E R W A R N I N G

  6. 😮 shits going down in my hacking wp group 😂😂

  7. I blame the jews

  8. Put some respek on my name

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