Of The People, By The People, For The People: The Inauguration of Zing King To

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A few years ago, I was sat on a forum talking to Former ACP Leader, Matre10 and Former Watex Warrior Leader, Watex, about Club Penguin Armies and CPA Central in general. It was that conversation that inspired me to try my hand in the media becoming a reporter for SM Army Press. Fast forward to today and I’m taking up the role of Chief Executive Officer on the site, and with that being said…

I have to apologise. I’m not politically correct. I’m not about to start arse kissing our site just because I work for it. Not happening. Not under me. Here’s some honesty for you. For the last few years, CPA Central has failed. It’s failed to uphold key values within its mission statement, and at times, it has failed the community. This is not acceptable and should never have happened. From inactive, uncaring CEO’s to corrupt displays of tyranny and bias, this site is evidently not what it once was.

Some of you know me from my time as Chief Executive Officer of SM Army Press devoted to defeating SMAC in the Media War while maintaining interest and delivering the best to the SM Army Community. SM Army Press consistently received high views remaining on top of the Media War until my eventual transfer to CPA Central on a full-time basis. I could go on and on about all my achievements but it’s about time this site stopped being about the ego of the current CEO and about the community so I’m going to stop myself there.

Back in July 2016, I was an owner in the Water Vikings. My personal circumstances changed and my health was slowly deteriorating with the threat of Cancer and the increase in Mental Illness such as Anxiety and Depression. I decided to make a change and stepped away from the CP Army Community quietly bowing out of the community that has been a special part of my life now on and off since 2008. One day while watching Doctor Who, my phone rang.

I’ve then gone and I’ve picked up my phone and it’s Jodie. I paused my viewing and took the phone call. She informed me that she had returned to CPA Central and informed me of the state it had been left in from her previous CEO’s. I took a look for myself, for the first time since July – I loaded up CPA Central and I saw Vice President’s publishing “Top Five People I hate Lists”. I saw tournaments being posted with no consideration of the finals. I saw an administration that had forgotten several key end of year projects such as List of Dates and Person of the Year.

At this time, Jodie asked me to come back to the site. After some discussion, I came back to the site as Associate Producer as a favour for Jodie. Eventually I got Executive Producer in little time, the rank I previously held on the site. Following several events recently and comments from Tax about wanting a Co-CEO, I now find myself holding the top executive rank on the site.


Allow me to introduce you now to the new slogan here at CPA Central. ‘Of the People, For the People, By the People.’ While I’m Chief Executive Officer, let this be clear. I do not work for Gobby. I do not work for Jodie. I do not work for Supa Em.  I don’t even work for the Bluesockwa Brothers. I work for the community. Every staff member, is now a community servant. This site is nothing without the community and maybe if it took its head out of its own arse a few years back, it wouldn’t be in this state now.

There are things that I wish to accomplish as Chief Executive Officer of this site. As far as I’m concerned, if there is anything on this list that I do not accomplish, then I too would have failed you as your Chief Executive Officer. So, here’s what I hope to accomplish.

Revival of the Legends Page:

The Legends Page doesn’t need a revamp. It doesn’t even need editing. It needs CPR. It needs to be revived because it’s become an absolute joke over the years. Now, I think I’m a little bit fed up of hearing board members constantly go on and on about how they’re gonna sort it and then they don’t. As your CEO, I intend to actually do something about the Legends Page in hopes of making the title of Legend somewhat prestigious once more.

Tournament Revamp:

Christmas Chaos 2016 was an utter disaster. From weak, inexperienced staff holding the position of Gamesmaster to a lack of ability to schedule the tournament properly so that it wouldn’t fall on Christmas Eve, the tournament was also a joke. For this reason, I hope to revamp tournaments and I’ve already started this. From introducing a Judging Directory to actually specifying what the rules are as opposed to just making them up as we go along, I’ll look to make tournaments actually work again.

More Enjoyable Site:

Look no offence to any armies but reading 40 posts about how Lord Pain declared war and then the ACP ignored it and then the Nachos joined only to leave the war a few days later and then a ceasefire bores the crap out of me. While we will continue to post news, because, (while I know certain CEO’s forgot this), we are above all else a News Site, I hope to make the site more enjoyable. I’ve already started this too with Movie Nights being announced and also the commission of more satirical posts such as Bam’s amazing Comedy Central column.

More Community Based:

You may have noticed that I’ve been publishing several posts from the YouWrite feature. This is a feature that I’ve decided to take advantage of. While this is the communities site, why the hell should the community not be able to use it as a platform to voice their opinions? It’s insulting to me how CPA Central has in the past tried to censor opinions that aren’t shared by itself. As we don’t wish to sacrifice quality posting, not all posts are approved if they are not long enough or written well enough. I will aim to post as many YouWrite’s as is possible because I personally love hearing your opinions and while this is your site, you should be allowed to write on it.

I hope you all appreciate that I can only make this site work for you if you’re willing to work with me and tell me what you want to see. You need to tell me what you want from CPA Central so that I can do my best to provide you with it. This community currently sees CPAC as an enemy and believe me I know why – but I wish to remove that idea so please forget about your negative views from former CEO’s and allow me a chance. Now, while comments of congratulations would mean a lot to me, I also want you to complain. I want you to bitch, moan and tell me every think that’s pissing you off about CPA Central. Tell me what you don’t like. Tell me and I might be able to fix it.

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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