CPAC Hunt And Kill January 2017 Results

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In order to best become more communal, CPA Central recently announced that it would play host to more fun events including monthly Hunt and Kills when there were indeed no tournaments on that month. CPA Central has today had our first event of the year, the January 2017 Hunt and Kill.

Gamesmaster: Tax1

As is the current state with Club Penguin Armies, the Hunt and Kill was unfortunately raided leading to some armies opting to not show up due to the futile nature of trying to fight bots. While botting is, undoubtedly hurting the community, I take my hat off and applaud those armies who made the effort to come in the process standing up to the botters.

The battle stretched for :45 minutes with a large majority of the fighting taking place in Supa Em’s room of moderation, the Cove. Throughout the battle, there was a clear winner all the way through as many expected before the battle even began. For this reason, CPA Central apologises to the Nacho Army for drawing the battle on as long as it did. With that being said, CPA Central would like to congratulate the winners of the CPAC Hunt and Kill:

The Nacho Army!

Now, the Hunt and Kill experiment was a failure. It’s something that was brought in without much thought. As Chief Executive Officer of your CPAC, I am officially announcing the end of the experiment and CPA Central will not be hosting monthly Hunt and Kills. It is simply not something that the community wants and if the community in general does not want it, then who are we to go against them?

Now, the Nacho Army has indeed won a prize for their victory, and a very dominating victory at that. They’ve received 500 xats from Co-CEO Tax1 and also are being gifted a trophy for their victory in the CPAC Hunt and Kill as promised.


It has also been brought to my attention that CPA Central has failed to deliver property belonging to the Nacho Army in not giving them the trophy that they earned back in March 2016 following their victory in March Madness. While I was not Chief Executive Officer at that time, I still feel it is wrong to keep the Nacho Army waiting anymore so one of my first actions as your CEO, is to give the Nacho Army the trophy that they deserve, that they earnt and congratulate them once again on their success.


I apologize for the delay. You should not have had to wait. We look forward to inviting you all to the next CPA Central Tournament, March Madness!

Zing King To

CPA Central Chief Executive Officer


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