Army of Club Penguin (2) Closes

Breeze, Army of CP (2) Capital – Bam117, ACP 2 Leader & self proclaimed God, has officially announced the shutdown of the army. Will one of the most recent Top Ten contenders thrive in the community again and what reasons are behind this tragic shut down?

After having an impressive opening event this past week, and becoming a new addition to this week’s Top Ten, Bam117 ACP 2 Legend & Creator announced a complete shut down Army of Club Penguin 2 claiming it was all “Just a prank bro”. While at the same time it maybe very likely due to ACP’s banishment and response to ACP 2’s upbringing.

On a post titled “Closing/ Just a Prank Bro” Bam made a quick entry explaining why he shut down the army, and even mentioned a heartfelt reason for originally making the ACP 2. You may see a passage of the long post below, or click HERE to read the full post. 




Yep, and just like that another dream of my fades..

Regardless the purpose of this was to push the oppressors – to show them the influence we still hold in this community (myself and others). We do care for ACP and we just truly wanted the best for them – but after long considerations it would be against our best interest to continue further in our advance –

ACP needed to realize that if they need help they can always ask, blocking us out is a fate worse than death to a person like me. I was constantly hammered for never trying hard enough to get involved during my two leaderships in ACP – and when trying to push at bringing some sort of connection or trust I was once again blocked out. But hopefully this can change here soon and amends will be made – our needs arent as important as ACP’s needs as a whole.

ACP 2’s placement on this weeks Top Ten

With the ACP taking the 5th placement in this week’s Top Ten,  Bam goes on to defend his and Traders original actions being for the betterment of ACP. Shortly after he states that at he once again realized ACP’s needs comes before their own, after stating so he formally shut down the Army of Club Penguin 2. This is a heart breaking moment to see as the Army of Club Penguin just started to shine and were looking to become a consistent addition to the community and the top ten in the coming weeks.

A return maybe possible by either Bam117 or Trader at some point in the future, but for now this means the end of ACP 2. With another new Top Ten contender leaving us we are bound to see changes in the top tens to come.

I managed to grab an interview with ACP 2 Leader & Legend, Bam117 who assured me ACP 2 is “done and done” he also went on and gladly answered any further questions I had:


Interview with Army of Club Penguin 2 Creator; Bam117

Me = Black

Bam117 = Green

Bam: Why did you decide to shut down ACP 2?

Bam: Honestly Trader and I got really bored and we believed we accomplished what we set out to do

Bam: Any new relations with the current ACP (1) as of now?

Bam: I’ve tried my best to get along with them and some of the retirees, hopefully those jews will unban me and take the help when I offer it.

Bam: Any plans on Army of Club Penguin 2 possible returning in the future?

Bam: No one can really truly tell, besides myself and trader – we might have to piss off some of those ACP skids again hahaha nah but for the most part we are done with that its time to focus on DCP.

Bam: Thank you for you’re time.

Bam: No thank you.



With the death of ACP 2 and a few other armies this past week the top ten is bound to change drastically. I’m a bit sad to see such a impressive addition to the CPA Community leave so soon on but I’m still looking forward to the upbringing of DCP and other new armies.  


What do YOU think? What do you think about Army of Club Penguin (2) shutting down? What do you think Bam will do now that he is banned from ACP? What do you think about my huge muscles and sexy hair?




CP Army Central Associate Producer


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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