Army in Focus – Thugs of Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Welcome to the CPA Central’s new column, “Army in Focus.” This will be the last edition for the month of January, and today, we will be throwing light on the newly made, Thugs Army of Club Penguin.


Table of Contents 

1. History

2. Current Status

3. Leadership



Source: CPAC Wiki

Created on the 1st of October, 2016, the Thugs Of CP were founded by one person; Poseidon. Although the army was only created by one person, Poseidon received help from his friend, Pika, who helped to create the website for him and is now serving in the army as an advisor.

With their opening event taking place on the 7th of October, the Thugs had plenty of time to recruit between their creation and their first event. It looks likely that the army did this as in their opening event the army managed to achieve sizes of  8-9 throughout their event. Regarded as a “starting point” by leaders, it looks like the Thugs are going to try and build up from their starting sizes.



Current Status

The Thugs army is currently ranked 8th on CPA Central’s most recent Top Ten. The army has been doing a great job recently, reaching the size of 15-20 troops. We can surely see the potential of the leadership and the togetherness of the army. Later this week, Thugs army also welcomed three new leaders, namely Trader, 13YearOldN00b, and Greeny. Below is a picture of the most recent event of Thugs army:





The Thugs army leadership current consists of total six leaders, which are, former Doritos army leaders, Trader, Greeny and 13YearOldN00b, Thugs army creator, Poseidon, Former leaders, Mutee and Bradley. Thugs Leadership is really experienced with leading and training troops about the future. We’re already facing botting issues, and following this, many armies seem to be falling recently. So, it will be worth watching how the army’s leadership will rise the army.


To get in more detail, CPAC managed to interview Thugs Leader, Mute. We asked Mute a few questions on how he feel about the recent rise that Thugs army has experienced. The interview can be seen below:

Interview with Mute, Thugs Leader

CPAC: How do you feel about Thugs and the recent rise?

Mute: I feel as if it’s a miracle. Everyone expected to die in around a month or two, but we proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

CPAC: How plan to become #1 on CPAC Top Ten?

Mute: Right now, #1 is not our main priority, we’re looking mainly to get above top 5, and I think with the new leaders we can definitely achieve that.

CPAC: How strong do you think is the leadership?

Mute: I think it’s pretty strong. The new leaders are experienced, and the leadership before the new leaders was stable and that was the leadership we began to rise under.

CPAC: How do you plan to raise the army?

Mute: We are planning to most likely get recruiting into gears since we have found a way to bypass the filters with our name.

From the interview above, it’s clear that Mute is confident about the army’s future. Mute states that the new leadership can accomplish the goals that past generations failed to do. He also says that the new leadership is pretty strong and that he feels like it’s a miracle.

So, what do YOU think? Can the Thugs army rise? How good is the new leadership? Can the leadership actually accomplish the goals that previous generations failed to do? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and tell us what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


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