Shadow Reacon Army Announces Their Return

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Reacon Army Empire  –  After closing their doors in early 2016, the Shadow Reacon Army has decided to make yet another return to the community. Let us move on and see how the Shadow Reacon Army plan to dominate.

The Shadow Reacon army was created in late 2014 by Delirious with the motive of fulfilling the lack of armies in the community. SRA first closed their doors after two months since the creation. The first generation of SRA was able to reach 6 to 7 troops.

In early 2015, former 2ic, Benmish decided to remake the SRA and brought the army back. During this generation, SRA saw enormous troops joining in and managed to reach 20 to 30 troops on Club Penguin. After staying alive for almost a year, SRA decided to close its door in early January 2016.

Invasion of Thermal 13

In March 2016, SRA decided to reopen their door once again. However, due to inactivity in the leadership and troops being lazy to attend events, SRA decided to close its door yet again in June 2016. On June 29, 2016, Rocks, SRA leader made a post on the website which was entitled “Putting the Shadow to Rest.” officially announcing the closure of the army. This is what Rocks said in his post:

Maybe I shouldn’t be the one to write this, maybe it should be Benimish, or Alexandrovna, or even Delirious since I found a way to contact him. But it’s still such an honour to have led this army, to have done the things I’ve done here. So I’ll give this post my best shot, it may not be perfect, it may have some mistakes. But all I can do is try.

This army is wonderful, it really is. It’s honestly one of the best SM Armies out there. It’s been led by amazing people, and has had numerous failed armies declare war on us. We pulled through each war. We laughed, cried, and most importantly, we did it together. We have what most armies dream of – the ability to get on so well.

Thank you all for all your support with the Shadow Reacon. I’m saying that to all legends, former leaders, former advisers, and the community in general. You all made this army what it is today, a great army who should be remembered.

In the post, Rocks didn’t really state the exact reason of why SRA closed, however, Rocks surely seemed thankful to those who were a part of Shadow Reacon army.

Announcing the Return

On January 22nd, 2017, yet another post of was seen on SRA’s website which was made by Rocks and was entitled “My Decision.”. This is what Rocks said:

Very recently, I was about to leave this game all together and never talk to any of you again, but a hole in my heart feels empty, why? It’s because the army who has made me who I am has not seen the sun in 7 months now, maybe longer. And that makes me sad, I have decided to resurrect the glorious and wonderful Shadow Reacon Army of Club Penguin.

In the post above, Rocks mentions that recently he was planning on leave Club Penguin and was thinking about not talking to anyone related to Club Penguin. Rocks also state that he has decided to bring the Shadow Reacon army back for yet another generation.

There isn’t any official date or time given on SRA’s website, nor the name of people who will be leading this generation, but the last time SRA was around, which was early 2016, SRA managed to reach a total of 20 troops in their events. Well, now the question arises that will this generation be as good as previous ones, or will it be even better?

To know more, I decided to interview one of the leaders. However, I failed to reach the leaders. Interview with one of the leader will be added as soon as I get in touch with them.

There isn’t much we can say about SRA’s upcoming generation, however, Rocks seem to be pretty confident about the leadership that will be upholding the army in the future. At the end of the day, I always say this. We cannot predict the future, only time can tell what the destiny has written for us all.

So, What do YOU think? When will SRA return? Who will be leading the upcoming generation? Why did Rocks decide to make a final return? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


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