Heat Warriors Close

UNKNOWN, Heat Warriors Territory – Sonic, Heat Warriors Leader & Legend, has officially announced the shutdown of the army. Will one of the most recent Top Ten contenders thrive in the community again, and how will this shut down affect other armies?

After having an admirable battle against Golds this past week, and becoming a new addition to this week’s Top Ten, Sonic HW Legend & Creator decided to shut down Heat Warriors Army.

On a post titled “WE MADE IT!/Shutting Down” Sonic made a quick entry explaining why he shut down the army, and even mentioned his full retirement coming later this month. You may see a passage of the long post below, or click HERE to read the full post.


Due to at least one of my goals being achieved, I am shutting down Heat Warriors and I am retiring January 31st. Thank you everyone!

~Sonic, Heat Warriors Commander

With the Heat Warriors achieving the 9th placement in this week’s Top Ten,  Sonic praises his army and its fellow troops. Shortly after stating that at least one of his many goals in the army has been achieved, he has formally shut down the Heat Warriors Army. This is a heart breaking moment to see as the Heat Warriors Army has finally shown improvement and were looking to become a consistent addition to the community in the upcoming weeks.


Examples of Heat Warriors strength this generation

While a return is possible by other former leaders or by Sonic himself sometime in the future, but for now this means the end of Heat Warriors. With a newly formatted Top Ten contender who have shown their strength this past month leaving us, we are bound to see changes in the top tens to come.

I managed to grab an interview with Heat Warriors Creator & Legend, Sonic who assured me of Heat Warriors current state and gladly answered any further questions I had:

Interview with Heat Warriors Creator, Sonic: 

Bam = Red 

Sonic = Black

Bam: Why did you decide to shut down Heat Warriors

Sonic: I accomplished one of my goals in armies, to lead an army to CPAC Top 10

Bam: Was you’re retirement planned before hand or did it just spring up?

Sonic: My retirement was suppose to be last November, but I wanted to accomplish something first and now here I am

Bam: Any plans on returning or a possible Heat Warriors return?

Sonic: I can’t say at the moment but never say never 

Bam: Thank you for you’re time.

=== || =================== || === //

I think we’ll see some changes in next weeks Top Ten lineup due to the death of HW. I’m a bit sad to see such a impressive addition to the CPA Community leave so soon on but I’m still looking forward to their possible return or even entries of new armies to come.

What do YOU think? What do you think about Heat Warriors shutting down? What do you think Sonic will do now that he is retiring? What do you think about my sex appeal?




CP Army Central Reporter


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  1. Like this comment if you think ACP is gay for banning me

  2. “Thank you for you’re time”

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