CPPS Events: Should They Be Counted on CPA Central’s Top Ten?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The CPA Central Top Ten has always been simply a fun edition to our site published on a weekly basis in order to attempt to rank which armies have had the best week within the community. Through the many years, the Top Ten has become a rather bigger thing with armies placing such an importance on the futile list that it has inspired war, conflict and many more disputes.

The CPA Central Top Ten has, despite its faults, attempted to be fair to all armies involved in the community. There has been a lot of debate as to what qualifies as an army and due to the lack of an actual definition, this is a subject that I feel still needs a level of clarification towards it.

Something else that has remained a heated and always debatable topic is whether or not CP Private Server hosted events should be counted among our Top Ten. The stance that we as a site have taken is the past is that since we are Club Penguin Armies, not CPPS Armies – only events hosted on Club Penguin should and are counted towards our Top Ten.

Tax1, Chief Executive Officer, recently announced via XAT that this weeks Top Ten would include events hosted on the Top Ten due to armies being victimised by several bot raids recently. As the bot scripts do not work on CPPS, armies have preferred to host the events on CPPS.

The old CPAWM office on Private Server.

The old CPAWM office on Private Server.


There are several benefits and drawbacks of Armies hosting events on Private Servers. I’m going to be looking at some of them now while we look toward whether the Top Ten should include CPPS events like Tax has recently suggested we do.


  • Uniforms are available to bring back the idea of military imagery as all troops can access the same uniform and wear the same thing effectively making formations look so much better.
  • A wider range of tactics are available due to the often lack of a filter preventing us from saying things like Army Names or more adult tactics such as we have on the actual Club Penguin game.
  • Bot raids are more unlikely to occur due to the scripts not being compatible with several CPPS’s who generally have protection against bot raids. This means that we can actually hold events without bots.
  • Better range of rooms too. Most CP parties completely ruin rooms on the actual island making Practice Battle and War fights that much more difficult. This isn’t the case on CPPS.
  • Rooms are generally more empty and allow more people in meaning that lockouts are less likely in major battles, especially if we have bigger rooms too.


  • Recruiting becomes exceptionally harder as we are on CP less and therefore have less chance of attracting new recruits. We would also have to not only convince CP people to come to our blogs and chats, but make a CPPS account too.
  • CPPS’s have no security for the most part with many of them dying out or simply closing down at a moments notice due to legal issues or other problems.
  • Multilogging becomes much more easier to do without the multiple account message that Club Penguin has put in place. It is also harder to prove multilogging as all accounts would be new anyway.
  • CPPS users may not like us due to who we are as a community. We’re associated with ruining Club Penguin, and fowl play such as hacking, ddosing and doxing. This was evident with OldCP that people generally didn’t like us.
  • We are Club Penguin Armies so by moving away from Club Penguin Armies, we stand the chance of surrendering our identity.

While we are currently allowing for the Top Ten to count the CPPS events, we would like to know what your thoughts are on CPPS events being counted. Comment below and tell us YOUR thoughts.

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


12 Responses

  1. Didn’t know CPPS events were allowed lmao

  2. they shouldn’t be allowed, but if they are to be allowed i will abuse it

  3. CPPS should DEFINITELY be allowed. I hate seeing armies suffer bot raids on CP, while CPPS enables armies to have battles and events in peace and quiet.

  4. Should be allowed

    • If not cpps me and a cpac cpps funded by zing

      • Agreed lol, Zing open your own CPPS for CPAC armies and manage it like a boss 🙂

        • and give me admin

        • We did this with CPAS, kinda fell by the waste side when I left. I’ll see what I can do.

      • Is that a genuine request for a CPAC CPPS?

  5. buddy bro pal why is this even up for debate. its called top ten armies of the week, not top ten armes who held their events on clubpenguin dot com. who cares where they have their events, long as its cp related

    • While I’m not personally disagreeing, the argument there is that we are however Club Penguin Armies, not CPPS Armies…

  6. CPPS Events should just be allowed on a private server that prevents multilogging, like CPAS or make a deal with like Waterkid’s CPPS

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