Top Ten Armies: 1/22/17

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Following a week traumatised by botting and raiding of events, CPA Central has managed to publish the last Top Ten before our monthly Hunt and Kill event this Saturday!


Week of the 15th – 21st January 2017 


1. Nacho Army [66.91] [+2]

2. Army of Club Penguin [55.18] [+7]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [54.00] [-2]

4. Night Warriors [52.00] [-2]

5. Army Of Club Penguin (2) [NEW!] [47.50]

6. Army Republic [47.25] [-1]

7. Takis Army [47.00] [NEW!]

8. Thugs of CP [46.84] [-1]

9. Heat Warriors [35.50] [-2]

10. Battalions of CP [35.00] [NEW]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Golds Army [34.00]

To see the full statistics, please click here.

Was your army not included but should have been? Comment on our Top Ten Register page to ensure you are considered in future! Please note that the descriptions are not always filled with every event your army may have had that week.


1. Nacho Army: Nacho Army started their week by holding a training session where they managed to get 20 troops. Later they held a Man vs. Machine event where they faced bots yet managed to get 19 troops. The Nachos yet again came face-to-face with a bot raid in their next event which was a training session and managed to get 20 troops. Next, they held an AUSIA training session where they maxed 17. The Nachos Army ended their week by maxing 27 in a training session

2. Army of CP: The ACP kicked off their week by maxing 6 troops in an AUSIA training session, next they had another training session for the UK troops where they maxed 14. The next day, ACP had a tactics session, hitting the size of 10. ACP then had a expedition where they maxed 10 troops. Later, ACP had another training session for the UK division and managed to get 9 troops. Next, ACP maxed 8 in a joint event with the Army Republic. They finally ended their week by maxing 10 in a late night training session.

Max of 14

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation had a rather slow week, starting by maxing 23 troops in a raid against Army Republic, next, RPF invaded Snowflake where they maxed 16 troops. They ended their week by holding a training session in which they maxed 10 troops.

4. Night Warriors: Night Warriors also had a fairly slow week, starting off by holding a training session where they maxed 24 troops. NW ended their week by holding a training session where they managed to get 19 troops.


5. Army of CP #2: The ACP (2), who recently entered the community, had only one event this week. ACP (2) managed to max 20 troops in the conquest of Breeze, which was a raid.

6. Army Republic: The Army Republic took part in two invasions this week, one of Sleet and the other, Icicle. They got sizes of 12-14 during those two events. They held a U-lead on Toboggan where they got 13 people. They also held two training events getting 10 and 11 people on.

7. Takis Army: The Takis Army only had two events this week. First, the opening event, where they maxed 14 troops, and second, an AUSIA training session where they managed to get 15 troops


8. Thugs of CP: Thugs had a busy week, starting off by maxing 7 in an AUSIA U-Lead session. Next, they invaded Night Rebels where they managed to get 13 troops. Thugs then held a practice battle again against the Penguin Army Force, where they maxed 10 troops. Thugs ended their week by invading Night Rebels where they maxed 14 troops.


9. Heat Warriors: This week, the Heat Warriors held two events, both being tactics sessions in which they managed to achieve sizes of around 5.


10. Battalions of CP: The Battalions Army of Club Penguin entered the community this week hosting just one event. The event was a rather quick UK opening event claiming sizes of near 15.



This week we asked you about the Rebel Penguin Federation and what rank they are likely to achieve on this week’s Top Ten. More than half of the community who voted decided to vote in favour of the RPF not remaining as #1, something they were right to do. The RPF dropped two positions this week falling to third place.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Will the Nacho Army remain number one next week? Let us know YOUR opinions in the comments below!


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43 Responses

  1. this was fun

  2. Good job ACP! We’ll be first next week, and no not you FAKE ACP the REAL ACP!

  3. Nw should of been first..

    • I think we can examine your like to dislike ratio for people’s opinions.

  4. Reblogged this on Nacho Army of Club Penguin and commented:
    We got first, great job Nachos!


    • Maybe cause your trash compared to ACP garbage kkidddd

  6. RPF maxed 30, not 23. Lol. Doesn’t matter anyway, once we get rid of these bots, RPF will skyrocket

    • Sorry kid ACP (2) is already skyrocketing go ahead and give up

    • YASSSS


    • Much like Trump

    • Someone says true, Club Penguin Armies are dying.

  8. Hey, Wild Ninjas is not included in the Top Ten :/

  9. “Was your army not included but should have been?”Excuse me but TPAF( The Penguin Army Force) isn’t included in the top ten and TPAF should be

  10. Rip the Spanish armies

  11. With this picture,, I now announce my retirement from Club Penguin armies. I want to thank armies such as ACP, UMA, IW, WV, Pretzels, and of course, Heat Warriors, for believing in me and for inspiring me to become a better troop. My retirement will go into effect starting January 31st. Thank you.


  12. When people forgot to add the Spanish army…

  13. This top ten is by far the worst top ten I have ever seen.

    • It’s because I’m gone 😦

    • Faggot

      • I am not gay, and you are a joke if you think homosexuals should be discriminated against.

        • k

  14. This top ten sucks.

  15. Nachos back on top. Congrats.

  16. Good job nachos! Lets keep it up!

  17. Why do I bother commenting on this every week… I just get dislikes…

    • I just stopped visiting the community all together

      • Lmao hi Cysar been awhile and same

  18. Good job Nachos. All heil Nachonnia!

  19. Umm… am I high or is that picture for the Night Warrior’s of the old Snow Forts meaning it would be a couple of years old?…

    • Just realized its from Still, there should be some sort of mention in the description that their events didn’t take place on Club Penguin.

      • Maybe the Top Ten have changed… ever since Jodie retired. This Top Ten sucks.

  20. Armies are dead.

  21. Good job to all armies. I’m a little disappointed in RPF, but I’m not going to complain about it too much. At least we get top 3. Good job to Nachos for the top spot however. 🙂


  23. Shout out to the guy in Nachos picture saying “are you”


      thanks for the s/o, i love my fans xoxoxo


    • What?

  25. Illuminazis are coming back in 2021. Stay turned

    • 4 years too late

  26. good job nachos! u did well this week *clap*

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