Army Of CP (2) – Real Or Fake?

BREEZE, Army of CP (2) Capital – Following the recent fall in Army of CP’s size, former leaders Bam and Trader have decided to make a second version of the army, calling it as the ‘REAL’ Army of Club Penguin. CPA Community has faced this kind of situation before when one of RPF’s troops made a ‘recreated’ version of RPF, called as RPF(2). Lets’ move on and see what led to this kind of situation.

History of ACP

The ACP was created on September 29, 2006, on the Miniclip Forums by Oagalthorp. Here, they became the first army established with a centralized leader and organization. The ACP grew fast and became one of the biggest armies on the forums. They battled their way through WWII fighting off Romans, Vikings, and many other clans. Eventually, the ACP moved to WordPress. It wasn’t too long until the ACP found themselves involved in another world war; this time they fought the massive Underground Mafias Army. Despite being greatly outnumbered at each battle by the UMA, the Army of Club Penguin were able to pull off a huge upset under Oagalthorp’s command.

After Oagalthorp’s reign, they went through a series of leaders until reaching a legendary leader in Boomer 20. Boomer took over the ACP in one of their lowest points in history after recently losing to “The Great Alliance” in World War IV and just avoiding a civil war. However, he soon led the ACP out of their drought to reach another Golden Age for the ACP. The ACP reached extraordinary sizes during this era and continued their dominance with many victories and achievements.

Since then, the ACP have been able to continue their success with only a few bumps in the road here and there. They have been able to remain one of the most powerful armies until Summer 2012 when they took a plunge. Though in the summer of 2013, ACP began to rise again under new leaderships and throughout the fall and winter of 2013/2014 ACP held a steady Top 3 spot. ACP gradually fell from their typically held Number 1 spot, only regaining their sizes towards the beginning of 2016, but are still almost always a Top 5 army.


Army of CP and the Great Depression

As the war came to end, the CP Army Community could clearly see the results and the impact. Following the end, Army of Club Penguin seemed to just continue falling. From getting 30 to 40 troops, Army of CP fell down to 5 to 10 troops. Below is a picture of ACP’s most recent event, which was a training session held on new RPF territory, their former capital, Breeze.


During the training session, Army of Club Penguin managed to get a total of 10 troops with great tactics. We can surely see the wounds of this war, however, Army of CP is still motivated and fired up. The army is trying to be as active as possible and get as many troops as possible in the case of events.

Now that Army of CP has a lot to do, they are facing yet another difficulty. The leader of the Army of CP, Super Edwin, is currently on leave following personal events going on in his life. Can the Army of CP rise without Super Edwin?


The creation of ACP (2)

Following the recent fall, former leaders have come together to create a ‘true’ version of Army of CP. On the 22nd of January, 2017, Bam117 made a post on ACP (2) website stating why he and Trader decided to take such a great step. This is what Bam117 said:




In the post above, Bam117 states that the current ACP leadership won’t let him and Trader rejoin the army, so they have decided to make their own ACP (2). I also found a post on Doritos website about the creation of ACP (2) and was entitled “Recognizing the real ACP“. This is what the post said:

For Immediate Release,

The old ACP is being led by jewish conformist who basically started WW2 to boost the banking systems thus giving them more money, We shall not stand for this any longer – thankfully Trader & Bam’s ACP is here to push forward the RIGHT agenda. We shall be working with them tirelessly to save CP Armies!


The Doritos denounces ACP that is headed by Super Edwin

The Dorito Army affirms and recognizes that General Trader & Bam117’s ACP is the offical, and undisputed authority of the Army of Club Penguin, all diplomatic relations with ACP and actions done by ACP, will only be recognized by Trader’s ACP.

In the post above, ‘yours truley’ states that the Army of CP  is led by Jewish leaders and that the Doritos Army don’t recognize the ACP led by Super Edwin as real. He also states that the ACP (2) which is created by Bam117 and Trader is real.

While trying to find out more details, I found a post of ACP (2) website which was made by Bam117 stating what has been going on recently. This is what Bam117 said:

This is the REAL ACP, all others are either fake or simple subdivisions of US! We are the blessed ACP and we deserve all that respect if the other ACP doesn’t want to give in to reason then we shall push it by force. We’ll show them exactly what the leaders of AMU can do – build a ready force in under an hour – a force strong enough to oppose them and topple them if necessary.

the other ACP needs to either put us back in to bring balance to armies or push Noka into power (which he rightfully deserves) We shall overlap ACP in every top ten until these demands are meet, we shall even expand our efforts by pushing our agenda over their events. We are not to be dealt with lightly, We are ready and Pushing.


In this post, Bam117 states the same thing that yours truly did in the post he made on Doritos website. Bam117 says that ACP is led by bad leaders and that they won’t let Bam117 and Trader in.

ACP (2) held their first event on 22nd January 2017, in which they managed to get almost 20 troops and great tactics. Below is a picture of their most recent event:


To know more about this situation, CPAC managed to interview Sidie, former ACP leader. We asked Jet a few questions about ACP (2). Here is what Jet said:

Interview with Sidie, former ACP Leader

CPAC: What do you think about the newly created ACP (2)?

Sidie: I can relate to their cause, they desire change. They aim to completely demolish the ACP’s current establishment, but I don’t see them succeeding without acting diplomatically. That isn’t in Bam and Trader’s nature. Beating ACP into submission with raw size is not effective.

CPAC: Why did ACP decide not to hire Bam117 and Trader back into the army?

Sidie: I believe ACP did not allow the return of Bam117 and Trader due to previous evidence or accusations suggesting that they cheat or are not suitable to lead the army.

CPAC: How do you plan to face this situation?

Sidie: From my knowledge ACP’s staff plan to make statements explicitly stating that they do not condone the behavior of the ACP (2) movement and plan to disregard them almost completely. I can’t say much more, but I believe ACP is open to discussion.

CPAC: Do you think ACP (2) and ACP have chances of going to war with each other?

Sidie: I am not able to speak for the ACP leadership on this topic, but as of now I don’t think you should expect a war unless ACP (2) provoke the ACP. With that said, however, the concept of ACP ignoring the movement should they declare war is a possibility?


From the interview above, its clear that ACP is confident about ACP (2) being fake. Sidie says that ACP didn’t allow Bam117 and Trader to join as there have been many accusations against them about multilogging and bot raiding. Sidie also tells us that ACP plans to make statements about ACP (2) soon.

If we take a look at the rules that the CPA Community has followed so far, it’s clear that in order for your army to be valid, it must be approved by the creator itself or by the legends. However, in this case, we don’t see any of the legends nor the creator itself to be approving ACP (2) as real.

So, what do YOU think? Is ACP (2) real, or fake? Why did Trader and Bam117 create ACP (2)? Can we take a look at ACP (2) as a rebellion against the original ACP? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion, so comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter


30 Responses

  1. Flen, you are fake news.

    Of course ACP (2) is a real army. CPA Central doesn’t decide if an army is real or not, they don’t need the permission of a creator as ACP (2) is a completely different army – if they tried to form just “ACP” then Oagalthorp needs to comment.

    As of right now though, they don’t have any servers though, so not sure why you put Breeze as the capital?

    • Breeze and the rest of ACP’s empire is under RPF’s control.

      • You own nothing you faggot

      • kys bounce

        • Fight the good fight.

  2. Then first part of the post was just copy and paste of they post, “ACP in a Great Depression” other wise decent post.

  3. Nachos accept this ACP too

  4. My ACP is the REAL ACP, It needs no approval because it was formed by different people. Where is the real proof Oagal is the creator anyways right? pshhh

    • Bam with comments like those I can’t tell if you are just taking a joke to far or if you are genuinely serious.

  5. Fake in terms of it has nothing to do with the actual ACP, but should be recognised as an army by CPAC

  6. are you going to make noka leader? if not im creating a rebellion

  7. We were made to get our point across. Obviously you can sit here and say “Beating ACP isn’t submission isn’t going to work” (Beating ACP isnt sumbmission isn’t going to work? what does that mean?) But it will when it’s the only thing to actually do. Do I believe it will work? No. ACP doesn’t care about size nor rank. ACP could be 11th and getting 4 and they will still claim (What will they claim? I don’t get it). So… why are we doing this then? For the pure fun of it, the ACP has done nothing but try to trash me and Bam and I just find it funny how we can get back at them by threatening their power.

    What do I want from this? Nothing. I’m doing it to piss them off and It’s working. ACP claims to be a democratic republic and they’re a dictatorship, there is nothing TO want when they won’t give anything up.

    Are we the real ACP? Yes, we are THE Army of Club Penguin. :).

    Are we a rebellion? No, we aren’t rebelling against anything. We just decided that we should make an ACP that actually gives the leaders a say, and aren’t controlled by any higher ranks. Noka has been in ACP for 10 years and PoG said he couldn’t be leader because he’s to (he’s to old or too old?) old……….if this isn’t a dictatorship then I don’t know what is.

    Noka…you’re always welcome in our ACP. 🙂

    • fucking kill me

    • Your lack of professionalism is astounding.

    • You’re “real” Army of Club Penguin isn’t like 10 years old I believe?IT was made like a day or two, lmfao. I’m sure I will get dislikes from this but I couldn’t care less about it. I’m not the type of guy to brag this but making another ACP isn’t gonna answer your call about it. Surely that rebellion of yours are just supporters from half of Nachos and DCP. Declaring that Super Edwin and King Mondo 7 “aren’t considered” leaders is a joke most likely, but that’s for me. I would like to address also that you don’t have powers to declare the current Army of CP leaders that dedication their time and effort to make at least a change.

      One thing, you take credit from anything and claiming your real, isn’t that pathetic enough. Most likely, you are making carbon copies of us and detest our strength.

      There is always the real Army of Club Penguin and it will always be the original, you cannot be Oagal yourselves, you never made CP Warfare possible. Even ACP (2) is what y’all consider real, it isn’t! Wake up in your bias and look that you made things worse. I’m not in favour with this crap it’s too unnecessary.

      • declare war then.


        • Lol war? You remind me of that “Shield” army from a few years ago, you will fall in shambles like most rebellions do. I don’t care if you ban/banish me, doesn’t matter. Cry all you want, I don’t care. I am not against your opinion, I’m against your stupidy

      • I was under the impression you were apart of the ARMY of Club Penguin, not the sit on CPAC and cry of club penguin. do something about it. Makes armies actually WORTH IT. Sitting in your empty crumbled temple of yours with 0 servers

        • My temple in in the walls of the great green, not your wannabe empire.

          • is**

          • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh acp have no empire, rpf took all your servers dude

            • Its a metaphor I made up, nothing serious and I know that. 😉

              • according to cpac ACP (2) has more servers than ACP 1 lol

                • and?

  8. my name jeff

    Nah… (wary) .

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