Talking with the Troops #3

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Today, we enter the third edition of ‘Talking with the Troops’ as I continue to visit several army chats to continue the debate about different topics within CPA.

Talking with the Troops, is, well you guessed it in the title. We talk to several different people around the Club Penguin Army Community about a different topic, each week. There will be a new question every week and around 10 people from different xat chats will answer the question. A new edition of this column will be published every Tuesday.

The question for this week is…

How can we make armies more fun?

Thomas, Nachos 3ic: “We can make armies fun if we all work together. Armies should have more ‘2 vs 2’ battles. Armies should have more fun battles.”

Taco, Night Warriors Leader: “I believe tournaments are a key to making armies more fun. A lot of troops want to be battling other armies instead of having boring training sessions. Also, game nights are a key for fun for the troops.”

Atticus, Former CPA Central CEO: “In my opinion, Club penguin’s platform isn’t fun anymore. Although, this could be hard to do, I can only see a more fun gaming experience if we change gaming platforms.”

Moopsie, Doritos 2ic: “Like, maybe every Friday night, we can host game nights on xat to get more people to join armies. Prizes can include xats, memberships or free days. Also, we can make armies more fun by having more big wars like big alliances to fight certain enemies.”

Fedd, Rebel Penguin Federation Moderator: “Tournaments make CPA fell more tensed as you go up against all the other armies. A lot of my friends in the RPF love tournaments because they build suspense over the weeks. It’s a big change to the usual defences and invasions.”

Serpent, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader: “We need to remember that armies are, at their core, an implementation to make Club Penguin more fun. The reason they aren’t very fun isn’t what we’re doing isn’t fun, but for the attitude we have in them. If we can remember that all of this is just a game and everyone’s trying to have more fun, they will become more fun.

Boltcurse, Former Rebel Penguin Federation Leader: “We can make armies a better place by trying to permently ban people who ‘ddos’ and multilog to allow kids to have fun and stay safe whilst being apart of an army.”

Alex, Wild Ninjas Creator: “Armies can be more fun if we improve the way we do events, like having more interaction, more games and several different types of events. New members get bored with the usual events, so we need to create special events or more tournaments.”

The overwhelmingly supported opinion right now is that armies are falling faster than ever so we need to make sure people stay engaged in armies, or else we risk losing people quickly. It’s not that hard to make armies seem for fun which is why CPA Central has chosen to host more events this year. Many armies have also taken on the ideas of game nights and other exciting and fun activities.

What do YOU think? How can we make armies more fun? Comment YOUR opinions below! Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter




4 Responses

  1. I think CPAC needs 2 branches: One for “Tactical” warfare and the other for “07/REAL” warfare”. Until we, as a community, can see that CP wont get better until WE do something.

    • I agree.

  2. i love you sammie

  3. We should try to play other games. Totaly optional but can be cool.

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