YouWrite: Why Security and Brigade3 is the greatest UK leadership in CPA

This editorial was published through the YouWrite feature on CPA Central and does not reflect the views and opinions of CPA Central as a site.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In recent years we have CPA rise and fall during the summer and winter months. One division that was so dominant when I first joined CPA was the UK division but has seemed to trail off in recent years through leaders becoming increasing US-centric. Me and Security and perhaps the only leaders in current armies who have fought this trend and have allowed UK divisions to flourish.

Of course I cannot write an article about the greatest UK leaders of all time without mentioning perhaps the greatest Waterkid100. Although retired now his lasting impact in the community is still seen. I learnt a lot from Waterkid during my days in the Light Troops and during the Teutonic wars against the Light Troops. When he retired the UK divisions of CPA took a huge hit and arguably have not recovered since. This is a shame as the UK division of armies used to the main division of the largest armies, including the Pirates, Light Troops and Teutons.

That aside the growing downfall in UK leaders is not the full picture, Security and I are well-accomplished in the community as a whole outside of purely the UK division. Both of us have won awards for our accomplishments in armies that most leaders will never even be in the running for. The accolades in our collection includes best reporter, best leader, creator of the largest rising army, creator of the best army name, leader of the biggest army, best quote and biggest war in both the former SMAC and SMAP award ceremonies.

Security was even inducted as a legend in our community for his tireless work around the community. I myself lost out in a narrow vote in two of the last two legends votes. For anyone in the community these trophies would give us immense fame and respect and for the two of us together as a duel-leadership the awards behind us are undoubtedly the best of any leadership in CPA currently in the UK division. No other leadership can claim as many accolades to their name over the years as we have in the past couple of years.


Additionally, we have both enjoyed great success leading the UK divisions of other armies. Most recently Security carried the Doritos UK division, which he commanded, and his decision to leave marked the end for their UK-centric approach to events, and led to diminished sizes. For myself, I have also led the Doritos UK division back in 2013/2014 and was more recently credited as the reason why under my leadership the Redemption Force reached (its then highest finish) CPAC 5th place due to my UK events alone. Wherever we go, armies are guaranteed to have a spike in UK recruits as our “crew” follows us wherever we decide to go, bringing good strong mods/owners to recruit with. This is why the other armies we have led as full leaders have also had a spike and a quick rise.


Although me and Security rarely lead together the armies we do lead are always the most dangerous. Security has led many famous armies such as the Golds, which has been unrivalled for its dominance during his leadership for its prominent UK division in times of war. The first time we led together when under the Teutons’ first generation where we led together to 30+ UK sizes and were in CPAC eight weeks straight. This was also due to Llywelyn, who was a great co-leader along with Earthing leading the AUSIA. The second time we led together was COBRA, which won numerous awards and achieved jaw-dropping sizes and even forced a replay against the Water Vikings, then CPAC 1st, in a tournament. How many other UK leaders can claim this? No other UK leader in armies right now has ever skilfully led to sizes of 30+ legitimately in two or more armies and been as successful in tournaments. This would lead me to believe we were one of a kind, and the sky-high duo was only brought down by my retirement in September 2015 due to upcoming GCSE examinations.

Perhaps most importantly, the biggest reason why we are, at this moment of time, the best UK commanders is because we are dominant in war. Leaders such as Super Edwin of the ACP (or other UK leaders) is because they forget this is CP warfare and lead isolationist armies. One thing nobody can deny Security and I is that in times of war we hit another level. I have fought with and against Security and he is unlike no leader I have seen before, he will not back down and is the hardest opponent I have ever fought against. I have in my career fought every major army at least one and have beaten RPF, LT, AR and ACP in battles. A great example if this was when the Teutons forced a stalemate with the Light Troops under Elmikey and with the Omegas beat ACP. At one moment in time the Teutons owned one-third of CPA servers, before a great war with RPF. Security at this point led the Golds against me and eventually led to stalemate with both sides refusing peace and not surrendering. This is what sets us apart from any other leadership, we never sign treaties unless we are the victors: we would rather die than face humiliation.

Of course this is open to interpretation and lots of people will point out the fact that I have admitted to cheating. This was only in the last few weeks of the second Teutons generation and not at any other time. Security has never cheated either and was in fact the person who persuaded me to admit my wrongdoings, turn clean and open COBRA. When we realised Reacon was cheating in RF we also left that army to re-open COBRA. The argument against us that we are cheaters is ignoring the arguments for our case and is severely flawed.

Others will argue we were carried and hitchhiked on other’s success. This too is flawed. The only UK leaders in the Teutons were Llywelyn, myself and Security. The same leadership was leading COBRA alone. You cannot claim that Earthing was the creator of our success as he was not in COBRA and did not lead the UK division but he led the great AUSIA division of the Teutons. Others may argue that other leaders during our time have carried us but in COBRA it was us as a trio, and Llywelyn although a great leader did not carry us two but was an equal. Neither of us carried each other either, and our successes are our own and nobody else’s.


An argument some will favour is that other current UK leaders are better than us. Super Edwin of the ACP and Chip of the RPF to name a few. Super Edwin has never led ACP to any major awards, war victories that aren’t disputed to the sizes that the Teutons or COBRA achieved. He is a good leader, but he is not on the same level as Security who trumps him through the very fact he is a CPA legend, and he certainly has never led to the sizes I have led to. Chip is a good leader, but never admitted to the very fact he cheats in the RPF as he did in the Water Vikings. This aside, he is carried by RPF legends such as Elmikey, Silverburg and Pain and the time Chip solo-led RPF was the most pathetic RPF in recent months. Chip is a very lucky man; he is lucky as he has arguably the best recruiter in CPA giving him the troops to lead and the perhaps the greatest ever war-time commander in Lord Pain. This puts doubt over his claim to be the best UK leader, he has never led an army from scratch either. Leading RPF is easier than creating your own like COBRA or the Teutons who have no fame ot loyal veterans to call upon: you forge your own path alone.


This editorial is largely based on my own opinion and the opinion of other troops around the community. You can either agree with the fact we are the best, agree to an extent but think other leaders are better or downright think that we are rubbish leaders. One thing you cannot do is deny us our successes during our careers. The time will come when we look back at the community and see the work we have done was great, did make an impact and only then will you regret ever doubting us through jealousy or hate. We have re-opened COBRA to prove to the community that we have the potential and experience to prove we are the UK leaders in current armies, and expect our war-time presence to devastate the community once more.


What do YOU think? Are Brigade and Security the greatest UK Leaders in the last couple of years? Who is your favourite UK Leader of all time?


CPA Central Reader


57 Responses

  1. bias… Brig wrote about himself. Auto-showing off.

    • It’s not bias. It’s an editorial – an opinion piece is supposed to be one sided.

  2. I think so that Brigade3 is under-credited for his work in Teutons in the 1st Generation. I also think that alot of Teutonic Troops are not given the credit they deserve. Teutons was not a one man show, while we were a medium sized army and never huge, still at our heights we had significant number of troops. I think that the entire Teutonic squad deserves the credit for their work which includes June, Harsh, Ryu, Rockstar, Carson, me, Brigade3, Security, Flappy,Llywelyn etc.
    Rockstar, Nish played a significant role in the development of Teutons AUSIA division, and Bobrules, Carson, and many others helped the UK division.
    Armies are always Team Work, not to mention the numerous friends who helped my home army Teutons in various events(Golds and Antonio also played a major role).
    Overall we treated each other as a family member, and had lots of fun and even organized various games.
    But everything comes to an end, and I miss the old days and old friends.

    • preach bro best AUSIA leader of all time right here

  3. LOL ok
    Waterkid, I, Flipper and others had much much stronger UK divisions – not to mention that Teutons were even banned from the top ten

    • Teutons were not banned from Top Ten during the 1st Generation,even though during the last days of the 1st gen we were accused of botting, it was never proved.

    • Post only covered current leaders- not former leaders. Even though I am better than you and Flipper.

      P.S If you read the post you’d see I admitted Waterkid was better than me

      • Your UK division was certainly not better than mine or Flippers lmao

  4. So they are better than Funks, Waterkid101, Bepboy, Cassius, and even though he isn’t one of the more famous leaders in this community, Coolster?

    • I never said they are better than Waterkid or Funks, and I am not interested in comparison as opinions differ from person to person. I was just presenting my statement about the Top Ten Ban.

    • Mate I don’t even know any of the people you just named. Must be because THEY ARE REITRED AND I SAID CURRENT LEADERS. Read the post don’t auto-comment.

    • Awkward moment when they think they’re better than me 😮

  5. What’s with all of these self-praising posts on CPAC? First it’s Waterkid claiming that the Light Troops are the greatest army of all time and now it’s these two people who I’ve hardly heard of saying that they’re the best UK leaders in armies?

    I don’t even think Chip is a UK Leader, but you should never compare yourselves to someone like Chip, who achieved leader in RPF and has led to sizes of over 50 in the RPF and over 60 in the Water Vikings. RPF only did bad under Chip in those few months because he was told not to CP recruit by me so that RPF could start recruiting full speed in December. We did, and so far we’ve been 1st ever since the start of Winter Break, being led by Chip.

    Stop being egotistical, if you think you are the best UK leaders in armies, do something worthy of recognition. Any leader can hit 30+, try to go for 50+. Try defeating a major army. Do something that’ll prove yourselves.

    • Read the post. Firstly I have led to both sizes mentioned there. Both in the Teutons. Secondly, if you read the post you’d see I claim victory over ACP , LT and RPF in major wars. If you want to criticise my views please read the post.

      Thank you.

      • You never beat RPF in a war, don’t make me l0l

        • Brigade, do you have evidence of defeating RPF in a war?

      • and picture proof that u hit 50+ plz

        • Check back last Teuton gen hit 60

          • I can’t check back because I don’t know the Teutons site. Also, if you hit 60 wouldn’t you have put a pic of 60 inside this post instead of a pic of 30?

            • thats COBRA bro

              • Show me a picture of 60+ or u lyin’

                • I said check Teutons site mate

                • silv, brigades trolling. let it be. highest teutons got was 20, the event that maxed 60 was a bot script and the it was posted as satire, it got deleted. brig hasnt led an army of 20. also, teutons were a friendslist/owner army too

  6. “Why brigade is the best UK leader”
    Written by Brigade3?

    The quality of CPAC’s content really has hit a new low, hasn’t it?

    • yes

    • The grammar, word count and the fact I have a coherent argument and structure make this a highly effective essay post. If you do not agree with its views I could accept that but the written quality is certainly in line with any other CPAC post throughout history.
      Also the post title you quoted is wrong and it makes you seem even more of a fool.
      Thanks a lot,

      • It doesn’t make me look like a fool, though? You’ve written an essay on how good you think your leadership is. That’s the point I’m getting at.
        And, while it’s nice to see a relatively well written CPAC post, you are missing the point. You can write a coherent essay on almost any subject. That doesn’t make the essay a good or interesting essay.

        The fact is that CPAC is now allowing people to write posts which are entirely self praising. Posts like this are just laughable and noteworthy. They also show a lot of arrogance
        If you’re going to have a post hailing yourself as CPA’s best UK leader, at least verify that statement by having someone else write this for you.

        • I totally accept that point that it would have been better written by someone else yet if it was you’d still call it a bad post.
          If I’m totally honest with you if someone else posted this I’d think it was arrogant but it’s me so it’s fine.

        • *cringeworthy.
          Thanks autocorrect xxx

  7. Reblogged this on Cobra: Club Penguin Army 2012-2017.

  8. Currently Nachos UK maxes 30, so like……..

  9. Boy was I in a ride while reading this post,
    Hilariously incompetent, young padawan. To be quite frankly honest with you folks, I have not even heard of brigade3. Him contrasting himself to RPF leaders made me chuckle a bit, and for that, I applaud him. Due to me remembering very vaguely of Chip’s solo leading RPF regime, I dug up some result posts of the month of September, as well as early October, and I see RPF hitting sizes up to 40 and stabilizing a size margin of 25-30. On another tangent, looking at your attainments, I see you reaching the summit of 20 with around 15 exposed multilogs in an army that goes by the name of ‘Teutons’, and once again, I chuckled a bit. Hey! You are on a streak!
    Although I cannot possibly deny that Elmikey has a huge influence over the RPF, let it not dilapidate that Elmikey was very inactive with RPF operations in the early months of autumn, completely handing the torch not to only Chip but to Bounce back as well. Claiming that any RPF legends carried either Chip or Bounce is an outrageous statement.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you expect the ‘best UK leader of CPA’ to have a basic idea of what is going on? Brigade3 seems a bit off.

  10. hey, brigade isnt too bad of a troll!

    • Amen, brother

  11. I thought you had to write quality content to get published on CPAC. Turns out all you gotta do is write a 1000 word essay about yourself and how ‘great’ you are. Genius! Seriously, how did this get published? Like did you pick it out a hat or…

    • It got published because it’s pure class that’s why son

    • The topic of the greatest UK Leadership of all time is one of a much contested debates among our community and will likely never receive an answer. Brigade’s post was a well written editorial, and while it may have been arrogant – there is no denying that the post was well written.

      CPA Central allows viewers to use our site as a platform to voice their opinions if they are willing to do it in a clear, grammatically correct way. Brigade’s post did this and ticked all the boxes of what an editorial should be.

      Furthermore, this site is mainly about views – that’s something that all army sites want. This editorial has received a whole heap of views and is becoming one of the more commented on articles meaning that it has done its job most effectively.

      • But not every piece sent into YouWrite is published, regardless if it’s well written or not, so I wanna know why this piece was published when other people’s weren’t. If, like you said, it’s because the editors knew it’d get views, then I think that says a lot about the article itself…

        • It was published for the following reasons.

          – The topic is and always will be relevant and interesting.

          – The post was well written and structured appropriately how a CPA Central post should be.

          – The post had the potential to gather viewer interest, which has been proved by both views and comments.

          – CPA Central are aiming to promote the YouWrite feature more, so more well written editorials are being published, including this one.

          If we deny a YouWrite, then either it’s not a good post, not long enough or not relevant.

  12. Also, if this crap can get published, how come my YouWrite never got published?

    • Cause you can’t spell for shit

      • k. just honors english.

        • Get a job

    • While you call it crap, it is well written and the idea of who the greatest UK Leadership is remains to be a major unanswered question with a lot of view points. The post is well written, informative and clearly sets out an argument in favour of Brigade’s opinion. It encourages debate and it has already become the most viewed post recently meaning it was well worth publication.

      As for your editorial, I called in a team of experts to try to make sense of what you were saying. Firstly, your post didn’t meet the minimum word count of 400 words so wasn’t even considered for publication on that account. The YouWrite page clearly states that submitted posts should be 400 words long. You used phrases such as “Imma conclude this” and “Don’t get triggered” which meant that had your post been written by a CPAC Staff Member, it wouldn’t have even qualified for posting because of how bad it was.

  13. Is this some kind of joke or I’m just ready to kill myself after reading these comments?

  14. Waterkid alone is the best UK leader there always will be.

    • Agreed

    • No Brigades the greatest!!!!! Nachos UK maxes more than his Tuetons every did but he still claims he’s the greatest

  15. “Chip is a good leader, but never admitted to the very fact he cheats in the RPF as he did in the Water Vikings. This aside, he is carried by RPF legends such as Elmikey, Silverburg and Pain and the time Chip solo-led RPF was the most pathetic RPF in recent months.”

    “Me maxed 50+ and RPF maxed 1/4” – Brigade3 or Security (i don’t remember) after event RPF vs. Teutons, where RPF maxed 20+ and Teutons maxed 10+.
    Nice meme. Don’t made everyone stupid.

    • Teutons were the one of the greatest S/M Ausia Army during their 1st Generation. Their UK was also a powerful force in the S/M army world. But I don’t think comparing them with major armies such as RPF is a wise move.

      • *were one of the

  16. The post about Light Troops being the best army at least had couple of valid points to support their claim.

    Don’t see any in this one.

  17. no

    • As always, extremely well thought out opinion with much to add to the discussion.

  18. Pretty sure ACP’s UK division maxed 35 cleanly in the Summer whilst Teutons were banned from the Top Ten but I mean whatever it’s chill

    • We are roasting you so much on Facebook that you are getting really good at it.

      • It’s chill, Chuck, it’s chill.

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