Picture Perfect: Defining The SMAC-SMAP War


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters, Zing’s Office – Welcome to the third edition of ‘Picture Perfect’, where I look back at some of the biggest and most important pictures in the history of Club Penguin Armies.

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People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words and this statement couldn’t be any more true. Each week, right here on CPA Central, I will take a look at a picture from the community and see how I do in getting a one thousand word post from it. This picture can be a screenshot of a chat, or a treaty, or a still image from a Club Penguin Army battle – it can be many things and each week we will look and provide analyse for a different picture.

With CPA Central’s continued interest in communicating with the readers and getting their feedback, I will be open to suggestions on what photographs I should cover. I will make an attempt to use as many of them as I can if they are good enough and I can indeed find the photograph that you are referring to. You can comment below on any of these posts an idea and they will be received in my WordPress mentions box.

I hope that you enjoy reading this column and it will be published every Monday! I will always inform the community if the article will be published on a different day for a reason but please try to check back here on a Monday to see a brand new edition of Picture Perfect.


The photo that we will be looking at today is just one of the many headers that SM Army Central had in their bid to defeat SM Army Press in the media war. I’ve chosen this photo over all others because to me, it is the photo that captures the war in its entirety – something that one photo usually can not do.  The above graphic was made by Apollo as part of his ApolloDesigns company and received full credit from SMAC for the work – something we will not dispute, to an extent. The photo defines how the war was going in its peak but it requires a great deal of backstory to be understood.

CP Army World Media is still to this day the juggernaut for CP Army Media and was made up of both CP Army Central and later SM Army Central. These sites were by all means, allies and friends. They worked together to ensure that all news in the community, no matter whether it relates to a big army or a small army – the news would be covered. This alliance worked until a rift was caused by disagreements in the ranks. As you can imagine with all types of rifts and splits of sites, there are two stories and two sides to what happened that fateful day that the CPAC and SMAC partnership ended allowing for a much better news site to take it’s place in the form of SM Army Press.

Back in April 2014, I was made SMA Central Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Pikachu/Stephanie. With little to no training and, in hindsight, not the slightest clue of how to run a media outlet, it’s fair to say that I was, once, as clueless as Atticus appeared during our co-CEO ship of SMAC. Jokes aside, I’m surprised the site lasted beyond the end of 2014.

As you are most likely aware, there was a SMAC-CPAC partnership dating back almost to when SMAC was created in September 2011. The point of this partnership was not only for each site to support one another when it was needed, but also to show and bring about unity throughout the community. This concept has always allowed armies to have a guiding figure and easily access only top quality news reports on current affairs.

Despite this still standing today, there was, at one point, a break in the media unity. To how I recall events, I believe I was informed by an anonymous user that CPAC were planning on breaking the partnership with CPAC. Seeing as, me being me, I didn’t realise how important the partnership was to the sustainability of SMAC, I went ahead and called off the partnership during a brief disagreement with the Blue Brothers. This, of course, didn’t settle well with numerous members of former SMAC staff, who later went on to contribute to the uprising of what is now known as Small and Medium Army Press.

Departing just two months later due to family issues, you can say that I had left SMAC in a state of disarray. The site had fallen into the hands of inactivity and I’m not quite sure how it managed to keep on going during the months that passed. However, it did, and in February 2015 I returned to help SMAC out of the depression which was, inevitably, my fault – thus entering the start of a “media war” between both SMAC and SMAP in a battle to become the community’s number one S/M army news site.

– Former SMAC CEO Jodie looks back at the end of the CPAC/SMAC Partnership

Though CPA Central had been partnered with the folks at Small and Medium Army Central since sometime into 2013, SMAC’s falling quality and their continued refusal of “packages” that CPAC offered them brought dropping the partnership into the discussion. While this discussion was taking place, a reporter on the SMAC Staff Site questioned Jodie about breaking the partnership, and Jodie submitted the question to her staff. At this point, we were ready to cut ties.

After dropping SMAC, CPA Central used the same format of the “packages” we offered SMAC to reform Club Penguin Army Focus, a site which had previously requested to partner with us. Blaze, their current CEO, while inexperienced, was quickly gaining ground in the small and medium army community with an army called the Redemption Force, and had left SMAC due to previous spats with the administration. He reminded me of my Boy on Fire days, and I knew that using him I could make CP Army Focus into the new small and medium army media leader.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was how fast — around a month after the partnership with SMAC ended and Club Penguin Army World Media was created, CP Army Focus (now renamed Small and Medium Army Press) had a domain, graphics, an ever-growing staff base, and the possibility to be self-sufficient just as CPA Central was. Soon after, Lucario564 attempted a coup d’etat of Jodie at SMAC. Following its rejection by the SMAC Board, Lucario defected to SM Army Press to oversee the site with Blaze. Following his retirement, Mchappy would take CEO.

– Bluesockwa1, CPAWM President looks back at the end of the CPAC/SMAC Partnership

Fast forward past CPAF and you arrive at the creation of SM Army Press. SM Army Press was introduced to the community March 25th in a post written by Bluesockwa1. Taking the home server of Sherbet to become the “community’s new premier small and medium army news outlet”, SM Army Press came into the community strong and remained strong until the removal of then SM Army Press Chief Executive Officer, Zing King To. SMAP was dubbed as the press that brought the best and this statement remained true for over a year. Established as direct competition to SM Army Central, many SMAC CEOs attempted to halt the success while others simply gave up hope, or tried to emulate SMAP.

SM Army Press was very proud of its graphics having some of the best graphic designers in the community wanting the honour of creating for them, such as Monsoon. One SMAP header that was created featured a penguin at a desk with a cup of Hot Chocolate. Not long after SMAP published the header and made it visible to the public, SMAC called Apollo in to try and copy the graphic. In typical SMAC fashion the particular emphasis on quality had by this time faded away and the graphic was not checked nor did it have any significant time put into it – and SMAC made the ever embarrassing mistake of spelling their own name wrong.

In the frantic rush to copy SM Army Press, SMAC had foiled its own site by failing to even spell their name properly. In what might be considered as even more embarrassing, the header was left up for an entire week. With the always low site views for SMAC, no one pointed out the mistake while it remained a great source of entertainment for the SM Army Press staff and also the CP Army Central staff even bringing a smile to Bluesockwa1’s face.

As former SMAC CEO I am disappointed to see that the long lasting partnership between SMAC and CPAC has now died. Once headship was removed from Pungy and myself (by certain CEOs that didn’t last long), SMAC began to deteriorate and now look at the state it is in. I am now looking forward to working with SMAP as Sup hired me and the also with the great staff involved with it. Here’s to the future of S/M media, cheers!

– Former SMAC CEO, Adro3 comments about his change of loyalty from the deteriorated SMAC to SMAP.

With Garrett, Supa Em and Zing King To all enjoying successful runs on the site at the helm, things continued to go down hill for SMAC as they were exposed for faking site views, rigging award shows and blatant copyright infringements stealing ideas and posts from SMAP by using a network of spies – even getting to a point in which they tried to get Apollo to deface SM Army Press. The community was in no doubt what site was better as SM Army Press continued to flourish while SM Army Central wallowed into a pit becoming the joke of the SM Army community.

Unfortunately for SMAP, Zakster had announced that he would be taking leave from CPA Central which forced Zing King To to be placed in CPA Central on a full time basis, a decision that Zing argued against knowing it would decimate SMAP. Atticus947 was given complete power in SMAP despite the pleas from former SM Army Press staff to the Bluesockwa Brothers to see sense. Unfortunately they didn’t. Much like it was predicted, Atticus’s run as CEO came at a price as he reverted to SMAC tactics of tournament rigging and comment deleting – with that the media war ended with SMAC being able to claim victory as the two SM Army sites merged together.

In my opinion, SM Army Press was better than SM Army Central before Atticus became CEO because we were faster at posting news and more efficient with how we did it. SMAC, on the other hand, were all over the place. Their staff had no idea what was going on in the S/M army community while SMAP’s staff knew exactly what was going on because Zing and I kept every member of the staff up-to-date, no matter what rank they were. SMAC’s CEO’s were not motivated and lacked enthusiasm which made their reporters feel the same way toward the S/M army community. That is how we stayed above them in the media war before Atticus came into power.

By the time Zing and I left SM Army Press and Atticus was promoted to Chief Executive Officer, I knew things were going to go downhill. The reason why I had not promoted him yet was because I did not feel he was ready for the responsibility of being CEO yet. When I saw he was CEO, I knew it was time that Blue1 and Blue2 had given up on SMAP and were ready to get SMAC to merge. Atticus was not ready for such a prestigious position and I will always stand by that.

– Former SMAP CEO, Garrett101 looks back at what led to the successful SMAP falling in the final months.


I attempted to get an interview with a former Chief Executive Officer of SM Army Central, Bepboy in order to better establish his thoughts on what many have deemed to be failures within the SM Army Central site’s history. I warned Bepboy prior to the interview that it could get rather controversial – which as we all know, is always the best type of question and answer session. For this reason, Bepboy didn’t seem to want to take part in the interview, possibly because he couldn’t disagree with the idea of SM Army Press being the better site.

Instead of him, I decided to dig deep through the CP Army archives of old people and I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man who started the whole affair, Blaze. I spoke to Blaze about his opinions on SMAP both during and after his time in charge as well as speaking to him about his thoughts on the mergers.

How do you think SM Army Press did throughout its life against SM Army Central? 

I was and still am very pleased to see SM Army Press take on SMAC, the *central* S/M news site at the time. The fact that SMAP was able to compete with SMAC was astonishing, and no one could’ve imagined another S/M news site competing against SMAC. Throughout SMAP’s life, there was a whole lot of effort put into every post. We even stayed up many nights to finish whatever deadline as a team, and that is what makes me so proud of the SMAP team.

What are your thoughts on the CEO’s who followed you such as Garrett, Supa Em and Zing King To?
Even though I have had many feuds with some of my successors, I realized that these arguments were the result of what we thought was best for SMAP and I respect that. In my eyes, every one of my successors has rightfully earned their spots as CEO from their work in SMAP. For the ones off the top of my head (Gar, Supa, and Zing), they were essential to SM Army Press while I was CEO and I’m glad CPAWM picked these people for CEO as I would have too.
What are your thoughts on the SM Army Press/SM Army Central and SM Army Central/CP Army Central merges? 
For the SMAP/SMAC merge, I found myself a little disappointed because of the lack of competition among news sites. Opposed to the SMAC/CPAC merge, I was not aware that it happened, and I find myself a little worried because it reflects the decreasing growth of the CP army community.
Did you ever imagine that CP Army Focus would end up turning into what it did with SMAP?
A little. I took CPAF CEO due to the fact that someone in SMAC told me to quit and go to CPAF because I messed up on a Top Ten. And when I actually did take CPAF CEO, it was simply out of anger against SMAC. I had a little hope for CPAF to be able to grow big, and that hope increased when I received a lot of positive feedback when I took the CEO position. As the CPAF team, we worked hard and followed SMAC’s shadow, until we struck a deal with CPAC to rebrand as SMAP. When the rebranding came, we knew this was going to be something big, and we were right.
As you can see from the above interview, Blaze remained loyal to SM Army Press throughout regardless of whether he played an active role believing that SMAP did, effectively what no one else would have been able to do – compete with a major set up organisation and the simple fact is that SM Army Press managed to do this brilliantly.
What do YOU think? What could SM Army Central have done to beat SMAP? What picture should I look at next?
Zing King To
CPA Central Executive Producer


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