Night Rebels release statement on Inactivity || Ultimatum from Kyle103

NORTH POLE, Night Rebels Empire – The Night Rebels army, who returned recently, now seem to be facing problems in being active. Following this, Kyle103 has released a statement and ultimatum to the army. Let’s see what happen.

In late December, the Night Rebels had disappeared from the community. After being alive for almost a year after their creation, it seemed that was time for the Night Rebels to shut down. However, on December 29th, Night Rebels Creator, Haroonniaz12, posted a statement on the website stating that the army was not dead. This is what he said:

Hello Believers,

I want to tell you that I am not gone forever and I will continue once I got hold of my stuff because when I do NR will be back and there will be NR everywhere like last time.I apologize I left because I had exams and its sad that no one was capable enough to get hold of things like I did not being proudy shit but its true.Anyways I have to inform you that NR will be back soon and we will be huge. This ain’t over our haters keep saying random stuff but once we get strong everyone wants to join so lets start working on return I will be back someday around this week and when I do Revolution continues I also want to thank people who vote for me in Cpac,its great to know i have so many lovers anyway let the Revolution Continues.

On December 31st, the Night Rebels officially held their return event. During the event, the Night Rebels managed to get 15+ troops. Yet, a question remained. Can they continue to be active, or will they slowly go away with time? A picture of their return event can be seen below:

Staying active and fired up for almost a week, now the Night Rebels army seem to be going down once again. The last even which Night Rebels had, was a training session which was entitled “Return Event”. In this event, the Night Rebels successfully managed to get 30 troops. Below is a picture of this event:

On the 12th of January, 2017, Night Rebels leader, Kyle103 made a post on the army’s website which was entitled “No Excused, all owners should read this!“. This is what the post said:

As you can see, we haven’t done anything for the past few days, since Monday and that needs to stop. We have a few people who will return, and there will be no more excuses for the army.

Owners : Whether it took you 1 year or 5 years to get to your rank, you need to realize that you are the highest responsibility in the army. You are role models to YOUR troops, and you are LOYAL. Anybody asked you to join an army, report it to leaders immediately. If you have been caught cheating, or left us for another army, we will not be asking you to come back if you became unloyal or ditched us. You shouldn’t act cocky or power-hungry, or else you’ll probably become overthrown by your own troops. If you act like a child and swear around them then you look like a complete fool. Any owner caught swearing OR fighting will be demoted until further notice. It is against the rules by law, and you need to enforce them. You don’t just become an owner and do nothing, you don’t have the rights to become an owner. You shouldn’t just sit there, just because you got a shiny orange pawn, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do nothing, period. You should also listen to leaders whenever you do, and you should be recruiting if you feel bored.

From now on, all owners should be recruiting. If an owner doesn’t follow this step, demotion will soon to come. No more excuses.

In this post, Kyle103 mentions how the army has gone inactive and none of the owners are trying to get things going. Kyle103 also releases an ultimatum for owners stating that they will be demoted if they don’t recruit. I decided to visit Night Rebels chat is this is what the chat looked like:


The chat was highly inactive, which no owner or mods online. I could only see the bot posting about the training session and Pokemon GO. I also decided to do the “!lastseen” command on the Fexbot to see when the leaders were last seen. This is what I found:


DrMatt (Psycho) and Kyle103 (xDrKFallen), both were last seen on the 15th of January, 2017. Kyle103 was last seen at the Army of CP chat, while DrMatt was last seen on Doritos Army chat. Both the leaders seem active, however, the army is still inactive. Is this because of inactive owner and mods?

In one of my posts, entitled “The Night Rebels Army – A Look Into the New Generation“, I was able to interview NR leader Kyle103. We asked Kyle a few basic question to know how they feel about the Night Rebels and the new generation. Interview with Kyle can be found below:

Interview with Kyle103, Night Rebels Leader

CPAC: Why did you decide to bring back the Night Rebels?

Kyle103: I want the Night Rebels to have a better history written, way better than the last time. Even tho, we made the anniversary successful for NR, as well as the Re-Opening event, this time, there will be changed throughout the year of 2017, which means, it will be different, most likely.

CPAC: What are your plans for this generation?

Kyle103: Well, my plan is to keep NR going from falling, or even someone ever tried to shut down. Just no, that won’t be happening at all. Right now, at this leadership, I know for the fact that NR will do better under them.

CPAC: Can we expect any wars in future?

Kyle103: Yeah, there will be wars in future. However, right now NR is trying to rebuild. Once NR is ready to go and very strong then the war will be expecting to happen, like very soon.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Kyle103: Nobody can beat me at roasting and I am saying that to as a whole of CPA, not even you Badboy or Chip. You guys suck! Anyways, Join the Night Rebels! Never forget that Night Rebels is a great army out there.

From the interview above, you can see that Kyle is confident in raising the army to heights that previous generations struggled to. He also states that he tends to keep the army alive and that there will be many changes throughout 2017. Kyle says that he will try his best to keep the Night Rebels from falling or even someone ever trying to shut down the army. However, now it seems like that everything Night Rebels leadership had planned.

CPAC decided to interview one of the Night Rebels leaders, however, because Kyle103 and DrMatt both didn’t reply to private chat, we failed to reach them. The interview will be added as soon as we get in contact with one of the leaders.

What do YOU think? Why are the Night Rebels army inactive? How will the leadership bring Night Rebels out of inactivity? We here at CPA Central value YOUR opinion. So comment down below and let us know what do YOU think!


CPA Central Reporter-in-Training


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