Rebel Penguin Federation Begin Selling Ranks

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Following a decisive victory in the ‘Pain Wars’ over the Army of Club Penguin, the RPF have now begin to change focus to the continued building of the ranks allowing a new way for troops to gain promotion within the army. This has resulted in a donation page being formed on the site.

On January 15th, my attention was directed to a page on the Rebel Penguin Federation official site called simply “Donate.” Upon clicking the page, you are taken to the RPF official chatbox, hosted by XAT as well as some text underneath it. A picture of this text can be seen below:


As you can see from the above picture, the Rebel Penguin Federation have created a brand new price list which enables troops to rank up by making a donation to the army – effectively buying their ranks. The price list is currently only in the United States of America currency of the dollar. A paypal email in which you can send the money too is also present on the page.

Below, the Rebel Penguin Federation have begun a tally that will add up the amount of money the army receives as a result of this donation page. The army currently suggests that it has received one donation of 50$ which would enable the donator to receive “officer” rank within the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In yet another weird show of events on the page, there is actually mention of a Rebel Penguin Federation store coming soon to the army site. It’s currently unknown what will be sold in this store. Considering the RPF have their own copyright, if they begin selling certain items, it could result in legal trouble with Club Penguin and Disney as it would no longer be fair use, it’d be exploitation to gain wealth meaning RPF could end up breaking the law.


CPA Central have had around seven requests today to disqualify the Rebel Penguin Federation from the Top Ten and Tournaments today however, simply put – RPF haven’t done anything wrong. While the idea of buying ranks as opposed to gaining them through hard work might be considered morally wrong, if troops are indeed willing to pay for ranks and RPF merchandise than who are we to try to stop them?

This is also a rather effective way to make money and build as an army. Although it certainly has its flaws such as disheartening troops and serving as a disadvantage to those who can not afford the ranks – it can also help with some financial costs of running an army – such as motivational tools like giveaways for the troop building morale or the more technical aspects such as a domain and graphics.

While RPF are the first to do this, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not they are the last with the idea providing an effective way to gain money. CPA Central will soon be publishing a philosophy based post weighing up the pros and cons of such an idea.

What do YOU think? Is this morally bad or tactically smart? Would you donate real money to your army?

Zing King To

CPA Central Executive Producer


16 Responses


    • What’s fake about this?


  2. pizza delivery not paying the bills anymore?

  3. btw there will be no store. Donating to me helps fund the costs of membership giveaways and more. 🙂

    • Shame, genuinely wanted an RPF hoodie :$

  4. I guess someone got kicked out of his parent’s basement!

  5. I think back to when LT did pornhub ads, and I am now thinking which publicity stunt takes the cake.

    • I’m thinking about your BOT RAIDS


    • In what way?

      • it’s not real

    • Really, check it.

  7. Ha RPF are really cowards they “sell ranks” just for people to join JUST LET YOUR ARMY DIE ALREADY CHIP

    • not to offend Zott

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